1998-05-15  Tim Bunce[differences between patch application from Change... timinatorII
1998-05-15  Dan SugalskiAutosplit doesn't like upper case letters in sub names...
1998-05-15  Graham Barrallow die $ref
1998-05-15  Tim Bunce[differences between patch application from Change...
1998-05-15  Kurt StarsinicFurther improvements to h2ph.PL
1998-05-15  Jarkko HietaniemiFix constant detection in t/op/ipcsem.t for Digit UNIX
1998-05-15  M.J.T. GuyAvoid possible constant autoload loop
1998-05-15  Dan SugalskiAppease picky DEC compiler in POSIX.xs
1998-05-15  Dan fixes for building external library
1998-05-15  M.J.T. GuyDocument child exit cause a parent sleep to end early
1998-05-15  Tim Bunce Title: "comment init_postdump_symbols issues"
1998-05-15  Graham Barr"Add hook to tie %! to external module (not...
1998-05-14  Gurusamy Sarathy"fix C<print "foo ${\()}"> (pp_refgen fumbles when...
1998-05-14  Dominic Dunlop"perlbug reformatted"
1998-05-14  Ilya Zakharevich"Sub declaration cost reduced from ~500 to ~100 bytes"
1998-05-14  Nick Ing-Simmons"while($x=<>) no longer warns (implicit defined added)"
1998-05-14  Gurusamy Sarathy"Fix PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL core dumps"
1998-05-14  Gurusamy Sarathy"5.004_04-m2 Cleanup of test failures"
1998-05-11  Tim Bunce[difference between patch application from Change 913... timinator
1998-05-11  Charles BaileyAdd VMS specifics to Porting/makerel
1998-05-11  Dominic Dunlophints/ disable semctl(), align with devel...
1998-05-11  Andreas J.... Fix File::Find::finddepth typo in trial 2 release
1998-05-11  Rocco CaputoClarify Termios usage in POSIX.pod
1998-05-11  Hugo van der... Reduce rm command line length in pod/Makefile
1998-05-11  Gisle AasDocument integer pragma effect on % operator
1998-05-11  M.J.T. GuyRemove dead code from pod2man
1998-05-11  M.J.T. GuyImprove docs for warning about code after an exec()
1998-05-11  Achim Bohnetperlvar.pod buglet E<EVMSERR>
1998-05-11  Gurusamy Sarathyincorrect return value for hv_iterinit
1998-05-01  Tim BunceUpdate MANIFEST for trial 2.
1998-05-01  Tim BunceAdd t/op/tiehandle.t as xtext to repository (see change...
1998-05-01  Tim Bunce Title: "Add ERRSV, ERRHV, DEFSV and SAVE_DEFSV for...
1998-05-01  Tim Bunce[difference between patch application from Change 909...
1998-05-01  Charles BaileyDocument changed local($a[$i],$b{$j}) behaviour re...
1998-05-01  Hugo van der... Fix printf segmentation fault
1998-05-01  Eugene Altermanperl_call_method() bug fix (corrupt op pointer)
1998-05-01  Stephen P PotterAdd warning for Illegal hex digit
1998-05-01  Tim Bunce"Change Ilya's do_binmode to K&R prototype and move...
1998-05-01  Eric HammondFix File::Basename to not untaint results (using new...
1998-05-01  Tim BunceRuntime Carp verbosity without aliasing
1998-05-01  Joshua PritikinRuntime Carp verbosity without aliasing
1998-04-28  Spider Boardman[core language changes]
1998-04-28  Tim Bunce[difference between patch application from Change 904...
1998-04-28  Hugo van der... Allow but ignore embedded /...(?o).../ in regexp
1998-04-28  Chip SalzenbergDon't accidentally untaint target of s///
1998-04-28  Chip SalzenbergNew regex flag //t to leave $1 etc. tainted
1998-04-27  Tim Bunce[difference between patch application from Change 897...
1998-04-28  Peter PrymmerDynaloader build on VMS
1998-04-28  Jens-Uwe Magerperl compile fix for AIX 4.3
1998-04-28  Olaf TitzIO::Socket->socketpair broken (typo)
1998-04-28  Dominique DumontClarify require "Foo::Bar" non-bareword issue
1998-04-28  Matt Wetteperl.c fixes for -DUNEXEC
1998-04-28  Chip Salzenberg-2.0 vs. -2 (was Number representations)
1998-04-28  Ed PeschkoBetter error message for require failure
1998-04-22  Tim Bunce[difference between patch application from Change 896...
1998-04-22  Billysupport find2perl -follow
1998-04-22  Kurt StarsinicConfig: Irix 5 hints
1998-04-22  Gurusamy Sarathywin32 tweaks (signals and crypt support)
1998-04-22  Ilya Zakharevichptags broken
1998-04-22  Hiroo Hayashiormaments method in Term/ causes warning...
1998-04-22  Daniel S. Lewartlib/Pod/
1998-04-22  Charles fix
1998-04-22  Andy WardleyComments added to
1998-04-22  Jarkko add run-for-some-time mode
1998-04-22  Andy Doughertyglibc2.0.6 missing MSG_* <sys/socket.h> defines.
1998-04-22  Achim BohnetInstall extensions with bootstrap (again) in $archlib
1998-04-22  Graham BarrDocument that does not load IO::Select etc
1998-04-22  Horst von BrandBuglet in documentation
1998-04-22  Greg Baconlong list of man page nitpicks
1998-04-22  Ted Ashtonfix-up of previous perlre.pod patch
1998-04-22  Steve A FinkMention SWIG in perlxs.pod
1998-04-22  Kurt D. Starsinicunimplemented umask() should return undef not die
1998-04-22  Malcolm Beattiestale pointers after realloc (MEXTEND in pp_print and...
1998-04-22  Paul Marquessbidirectional pipe warning blues
1998-04-22  Gurusamy Sarathyanother destruct_level fix
1998-04-22  Tom PhoenixOdd number of elements in hash list.
1998-04-22  John L. AllenAllow more lenient switch processing
1998-04-22  Gurusamy Sarathyfix for "Unbalanced string table refcount"
1998-04-22  Tim Bunce[inseperable changes between Change 887 and Change...
1998-04-22  Jarkko HietaniemiFix bug in locale.t
1998-04-22  Gurusamy Sarathyfix various problems with backticks on win32
1998-04-22  Robin Barkermv-if-diff
1998-04-22  Gurusamy Sarathy'use Env' on WinNT/95 fails
1998-04-22  Bruce J. KeelerAllow POSIX to export nice()
1998-04-22  Tom Christiansenbug in Class::Struct
1998-04-22  Tom PhoenixWarning on mis-use of 'use lib'
1998-04-22  Ilya ZakharevichFile::Find rewrite
1998-04-22  AbigailMath/, fixed use of undefined value.
1998-04-22  Achim Bohnetunpacking negatives on Alpha
1998-04-22  Gurusamy Sarathytwo trivial tweaks to 5.004m5t1
1998-04-22  Gurusamy SarathyTainting propagates from nowhere
1998-04-22  Hans MulderStatement unlikely to be reached warning
1998-04-22  Stephen McCamantStale SP in pp_substr
1998-04-22  Chip SalzenbergRevised taint hole closer
1998-04-22  Andy DoughertyAdd HAS_GNULIBC define
1998-04-22  Hans MulderConfusing error from perl -e "x'"
1998-04-22  Ilya ZakharevichMake autouse -w-safe
1998-04-22  Chip SalzenbergConsider @ARGV to be plain files if inplace (-i)
1998-04-22  Chip SalzenbergConservative C<*x = undef> patch
1998-04-22  Chip SalzenbergAdditional regex-cache patch