1998-08-08  Gurusamy Sarathypending submit of 5.005_02 perl-5.005_02
1998-08-08  Gurusamy Sarathyset patchlevel.h, other minor tweaks
1998-08-08  Gurusamy Sarathyprevent lexical leaks from Benchmark into target code...
1998-08-08  Gurusamy Sarathyback out change#1747 until possibly better patch is...
1998-08-07  Gurusamy Sarathytemporary workaround for ebcdic (suggested by
1998-08-07  Paul MarquessFix for command line use of source filters
1998-08-07  Gurusamy Sarathyperlport.pod notes from Jarkko Hietaniemi; utime()...
1998-08-07  Gurusamy Sarathyperlport.pod v1.33 from Chris Nandor <>
1998-08-07  Ilya ZakharevichMinor cleanup of RE tests and docs
1998-08-07  Gurusamy Sarathyallow more compatible interpretation of spaces File...
1998-08-07  Gurusamy Sarathydon't use © in (suggested by M.J.T. Guy)
1998-08-07  Dominic Dunlop[Patch perl5.005_02-TRIAL2] Update hints, Configure...
1998-08-05  Graham Barrmake AutoSplit safer on filesystems with short filenames
1998-08-05  Gurusamy and tweaks
1998-08-05  Gurusamy Sarathypod/perlfaq* update from Tom Christiansen <tchrist...
1998-08-05  Chris Nandorperlport 1.32
1998-08-05  Ilya ZakharevichREADME.os2 update
1998-08-05  Gurusamy Sarathy additional INSTALL notes from Jarkko Hietaniemi...
1998-08-05  Gurusamy Sarathycorrect URL for perlcrt.dll
1998-08-05  Gurusamy Sarathyupdate Changes, patchlevel, tweak
1998-08-05  Ilya Zakharevichnewer cperl-mode.el
1998-08-05  Gurusamy Sarathysupport :nosearch in ExtUtils::Liblist for win32, and...
1998-08-05  Ilya Zakharevichadd index entries for -X
1998-08-05  Ilya Zakharevichmake Test::Harness optionally check for stray files...
1998-08-05  Gurusamy Sarathyback out change#1703 that break bincompat with PERL_OBJ...
1998-08-05  Jarkko Hietaniemifixes to enable ISC to build IPC/SysV
1998-08-05  Jeff Okamotolet some 'tr' be '$tr' for occult reasons
1998-08-05  Gurusamy Sarathyperlre.pod tweak suggested by Mike Wescott <mike.wescot...
1998-08-05  David J. Fianderexplain caveat about use of numeric constants in podoc...
1998-08-05  Gurusamy Sarathyend pod processing when source file is closed (prevents...
1998-08-04  Gurusamy Sarathycorrect prototype for des_fcrypt(), explain how to...
1998-08-04  Gurusamy Sarathytweak to avoid ambiguity warnings
1998-08-04  Gurusamy Sarathyremove useless 'rcsid' (extension of a suggestion by
1998-08-04  Abigailcorrect Pod::Html's notion of email addresses
1998-08-04  Gurusamy Sarathyperlport.pod additions from Peter Prymmer <pvhp@forte...
1998-08-04  Chris Nandorperlport 1.30
1998-08-04  Tom Christiansenupdate postscript generator
1998-08-03  Jarkko Hietaniemiapplied suggested patch, slightly tweaked
1998-08-03  Stephen McCamantfix segfault when threadsv is used as foreach itervar
1998-08-02  Ilya Zakharevichclose() open files before unlink()
1998-08-02  Jarkko Hietaniemimore pack() tests
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyt/TEST aesthetic tweak suggested by Jarkko
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyadd Digital Unix 3.x notes to README.threads (as sugges...
1998-08-02  Stephen McCamantallow *FOO{BAR}[0] etc. (without intervening arrow)
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyfix unpack('u',...) problem with spaces in input
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyupdate location of perlcrt.dll for win32 builds
1998-08-02  Ilya ZakharevichBetter debugging output from malloc.c
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyfix longstanding bug in pack('u',...) (reads garbage...
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyupdate Changes, tweak Porting/makerel
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyremove CRs from djgpp/configure.bat (Porting/makerel...
1998-08-02  Gurusamy SarathyPorting/makerel tweaks
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyfixes for pod noises
1998-08-02  Ilya Zakharevichmalloc.c tweaks
1998-08-02  Slaven Rezicfix quoting of keys with embedded nulls
1998-08-02  Peter PrymmerRe: \Q doesn't work in interpolated regular expressions
1998-08-02  M. J. T. Guyadd test for magic autovivification
1998-08-02  Ilya Zakharevichbetter RE colors
1998-08-02  Ilya Zakharevichmark link type of exported functions for OS/2
1998-08-02  Ilya Zakharevichtweaked version of suggested patch
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyup patchlevel to 5.005_02
1998-08-02  Ilya ZakharevichMake tests succeed on OS/2
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyuse I32_MAX as the limit when U16_MAX > I32_MAX (for...
1998-08-02  Jarkko Hietaniemisupport OE/MVS
1998-08-02  Gurusamy SarathyVMS patches
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyrename duplicate warning in regexec.c
1998-08-02  Tom Spindlerbeware egcs' ld on Solaris
1998-08-02  Jan-Pieter... de-utf-ized variation of Ilya's patch
1998-08-02  Jarkko Hietaniemibetter validation of SysV IPC availability
1998-08-02  Ilya Zakharevichfix bug in display of watched expressions
1998-08-02  Horst von Brandapplied all but one hunk
1998-08-02  Andy DoughertyRemove redundant dTHR
1998-08-02  Tom HughesClass::Struct has an incomplete tied array package
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyensure implicit close on local(*FH) doesn't affect...
1998-08-02  Jarkko HietaniemiRe: [PATCH] 5.004_05-MAINT_TRIAL_5: three locale fixes
1998-08-02  Gurusamy SarathyPERL_OBJECT bincompat fixes from Douglas Lankshear...
1998-08-02  Nicholas Clarkhand-apply whitespace-mutiliated patch
1998-08-02  M. J. T. Guydocument return values of do() better
1998-08-02  Stephen McCamantavoid reusing foreach itervar if magic got tacked onto it
1998-08-02  Nick Ing-Simmons[Patch] Math::Complex - Ambiguous call resolved as...
1998-08-02  Hugo van der... perlcall.pod
1998-08-02  Gurusamy SarathyMM_Win32::maybe_command() case-insesitivity tweak
1998-08-02  Gurusamy Sarathyfix MM_Win32::maybe_command()
1998-08-01  Ilya Zakharevichfixes for overloading bugs and docs, tweaked some
1998-08-01  Winfried Königstray s/foo/PL_foo/
1998-08-01  Gurusamy Sarathynewer Porting/patchls from maint-5.004
1998-08-01  Gurusamy Sarathyfix buggy detection of failed glob()
1998-07-29  Gurusamy Sarathyfix typo in change#1489 that prevented magic-autovivifi...
1998-07-26  Gurusamy Sarathyupdate Changes; add sv_*_mg() entries in win32/ perl-5.005_01
1998-07-26  Gurusamy Sarathys/TMP_CRLF_PATCH/PERL_STRICT_CR/ with sense reversed...
1998-07-26  Gurusamy Sarathyadd missing sv_*_mg() prototypes in proto.h, update...
1998-07-26  Gurusamy SarathyVMS patches from Dan Sugalski <>
1998-07-26  Lupe Christophanother platform where pp_sselect() needs a whole fd_se...
1998-07-26  Laszlo Molnarfix problem building modules on dos-djgpp
1998-07-26  Tom SpindlerBeOS tweak
1998-07-26  Gurusamy Sarathyvarious pod tweaks
1998-07-26  Ilya Zakharevichfix emacs/ptags for PL_* changes
1998-07-26  M. J. T. Guyfix behavior of <=> on bigints
1998-07-24  Gurusamy Sarathycreate maint-5.005 branch
1998-07-24  Gurusamy Sarathyun-checked-in 5.005 Changes (this is 5.005 *exactly*) perl-5.005
1998-07-22  Gurusamy Sarathysneak in hints/ update