1997-09-05  Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch to perl 5.004_04] perl-5.004_04
1997-09-05  David KerryMissing 'require' in auto-generated .pm by h2xs
1997-09-05  Joseph N. Hallperldoc diffs: don't search auto - much faster
1997-09-05  Norton Allenfix poor t/op/runlevel.t test
1997-09-05  Andreas J.... 5.004m4t1: perlbug: NIS domainname gets into wrong...
1997-09-05  Andreas J.... Identify t/*/*.t test failing because of file permissions
1997-09-05  Tony Sanderseg/sysvipc/ipcsem bug, new hints/
1997-09-05  David McLeantests fail if localhost/loopback address not defined
1997-09-05  Kurt D. Starsinich2ph broken in 5.004_02
1997-09-05  Warren Jonesop/glob.t test failure under Win32 with CVS
1997-09-05  Ilya ZakharevichPerldoc tiny patch to avoid $0
1997-09-05  Ilya ZakharevichOS/2 Hints
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim BunceNew hints file for IBM OS/390 OpenEdition (MVS)
1997-09-05  Peter PrymmerNew hints file for IBM OS/390 OpenEdition (MVS)
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim Buncehints/ update
1997-09-05  Norton Allenhints/ update
1997-09-05  Ilya ZakharevichMinor OS/2 patch for 4_03
1997-09-05  Bruce P. SchuckDynixptx hints
1997-09-05  Spider BoardmanFix perl build on Digital UNIX after JDK installs
1997-09-05  Dan Sugalskilib/timelocal.t fails test 1 for VMS 7.1
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim BunceIrix 6.2 build problem - so_locations
1997-09-05  David BillinghurstIrix 6.2 build problem - so_locations
1997-09-05  Dominic DunlopTweak to hints/ stop t/lib/complex.t from...
1997-09-05  Gurusamy SarathyBug in Win32::GetShortPathName
1997-09-05  Jan Duboispl2bat.bat -> change in win32/pod.mak
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim BunceWin32 archnames
1997-09-05  Bill MiddletonWin32 archnames
1997-09-05  Tim BunceEnhance perly.fixer to help porters.
1997-09-05  Ilya ZakharevichEmacs CPerl update for 5.004_04
1997-09-05  Tim Buncemyconfig / perl -V: remove randbits and add prototype
1997-09-05  Andreas J.... Updated for 5.004_04
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim BunceTrap Time::Local infinite loop
1997-09-05  Hugo van der... Trap Time::Local infinite loop
1997-09-05  John L. AllenBanishing eval from and Getopt/
1997-09-05  John Tobeyxsubpp fix to allow #ifdef's around entire XSubs
1997-09-05  Greg WardDocument that File::Find doesn't follow symlinks
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim and missing _PATH_LOG
1997-09-05  Ulrich and missing _PATH_LOG
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim BunceIO::Socket autoflush by default, assume tcp and PeerAddr
1997-09-05  Gisle AasIO::Socket autoflush by default, assume tcp and PeerAddr
1997-09-05  Johan VromansGetopt::Long 2.11
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim BunceSys::Hostname fails under Solaris 2.5 when setuid
1997-09-05  Patrick HayesSys::Hostname fails under Solaris 2.5 when setuid
1997-09-05  Jan Dubois[x] fails if Exporter has not been loaded...
1997-09-05  Rujith S. de... xsubpp: document advanced dynamic typemap usage
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim Bunceminor fix for perltrap.pod
1997-09-05  Abigailminor fix for perltrap.pod
1997-09-05  Tom PhoenixDocumenting the perl-thanks address
1997-09-05  Len JohnsonMinor changes to ease port to MVS
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim BunceRe: "perl -d" dumps core when loading
1997-09-05  Ilya ZakharevichRe: "perl -d" dumps core when loading
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-05  Tim Bunceupdate to installperl for perl5.004_02 to skip CVS dir
1997-09-05  Tony Sandersupdate to installperl for perl5.004_02 to skip CVS dir
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[shell changes from ]
1997-09-05  Tim Bunce[inseperable differences to perl 5.004_03] perl-5.004_03
1997-09-04  Andy DoughertyImprove dual-universe comments in hints/
1997-09-04  William Middleton[OK] Perl5.004_02 on Alpha NT
1997-09-04  Gurusamy Sarathy/x is not a valid shell switch on Win95
1997-09-04  Tom Christiansenperlfunc.pod error
1997-09-04  Paul Marquessdoc patch for pack("p",undef) packing a NULL pointer
1997-09-04  John Redfordperlop pod inconsistent in presentation of regexp options
1997-09-04  Gurusamy Sarathyseen_dot declaration in perl.c needed for VMS
1997-09-04  Richard A.... typos in perl -h output
1997-09-04  Andy DoughertyShow Configure failure reason even with -s
1997-09-04  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-04  Tim Bunceperlbug -d non-interactive (with patch)
1997-09-04  Ted Ashtonperlbug -d non-interactive (with patch)
1997-09-04  Bill GlickerSCO Openserver 5.0.4 - add comment to hint file re...
1997-09-04  Chris NandorDynamic Loading on MkLinux (osname=linux,archname=ppc...
1997-09-04  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-04  Tim BunceWin95-proofing pl2bat
1997-09-04  Gurusamy SarathyWin95-proofing pl2bat
1997-09-04  Tom HorsleyCPAN Use of uninitialized value in newest perl
1997-09-04  Jarkko Hietaniemi5.004_02: Complex/Trig: update
1997-09-04  Mike Stokpatch for documentation error in
1997-09-04  Andrew M. LangmeadThe description of the \Q metacharacter is confusing...
1997-09-04  M.J.T. Guypod2man generated .IX lines upset whatis on Solaris
1997-09-04  M.J.T. Guyperlop pod inconsistent in presentation of regexp options
1997-09-04  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-09-04  Tim Bunce-D info in perlrun
1997-09-04  Stephen McCamant-D info in perlrun
1997-09-04  Hallvard B... Further fix to lseek's in lockf_emulate_flock
1997-09-04  Ilya ZakharevichSome perldb -> PERLDB_* macro changes were missed
1997-08-07  Tim Bunce[inseperable differences up to perl 5.004_02] perl-5.004_02
1997-08-06  Ilya Zakharevichperldoc under OS/2
1997-08-06  Warren Jonesperldoc doesn't grok Win32 UNC paths
1997-08-06  Ilya Zakharevichperlbug under OS/2
1997-08-06  Andreas Schwabperlbug broken
1997-08-06  Charles F.... perlbug -ok [PATCH]