1997-08-07  Tim Bunce[inseperable differences up to perl 5.004_02] perl-5.004_02
1997-08-06  Ilya Zakharevichperldoc under OS/2
1997-08-06  Warren Jonesperldoc doesn't grok Win32 UNC paths
1997-08-06  Ilya Zakharevichperlbug under OS/2
1997-08-06  Andreas Schwabperlbug broken
1997-08-06  Charles F.... perlbug -ok [PATCH]
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathyperlbug - check sendmail and fix win32 tmp path
1997-08-06  Dan SugalskiEasier TCP stack selection for VMS
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichAssorted OS/2 fixes
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichAdditional patch is needed for os2/diff.configure
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichAdditional OS/2 patches
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathywin32_stat() fixes (2nd try)
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathywin32 tweaks
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathywin32 extras and embedding
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathywin32 docs and runperl.bat
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathyminor win32 scribbles
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathygetenv() after my_setenv() gets old entry on Win32
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathyexec() fixed on win32
1997-08-06  Gurusamy SarathyWin32 sitelib intuition from DLL location
1997-08-06  Gurusamy SarathyMinor fix for pl2bat.bat
1997-08-06  Gurusamy SarathyEmbedding threaded apps in perl.dll
1997-08-06  Gurusamy SarathySys::Hostname -w unclean in trial 2
1997-08-06  Gurusamy nits for Win32 DMAKE
1997-08-06  Jay Rogersperl debugger, win32, and emacs
1997-08-06  Paul MarquessPATCH: make DBM*_File modules sub-classable
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathy[MM] [PATCH] Re: Liblist problems for MSWin32
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichRepost of fork() debugger patch
1997-08-06  Paul MarquessDB_File 1.15 patch
1997-08-06  Ken ShanSys::Hostname should localize $SIG{__DIE__}
1997-08-06  Mathias Koerberperl5.004 Time::Local still broken
1997-08-06  M.J.T. GuyRemove 'use UNIVERSAL;', switch to UNIVERSAL::isa()
1997-08-06  M.J.T. GuyExporter errors give wrong location
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichBinary installers for Perl modules
1997-08-06  M.J.T. Guyperl4 to perl5.004 converion with debugger problem
1997-08-06  John Macdonaldpatch to 5.004_01 perltrap.pod
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathymultiline commands in qx//
1997-08-06  Greg Baconcool quote for perldebug
1997-08-06  Doug MacEachern[BUG] perlembed.pod:power.c example
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichUpdates to perlguts (repost)
1997-08-06  M.J.T. Guy[BUG:PATCH] Missing semicolon message wrong in perldiag
1997-08-06  Stephen McCamantMagic info in perlguts, take 2
1997-08-06  Doug MacEachernnew perlembed.pod:match.c
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichBetter "Can't locate auto/ in @INC" error document...
1997-08-06  Hans MulderDuplicates in perlguts.pod
1997-08-06  Tom Horsleywork around compiler bug on CX/UX (perl5.004_01)
1997-08-06  M.J.T. GuyFwd: substr("foo", -1000)
1997-08-06  Andreas Schwabsemctl broken under Linux
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichEnable PERL_DEBUG_MSTATS without -DDEBUGGING_MSTATS
1997-08-06  Gurusamy SarathyRe: q and escaping paired delimiters
1997-08-06  Kenneth AlbanowskiRe: q and escaping paired delimiters
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathy-S flag fixes for DOSISH platforms
1997-08-06  Ilya Zakharevich$\1 and serious bug in evalling
1997-08-06  Warren JonesWin32 UNC path causes autoload to fail
1997-08-06  Stephen McCamantWeirdness in sv_peek()
1997-08-06  Warren JonesMinor Win32 glitch with -S flag
1997-08-06  Chip SalzenbergFix double form() in XS version check
1997-08-06  Dominic Dunlop-p does not check for failure of implicit print
1997-08-06  Matthias Neerachersv_vcatpvfn hogs memory [Patch included]
1997-08-06  Hans Mulderinfinite recursion in malloc() with some compile flags
1997-08-06  Gisle Aasbless file handles as FileHandle if loaded else IO...
1997-08-06  Hugo van der... Avoid core dump on some paren'd regexp matches
1997-08-06  M.J.T. and import methods (tests)
1997-08-06  Gurusamy SarathyRe: Calling Perl from within C from within Perl
1997-08-06  Gurusamy SarathyFix intolerance of a space between "print" and opening...
1997-08-06  Gisle Aasstringify looses integerness
1997-08-06  Gurusamy SarathyEval fails in certain situations (eval "{'...")
1997-08-06  Chip SalzenbergDo not constant-fold ops that depend on locale if C...
1997-08-06  John TobeyRe: Can't pack literals as pointers
1997-08-06  M.J.T. GuyRe: Bug in Regular Expressions when using colon as...
1997-08-06  Stephen McCamantBand-aid fix for local([@%]$x)
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichAdditional patch for "Can't execute ..."
1997-08-06  Jeff Okamoto: HP-UX 10 w/o transition links
1997-08-06  Tom Horsleymake Configure recognize powerux hint (perl5.004_01)
1997-08-06  Hans MulderConfigure can't find open3 on NeXTstep
1997-08-06  Jarkko Hietaniemim2t3: Configure: cf_time always in C locale
1997-08-06  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-08-06  Tim Bunceh2ph corrections to avoid redefined sub warnings
1997-08-06  wdconstah2ph corrections to avoid redefined sub warnings
1997-08-06  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-08-06  Tim Bunceenable some tests on Win32
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathyenable some tests on Win32
1997-08-06  Hugo van der... Add xor tests to test suite
1997-08-06  John Hughesfixes for hints/svr4 for UnixWare >= 2.1.1
1997-08-06  Gurusamy Sarathygetservby*() calls fail on Windows NT
1997-08-06  Conrad E. Kimball(3) File::Find::find()/finddepth() bugs with toplevel...
1997-08-06  Dan Sugalskiposix.xs broken on VMS 7.1
1997-08-06  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-08-06  Tim Buncepod2html mangles C<&foo(42);>
1997-08-06  Hans Mulderpod2html mangles C<&foo(42);>
1997-08-06  Ruben SchattevoyAllow concurrent mkdir in File::Path::mkpath
1997-08-06  Nick Ing-Simmonsicmp tweak for IO::Socket
1997-08-06  Doug MacEachernExtUtils-Embed upgrade
1997-08-06  Tim Bunce[dummy merge]
1997-08-06  Tim BunceSys::Syslog patch to allow unix domain sockets
1997-08-06  Sean RobinsonSys::Syslog patch to allow unix domain sockets
1997-08-06  Nat TorkingtonNet::hostent documentation error
1997-08-06  Gisle AasIO::File and DB_File pollutes namespace with Fcntl...
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichProblems with setvbuf
1997-08-06  John Tobeyxsubpp patch
1997-08-06  Ilya ZakharevichDocs of IO::Handle [PATCH]