1999-05-26  Chip SalzenbergLook for Linux FILE structure in libio.h, for glibc... p4/maint-5.004/perl GitLive-maint-5.004
1999-04-29  Chip SalzenbergFix a few scripts' permissions. perl-5.004_05
1999-04-29  Chip SalzenbergFinal release: Update patchlevel.h and Changes.
1999-04-29  Chip SalzenbergRefresh emacs/*.
1999-04-29  Chip SalzenbergFix shebang lines.
1999-04-29  Chip SalzenbergEliminate SysV IPC tests that don't work reliably.
1999-04-27  Chip SalzenbergFix non-core-XS bug in
1999-04-27  Chip SalzenbergFix SysV IPC tests to allow for ids of zero.
1999-04-27  Chip SalzenbergUpdate Solaris 2.x hints.
1999-04-27  Chip SalzenbergAdd 'okfile' target to makefile.
1999-04-26  Chip SalzenbergTweak ordering of Porting/makerel.
1999-04-26  Chip SalzenbergUpdate Changes again for last few patches.
1999-04-26  Chip SalzenbergUpdate OpenBSD hints.
1999-04-26  Chip SalzenbergAllow AIX to use Perl's malloc if user insists on it.
1999-04-26  Chip SalzenbergMake &AutoLoad::AUTOLOAD reentrant.
1999-04-26  Chip SalzenbergRefresh AutoLoader to 5.55.
1999-04-26  Chip SalzenbergUpdate Changes and patchlevel.h for maint trial 9.
1999-04-26  Chip SalzenbergMake porting scripts executable.
1999-04-26  Chip SalzenbergMerge most of Porting directory from mainline.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergExplain next/last/redo a bit more in perlfunc.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergRebuild embed.h. (Forgot.)
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergEliminate false Configure warning about LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergFix check for glibc, so it'll work with 2.1.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergRefresh hints for FreeBSD.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergAutomatically set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or equivalent) durin...
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergNew config variable $ignore_versioned_solibs, for Linux.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergDon't use 'nm' under AIX.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergMake AutoSplit harder to fool.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergFix some broken document links. (from Tom Christiansen)
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergRefresh Text::Wrap to 98.112902.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergUse locale in Pod::Html and Pod::Text.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergRevert argument list change in export_to_level.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergAdd 'no_modify' to list of variables in 5.005.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergRefresh perlport to 1.39. (from Chris Nandor)
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergFix typo in perlxstut.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergClear errno on successful C<require>.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergAdd test of C<goto> interaction with AUTOLOAD.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergMake Text::ParseWords handle some delimiters with spaces.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergProperly handle tainted operations when -U is set.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergNew config variable $installusrbinperl, defaulting...
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergUpdate NetBSD hints.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergRefresh Getopt::Long to 2.19.
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergProperly diagnose missing roots in rmtree().
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergPreserve errno from importunities of sfio.
1999-04-13  Chip Salzenberg fix longstanding bug: searches for lexicals...
1999-04-13  Chip SalzenbergRecord Linux libc version.
1999-04-06  Chip SalzenbergDisable setuid execution if 'nosuid' mount option speci...
1999-04-06  Chip SalzenbergSet CDPATH="." only if it's already set to something...
1998-12-04  Gurusamy Sarathyupdate README.win32 in maint-5.004
1998-12-03  Tim BunceUpdate MANIFEST for dna.small.gif.uu (change 2445)
1998-12-03  Tim BunceShip dna.small.gif uuencoded.
1998-12-03  Kurt D. StarsinicConfigure supplies bad ccflags for Irix/GCC combo
1998-12-03  Anton Berezin"hints/ signal handler type"
1998-12-03  Andy Dougherty"erroneous 'none' in lddlflags"
1998-11-30  Gurusamy Sarathy"defined and tie'ed hashes"
1998-11-30  Gurusamy Sarathy"Problems with ExtUtils::Liblist on Win32: -L -> -libpa...
1998-11-30  Tim BunceApply MachTen malloc allignment work-around to NeXT.
1998-11-30  Jarkko HietaniemiAdd Configure config.msg warning mechanism from 5.005...
1998-11-30  Tim BunceCopied change 2353 by Jarkko Hietaniemi.
1998-11-27  Gurusamy Sarathy"Fix noises from the VC linker on RunPerl()"
1998-11-27  Tim Buncewin32 portability fix: make sysread() and syswrite...
1998-11-27  Tim Bunce fix C<if (...) { package Foo; ... }> misoptimization...
1998-11-27  Tim BunceAssorted (5.004 specific) fixes:
1998-11-22  Tim BunceUpdated Changes file and patchlevel.h for 5.004_05...
1998-11-22  Tim BunceUpdated Porting/patchls utility.
1998-11-22  Tim BunceFix "<-l>" typo reported by pod2man warning.
1998-11-22  Kurt D. Starsinic"pod2man bug in date generated line"
1998-11-22  Henrik Tougaard"Buglet in (with fix)"
1998-11-22  Tim BunceUpdated CPAN and CGI versions to CPAN-1.40 and CGI...
1998-11-22  Mark-Jason... "(5.005_02) a2p should use `chomp' instead of `chop'"
1998-11-22  Jarkko Hietaniemi"the 4_05-MT6 UNICOS 9.0.1ai C90 miniperl crash"
1998-11-22  Jarkko Hietaniemi"groups test needs to use id command on some systems"
1998-11-22  Graham Barr"die with a reference should use overload "" operator"
1998-11-22  Alan Burlison"bugfix: hv_delete and ~ magic"
1998-11-22  Graham Barr"Auto-incrementing tied scalar causes SEGV"
1998-11-22  Andy Dougherty"[PATCH 5.005_02, 5.004_04] hints/ update"
1998-11-22  Andy Dougherty"Remove spurious /* dTHR; */"
1998-11-22  Hans Mulder"[PATCH 5.004/5.005/5.006]Doc patch to VMS::Stdio module"
1998-11-22  Tim BuncePreserve errno around fcntl(fd,F_SETFD,fd > maxsysfd...
1998-11-22  Tim BunceImprove op/die_exit.t test for implicit close changing $!
1998-11-22  Tim BunceUpdate perlhit.pod to 1.53
1998-11-22  Brian Callaghan" patch (version 1.1)"
1998-11-22  Tim BunceRevert to 5.004_04 glob error check (too many csh's...
1998-11-22  Tim BunceJumbo patch from Sarathy based on the following changes
1998-10-09  Tim BunceAssorted patches:
1998-09-25  Tim BunceMajor docs update to 5.005_02 (where appropriate)
1998-09-25  Tim BunceAssorted patches:
1998-09-25  Tim BunceAssorted patches:
1998-09-23  Tim BunceAssorted patches:
1998-07-20  Tim BunceUpdate Changes and patchlevel.h for release. At last.
1998-07-20  Tim BunceAssorted patches:
1998-07-20  Tim BunceAssorted patches:
1998-07-20  Paul E. Maisano"Make failed matches return empty list in list context"
1998-07-20  Gurusamy Sarathy"win32 update from 5.005 beta 2 for 5.004_05"
1998-07-18  Paul JohnsonAssorted patches:
1998-07-18  M.J.T. Guy"Remove flawed '// with parens or $&' performance patch...
1998-07-18  Tim BunceAssorted patches:
1998-07-16  Tim BunceAssorted patches:
1998-07-15  Tim BunceAssorted patches:
1998-07-13  Tim BunceAssorted patches: