2012-12-09  Steffen MuellerConvert some SvREFCNT_dec's to SvREFCNT_dec_NN's for... smueller/svrefcntdecnn
2012-12-06  David Mitchellscope.c: silence some compiler warnings
2012-12-06  Yves Ortonmake regcharclass generate submacros if necessary to...
2012-12-06  Daniel Draganadd PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to xs template in h2xs.PL
2012-12-06  Father ChrysostomosStop renamed packages from making reset() crash
2012-12-06  Father ChrysostomosDon’t use PMf_ONCE flag for split-to-array
2012-12-06  Father Chrysostomosperldiag: -D message is a warning
2012-12-06  Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Remove category from ‘POSIX syntax [. .]...’
2012-12-06  Father Chrysostomospp_goto: Call get-magic before choosing goto type
2012-12-06  Sébastien Aperghis... dist/constant/t/utf8.t: Skip tests for early Perls
2012-12-06  Karl WilliamsonAUTHORS: Change email for Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni
2012-12-05  Father Chrysostomosregen pod issue
2012-12-05  Father Chrysostomossv.c: Correct newSVpvn_share docs
2012-12-05  Father Chrysostomossv.h: Warning about cows in SvPV_set apidocs
2012-12-05  Father ChrysostomosStop "\N{...}" from leaking after errors
2012-12-05  Father ChrysostomosUse SvREFCNT_dec_NN in various cop.h macros
2012-12-05  Father ChrysostomosStop v111111111111111 from leaking under fatal warnings
2012-12-05  Father Chrysostomostoke.c apidocs: Note that scan_vstring might croak
2012-12-05  Chris 'BinGOs... Synchronise CPAN Locale-Maketest and core version
2012-12-05  Chris 'BinGOs... Update CPANPLUS-Dist-Build to CPAN version 0.68
2012-12-05  Daniel Draganmore dTHX optimizations in /win32/*
2012-12-05  Yves OrtonSwitch default hash to SIPHASH on 64 bit builds and...
2012-12-04  Father Chrysostomosoverride.t: Suppress deprecation warning
2012-12-04  Father ChrysostomosStop /[a-\d]/ from leaking under fatal warnings
2012-12-04  Father ChrysostomosStop /[:foo:]/ from leaking under fatal warnings
2012-12-04  Father Chrysostomos[perl #115818] Don’t croak for /[.zog.]/
2012-12-04  Sullivan BeckUpdate Locale-Codes to CPAN version 3.24
2012-12-04  Steffen Muelleradd a note about security concerns in Storable
2012-12-04  Brian CarlsonFix misparsing of maketext strings.
2012-12-04  Father Chrysostomosembed.fnc: Explain how X is used for public macros
2012-12-04  Father ChrysostomosMention in more places that my $_ is deprecated
2012-12-04  Father ChrysostomosDeprecate lexical $_
2012-12-04  Father Chrysostomosencoding.t: Skip 2 tests under debugging
2012-12-04  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $sigtrap::VERSION to 1.07
2012-12-04  Father Avoid lexical $_
2012-12-04  David Mitchellsilence some non-clang warnings
2012-12-04  David Mitchellsilence some clang warnings
2012-12-04  Craig A. BerryAvoid some doubled escapes in tovmsspec.
2012-12-04  David Mitchelladd SvREFCNT_dec_NN()
2012-12-04  David Mitchellmake SvREFCNT_dec() more efficient
2012-12-04  David MitchellOptimise magic handling in save* and leave_scope
2012-12-04  David Mitchellrefactor Perl_leave_scope
2012-12-04  David Mitchellsave_int/i32 inline the long version
2012-12-04  David MitchellAdd SS_ADD_* macros and replace most SSPUSH* uses
2012-12-04  Father ChrysostomosLower version
2012-12-03  Yves OrtonFix per-hash hash order dependency bug in
2012-12-03  Joel BergerCwd::fast_abs_path's untaint should allow for multiline...
2012-12-03  Father Chrysostomos[perl #115962] cwd.t: Add test for fast_abs_path in...
2012-12-03  Father ChrysostomosStop /[\i]/ from leaking under fatal warnings
2012-12-03  Father ChrysostomosStop /(?{})+/ from leaking under fatal warnings
2012-12-03  Father ChrysostomosMake PL_sawampersand checks conditional on PERL_SAWAMPE...
2012-12-03  Father ChrysostomosStop /(?{})?/ from leaking under fatal warnings
2012-12-03  Father ChrysostomosRemove use of SAVEDESTRUCTOR_X(clear_re...) from regcomp.c
2012-12-03  Yves OrtonMake it possible to simulate old style one-at-a-time...
2012-12-02  Craig A. BerryBetter escaping of dots in tovmsspec.
2012-12-01  Craig A. BerryRemove a spurious strlen in VMS's readdir().
2012-12-01  Craig A. BerryFix memory leak in VMS's readdir().
2012-12-01  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $sort::VERSION to 2.02
2012-12-01  Martin Beckerfixed typos in sample code in documentation
2012-12-01  Father ChrysostomosStop format closure fatal warnings from leaking
2012-12-01  Father Chrysostomossvleak.t: Correct test name
2012-12-01  Father ChrysostomosStop duplicate lex vars from leaking under fatal warnings
2012-12-01  Father ChrysostomosStop newCONSTSUB from leaking the constant under fatal...
2012-11-30  James E KeenanMerge branch 'blead' of
2012-11-30  James E KeenanAdd descriptions to tests in t/op/arith.t.
2012-11-30  James E Keenant/win32/runenv.t: Correct syntax error reported by...
2012-11-30  James E KeenanAdd descriptions to tests lacking them.
2012-11-30  James E Keenant/run/switchx.t: Add descriptions to tests lacking...
2012-11-30  James E Keenant/run/switchF1.t: Add descriptions to tests in t/run...
2012-11-30  James E Keenant/run/script.t: Add descriptions to all tests.
2012-11-30  James E Keenant/op/args.t: Add descriptions for tests lacking them.
2012-11-30  James E Keenant/run/switchd.t: Add descriptions to tests lacking...
2012-11-30  James E Keenant/run/switchp.t: Add descriptions to all tests.
2012-11-30  James E Keenant/run/switchI.t: Add descriptions to tests lacking...
2012-11-29  Father ChrysostomosClear method caches when unwinding local *foo=sub{}
2012-11-29  Father Chrysostomosmethod_caching.t: Load at BEGIN time
2012-11-29  Father ChrysostomosClear method caches when unwinding local *foo=*method
2012-11-29  Father ChrysostomosFix two local *ISA bugs
2012-11-29  Father ChrysostomosDon’t croak for local *DetachedStash::method
2012-11-29  Father ChrysostomosReset method caches when GPs are shared
2012-11-29  Father ChrysostomosFix two minor bugs with local glob assignment
2012-11-29  Father Chrysostomosscope.c:save_gp: Remove redundant code
2012-11-29  Karl WilliamsonMake isIDFIRST_uni() return identically as isIDFIRST_utf8()
2012-11-29  Karl WilliamsonRemove double underscore in internal function name
2012-11-29  Karl WilliamsonXS-APItest/t/handy.t: Turn off non_unicode warnings
2012-11-29  Karl Williamsoncharnames: Check for enabled warnings before warning
2012-11-28  Karl Williamsonmktables: Sort some outputs for repeatability
2012-11-28  Karl Williamsonembed.fnc, mathoms.c: Add comments
2012-11-27  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Don't mention internal function
2012-11-27  Father Chrysostomos[Merge] New COW mechanism
2012-11-27  Father ChrysostomosDon’t share TARGs between recursive ops
2012-11-27  Father Chrysostomossubst.t: Test something I nearly broke
2012-11-27  Father ChrysostomosUpdate docs to concur with $`,$&,$' changes
2012-11-27  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $English::VERSION to 1.06
2012-11-27  Father Update -no_match_vars docs
2012-11-27  Father ChrysostomosTest perl #4289
2012-11-27  Father Chrysostomostest_bootstrap.t: Skip PL_sawampersand tests
2012-11-27  Father ChrysostomosFix up Peek.t to account for preceding commits
2012-11-27  Father Chrysostomosperl.h: Mention PERL_SAWAMPERSAND in perl -V output
2012-11-27  Father ChrysostomosDisable PL_sawampersand