4 days ago  Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Don't assume NUL is a control smoke-me/khw-locale
4 days ago  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #129953] lib/locale.t failures on FREEBSD
4 days ago  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Add some comments
4 days ago  Karl Williamsonmore debugging
4 days ago  Karl WilliamsonRevert "lib/locale.t: Debugging"
4 days ago  Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Debugging
4 days ago  Karl Williamsont/ Make a copy of inputs for bisect
4 days ago  Karl WilliamsonRevert " Debug statements"
4 days ago  Karl Debug statements
4 days ago  Karl Williamsonlocale.c for bisect
4 days ago  Karl Williamsonsmoke
4 days ago  Karl Williamsonkid51 debug statements
4 days ago  Karl WilliamsonRevert "hints/ Don't use libc strlcpy"
4 days ago  Karl Williamsonhints/ Don't use libc strlcpy
4 days ago  Karl WilliamsonRevert "XXX wait until can write diag msg showing how...
4 days ago  Karl WilliamsonRevert "p2008"
4 days ago  Karl WilliamsonRevert "Move bulk of POSIX::setlocale to locale.c"
4 days ago  Karl WilliamsonMove bulk of POSIX::setlocale to locale.c
4 days ago  Karl Williamsonp2008
4 days ago  Karl WilliamsonXXX wait until can write diag msg showing how to overri...
4 days ago  David Mitchellcrash on explicit return from s///e
7 days ago  Aristotle Pagaltzisperlfunc/open: clarify role of mode for undef filename
8 days ago  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Fix EBCDIC detection of above-31 bit code points
8 days ago  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: White space only
8 days ago  Karl WilliamsonSplit diagnostics for two UTF-8 malformations
8 days ago  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Partially refactor to use table data
8 days ago  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fix test
8 days ago  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Comments only
8 days ago  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Add some indentation to diagnositcs
8 days ago  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Clarify warning message.
8 days ago  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Simplify expression slightly
8 days ago  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/handy.t: Output details if test fails
8 days ago  David Mitchelladd comments explaining the point of SVf_PROTECT
8 days ago  David shut up g++ compiler warning
8 days ago  David Mitchelladd sv_set_undef() API function
8 days ago  David Mitchellavoid premature free of referent in list assign
8 days ago  Chris 'BinGOs... This one goes up to 11
10 days ago  Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Remove inappropriate pure attributes
10 days ago  Andy LesterMake (P)ure funcs in embed.fnc imply (R)eturn must...
10 days ago  Niko TyniConfigure: also zero out high bytes of 80-bit ldnan
10 days ago  Niko TyniConfigure: fix garbage filtering with 80-bit long doubles
11 days ago  Matthew HorsfallRecommend the quicker "make test_prep" for t/TEST usage.
12 days ago  Chad GranumBump Module::CoreList version
12 days ago  Chad GranumBump the perl version in various places for 5.25.8
12 days ago  Chad Granumnew perldelta
12 days ago  Chad GranumUpdate epigraphs and release schedule
12 days ago  Chad Granumupdate t/porting/known_pod_issues.dat v5.25.7
12 days ago  Chad GranumUpdate perlhist.pod for 5.25.7
12 days ago  Chad GranumFinalize perldelta for 5.25.7
12 days ago  Chad GranumUpdate Module::CoreLiast for 5.25.7
12 days ago  Chad GranumFix Module-CoreList version info for 5.25.7
12 days ago  Chad GranumFinal manual updates to perldelta
12 days ago  James E KeenanCorrect one POD formatting error in perldelta.
12 days ago  Karl Williamsonperldelta fixes from khw
13 days ago  Chad GranumPerldelta updates in prep for tomorrows release
13 days ago  Karl WilliamsonExtUtils::ParseXS: Rmv impediment to compiling under...
13 days ago  Karl WilliamsonData-Dumper: Rmv impediment to compiling under C++11
13 days ago  Karl WilliamsonStorable: Rmv impediment to compiling under C++11
13 days ago  Karl Williamsonthreads.xs: Rmv impediment to compiling under C++11
13 days ago  Karl WilliamsonTime-HiRes: Remove impediment to compiling under C++11
13 days ago  Karl WilliamsonCwd: Remove impediment to compiling under C++11
13 days ago  Aaron CraneMerge branch 'perlre-tidy' into blead
13 days ago  Aaron Craneperlre: don't impugn the stability of all (?…) constructs
13 days ago  Aaron Craneperlre: summarise full syntax for (?(cond)then|else...
13 days ago  Aaron Craneperlre: minor wordsmithing, POD formatting tweaks, etc
13 days ago  Aaron Craneperlre: regularise list items
13 days ago  Aaron CraneDocument the package for $REGMARK and $REGERROR
2016-11-18  Karl WilliamsonChange white space to avoid C++ deprecation warning
2016-11-18  Dagfinn Ilmari... Use functions in t/op/groups.t
2016-11-18  Dan Collinst/op/groups.t: Add missing "nok 1"
2016-11-17  James E KeenanRemove code commented out since July 1996.
2016-11-17  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fix failing EBCDIC tests
2016-11-17  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fill in missing die() reason
2016-11-17  Karl Williamsonop/bop.t: Fix test failing on EBCDIC
2016-11-17  Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove spurious executable bit from Porting/
2016-11-17  James E KeenanAccount for possibility of DOS file endings.
2016-11-16  Matthew HorsfallTest descriptions should be one line or ./TEST chokes...
2016-11-16  David Mitchelloptimise $ref1 = $ref2 better
2016-11-16  David Mitchellperf/benchmarks: tidy scalar assign benchmarks
2016-11-15  Matthew HorsfallReport indented here-doc line errors correctly
2016-11-15  Nicolas RCleanup PERL_VERSION checks in .c files
2016-11-15  Tony CookRevert "Do not try to fchown() to uid -1 and gid -1."
2016-11-15  Tony Cookavoid a declaration conflict on El Capitan with recent...
2016-11-14  Karl WilliamsonFinish removing POSIX deprecated fcns
2016-11-14  Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix error message for unclosed \N{ in regcomp
2016-11-14  Lukas Maitoke.c: remove obsolete comment
2016-11-14  Lukas Maiop.h: add parens around macro expansion
2016-11-14  Aaron Cranet/porting/regen.t: be even more helpful when tests...
2016-11-14  Dagfinn Ilmari... Document that symbols should be removed from metaconfig.h
2016-11-14  Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove all symbols from metaconfig.h
2016-11-14  Matthew HorsfallSilence deprecation warnings in tests
2016-11-14  Matthew HorsfallFixup Unicode::UCD pod/version and regen dependent...
2016-11-14  Matthew HorsfallAdd perldelta for Indented Here-docs
2016-11-14  Matthew HorsfallDocument Indented Here-docs
2016-11-14  Matthew HorsfallAdd indented here-docs.
2016-11-14  David MitchellRemove "Warning: perl appears in your path"
2016-11-14  David Mitchell/t/perf/benchmarks: move expr::index:: to func::
2016-11-14  H.Merijn BrandAdditional warning of going away
2016-11-14  H.Merijn BrandUnicode::UCD documentation for reading as encou...
2016-11-14  David Mitchelleliminate OPpRUNTIME private PMOP flag