2015-02-26  Ricardo Signesnote that sort can't use a lexsub as its SUBNAME maint-5.18
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signesadd v5.18.4 to perlhist v5.18.4
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signesperldelta: replace contents with perl5183delta contents
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signesrestore real perl5183delta
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signescorelist: update for 5.18.4
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signesbump version to 5.18.4
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signesadd new perldelta for possible 5.18.4
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signesregenerate META.json to match non-RC status
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signespatchlevel.h: we are an RC no longer v5.18.3
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signesperldelta: drop final XXX bits, add acknowledgements
2014-10-01  Ricardo Signesperlhist: import the latest perlhist dates
2014-09-26  Ricardo Signespatchlevel.h: we are now perl-5.18.3-RC2 v5.18.3-RC2
2014-09-26  Karl WilliamsonAllow blead to compile under some g++
2014-09-19  James E KeenanDoug Bell is now a Perl 5 author.
2014-09-19  Doug Bellsig() should be kill()
2014-09-17  Ricardo Signespatchlevel.h: we are now perl-5.18.3-RC1 v5.18.3-RC1
2014-09-17  Ricardo SignesModule::CoreList: import updates
2014-09-17  Ricardo Signesperldelta: fix a typo
2014-09-17  Ricardo SignesModule-CoreList: manual update for v5.18.3
2014-09-17  Ricardo SignesModule-CoreList: bump version
2014-09-17  Ricardo Signesupdate META.* for v5.18.3-RC0
2014-09-17  Ricardo Signespatchlevel.h: call this v5.18.3-RC0 for now
2014-09-17  Ricardo Signesbump version to 5.18.3
2014-09-17  Ricardo Signesupdate perldelta for 5.18.3
2014-09-17  Ricardo Signesimport latest pod/perlpolicy.pod from blead
2014-08-31  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for bfa371b621
2014-07-12  Ricardo Signescope with gcc -g3 with Compress-Raw-Zlib
2014-07-12  Ricardo Signesupdate perldelta for latest cherry picks
2014-07-12  Ricardo Signesadd Hiroo Hayashi to AUTHORS
2014-07-12  Tony uses skip_all(...), not plan(skip_all => ...)
2014-07-12  Hiroo Hayashiproperly reset ReadLine's knowledge of handles after...
2014-07-12  Mark Shelorbackport Digest::SHA fix
2014-07-12  Daniel Draganfix missing _rotl64 symbol on Visual C 2003
2014-07-12  Father Chrysostomos[perl #119973] Treat initial { in format args as block
2014-05-22  Steve HayNote that the minimum supported gcc (on Windows) is...
2014-05-14  Steve HayAdd links for perl bug tickets in previous commit
2014-05-14  Daniel Draganperldelta for #121676
2014-05-14  Steve HayFix commit 2358a1918b
2014-05-14  Steve Hay[perl #121676] Fix memory leak in backticks and system
2014-04-16  Tony Cookperldelta for 2396ba2d2d
2014-04-16  David Mitchellcopy xhv_rand and xhv_last_rand in threads clone
2014-04-16  Tony Cookperldelta for 2c60386e93
2014-04-16  Father Chrysostomos[perl #119949] Stop undef *_, goto &sub from crashing
2014-04-07  Smylersperl5182delta typo fixes
2014-03-08  David MitchellRT #119125: fix two issues with/[#]/x
2014-02-22  Ricardo Signesnote that the ~~ operator is experimental
2014-01-13  Tony Cookperldelta for 538acd8d5b
2014-01-13  Shlomi FishCrash in tab completion with Term::ReadLine::Gnu.
2014-01-13  Ricardo Signescorrect a Pod warning in the new perldelta template
2014-01-13  Ricardo Signesadd new stub perldelta for 5.18.3
2014-01-07  Ricardo Signesfix typo in perldelta
2014-01-07  Ricardo Signescorrect release date for v5.18.2
2014-01-06  Ricardo SignesUpdate META files v5.18.2
2014-01-06  Ricardo Signesdisarm the release candidate marker
2013-12-21  Ricardo Signesadd haarg to AUTHORS v5.18.2-RC4
2013-12-21  Graham Knopskip RC tags when checking versions diffs
2013-12-21  Ricardo Signesbump to RC4
2013-12-21  Ricardo Signesremove a now-fixed podcheck known problem
2013-12-21  Ricardo Signesperldelta for the rest of the changes since RC3
2013-12-21  Ricardo Signesupdate CoreList for B::Concise update
2013-12-21  Ricardo Signesbump version on B::Concise
2013-12-21  SmylersUpdate README copyright to 2013
2013-12-21  Ricardo Signesupdate the super quick patch guide
2013-12-21  SmylersRestore perlrepository.pod in stub form
2013-12-21  Leon TimmermansFix segfault in filehandle duplication
2013-12-21  Father ChrysostomosFix buffer overflow with overlong identifiers
2013-12-21  Father ChrysostomosDon’t assume targs are contiguous for ‘my $x; my $y’
2013-12-21  Father ChrysostomosUnbreak Concise glob output
2013-12-21  Chris 'BinGOs... Backport Module-CoreList changes for v5.19.7 for sanity
2013-12-19  Ricardo Signesupdate patchlevel to RC3 v5.18.2-RC3
2013-12-19  Ricardo Signesupdate tentative release date in corelist
2013-12-19  Ricardo Signesupdate tentative release date in perlhist
2013-12-19  Ricardo Signesperldelta for 18ca6dc3
2013-12-19  Father ChrysostomosUnbreak -bareword under strict+integer
2013-12-19  Ricardo Signesadd perldelta for 947ba0f
2013-12-19  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #120799] 5.18 regression with [:^ascii...
2013-12-07  Ricardo Signesperldelta for cherry pick of 257dc59 v5.18.2-RC2
2013-12-07  Ricardo Signesupdate versions and dates for a second 5.18.2 RC
2013-12-07  Father Chrysostomos[perl #120694] Fix ->SUPER::foo and AUTOLOAD
2013-12-02  Ricardo Signesarm the "this is RC1" alert v5.18.2-RC1
2013-12-01  Ricardo Signescorelist: push back 5.18.2 release date
2013-12-01  Ricardo Signespush back 5.18.2 release date
2013-12-01  Ricardo Signesupdate perldelta for File::Glob version bump
2013-12-01  Ricardo Signesbump File::Glob version for 5.18.2
2013-12-01  Craig A. BerryFix ext/File-Glob/t/threads.t filenames for VMS.
2013-12-01  Brian FraserFile::Glob: Dup glob state in CLONE()
2013-12-01  Father Chrysostomos[perl #114864] Make UNIVERSAL::DESTROY changes invalida...
2013-12-01  David Mitchellreparse compile-time /(?{})/ in right scope
2013-11-27  Karl WilliamsonPATCH [perl #119713] Regex \8 and \9 after literals...
2013-11-27  Ricardo Signesadd tentative 5.18.2 release date
2013-11-22  Nicholas ClarkFor SDBM_File, stop EU::MM from generating its default...
2013-11-21  Ricardo Signesremove 5.19.7 tentative entries from corelist
2013-11-21  Ricardo Signesadd new CoreList tests to manifest
2013-11-21  Ricardo Signesadd the v5.18.2 changes to Module::CoreList
2013-11-21  Ricardo Signesimport Module-CoreList from blead
2013-11-21  Ricardo Signesupdate perldelta for 5.18.2
2013-11-21  Ricardo Signesbump version to v5.18.2
2013-11-20  David update perl version where perf fixed
2013-11-20  David MitchellDisable new //p tests
2013-11-20  David MitchellRT #118213: handle $r=qr/.../; /$r/p properly