2016-07-05  Karl WilliamsonFix debug statement khw/ebcdic
2016-07-05  Karl WilliamsonXXX temp debugging
2016-07-04  Chad GranumUpdate Test-Simple to 1.302037
2016-07-04  Father ChrysostomosFix XSLoader to recognize drive letters
2016-07-04  Sawyer XAbigail volunteered to handle January's release of...
2016-07-04  Father Chrysostomos[perl #128532] Crash vivifying stub in deleted pkg
2016-07-04  Steve HaySilence podcheck.t failure from Data-Dumper's updated...
2016-07-04  Steve HayUpgrade Data-Dumper from version 2.154 to 2.160
2016-07-04  Steve HayUpgrade Parse-CPAN-Meta from version 1.4421 to 1.4422
2016-07-03  David MitchellRevert "FREETMPS when leaving eval, even when void...
2016-07-03  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $XSLoader::VERSION to 0.22
2016-07-03  Father ChrysostomosDon’t let XSLoader load relative paths
2016-07-02  Karl Williamsonperl.h: Fix typo in comment
2016-07-02  Father Chrysostomos[perl #128508] Fix line numbers with perl -x
2016-07-02  Jarkko HietaniemiIf only miniperl, no use re for you.
2016-07-02  Jarkko HietaniemiIf only miniperl, no use utf8 for you.
2016-07-02  Jarkko HietaniemiVAX: test changes for VAX floats
2016-07-02  Jarkko HietaniemiVAX: code changes for VAX floats
2016-07-02  Jarkko HietaniemiVAX: Configure changes for VAX floats
2016-07-01  David Mitchellop_lvalue_flags(): silence compiler warning
2016-07-01  David Mitchell[MERGE] make eval scope exit free temps
2016-07-01  David MitchellFREETMPS when leaving eval, even when void/dying
2016-07-01  David Mitchelldie_unwind(): mortalise, not mortalcopy the err SV
2016-07-01  David Mitchellcx_popeval(): don't mortalise blk_eval.old_namesv
2016-07-01  David Mitchellexpand and rename S_undo_inc_then_croak()
2016-07-01  David Mitchellharmonise die_unwind, doeval_compile, leaveeval
2016-07-01  David Mitchelltidy doeval_compile()
2016-07-01  David Mitchelldoeval_compile(): remove dead code
2016-07-01  Steve HayUpgrade Time::HiRes from version 1.9734 to 1.9739
2016-07-01  Steve HayUpgrade Parse::CPAN::Meta from version 1.4417 to 1...
2016-07-01  Karl WilliamsonChange \p{foo} to mean \p{scx: foo}
2016-07-01  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Add entry for hv_bucket_ratio
2016-06-30  Craig A. BerryUse catfile, not catdir in metadata.t.
2016-06-28  Steve HayUpgrade version from version 0.9916 to 0.9917
2016-06-28  Steve HayUpgrade Test::Simple from version 1.302026 to 1.302035
2016-06-28  Steve HayWe're in sync with CPAN version 2.14
2016-06-28  Steve HayWe're closer to being in sync with XSLoader 0.20 than...
2016-06-28  Steve HayUpgrade Perl::OSType from version 1.009 to 1.010
2016-06-28  David MitchellAdd test for RT #128252
2016-06-28  Steve HayUpgrade Math::BigRat from version 0.260802 to 0.260804
2016-06-28  Steve HayUpgrade Math::BigInt::FastCalc from version 0.40 to...
2016-06-28  Steve HayUpgrade from Math::BigInt version 1.999715 to 1.999724
2016-06-28  Steve HayWe're in sync with Locale::Maketext 1.27
2016-06-28  Steve HayWe're in sync with Getopt::Long 2.49.1
2016-06-28  Steve HayUpgrade Encode from version 2.80 to 2.84
2016-06-27  David MitchellS_lvref() OP_[AH]SLICE => OP_LVREFSLICE flag issue
2016-06-27  David Mitchellpp_aelemfast: always extend stack
2016-06-27  Father Chrysostomos[perl #128478] Restore former "$foo::$bar" parsing
2016-06-27  Steve HayUpdate t/porting/customized.dat following Porting/Maint...
2016-06-27  Steve HayPorting/ - version's vperl/ is...
2016-06-27  Steve HayTest-Simple: Remove files left over from old CPAN releases
2016-06-27  Steve HayFix perlpodstyle.pod file name in Porting/
2016-06-27  Steve HayFour Pod-Checker test files have EOL differences compar...
2016-06-27  Steve HayModule-Metadata was customized by 9ec93952bf
2016-06-26  David Mitchellpp_aelemfast: skip av_fetch() for simple cases
2016-06-26  Father Chrysostomosperlunicode typo
2016-06-26  Karl WilliamsonUpdate perlunicode
2016-06-26  Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Fix mistatement
2016-06-25  Craig A. BerrySkip EUMM subdirscomplex test on VMS.
2016-06-25  Karl Williamsonperluniprops: Fix pod
2016-06-24  Lukas Maiperlnewmod: more updates
2016-06-24  Father Chrysostomos[perl #128238] Crash with non-stash in stash
2016-06-24  Father Chrysostomosstash.t: Remove tyrone::slothrop
2016-06-24  Todd RinaldoSync CPAN Locale::Maketext 1.27 with blead
2016-06-23  Father ChrysostomosFix stupid test in 9uninit
2016-06-23  Father ChrysostomosPreserve 64-bit array offsets in uninit warnings
2016-06-23  Craig A. Berrysvpeek.t: $? is localized now.
2016-06-23  Aristotle PagaltzisModule::CoreList: cut TieHashDelta out of everybody...
2016-06-23  Aristotle PagaltzisModule::CoreList: prepare for better legibility of...
2016-06-22  Yves Ortonchange manisort to produce a more intuitive order
2016-06-22  Yves OrtonChange scalar(%hash) to be the same as 0+keys(%hash)
2016-06-22  Yves OrtonAdd a perldelta entry for recursive subpattern screwup...
2016-06-22  Yves OrtonAdd perldelta for POSIX memory leak fix
2016-06-22  Karl Williamsonperldelta for Unicode 9.0
2016-06-22  Unicode ConsortiumUse Unicode 9.0
2016-06-22  Karl WilliamsonPrepare for Unicode 9.0
2016-06-22  Karl WilliamsonTell mktables what Unicode version handles
2016-06-22  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Add a const to a function parameter
2016-06-22  Karl Williamsont/re/uniprops.t: Add more description for \b{} tests
2016-06-21  Alex VandiverRT now imports new tags automatically
2016-06-21  Matthew HorsfallSort @def before generating $warnings::DEFAULT.
2016-06-21  David Mitchellonly treat stash entries with .*:: as sub-stashes
2016-06-21  David MitchellRevert "Update Time-HiRes to CPAN version 1.9735"
2016-06-21  David Mitchelluninit warning from $h{\const} coredumped
2016-06-21  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Time-HiRes to CPAN version 1.9735
2016-06-21  Chris 'BinGOs... Fix after 94e22bd6
2016-06-21  Matthew HorsfallCorrect comment in t/porting/manifest.
2016-06-21  Matthew HorsfallUpdate Devel-PPPort to CPAN version 3.35
2016-06-21  David MitchellPerl_my_vsnprintf: avoid compiler warning
2016-06-21  David MitchellPerlIO-encoding/t/fallback.t: test for warning
2016-06-21  Salvador FandinoFix Encode constant name usage: WARN_ON_ERROR --> WARN_...
2016-06-21  Tony Cook(perl #128359) prevent a const-ness warning on Cygwin
2016-06-20  Matthew HorsfallBump Module::CoreList version for 5.25.3
2016-06-20  Matthew HorsfallBump the perl version in various places for 5.25.3
2016-06-20  Matthew HorsfallAdd new perldelta
2016-06-20  Matthew HorsfallUpdate release announcement template for 5.26 in 2017.
2016-06-20  Matthew HorsfallTick off release in release_schedule.pod
2016-06-20  Matthew HorsfallUpdate epigraphs.pod after release
2016-06-20  Matthew HorsfallFinalize perldelta v5.25.2
2016-06-20  Matthew Horsfalladd new release to perlhist