2012-08-31  Steffen MuellerSilence ParseXS warning about abusing the CODE section
2012-08-31  Tony Cook[perl #112776] avoid warning on an initialized non...
2012-08-31  Tony Cook[perl #112776] TODO test for warning
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosStop calling get-magic twice in sprintf "%.1s", $utf8
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosStop calling get-magic twice in sprintf "%1s", $utf8
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosStop calling get-magic twice in pack "u", $utf8
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosStop calling get-magic twice when reading lvalue substr...
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosStop calling get-magic twice when reading lvalue substr...
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosStop calling get-magic twice for lvalue pos($utf8)
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosStop substr($utf8) from calling get-magic twice
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomos[perl #114410] Reset utf8 pos cache on get
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomosutf8cache.t: Skip only the XS-dependent test
2012-08-31  Father Add skip_without_dynamic_extension
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosBreak s//3}->{3/e
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosFix two minor s//.../e parsing bugs
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c: PL_in_eval purge
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c:scan_heredoc: comments, comments
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c:scan_heredoc: Merge similar code
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c:scan_heredoc: Remove incorrect part of comment
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c:scan_heredoc: Merge two adjacent #ifdefs
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c:scan_heredoc: Remove unnecessary assignment
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c:scan_heredoc: less pointer fiddling; one less SV
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c:S_scan_heredoc: put the croaking code in one...
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosMake eval "s//<<END/e" slightly faster
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomoslex.t: Mangle obscenity (albeit euphemistic)
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosFix here-doc body extraction in eval 's//<<END/'
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosFinish fixing here-docs in re-evals
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c:S_scan_heredoc: Put stream-based parser in else...
2012-08-31  Father ChrysostomosAvoid uninit warning for qq|${\<<FOO}|
2012-08-31  Father Chrysostomostoke.c: S_scan_heredoc: prune dead code
2012-08-30  Nicholas ClarkRefactor t/op/die.t to re-use the same $SIG{__DIE__...
2012-08-30  Colin KuskieRefactor t/op/die.t to use instead of making...
2012-08-30  Jerry D. HeddenFix Cygwin build warnings
2012-08-29  Nicholas ClarkRemove a no-longer needed lexical from t/op/lop.t
2012-08-29  Colin KuskieDocument the last five tests of t/op/lop.t
2012-08-29  Colin KuskieUpdate t/op/lop.t to use instead of making...
2012-08-29  Colin KuskieRefactor t/uni/ to use instead of making...
2012-08-29  Colin KuskieRefactor t/porting/checkcase.t to use instead...
2012-08-29  Colin KuskieRefactor t/re/no_utf8_pt.t to use instead of...
2012-08-29  Nicholas ClarkAdd /\.gif\z/ files to the non-Pod exceptions in t...
2012-08-29  Nicholas Clarkt/porting/podcheck.t now passes no_chdir to File::Find...
2012-08-29  Nicholas Clarkt/porting/dual-life.t now passes no_chdir to File:...
2012-08-29  Nicholas Clarkt/porting/exec-bit.t isn't using File::{Basename,Find...
2012-08-29  Nicholas Clarkt/porting/checkcase.t now passes no_chdir to File:...
2012-08-29  Nicholas ClarkRefactor t/porting/filenames.t to shrink the code and...
2012-08-28  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: White-space only
2012-08-28  Karl WilliamsonAvoid duplicate table look ups.
2012-08-28  Karl WilliamsonRefactor \X regex handling to avoid a typical case...
2012-08-28  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Remove no longer needed comments
2012-08-28  Steve Hayperldelta for 43ddfa5614 and 39b80fd98d.
2012-08-28  Steve HayRevert File::Copy::copy() to fail when copying a file...
2012-08-28  Steve HayFix File::Copy test failure on Windows
2012-08-28  Father Chrysostomosnote CPAN pod link target; regen pod issues
2012-08-28  Father Chrysostomosperldtrace.pod: typo
2012-08-28  Father Chrysostomosperldtrace.pod: Remove a stray =item
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Shawn Moore to
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosAdd t/run/ to MANIFEST
2012-08-28  Shawn M Moore"loading-file" and "loaded-file" DTrace probes
2012-08-28  Shawn M Moore"op-entry" DTrace probe
2012-08-28  Father Chrysostomosop.c: Two more boolean %hash optimisations
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosUse PL_parser->lex_shared instead of Sv[IN]VX(PL_linestr)
2012-08-28  Father Chrysostomoscaller.t: Fix ‘Caller’ test
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosStop here-docs from gutting (caller $n)[6]
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosStop (caller $n)[6] from including final "\n;"
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosFix eval 'q;;'
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosRevert "smoke-me diag"
2012-08-28  Father Chrysostomosparser.h: Document copline with more detail
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosFix line numbers inside here-docs
2012-08-28  Father Chrysostomosop.c: newSTATEOP: don’t check PL_parser after using it
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosAdd PL_parser->lex_shared struct; move herelines into it
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosStop invalid y/// ranges from leaking
2012-08-28  Father Chrysostomostoke.c: Merge KEY_tr and KEY_y
2012-08-28  Father ChrysostomosStop unterminated here-docs from leaking memory
2012-08-28  Father Chrysostomos[perl #114070] Fix lines nums after <<foo
2012-08-27  Karl WilliamsonAdd utility and .h for character's UTF-8
2012-08-27  Karl Williamsonregen/ Comment out obsolete code
2012-08-26  Father wrap long pod lines
2012-08-26  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $Opcode::VERSION to 1.24
2012-08-26  Father ChrysostomosRemove boolkeys op
2012-08-26  Father Chrysostomospp_hot.c: pp_rv2av: Squash repetitive code
2012-08-26  Father ChrysostomosCroak for \local %{\%foo}
2012-08-26  Father ChrysostomosRestore ‘Can’t localize through ref’ to lv subs
2012-08-26  Karl WilliamsonUse new Unicode 6.2 beta
2012-08-26  Karl WilliamsonPrepare for Unicode 6.2
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonmktables: Re-order some code, change comments
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonmktables: Correct generated table comment
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonlib/unicore/README.perl: Make usablea s shell script
2012-08-26  Karl WilliamsonRevert "Experimentally Use Unicode 6.2 beta"
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonperldelta for Unicode property performance gains
2012-08-26  Steve HayUpgrade Socket from 2.004 to 2.006
2012-08-26  H.Merijn BrandAdd Configure probe for ip_mreq_source
2012-08-26  Father ChrysostomosCorrect typo in flag name
2012-08-26  Father ChrysostomosBanish boolkeys
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: White-space only
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonregex: Speed up \X processing
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: indent in new block: White space-only
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Prefer binsearch over swash hash for small...
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Bypass a subroutine wrapper
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Add comment about speed-up attempt
2012-08-26  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Shorten hash key for speed