2017-03-21  Sawyer XRegen META.json for 5.26.0 - it is stable
2017-03-21  Sawyer XUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.26.0
2017-03-20  Sawyer XVersion bump: 5.25.11 -> 5.26.0
2017-03-20  Sawyer XNew perldelta
2017-03-20  Sawyer XTick off release
2017-03-20  Sawyer XAdd epigraph for 5.25.11 (link forthcoming)
2017-03-20  Sawyer Xadd new release to perlhist v5.25.11
2017-03-20  Sawyer XFinalize perldelta:
2017-03-20  Sawyer XUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.25.11
2017-03-20  Leon TimmermansRevert "Respect hashbangs containing perl6"
2017-03-20  Leon TimmermansUpgrade to Test::Harness 3.38
2017-03-20  Sawyer XFix loading Module::CoreList in
2017-03-19  Sawyer XUpdate Test::Harness 3.36 -> 3.38
2017-03-19  Aaron CranePorting/sync-with-cpan: honour exec-bit whitelist
2017-03-19  Aaron CranePorting/sync-with-cpan: handle absence of "." from...
2017-03-19  James E KeenanRegenerate t/porting/customized.dat.
2017-03-18  Sawyer XFix copyright test:
2017-03-18  Sawyer XReflect next changes in release schedule
2017-03-17  James E KeenanSync Pod-Perldoc with CPAN version 3.28.
2017-03-17  David Mitchell[MERGE] fix vec() offset overflow issues
2017-03-17  David Mitchellfix integer overflows in Perl_do_vecget()/set
2017-03-17  David MitchellPerl_do_vecget(): change offset arg to STRLEN type
2017-03-17  David Mitchell[MERGE] fix -DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE builds
2017-03-17  David MitchellPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE: dump.c:op_class_names
2017-03-17  David MitchellPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE: fix scope.c:arg_counts
2017-03-17  David MitchellPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE: fix PL_isa_DOES
2017-03-17  David Mitchellt/porting/libperl.t: add better dianostics
2017-03-17  David Mitchelllocale.c: fix compiler warning
2017-03-15  David Mitchell[MERGE] fixes and tests for Renew (RT #130841)
2017-03-15  David Mitchelladd range.t test for RT #130841
2017-03-15  Hugo van der... update size after Renew
2017-03-15  Hugo van der... reentr: update size after Renew
2017-03-15  Hugo van der... WIN32: update size after Renew
2017-03-14  Craig A. default_inc_excludes_dot catch-up
2017-03-14  Tony Cookwarn if do "somefile" fails when . not default in ...
2017-03-14  Tony Cookinitialize default_inc_excludes_dot to '' like every...
2017-03-14  Sawyer XTurn on removal of dot in @INC by default:
2017-03-14  Karl Williamsonperlrun: -F pattern can't have NULs
2017-03-13  David Mitchellperlhacktips.pod: clarify -DDEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS
2017-03-12  Steve HayMake DEFAULT_INC_EXCLUDES_DOT the default on Windows
2017-03-10  James E KeenanSync IO-Compress with CPAN version 2.074.
2017-03-10  Chris 'BinGOs... Ensure that lib is built before IO-Compress
2017-03-09  Karl WilliamsonPOSIX.pod: Remove obsolete text
2017-03-09  James E KeenanSync Compress-Raw-Zlib with CPAN version 2.074.
2017-03-09  James E KeenanSync Compress-Raw-Bzip2 with CPAN version 2.074.
2017-03-07  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Don't use Newx in decoding UTF-8
2017-03-06  Karl Williamsonperlop.pod: Clarify, expand /a description
2017-03-06  Karl Williamsonperlop: Fix spelling error
2017-03-06  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #128302] Document split pat mods
2017-03-06  Karl Williamsonperlfunc: Add missing ')'
2017-03-06  David MitchellExtUtils-ParseXS: bump all $VERSION 3.33->3.34
2017-03-06  David Mitchellperlxstut.pod: s/newRV/newRV_inc/g
2017-03-05  Aaron Craneperlfunc: fix documentation for UTF-8 vec()
2017-03-02  Dave CrossEnsure that documentation works under 'use strict'.
2017-03-01  Karl Williamsonperlfunc: Fix awkward wording
2017-02-28  Matthew HorsfallCorrect hv_iterinit's return value documentation
2017-02-27  H.Merijn BrandUpdate Config::Perl::V to 0.28
2017-02-27  David GoldenRT#123754 Add security note to File::Spec::no_upwards
2017-02-27  David MitchellS_do_op_dump_bar(): don't print TRANS op_pv field
2017-02-27  Aaron CraneRT#130624: heap-use-after-free in 4-arg substr
2017-02-27  David MitchellS_gv_stashsvpvn_cached(): add asserts
2017-02-27  Tony Cook(perl #130856) deal with unpack_sockaddr_un() croaking
2017-02-26  jdheddenUpgrade to threads 2.15
2017-02-26  Shlomi FishRemove trailing whitespace.
2017-02-26  jdheddenUpgrade to threads::shared 1.55
2017-02-26  Hugo van der... fix VMS test fail
2017-02-26  Aaron CraneAdd "default_inc_excludes_dot" to "perl -V" output
2017-02-25  Dominic HargreavesDocumentation fixes for '.' possibly no longer being...
2017-02-24  Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: _byte_dump_string is core-only
2017-02-24  Jarkko HietaniemiFollowup on a4570f51 for t/porting/extrefs.t
2017-02-23  James E KeenanClean up temporary directories after testing.
2017-02-23  Karl WilliamsonForgotten static declarations
2017-02-23  Andy LesterMake Perl_abort_execution flagged as not returning
2017-02-22  Craig A. BerryRevert "ext/VMS-Stdio: switch to using macros designed...
2017-02-21  Tony Cookperldelta for 853eb961c1a3
2017-02-21  Hugo van der... update comment in
2017-02-21  James E KeenanAdd t/comp/parser_run.t to MANIFEST.
2017-02-21  Hugo van der... [perl #130814] update pointer into PL_linestr after...
2017-02-21  Hugo van der... [perl #130814] Add testcase, and new testfile t/comp...
2017-02-21  Chris 'BinGOs... Are friends electric?
2017-02-21  David Mitchellupdate Module::CoreList for 5.25.11
2017-02-21  David Mitchellbump version number in lib/B/
2017-02-21  reneebbump version to 5.25.11
2017-02-21  reneebMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2017-02-21  reneebnew perldelta for 5.25.11
2017-02-21  reneebadd 5.25.10 epigraph
2017-02-21  Tony Cook(perl #130822) fix an AV leak in Perl_reg_named_buff_fetch
2017-02-20  reneebTick release in the release schedule
2017-02-20  reneebMerge branch 'release-5.25.10' into blead
2017-02-20  reneebfinalize perldelta v5.25.10
2017-02-20  Karl Williamsonperlre, perlrecharclass, Fix overlooked typos
2017-02-20  Karl Williamsonperlrebackslash: Clarify
2017-02-20  Karl Williamsonperlre: Revamp portions
2017-02-20  Karl Williamsonperlre: Some clarifications, small corrections
2017-02-20  Karl Williamsonperlre: Nits involving C<>, I<>
2017-02-20  Karl Williamsonperlre: Don't name exact max non-consume depth
2017-02-20  Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: A few clarifications
2017-02-20  Karl Williamsonperlretut: "-" is sometimes a metacharacter
2017-02-20  Karl Williamsonperlretut: Cleanup, nits
2017-02-20  Karl WilliamsonPods: Standardize on one pattern mod style