5 hours ago  David Mitchellavoid disabling utf8 pos cache on tainted strings blead
11 hours ago  David MitchellS_do_op_dump_bar(): fix some weird indentation
11 hours ago  David Mitchellrevamp the op_dump() output format
11 hours ago  David Mitchelladd Perl_op_class(o) API function
29 hours ago  AbigailUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.25.10
29 hours ago  AbigailBump the perl version in various places for 5.25.10
29 hours ago  AbigailNew perldelta for 5.25.10
29 hours ago  AbigailTick!
29 hours ago  AbigailEpigraph for 5.25.9
42 hours ago  AbigailLet's be consistent v5.25.9
42 hours ago  AbigailAdd perlhist entry for the 5.25.9 release
42 hours ago  AbigailAcknowledgements for perldelta
42 hours ago  AbigailMore work on perldelta:
43 hours ago  AbigailFix typo in the name the .pm file is generated from.
43 hours ago  AbigailUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.25.9
44 hours ago  AbigailMore perldelta entries
44 hours ago  AbigailWork on perldelta
44 hours ago  AbigailMake an entry for the deprecation of certain string...
44 hours ago  AbigailTypo fix: one of the =head2's should have been a =head3
45 hours ago  Karl Williamsonutil.c: Allow C backtrace to compile under threads
2 days ago  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Refactor part of tr// handling, mostly for...
2 days ago  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Avoid work if tr/a-b/foo/
2 days ago  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Avoid work for tr/a-a/.../
2 days ago  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Save a branch
2 days ago  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Add, clarify some comments, white-space
2 days ago  Karl Williamsonperlebcdic: Rmv obsolete text about 'use encoding'
2 days ago  Karl Williamsonperlop: Remove obsolete text
2 days ago  Karl WilliamsonFix bug with a digit range under re 'strict'
2 days ago  Craig A. Berrypp_ctl.c: false/true --> FALSE/TRUE
2 days ago  Hugo van der... [perl #129377] don't read past start of string for...
2 days ago  Tony Cook(perl #129342) test for buffer overflow
2 days ago  Hugo van der... [perl #129342] ensure range-start is set after error...
2 days ago  Tony Cookperldelta for 86191aed6f09
2 days ago  Tony Cook(perl #129125) copy form data if it might be freed
2 days ago  Tony Cook(perl #126228) partly revert 8cc95fdb and fix a3c8358c tonyc/126228-dxsub_sysx
3 days ago  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/handy.t: Skip some tests on EBCDIC
3 days ago  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/handy.t: Use more mnemonic variable names
3 days ago  Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove obsolete (PL_)statcache mentions in comments
3 days ago  AbigailAvoid deprecation message.
3 days ago  AbigailAvoid triggering a deprecation warnings.
3 days ago  AbigailAvoid deprecation warning.
4 days ago  David Mitchelladd S_process_optree() function to op.c
4 days ago  James E Keenanperldelta for 254707b
4 days ago  Andreas KoenigUpdates to ANDK/CPAN-2.16-TRIAL2.tar.gz
4 days ago  David Mitchelldavem's perldelta entries for 5.25.9 so far
4 days ago  Tony Cook(perl #129149) fix the test so skip has a SKIP: to... tonyc/129149-fix-skip
4 days ago  Zeframwarn at most once per literal about misplaced _
4 days ago  Tony Cookperldelta for bf4a926a2937
4 days ago  Tony Cook(perl #129149) avoid a heap buffer overflow with pack...
4 days ago  Tony Cookperldelta for 02c161ef974f
5 days ago  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Fix typo
5 days ago  AbigailMention changed deprecation messages in perldelta.
5 days ago  AbigailThere's an objection to fatalizing jumping into a const...
5 days ago  AbigailUse of $* and $# will be fatal in 5.30.
5 days ago  AbigailRevert "Remove deprecation warnings related to $* and...
5 days ago  AbigailRevert "Fix mentioning of C<$#>."
5 days ago  AbigailMention $! vs $^E in pod/perlport.pod
5 days ago  AbigailUpdate an old email address of mine
5 days ago  AbigailString bitwise operators will not accept code points...
5 days ago  AbigailReading/writing bytes from :utf8 handles will be fatal...
5 days ago  AbigailDeprecating the modifyable variables in constants by...
5 days ago  AbigailMake it fatal to pass malformed UTF-8.
5 days ago  Abigailmy() in a false conditional will be fatal in Perl 5.30
5 days ago  AbigailDeprecation of an unqualified dump() to mean CORE:...
5 days ago  AbigailDeprecating the use of C<< \cI<X> >> to specify a print...
5 days ago  AbigailB::OP::terse will go away in Perl 5.28.
5 days ago  AbigailNo longer mention some uses of $SIG {__DIE__} are depre...
5 days ago  AbigailRemove utils/c2ph and utils/pstruct
5 days ago  AbigailDon't recognize the --libpods option in Pod::Html
5 days ago  AbigailRemove unneeded entry from pod/perldiag.pod
5 days ago  AbigailUse of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-methods will be fatal...
5 days ago  AbigailRemove the deprecate() macro from handy.h.
5 days ago  AbigailJumping into constructs will be fatal in 5.28.
5 days ago  AbigailUse of comma-less variable lists is deprecated.
5 days ago  AbigailUse of Unicode code points exceeding IV_MAX will be...
5 days ago  AbigailUnescaped left braces in regular expressions will be...
5 days ago  AbigailBare heredocs will be fatal in 5.28.
5 days ago  AbigailUse of \N{} will be fatal in 5.28.
5 days ago  AbigailReformat overlong comment.
5 days ago  Abigail$/ = \-1 will be fatal in Perl 5.28.
5 days ago  AbigailOpening a file and dir using the same symbol will be...
5 days ago  AbigailFix mentioning of C<$#>.
5 days ago  AbigailSetting ${^ENCODE} will be fatal by 5.28.
5 days ago  AbigailBe consistent when addressing Perl.
5 days ago  AbigailRemove deprecation warnings related to $* and $#.
5 days ago  AbigailTime limit the deprecation of :unique and :locked.
5 days ago  AbigailDrop .0 from version numbers.
5 days ago  AbigailActively deprecate File::Glob::glob().
5 days ago  AbigailMove discussion of using tie and friends on * less...
5 days ago  AbigailRemoved entry "Setting ${^ENCODING} is deprecated"
5 days ago  AbigailDeprecated POSIX functions were removed in 5.24.0
5 days ago  AbigailCreated pod/perldeprecation.pod
5 days ago  Karl Williamsonperluniintro: Remove obsolete text
5 days ago  Tony Cook(perl #130262) split scalar context stack overflow fix
6 days ago  James E KeenanCorrect spelling error.
6 days ago  Craig A. BerryUse File::Spec->catfile() in Test2's Files.t test.
6 days ago  Craig A. BerryDon't escape tilde when converting to VMS filespecs.
6 days ago  Steve Hay5.22.3 and 5.24.1 are done
7 days ago  Steve HayImport perldeltas from 5.22.3 and 5.24.1
7 days ago  Steve HayImport Module::CoreList data for 5.22.3 and 5.24.1