2012-04-06  Ricardo Signesadd a missing colon to a code snippet in perlfunc
2012-04-06  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: ‘glob failed’ is suppressible
2012-04-06  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: #111842
2012-04-06  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: double space
2012-04-06  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Add more 5.15.9 stuff
2012-04-06  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Document ‘no feature’ changes
2012-04-06  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Clarify Cygwin::sinc_winenv addition
2012-04-06  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Make bug numbers greppable
2012-04-06  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Mention !$^V leak
2012-04-05  Father ChrysostomosAdd Christopher Madsen to AUTHORS
2012-04-05  Christopher... [perl #112248] Fix typos in perl515*delta
2012-04-05  Father ChrysostomosFix VMS build broken by d1718a7cf5
2012-04-04  Karl Bump version
2012-04-04  Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Remove out-dated text
2012-04-04  Karl WilliamsonUnicode::UCD::prop_invmap(): Return 's' not 'i' format
2012-04-03  Father ChrysostomosDecrease $Safe::VERSION to 2.31_01
2012-04-03  Father Chrysostomos[perl #111462] Move strict hints from %^H to $^H
2012-04-03  Father Make blead upstream for B::Concise
2012-04-03  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $B::Concise::VERSION to 0.89
2012-04-03  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $OptreeCheck::VERSION to 0.07
2012-04-03  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $B::Deparse::VERSION to 1.14
2012-04-03  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $strict::VERSION to 1.07
2012-04-02  Chris 'BinGOs... Upstream pkgsrc patch to support NetBSD 6.*
2012-04-01  H.Merijn BrandDetermine if ELF even if ld is not ''
2012-03-31  Father Don’t eval code under ‘no strict’
2012-03-31  Father ChrysostomosConvert safeops.t to
2012-03-31  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $Safe::VERSION to 2.32
2012-03-31  Rafael Garcia... Reinstate dummy ignoredpods functionality
2012-03-31  H.Merijn BrandAdd ld_can_script probe to Configure
2012-03-31  Rafael Garcia... Add perltodo in the list of ignored pods
2012-03-31  Rafael Garcia... Update's Changes file from the perldeltas
2012-03-31  Rafael Garcia... Remove test for a functionality that was removed
2012-03-31  Rafael Garcia... Adjust skip condition of tests for to cover...
2012-03-31  Rafael Garcia... Typo fix in the list of maintainers
2012-03-31  Rafael Garcia... Show maintainer name in corecpan output
2012-03-31  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Add back inadvertently deleted pod text
2012-03-31  Karl WilliamsonUse remove more uses of utf8_to_uvchr()
2012-03-29  Chris 'BinGOs... Update for version-0.96
2012-03-29  Father Chrysostomos[perl #111864] Don’t leave obj on stack for -x $overloaded
2012-03-28  Father Chrysostomosuni/parser.t: Don’t test for explicit eval number
2012-03-28  Father ChrysostomosCorrect minitest skip count in uni/labels.t
2012-03-28  Father Chrysostomos[perl #111462] Don’t leak eval "" op tree when croaking
2012-03-27  Father Chrysostomos[perl #111656] tie_fetch_count.t: Suppress ‘glob failed’
2012-03-27  Father Chrysostomos[perl #111656] perldiag: ‘glob failed’ is S, not W
2012-03-27  Father Chrysostomos[perl #111656] Make ‘glob failed’ suppressible
2012-03-26  Gisle AasAvoid 'USE_SITECUSTOMIZE redefined'-warning during...
2012-03-26  AbigailMerge branch 'abigail/for-5.17' into blead
2012-03-26  AbigailFix error in regexp, causing it to match too much.
2012-03-26  David Mitchellclear magic flags in sv_clear
2012-03-25  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $XS::APItest::VERSION to 0.38
2012-03-25  Father ChrysostomosCopy the pv in parse_label
2012-03-25  Father ChrysostomosFix test failure
2012-03-25  Brian FraserLabel UTF8 cleanup
2012-03-25  Father Chrysostomos[Merge] More UTF8 patches
2012-03-25  Brian Frasertoke.c: "Illegal character in prototype" for Latin...
2012-03-25  Brian Frasertoke.c: "Precedence problem: open %s should be open...
2012-03-25  Brian Frasertoke.c: "CORE::%s is not a keyword" cleanup.
2012-03-25  Brian Frasertoke.c: "Ambiguous use of -%s resolved as -&%s()" cleanup.
2012-03-25  Brian Frasertoke.c: "Bareword "%s" refers to nonexistent package...
2012-03-25  Brian Frasertoke.c: "Bad name after %s%s" cleanup.
2012-03-25  Craig A. BerryClarify VMS-specific handling of $/ = \N.
2012-03-23  Father ChrysostomosUse HEKf in 2 places in op.c:S_finalize_op
2012-03-23  Brian Fraserop.c: Warnings cleanup.
2012-03-23  Ricardo Signesversion bump to keep porting tests happy
2012-03-23  Karl Williamsoncharnames: White-space only
2012-03-23  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #11560] extraneous msg in viacode
2012-03-23  AbigailClearify string parsing. abigail/for-5.17
2012-03-23  Tony Cook[rt #79960] document how broken $/ = \N is for unicode...
2012-03-23  Father Chrysostomos[Merge] Some more UTF8 patches
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: "Ambiguous use of %c{%s} resolved to %c%s"...
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: S_checkcomma, "No comma allowed after %s" cleanup
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: "Possible unintended interpolation of %s in...
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: '"(my|state)" variable %s can't be in a package...
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: 'No package name allowed for variable %s in...
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: 'No such class %s' cleanup.
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: 'Operator or semicolon missing before %c%s...
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: 'Scalar value %s better written as $%s' cleanup.
2012-03-23  Father Chrysostomosuni/parser.t: Fix eval num in test
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: 'You need to quote %s' cleanup.
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: 'Unrecognized character' croak cleanup.
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: S_no_op cleanup
2012-03-23  Father ChrysostomosRemove yyerror_sv
2012-03-23  Brian Frasertoke.c: yyerror cleanup.
2012-03-21  AbigailDocument where to find the perlorg repository.
2012-03-21  AbigailAdd link to the announcement of Perl 5.15.9.
2012-03-20  AbigailCreate a perldelta for 5.15.9
2012-03-20  AbigailEpigraph for v5.15.9
2012-03-20  AbigailTypo fix
2012-03-20  AbigailClearify "build, test and check a fresh perl" instructions v5.15.9
2012-03-20  AbigailAdd 5.15.9 release to perlhist.pod
2012-03-20  AbigailWork around an HTML display issue
2012-03-20  AbigailFinal version of Module::CoreList is 2.65.
2012-03-20  AbigailClearify that perl can crash, not Windows
2012-03-20  AbigailSay "warnings" instead of "errors"
2012-03-20  AbigailRemoved the changes to Term::ReadLine from the bug...
2012-03-20  AbigailFix typo in pod/perldelta
2012-03-20  AbigailReran Porting/
2012-03-20  AbigailList 5.16 blockers in 'Known Problems' in perldelta
2012-03-20  Ricardo Signesyes, regression fixes are generally okay for maint
2012-03-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Get the ABSTRACT for Module-CoreList from the .pod...