2017-01-20  AbigailTick!
2017-01-20  AbigailEpigraph for 5.25.9
2017-01-20  AbigailLet's be consistent v5.25.9
2017-01-20  AbigailAdd perlhist entry for the 5.25.9 release
2017-01-20  AbigailAcknowledgements for perldelta
2017-01-20  AbigailMore work on perldelta:
2017-01-20  AbigailFix typo in the name the .pm file is generated from.
2017-01-20  AbigailUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.25.9
2017-01-20  AbigailMore perldelta entries
2017-01-20  AbigailWork on perldelta
2017-01-20  AbigailMake an entry for the deprecation of certain string...
2017-01-20  AbigailTypo fix: one of the =head2's should have been a =head3
2017-01-20  Karl Williamsonutil.c: Allow C backtrace to compile under threads
2017-01-19  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Refactor part of tr// handling, mostly for...
2017-01-19  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Avoid work if tr/a-b/foo/
2017-01-19  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Avoid work for tr/a-a/.../
2017-01-19  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Save a branch
2017-01-19  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Add, clarify some comments, white-space
2017-01-19  Karl Williamsonperlebcdic: Rmv obsolete text about 'use encoding'
2017-01-19  Karl Williamsonperlop: Remove obsolete text
2017-01-19  Karl WilliamsonFix bug with a digit range under re 'strict'
2017-01-19  Craig A. Berrypp_ctl.c: false/true --> FALSE/TRUE
2017-01-19  Hugo van der... [perl #129377] don't read past start of string for...
2017-01-19  Tony Cook(perl #129342) test for buffer overflow
2017-01-19  Hugo van der... [perl #129342] ensure range-start is set after error...
2017-01-19  Tony Cookperldelta for 86191aed6f09
2017-01-19  Tony Cook(perl #129125) copy form data if it might be freed
2017-01-19  Tony Cook(perl #126228) partly revert 8cc95fdb and fix a3c8358c tonyc/126228-dxsub_sysx
2017-01-18  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/handy.t: Skip some tests on EBCDIC
2017-01-18  Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/handy.t: Use more mnemonic variable names
2017-01-18  Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove obsolete (PL_)statcache mentions in comments
2017-01-17  AbigailAvoid deprecation message.
2017-01-17  AbigailAvoid triggering a deprecation warnings.
2017-01-17  AbigailAvoid deprecation warning.
2017-01-17  David Mitchelladd S_process_optree() function to op.c
2017-01-17  James E Keenanperldelta for 254707b
2017-01-17  Andreas KoenigUpdates to ANDK/CPAN-2.16-TRIAL2.tar.gz
2017-01-17  David Mitchelldavem's perldelta entries for 5.25.9 so far
2017-01-17  Tony Cook(perl #129149) fix the test so skip has a SKIP: to... tonyc/129149-fix-skip
2017-01-17  Zeframwarn at most once per literal about misplaced _
2017-01-16  Tony Cookperldelta for bf4a926a2937
2017-01-16  Tony Cook(perl #129149) avoid a heap buffer overflow with pack...
2017-01-16  Tony Cookperldelta for 02c161ef974f
2017-01-16  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Fix typo
2017-01-16  AbigailMention changed deprecation messages in perldelta.
2017-01-16  AbigailThere's an objection to fatalizing jumping into a const...
2017-01-16  AbigailUse of $* and $# will be fatal in 5.30.
2017-01-16  AbigailRevert "Remove deprecation warnings related to $* and...
2017-01-16  AbigailRevert "Fix mentioning of C<$#>."
2017-01-16  AbigailMention $! vs $^E in pod/perlport.pod
2017-01-16  AbigailUpdate an old email address of mine
2017-01-16  AbigailString bitwise operators will not accept code points...
2017-01-16  AbigailReading/writing bytes from :utf8 handles will be fatal...
2017-01-16  AbigailDeprecating the modifyable variables in constants by...
2017-01-16  AbigailMake it fatal to pass malformed UTF-8.
2017-01-16  Abigailmy() in a false conditional will be fatal in Perl 5.30
2017-01-16  AbigailDeprecation of an unqualified dump() to mean CORE:...
2017-01-16  AbigailDeprecating the use of C<< \cI<X> >> to specify a print...
2017-01-16  AbigailB::OP::terse will go away in Perl 5.28.
2017-01-16  AbigailNo longer mention some uses of $SIG {__DIE__} are depre...
2017-01-16  AbigailRemove utils/c2ph and utils/pstruct
2017-01-16  AbigailDon't recognize the --libpods option in Pod::Html
2017-01-16  AbigailRemove unneeded entry from pod/perldiag.pod
2017-01-16  AbigailUse of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-methods will be fatal...
2017-01-16  AbigailRemove the deprecate() macro from handy.h.
2017-01-16  AbigailJumping into constructs will be fatal in 5.28.
2017-01-16  AbigailUse of comma-less variable lists is deprecated.
2017-01-16  AbigailUse of Unicode code points exceeding IV_MAX will be...
2017-01-16  AbigailUnescaped left braces in regular expressions will be...
2017-01-16  AbigailBare heredocs will be fatal in 5.28.
2017-01-16  AbigailUse of \N{} will be fatal in 5.28.
2017-01-16  AbigailReformat overlong comment.
2017-01-16  Abigail$/ = \-1 will be fatal in Perl 5.28.
2017-01-16  AbigailOpening a file and dir using the same symbol will be...
2017-01-16  AbigailFix mentioning of C<$#>.
2017-01-16  AbigailSetting ${^ENCODE} will be fatal by 5.28.
2017-01-16  AbigailBe consistent when addressing Perl.
2017-01-16  AbigailRemove deprecation warnings related to $* and $#.
2017-01-16  AbigailTime limit the deprecation of :unique and :locked.
2017-01-16  AbigailDrop .0 from version numbers.
2017-01-16  AbigailActively deprecate File::Glob::glob().
2017-01-16  AbigailMove discussion of using tie and friends on * less...
2017-01-16  AbigailRemoved entry "Setting ${^ENCODING} is deprecated"
2017-01-16  AbigailDeprecated POSIX functions were removed in 5.24.0
2017-01-16  AbigailCreated pod/perldeprecation.pod
2017-01-16  Karl Williamsonperluniintro: Remove obsolete text
2017-01-16  Tony Cook(perl #130262) split scalar context stack overflow fix
2017-01-15  James E KeenanCorrect spelling error.
2017-01-14  Craig A. BerryUse File::Spec->catfile() in Test2's Files.t test.
2017-01-14  Craig A. BerryDon't escape tilde when converting to VMS filespecs.
2017-01-14  Steve Hay5.22.3 and 5.24.1 are done
2017-01-14  Steve HayImport perldeltas from 5.22.3 and 5.24.1
2017-01-14  Steve HayImport Module::CoreList data for 5.22.3 and 5.24.1
2017-01-14  Steve HayAdd epigraphs for 5.22.3 and 5.24.1
2017-01-14  Steve Hay5.22.3 and 5.24.1 today
2017-01-14  Father Chrysostomos[perl #130546] Restore delete-scalar-slice warning
2017-01-13  Karl pod formatting nits, and clarifications
2017-01-13  Karl WilliamsonWarn on unescaped /[]}]/ under re strict
2017-01-13  Karl Williamsont/re/reg_mesg.t: Add new ability
2017-01-13  Karl WilliamsonVarious .t's: Escape literal '}' and ']' in patterns