2010-09-25  Todd RinaldoThis patch with tests resolves CPAN RT #40727. The...
2010-09-25  Father ChrysostomosTry once more to fix sigtrap.t
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Fix so x2p compiles
2010-09-25  Jesse VincentFixed 5.14 release dates to have the correct year.
2010-09-25  Florian RagwitzRemove targets depending on the removed emacs/ dir
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add isFOO_L1() macros, using table lookup
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Make isWORDCHAR() primary documentation
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Slightly change the pod
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: alphabetize pod entries
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Change isFOO_A() to be O(1) performance
2010-09-25  Karl WilliamsonAdd 256 word bit table of character classes
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: EBCDIC should use native isalpha()
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add isFOO_A() macros for ASCII range matches
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: should use EBCDIC libc isdigit()
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: move macro in file
2010-09-25  Karl WilliamsonSubject: handy.h: Add isWORDCHAR() for clarity
2010-09-25  Karl WilliamsonAdd a comment; clarify another
2010-09-25  Karl WilliamsonIndent a comment better
2010-09-25  Karl WilliamsonSubject: handy.h: Reorder #defines alphabetically
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: isSPACE() is wrong for EBCDIC
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: EBCDIC isBLANK() is wrong
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: isPSXSPC() is wrong for EBCDIC
2010-09-25  Karl WilliamsonSubject: handy.h: Move defn's outside #ifndef EBCDIC
2010-09-25  Karl reformat comments
2010-09-25  Karl indent less to fit in 80 columns
2010-09-25  Karl WilliamsonTeach Perl about Unicode named character sequences
2010-09-25  Karl Nits in pod
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass.pod: Add caveat about multi-char sequences
2010-09-25  Karl Clarify comments
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Add output message
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Clarify message
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Clarify value is hex
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Add tests for NameAliases
2010-09-25  Karl WilliamsonFix casing, wording
2010-09-25  Karl WilliamsonFix spelling
2010-09-25  Karl Change variable name
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Add code so can test 100% of names
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: clarify comments
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Don't call srand(undef)
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsoncharnames: Remove unnecessary \t in
2010-09-25  Karl Small performance enhancements
2010-09-25  Karl Williamsonmktables: Remove stubbed out code
2010-09-25  Nicholas ClarkUse the same $func to Perl_$func macros independent...
2010-09-25  Father ChrysostomosMake the new sigtrap.t test more tolerant of OS differences
2010-09-25  Father Chrysostomosdefine SvTRUE_nomg for compilers other than gcc
2010-09-25  Father Chrysostomosperldelta entries for the double-magic fixes [perl...
2010-09-25  Father Chrysostomos[perl #76814] FETCH called twice - y
2010-09-25  Father Chrysostomos[perl #76814] FETCH called twice - m and s
2010-09-25  Father Chrysostomos[perl #76814] FETCH called twice - !
2010-09-25  Father Chrysostomos[perl #76814] FETCH called twice - string comparison ops
2010-09-24  Jesse VincentCommitting the current freeze and release plan for...
2010-09-24  gregor herrmannFis various Math::BigInt spelling mistakes
2010-09-24  Jerry D. Hedden[perl #78000] [PATCH] Upgrade to threads 1.79
2010-09-24  Father ChrysostomosModify a utf8.t test in anticipation of a fix for ...
2010-09-24  David Goldenfix typo in perl5135delta
2010-09-24  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Note Perl version of regexp_pattern()
2010-09-24  Nicholas ClarkAdd a warning to if quotes are used in one...
2010-09-24  Nicholas ClarkAvoid using double quotes in a one-liner runperl.
2010-09-24  Father Chrysostomossigtrap version bump + perldelta
2010-09-24  Father ChrysostomosMissing link in perldelta
2010-09-24  Father ChrysostomosAdd tests for [perl #72340] sigtrap attempts to modify...
2010-09-24  Joshua N Pritikin[perl #72340] sigtrap attempts to modify read-only...
2010-09-24  Father ChrysostomosAdd Joshua Pritikin’s other e-mail address to checkAUTH...
2010-09-24  Alex DaviesThe rest of [perl #71710] fixes for File::Find
2010-09-24  Father ChrysostomosOops. I broke sigtrap.t’s test output
2010-09-24  Karl WilliamsonRename isALNUM_L1 to isWORDCHAR_L1
2010-09-24  Father ChrysostomosConvert sigtrap.t to
2010-09-24  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add isALNUM_L1() macro
2010-09-24  Karl WilliamsonSubject: handy.h: Add isSPACE_L1 with Unicode semantics
2010-09-24  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Give better instructions about (?^...)
2010-09-24  Father Chrysostomosperldelta entry for File::DosGlob
2010-09-24  Alex Davies[perl #71712] fixes for File::DosGlob
2010-09-24  brian d foy* Fixed output for lex-like scanners example in perlop
2010-09-24  brian d foyperlfaa4: fix a one-off mistake
2010-09-24  Father Chrysostomosperldelta entry for File::Find
2010-09-24  Alex Davies[perl #71710] fixes for File::Find
2010-09-23  Chris 'BinGOs... Updated Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 0.60
2010-09-23  Andy DoughertyAdd default safe guesses for static_inline to plan9...
2010-09-23  Andy DoughertyAdd static inline values to canned Netware/config_H...
2010-09-23  Andy DoughertyUpdate canned win32/config_H.* files with static inline...
2010-09-23  Andy DoughertyUpdate static_inline guesses in win32/config.[gv]c*
2010-09-23  Nicholas ClarkSome tests for Perl_grok_number().
2010-09-23  Andy DoughertySet default static inline for Netware/config.wc.
2010-09-23  Andy DoughertyAdd default setting of perl_static_inline='static'...
2010-09-23  Andy DoughertySet d_static_inline for win32/, since VC suppo...
2010-09-23  Tony CookMake dquote_static.c available to ext/re/
2010-09-23  Tony CookConfigure inline support for 32-bit VC++
2010-09-23  Father Chrysostomos[perl #71806] perldb does not setup %dbline with the...
2010-09-23  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for bug #70615 + tweaks
2010-09-23  Steve HayFix code-before-declaration problem in universal.c
2010-09-23  Father Chrysostomos[perl #70614] Seg. fault with eval/use/UNITCHECK/DESTRO...
2010-09-23  Jerry D. HeddenRemove unneeded 'use' from ext/XS-APItest/t/peep.t...
2010-09-23  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Convert some things to use cBOOL()
2010-09-23  Karl Change comment to use new (?^...)
2010-09-23  Karl WilliamsonAdd /d, /l, /u (infixed) regex modifiers
2010-09-23  Karl WilliamsonChange .t to use new (?^...)
2010-09-23  Karl WilliamsonChange comments, documentation for new (?^...)
2010-09-23  Karl WilliamsonChange to use mnemonic instead of char constant
2010-09-22  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: isASCII() extend to work on > 8 bit values
2010-09-22  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Don't use isascii() as not in all libc's