2009-06-28  Rafael Garcia... Add tests from the CPAN distribution
2009-06-28  Rafael Garcia... Move module part of the test suite in base...
2009-06-28  Rafael Garcia... Silence warnings in test with 5.10.0
2009-06-28  Rafael Garcia... Bump Safe version to 2.17 for CPAN release
2009-06-28  Rafael Garcia... Small pod/wording fixes
2009-06-28  BramExtra examples for 'sort'
2009-06-28  BramDocument what $* used to do on older versions
2009-06-28  David GoldenUpdate ExtUtils::ParseXS to 2.19_03
2009-06-27  David Mitchellupgrade to ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.25
2009-06-27  David Mitchellupgrade to Time::Piece 1.15
2009-06-27  David Mitchellbump Dynaloader to 1.10 to distinguish it from the...
2009-06-27  David Mitchellupdate
2009-06-27  David Mitchellsync blead with Update Archive::Extract 0.34
2009-06-27  Craig A. BerryMake stash.t redirect stderr.
2009-06-27  Jos I. BoumansUpdate CPANPLUS to 0.87_03
2009-06-27  Jos I. BoumansUpgrade to File::Fetch 0.20
2009-06-27  Rafael Garcia... Adjustments to t/pod/diag.t
2009-06-27  James MastrosAdd support for TODO diag tests -- a list in DATA of...
2009-06-27  James MastrosAdd test to make sure everything that outputs an except...
2009-06-27  Osvaldo VillalonChanged to incorporate latest SDKs.
2009-06-27  Andreas J KoenigUpdate to 1.9402
2009-06-27  Jos I. BoumansUpdate Archive::Extract to 0.34
2009-06-27  Chris 'BinGOs... Update CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to CPAN version 0.35_02
2009-06-26  Vincent PitOne more regression test for RT #59734
2009-06-26  karl williamsonPATCH small documentation change for
2009-06-26  Vincent PitUpdate RExC_npar and after_freeze correctly after the...
2009-06-26  Frank Wiegandpod/perlfilter.pod: two POD typos
2009-06-25  Rafael Garcia... Better description for the changes about the range...
2009-06-25  Lubomir RintelDon't enqueue pending signals during global destruction
2009-06-25  Frank Wieganddocument the maximum length of barewords
2009-06-25  Rafael Garcia... Trim all trailing / from "." in @INC when filling %INC
2009-06-25  Nicholas ClarkAdd documentation for the method resolution plugin...
2009-06-25  Nicholas ClarkUpgrade to File::Path 2.07_03
2009-06-25  Nicholas ClarkAs Errno is formally no longer dual-lived, give it...
2009-06-24  Rafael Garcia... Clarifications to the perldelta notes on smart match
2009-06-24  Rafael Garcia... Add tests for smart match overload fallback
2009-06-24  Nicholas ClarkMention parallel testing in INSTALL and perl5110delta.pod
2009-06-24  Nicholas ClarkFix a semantic error in the Pod. (wrong heading level)
2009-06-24  Nicholas ClarkFix some typos and grammar infelicities in core test...
2009-06-24  David Mitchellcore-cpan-diff: include author path in distro version...
2009-06-24  David Mitchellcore-cpan-diff: continue with next distro on download...
2009-06-24  Vincent PitUpdate accordingly
2009-06-24  Chris WilliamsUpdate CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to CPAN version 0.35_01
2009-06-23  David Mitchellsync lib/CPANPLUS/ with CPAN
2009-06-23  Nicholas ClarkNote that the "Deep recursion" depth warning threshold...
2009-06-23  Nicholas ClarkWhen writing a perldelta, choose either "regex" or...
2009-06-23  Nicholas ClarkAdd a paragraph noting that perl5-security-report@perl...
2009-06-23  David Mitchellsync lib/Module/Build/Changes with CPAN equivalent
2009-06-23  David Mitchellanother version update
2009-06-23  Andy ArmstrongAmmend unhelpful description of debugger watch command.
2009-06-23  Jerry D. HeddenUpdate threads::shared in Porting/ to...
2009-06-23  David Mitchellversion bumps in
2009-06-23  Robin BarkerFix for RT #52552.
2009-06-23  Ben MorrowFix blead segfault on Cygwin for t/op/stash.t
2009-06-23  U-Adam-PC\AdamAdded new required fields to
2009-06-23  Steve PetersAdd Porting/release_managers_guide.pod to MANIFEST
2009-06-22  Gabor Szaboavoid trying to load packages that are in the same...
2009-06-22  Rafael Garcia... Merge commit 'szabgab/release_process' into blead
2009-06-22  Nicholas ClarkInstead of a const char *, pass a HEK * to anonymise_cv().
2009-06-22  Gabor Szabotypos, link to thread with ideas about testing stabilit...
2009-06-22  Gabor Szaboadd release_managers_guide.pod
2009-06-22  Rafael Garcia... Fix test with non-threaded perls
2009-06-22  Rafael Garcia... Fix skipping tests with threads in last commit
2009-06-22  Duke LetoMerge branch 'blead' into debugger_symbols
2009-06-21  Jim Cromiedrop remaining mentions of PERL_MEM_LOG_FOO envars
2009-06-21  Rafael Garcia... A few docs nits after the few last commits
2009-06-21  Rafael Garcia... Also replace PERL_MEM_LOG_STDERR by PERL_MEM_LOG_NOIMPL...
2009-06-21  Rafael Garcia... Regenerate headers
2009-06-21  Jim Cromieupdate PERL_MEM_LOG in perlhack.pod
2009-06-21  Jim Cromiesimplify PERL_MEM_LOG
2009-06-21  Jim Cromieinvert and rename PERL_MEM_LOG_STDERR to PERL_MEM_LOG_N...
2009-06-21  Jim Cromiepoint illguts at
2009-06-21  Rafael Garcia... Regenerate headers and fix compilation with threads...
2009-06-21  Ben MorrowWhen a glob is deleted, mark its sub as ANON.
2009-06-21  Ben MorrowTests for deleting stash entries.
2009-06-21  Jim now works in -Dmksymlink target dirs
2009-06-21  David lib exclude fixed
2009-06-21  Jerry D. HeddenUpgrade to threads::shared 1.29
2009-06-19  David Mitchelladd Porting/core-cpan-diff
2009-06-19  David add @IGNORABLE and document EXCLUDED...
2009-06-19  Steffen MuellerFix API docs:SvGAMAGIC returns a U32, not a char*
2009-06-18  Nicholas ClarkAllow to expand macros in perl.h withou...
2009-06-18  Nicholas ClarkMake scan config.h, if it exists.
2009-06-18  Niko TyniAdd gcc predefined macros to $Config{cppsymbols} on...
2009-06-18  Craig A. BerryRemove CPANPLUS's SQLite tests from the core.
2009-06-18  Rafael Garcia... Merge branch 'backslash-N' into blead
2009-06-18  Craig A. BerryHandle the rare but legal angle bracket in unixify.
2009-06-17  Rafael Garcia... Add perldelta entry for \N
2009-06-17  Rafael Garcia... Some more tests for \N
2009-06-17  Rafael Garcia... Basic docs for \N
2009-06-16  David Golden[PATCH] Updating Module::Build to 0.33_02
2009-06-16  David lib exclude fixed
2009-06-16  Rafael Garcia... Implement new regex escape \N
2009-06-15  Florian RagwitzUpdate 'NEXT' version in
2009-06-15  Jerry D. HeddenUpdate 'threads' version in
2009-06-15  Rafael Garcia... Fix readline example in perlfunc
2009-06-15  Jarkko HietaniemiThe attached patch to perlio.c fixes the problem of...
2009-06-14  Duke LetoMerge branch 'blead' into debugger_symbols
2009-06-14  Duke LetoAdd a test to the debugger about not having threads
2009-06-14  Duke LetoSkip threaded debugger tests unless $Config{usethreads}