2010-07-26  Lubomir RintelRestore errno if signal handler changes it
2010-07-26  Florian RagwitzCheck API compatibility when loading xs modules
2010-07-26  Florian RagwitzUpdate AUTHORS
2010-07-26  Florian RagwitzMore perldelta
2010-07-26  Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯clarify how to enable -DPERL_USE_SAFE_PUTENV
2010-07-26  Ævar Arnfjörð... perlhack: Add -Dusedevel to gcov Configure line
2010-07-26  Ævar Arnfjörð... gitignore: Ignore gcov files
2010-07-26  Chris 'BinGOs... Updated Archive-Tar to CPAN version 1.66
2010-07-26  Florian RagwitzAdd ext/XS-APItest/t/peep.t to MANIFEST
2010-07-26  George GreerRT#75762: In CURLYX->CURLYM optimization, check before...
2010-07-26  Father Chrysostomos[perl #75656] lvalue subs don't copy on write
2010-07-26  Father ChrysostomosFix for RT#1804: Anonymous glob breaks when assigned...
2010-07-26  James MastrosMake the success and failure messages of t/porting...
2010-07-26  James MastrosRemove "at - line 3" from the end of a perldiag entry.
2010-07-26  James MastrosDocument "Ambiguous use of -%s resolved as -&%s()"
2010-07-26  James MastrosDocument "Ambiguous use of %c{%s%s} resolved to %c...
2010-07-26  James MastrosDocument "Ambiguous use of %c{%s} resolved to %c%s"
2010-07-26  James MastrosDocument "Ambiguous use of %c resolved as operator %c"
2010-07-26  James MastrosStick a comment in t/porting/diag.t begging people...
2010-07-26  James MastrosNormalize formatting of "Ambiguous call resolved as...
2010-07-26  Karl Williamsonperlop.pod: Reword escapes that have ordinals
2010-07-26  Karl Silence perl compiler warnings
2010-07-25  Gerard Goossenadd print.t with testing of implicit printing of $_
2010-07-25  Reini UrbanAdd more advantages of a perl.def file.
2010-07-25  Florian RagwitzUnbreak cherrymaint for actions other than vote
2010-07-25  Florian RagwitzMake address for Porting/cherrymaint configurable
2010-07-25  Florian RagwitzPod formatting fix for perl5132delta
2010-07-25  Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to 65bfe90c
2010-07-25  Florian RagwitzMake the peep recurse via PL_peepp
2010-07-25  Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to 34edcf0c
2010-07-25  Florian RagwitzIgnore some more test byproducts
2010-07-25  Florian RagwitzUpdate B-Lint from version 1.11 to 1.12
2010-07-24  Craig A. BerryPort dual-life.t to VMS.
2010-07-24  Florian RagwitzCompress::Raw::{Bzip2,Zlib} have CPAN as upstream
2010-07-24  Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to a095c4ee
2010-07-24  Florian RagwitzUpdate for the Compress modules
2010-07-24  PaulCompress 2.030
2010-07-24  David Mitchellsmall code tweak in Perl_gv_init
2010-07-24  David Mitchell[perl #76540] "print CONSTANT," gives double-free
2010-07-24  Florian RagwitzSkip epigraphs.pod when bumping the version
2010-07-24  David GoldenGlobal executable bit cleanup
2010-07-24  Florian RagwitzMove PathTools from cpan/ to dist/
2010-07-23  David Mitchell[perl #76478] silence compiler warning
2010-07-23  Florian RagwitzClarify core module directories for UPSTREAM => undef...
2010-07-23  Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to 2ea2ea91
2010-07-23  Florian RagwitzBump API subversion
2010-07-23  Florian RagwitzFor blead, bump-perl-version should consider SUBVERSION...
2010-07-23  Florian RagwitzFix POD formatting in perlrepository.pod
2010-07-23  Chris 'BinGOs... Bump the version of Module-CoreList in
2010-07-23  Florian RagwitzIgnore *.i
2010-07-23  Craig A. BerryBump File::Spec version.
2010-07-23  Craig A. BerryAssorted File::Spec::VMS fixes.
2010-07-22  Craig A. BerryColon delimiter and escaped delimiters for File::Spec...
2010-07-22  Josh ben JoreUpdate debugger changelog
2010-07-22  Josh ben JoreDebugger prints lines to the remote port when it forks...
2010-07-22  Andy DoughertyAdd static inline config variables to VMS configure...
2010-07-22  Andy DoughertyUpdate "canned" files for static inline.
2010-07-22  Andy DoughertyAdd a Configure probe for static inline.
2010-07-22  Craig A. BerryLooser filename matching for new Carp.t tests.
2010-07-22  Florian RagwitzFix leaks in XS_VERSION_BOOTCHECK
2010-07-22  Nicholas ClarkIn Carp, if @DB::args still contains our sentinel,...
2010-07-22  Jan DuboisGet rid of PERL_POLLUTE
2010-07-22  Jan DuboisDon't pretend to support really old VC++ compilers
2010-07-22  Jan DuboisGet rid of obsolete PerlCRT.dll support
2010-07-22  Jan DuboisAdd CCTYPE value for Windows Server 2003 SP1 compilers
2010-07-22  Jan DuboisRemove deprecated -Wp64 compiler option
2010-07-21  Nicholas ClarkIn Carp, if B is loaded use it to get the name of the...
2010-07-21  Nicholas ClarkDetect incomplete caller overrides in Carp, and avoid...
2010-07-21  Nicholas ClarkFix error in 5b235299a82969c3, which gcc didn't spot...
2010-07-21  Nicholas ClarkIn Carp, minimise the amount of code running in package DB.
2010-07-21  Nicholas ClarkAdd Perl_init_dbargs(), to set up @DB::args without...
2010-07-21  George GreerC++ compiler fix for util.c
2010-07-21  Jan Duboisalarm() on Windows cannot interrupt blocking I/O
2010-07-21  Jan DuboisRemove spurious ')'
2010-07-21  Jan DuboisUse .\ instead of ./ on Windows
2010-07-21  Jan Duboisalarm() on Windows doesn't interrupt system calls
2010-07-20  David Goldenupdate TOC and perldelta references
2010-07-20  David Goldenretitle perl5133delta.pod
2010-07-20  David Goldencreate perl5134delta.pod
2010-07-20  David Goldenremove trailing spaces in epigraphs.pod
2010-07-20  David GoldenAdd 5.13.3 epigraph
2010-07-20  David Goldenset a Test-Harness file +x in makerel v5.13.3
2010-07-20  David Goldendon't use Test::More in dual-life.t
2010-07-20  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod refer to \o{...} consistently
2010-07-20  David Goldenadd new release to perlhist
2010-07-20  David GoldenAdd dual-life.t to MANIFEST
2010-07-20  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod: finalize update modules list
2010-07-20  David GoldenUpdate Module::Corelist for 5.13.3
2010-07-20  David GoldenFix typo in perl5133delta
2010-07-20  David GoldenFix Pod warning in perl5133delta.pod
2010-07-20  David GoldenUpdate Changes for version number bump
2010-07-20  David GoldenBump the perl version to 5.13.3
2010-07-20  David GoldenAdd exceptions to dual-life.t
2010-07-20  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod: editorial changes and cleanup
2010-07-19  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod wrapping and cleanup
2010-07-19  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod: Acknowledgements and code delta
2010-07-19  David don't flag version 'undef'
2010-07-19  David GoldenBump module version numbers
2010-07-19  David Goldenadd link to smoke index
2010-07-19  David Goldencore-cpan-diff: always use diff and ignore whitspace