2007-06-25  Jerry D. HeddenAccept file exists error in ext/Win32API/File/t/file.t
2007-06-25  Rafael Garcia... Rename README and Changes for more readability
2007-06-25  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to libnet 1.21
2007-06-25  Danny RathjensApply doc suggestion from:
2007-06-25  Paul Johnsonremove op_static
2007-06-25  Rafael Garcia... That test too should be skipped in the core on EBCDIC...
2007-06-25  Tels[Caffeine-Patch] Math::BigInt 1.87 take 11 (add batan2...
2007-06-25  Rafael Garcia... Remove now-irrelevant comment
2007-06-25  Reini Urban[perl #43285] Win32API::File tests language specific
2007-06-25  Rafael Garcia... PerlFAQ sync.
2007-06-24  Nicholas Clarks/\bunicode\b/Unicode/; # For everything not dual life
2007-06-24  Nicholas ClarkAlso get copy on write working with ithreads. It hadn...
2007-06-23  Yves OrtonRename test files starting with regexp_ that do not
2007-06-23  Yves OrtonResolve
2007-06-23  Rafael Garcia... Tels' patch to defer overloading of hex and oct,
2007-06-23  TelsMath::BigInt v1.87 take 10
2007-06-23  Dave Mitchellremove the test added by change #31447
2007-06-22  Dave Mitchellsafely handle cloning a stale lexical var
2007-06-22  Jerry D. HeddenRemove orphaned (and unused) Test::Simple test
2007-06-22  Niklas Edmundsson[perl #43291] perl-5.8.8 - AIX 5.3 64bit build issues
2007-06-22  Peter Dintelmannperlopentut
2007-06-21  Yves OrtonAdd avar to the authors file... Apparently the 'ae...
2007-06-21  Yves OrtonCorrect my email address. (My very first commit!)
2007-06-21  Jerry D. HeddenRemove unused Module::Build tests
2007-06-21  Reini UrbanFile::Spec::Cygwin more tests and silence warning
2007-06-21[perl #43265] cygwin/Makefile.SHs: miniperl -Ilib for...
2007-06-21  Jerry D. Heddencloexec.t works under Cygwin
2007-06-21  Jerry D. HeddenRemove Archive::Test POD check
2007-06-21  Reini Urban[perl #40103] File::Spec->case_tolerant() should return...
2007-06-21  Reini Urban[perl #43273] Enable lib/User/*.t on cygwin
2007-06-21  Reini Urban[PATH] AUTHORS rurban
2007-06-21  Gabor Szabopod/perlhack.pod where to go for information about...
2007-06-21  Craig A. BerrySkip a test that causes list assignment to %ENV errors...
2007-06-21  Craig A. BerryMake File::Spec::VMS->splitdir stop returning an empty...
2007-06-20  Steve HaySilence "signed/unsigned mismatch" warning from VC...
2007-06-20  Steve HayStop the VC++ warning "'HUF_func_2mode' undefined;...
2007-06-20  Steve HayChange #31426 should also be applied to the PERL_IMPLIC...
2007-06-20  Rafael Garcia... Change #31426 should also be applied to the windows...
2007-06-20  Yves OrtonRe: Net::SMTP can't send large messages with bleadperl
2007-06-20  Rafael Garcia... A first stab at making perlreref.pod up to date
2007-06-20  Rafael Garcia... Fix docs for \u ; plus a POD formatting nit
2007-06-19  Yves OrtonRe: Net::SMTP can't send large messages with bleadperl
2007-06-19  Nicholas ClarkWork on getting B compiling outside of the perl source...
2007-06-19  Craig A. BerryBetter handling of escapes in filenames when converting...
2007-06-19  Martin Becker[perl #43242] "use base" breaks code containing peculia...
2007-06-19  Rafael Garcia... Update list of files that need crlf line endings
2007-06-18  Dave Mitchellfix S_emulate_eaccess compiler warning
2007-06-18  Dave Mitchell[perl #43159] 5.9.4 regexp capturing wrongly
2007-06-18  Rafael Garcia... R stands for Report, not Reporting.
2007-06-18  Rafael Garcia... Regenerate META.yml.
2007-06-18  Rafael Garcia... Regen pods
2007-06-18  TelsRe: Math::BigInt 1.87 problems? Re: FAIL DBI-1.56 i686...
2007-06-18  Rafael Garcia... Remove PERL_MAGIC_mutex
2007-06-18  Ævar Arnfjörð... perlreapi.pod documentation for flags & cleanup
2007-06-18  Ævar Arnfjörð... POD Alignment for the magic table in perlapi.pod
2007-06-18  Ævar Arnfjörð... SvRX() and SvRXOK() macros
2007-06-18  Dave Mitchelladd test for, and update comments for, old defined...
2007-06-17  Rafael Garcia... POD fixes in Hash::Util and Hash::Util::FieldHash
2007-06-17  Anno Siegel[patch] Hash::Util::FieldHash v1.01
2007-06-17  Rafael Garcia... Patches to compile perl on Cray XT4 Catamount/Qk, by...
2007-06-17  Telsbignum 0.22 take 4 (hex()/oct() overloading)
2007-06-17  Paul MarquessEBCDIC fixes for gzip
2007-06-17  Jos I. BoumansCPANPLUS 0.80
2007-06-17  TelsMath::BigInt take 9 (CORE::hex() vs. hex() in
2007-06-17  Adriano Ferreira[DOC PATCH] Pod nits in doc/perlpodspec.pod
2007-06-17  Yves OrtonTest::Builder tickles Pod::Html parsing stupidity bug
2007-06-17  Adriano Ferreira[DOC PATCH] MANIFEST: t/op/exec.t tests exec, system...
2007-06-16  Rafael Garcia... More portability nits by Jarkko
2007-06-16  Andy DoughertyRe: [perl #43216] Perl 5.8.8 does not compile on Solari...
2007-06-15  Jerry D. HeddenShow warning bits on failure in t/op/caller.t
2007-06-15  Jerry D. once more
2007-06-15  Jerry D. again
2007-06-15  Jerry D. HeddenI have a name
2007-06-15  Jerry D. HeddenWarning bit fixes to t/op/caller.t
2007-06-15  Jarkko Hietaniemimiscellanea
2007-06-15  Andy DoughertyRe: vsprintf
2007-06-15  Rafael Garcia... Forgot to regen warnings
2007-06-15  Craig A. BerryDon't let the home-grown readdir() on VMS return result...
2007-06-14  Craig A. BerryFix missing PerlIO_releaseFILE in VMS::Stdio::getname().
2007-06-14  Rafael Garcia... Update Changes.
2007-06-14  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to PathTools 3.25
2007-06-14  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.19
2007-06-14  Rafael Garcia... Sync Archive::Extract with CPAN
2007-06-14  Jerry D. HeddenLess sed'ing in Cygwin Makefile.SHs
2007-06-14  Rafael Garcia... assertions has been removed
2007-06-14  Rafael Garcia... Fix [perl #43207] lc() or uc() inside sort affect the...
2007-06-13  Dave Mitchellchange #31134 broke DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS builds
2007-06-13  Andy DoughertyRe: vsprintf
2007-06-13  Andy DoughertyConfigure: Erroneous C++ message
2007-06-13  Steve HayFix random failures in CPANPLUS tests on Win32
2007-06-13  Brandon Blackyet another mro.c patch
2007-06-12  Jim Cromiemad-const patch
2007-06-12  TelsRe: integer vs. bigint [PATCH]
2007-06-12  Jarkko Hietaniemiperltodo: more vtable musings
2007-06-12  Vadim KonovalovRe: [PATCH-at-31365] (was - configpm frustrations)
2007-06-11  TelsMath::BigInt v1.87 take 8
2007-06-11  Telspidigits benchmark and bpi() method in Math::BigFloat...
2007-06-11  Rafael Garcia... Doc adjustments for the number localization and setloca...
2007-06-11  Vadim Konovalovcross-compilation for linux
2007-06-08  Craig A. BerryA couple of File::Path tests require unix syntax on...