2013-03-03  Andrew TamAdded descriptions to tests lacking them.
2013-03-03  Ruslan Zakirovupdate to recognise bison 2.7
2013-03-03  David Mitchellensure PL_sawampersand is exported.
2013-03-03  Aaron CraneConfigure: bail out when neither stdarg.h nor varargs.h
2013-03-03  Chris 'BinGOs... Update IPC-Cmd to CPAN version 0.80
2013-03-03  H.Merijn Brandfixed minor typo in delta
2013-03-03  David Mitchelldeparse.t: mask STDERR noise on lex sub TODO test
2013-03-03  Peter MartiniStop SEGV on 'our sub { syntax error }'
2013-03-03  Craig A. BerryEnable sem* functions in for 8.4+.
2013-03-03  Craig A. BerryFix declaration after statement in vms.c's Perl_my_chdir
2013-03-02  David MitchellDisable by default the new Copy-on-Write for 5.18
2013-03-02  Florian RagwitzSynchronise Env with CPAN
2013-03-02  Florian RagwitzSynchronise bignum with CPAN
2013-03-02  Florian RagwitzSynchronise VERSIONs of all bignum modules
2013-03-01  Craig A. BerryFix signed/unsigned mismatch in vms/vms.c.
2013-03-01  Craig A. BerryAdd void casts to VMS-specific bail-out macro.
2013-03-01  David Mitchellrevert: Benchmark iteration warnings should warn
2013-03-01  Chris 'BinGOs... Skip chflags tests in filetests.t on dragonflybsd
2013-03-01  Chris 'BinGOs... Skip tests in File::Copy tests on DragonflyBSD too
2013-03-01  James E KeenanAdd Anton Nikishaev to AUTHORS: RT #116959.
2013-03-01  Anton Nikishaevperldtrace.pod: fix example code
2013-02-28  Sullivan Beck[PATCH] Bump Locale-Codes from 3.24 to 3.25
2013-02-28  Chris 'BinGOs... Revert "Bump Pod::Html to 1.19"
2013-02-28  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Pod-Simple to CPAN version 3.26
2013-02-28  Chris 'BinGOs... Bump Pod::Html to 1.19
2013-02-28  Ricardo Signescorrect Pod-Html tests for new Pod-Simple output
2013-02-28  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Text-ParseWords to CPAN version 3.28
2013-02-28  Chris 'BinGOs... Forgot to update for podlators update
2013-02-28  Chris 'BinGOs... Update podlators to CPAN version 2.5.1
2013-02-28  Nicholas ClarkSuppress experimental warning for my $_ in Devel::PPPor...
2013-02-28  James E KeenanMerge branch 'blead' of
2013-02-28  James E KeenanLoosen the passing requirement for a regex.
2013-02-28  Karl Williamson\N is no longer experimental
2013-02-27  Steffen MuellerUse native-size integers for some global counters
2013-02-27  H.Merijn BrandAdd documentation on the advantages of perldoc for...
2013-02-27  Rafael Garcia... Note what incrementing the op_type actually does
2013-02-27  James E KeenanMerge branch 'blead' of
2013-02-27  Scott Lanningminor perlipc doc fix missing semicolon
2013-02-27  James E KeenanAdd alternate email address for contributor.
2013-02-26  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove /Net from lib/.gitignore
2013-02-26  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Win32 to CPAN version 0.47
2013-02-26  Chris 'BinGOs... The Module-Pluggable version is 4.7 from CPAN
2013-02-26  Chris 'BinGOs... Module-CoreList is at 2.82 on CPAN
2013-02-26  Ricardo SignesRevert "Lookup overloaded assignment operators when...
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkReorder the members of struct re_save_state to reduce...
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkMerge the refactored S_hsplit() and Perl_hv_ksplit...
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_hv_common(), call S_clear_placeholders() directly.
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkClarify why hv_common() tries to clear placeholders...
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkIn S_hsplit(), replace a for with a do/while, as the...
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkReplace the bulk of Perl_hv_ksplit() with a call to...
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkTweak S_hsplit() to return early if there are no keys...
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkPass the current and desired hash sizes to S_hsplit().
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkMove the code handling allocating a new buffer earlier...
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkRefactor the loop logic in S_hsplit() and Perl_hv_kspli...
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkMove the call to hv_clear_placeholders() from hsplit...
2013-02-26  Yves Ortonignore some files from Module-Pluggable
2013-02-26  Yves OrtonUpgrade Module-Pluggable to v4.7
2013-02-26  Steffen MuellerNote CPAN release for Data::Dumper
2013-02-26  Steffen MuellerUpdate Data::Dumper version and release date
2013-02-26  Steffen MuellerUpdate Data::Dumper changelog
2013-02-26  Nicholas ClarkFix redeclaration compiler errors on EBCDIC
2013-02-25  John GoodyearGet regcomp.c to compile under EBCDIC
2013-02-25  Karl WilliamsonAdd, fix comments
2013-02-25  Karl WilliamsonUnicode/ Fix undef bug
2013-02-25  Yves Ortonunwrap #define argument list for REXEC_TRIE_READ_CHAR
2013-02-25  Karl Williamsonmakedepend.SH: Deal with continuation lines
2013-02-25  Karl Williamsonmakedepend.SH: Preprocessor directives don't have to...
2013-02-25  Karl Williamsonmakedepend.SH: Make compiler errors show correct line...
2013-02-24  Karl WilliamsonMove (?[]) doc to perlrecharclass
2013-02-24  Karl WilliamsonDocument \s change for VT, commit 075b9d7d9a6d4473b240a...
2013-02-24  Karl Williamsonperlintro: Typo and stop verbatim wrapping
2013-02-24  Karl Williamsonperlhacktips: Note existence of regen/
2013-02-23  Craig A. BerryHandle undef values in magic.t on VMS.
2013-02-23  David Mitchelladd array DELETE and EXISTS to perlfunc
2013-02-23  Chris 'BinGOs... Mark v5.17.9 as done in the release schedule
2013-02-23  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove trailing white-space from RMG document
2013-02-22  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #116899]: jump on uninitialised value
2013-02-22  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Rmv comment ref to obsolete regnode
2013-02-22  Nicholas ClarkAbolish STRANGE_MALLOC. Now all malloc()s are considere...
2013-02-21  Aaron Craneperlfunc: clarify that "do $file" isn't really like...
2013-02-21  Rafael Garcia... Update for Safe 2.35
2013-02-21  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Safe 2.35 from CPAN
2013-02-21  Steve HaySimplify the defintiion of optimization flags in Window...
2013-02-21  Daniel DraganPATCH: [perl #116787] -Ox on Win64 Visual C 64 bit...
2013-02-21  Ricardo Signesadd a missing 5 to the release announcement template
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Amend 'new perldelta' advice for Win32
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Also skip io/eintr.t on MidnightBSD
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Bump to v5.17.10
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... New perldelta template for v5.17.10
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Update epigraphs with the one for v5.17.9
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Finalise perldelta with updated module information v5.17.9
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Add new release to perlhist
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Updated Module::CoreList for v5.17.9
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Updated ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS in perldelta
2013-02-20  Ricardo Signessuppress "experimental" warnings for my $_
2013-02-20  Ricardo Signesput an experimental warning on lexical topic
2013-02-20  Ricardo Signesupdate release schedule for a volunteer
2013-02-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove more perldelta boilerplate
2013-02-20  Rafael Garcia... Perldelta note for undeprecating my $_
2013-02-20  Rafael Garcia... Un-deprecate the support for lexical $_