2007-12-17  Jan DuboisDocument that $^V is no longer a v-string
2007-12-17  Rafael Garcia... Comment out a now unused variable
2007-12-17  Rafael Garcia... Add standard test preamble
2007-12-17  Yves OrtonFix various bugs in regex engine with mixed utf8/latin...
2007-12-17  Rafael Garcia... Update AUTHORS
2007-12-17  Jim Cromiepod-patch: reword
2007-12-17  Rafael Garcia... Mention that ::ISA::CACHE:: no longer exists
2007-12-17  Rafael Garcia... PerlFAQ sync
2007-12-17  Robin Barkertypo?
2007-12-16  Richard Foley2 year old email tweak
2007-12-16  Rafael Garcia... ...and remove the "1;" that is after the __END__
2007-12-16  Rafael Garcia... Add a return value to less, noticed by Sébastien Aperg...
2007-12-16  Jos I. BoumansVersion bumps
2007-12-12  Rafael Garcia... Mention NO_MATHOMS in INSTALL
2007-12-12  Rafael Garcia... Shuffle sections (no text changes)
2007-12-12  Rafael Garcia... Add mro tests to minitest
2007-12-12  Rafael Garcia... Remove "=for" marker for a section I finally reviewed
2007-12-12  Rafael Garcia... FAQ sync
2007-12-12  Rafael Garcia... Document the strerror_r / g++ / threads bug
2007-12-12[perl #48214] documentation enhancement to perlthrtut
2007-12-11  Jerry D. HeddenMust have /bin under Cygwin
2007-12-11  Andy Doughertypod/perl5100delta ought to emphasize dual-life modules.
2007-12-11  Rafael Garcia... Some things a pumpking should not forget when releasing...
2007-12-11  Andy DoughertyREADME ought to mention perldelta.
2007-12-11  Jerry D. HeddenEscape $ENV in comments in config_h.SH
2007-12-11  Matt KraaiRe: Remove extra space from perltodo.pod
2007-12-11  Adriano Ferreira[DOC PATCH] Exporter - link fix and mention Exporter...
2007-12-10  Rafael Garcia... Bump $VERSION of all PathTools modules to 3.2501
2007-12-10  Craig A. BerryFix uninitialized pointer bug in VMS version of readdir...
2007-12-09  Craig A. BerryTolkien quote for vms/vms.c.
2007-12-09  Craig A. BerryOne more clean-up for new VMS::Filespec functions.
2007-12-09  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.42
2007-12-08  Rafael Garcia... Typo fix, by Matt Kraai
2007-12-08  Sascha Blank[perl #48355] Handling of RAWDATA broken badly in Attri...
2007-12-08  Rafael Garcia... Change maintainer address for Safe.
2007-12-08  Adriano Ferreira[DOC PATCH] Exporter
2007-12-08  Jonathan StoweBring Term::Cap to date
2007-12-08  Craig A. BerryPOD improvements for VMS::Filespec.
2007-12-07  Rafael Garcia... Fix some typos, some found by Matt Kraai
2007-12-07  Matt KraaiChange /etc/passed to /etc/passwd in
2007-12-07  Rafael Garcia... Fix a typo found by Matt Kraai, and a reference to...
2007-12-06  Paul de Weerd[perl #48238] some typo's in comments
2007-12-06  Rafael Garcia... Two more notes
2007-12-06  Rafael Garcia... Revert change 32171 per Jarkko's request
2007-12-06  Mark OvermeerDocumentation patch on filetests, the filetest pragma...
2007-12-06  Rafael Garcia... Document recent changes of A::H in perldelta
2007-12-06  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.40.
2007-12-06  Jarkko Hietaniemiperltodo.pod: add -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE and -fstack-protector
2007-12-06  Rafael Garcia... Update Changes and README for A::H
2007-12-06  Damian ConwayDamian's last word and consistency adjustments about...
2007-12-06  Nicholas ClarkNote that Larry has clarified the reasons for the Perl...
2007-12-05  Rafael Garcia... This file is utf8 (I blame Ævar)
2007-12-05  Rafael Garcia... More precise description of the removal of "#!perl...
2007-12-05  Jan Duboistypo fix
2007-12-05  Craig A. BerryFix missing sharpbang definition in
2007-12-04  Rafael Garcia... Add t/mro to the test list in perlhack
2007-12-04  Rafael Garcia... Document some environment variables that might affect...
2007-12-04  Rafael Garcia... The win32 files are not the Win32 (dual-lived) distribu...
2007-12-04  Rafael Garcia... Don't list README.win32 as private in the META.yml
2007-12-04  Robin BarkerPATCH lib/Net/Ping/t/190_alarm.t
2007-12-04  Craig A. BerryTypo in 32564.
2007-12-04  Nicholas ClarkRefactor test code to remove duplication is a TODO.
2007-12-04  Jarkko Hietaniemiperltodo.pod: error message todo
2007-12-03  Matt Kraai[perl #24079] Missing crypt() function on QNX 6.2.1
2007-12-03  Rafael Garcia... Match destruct_level type from intrpvar.h, and...
2007-12-03  Nicholas Clarkmod_perl is special, and assigns meaning to a perl_dest...
2007-12-03  Craig A. BerryUpdates to VMS-specific pod.
2007-11-30  Dmitry KarasikRe: smart match: array ~~ hash
2007-11-30  Nicholas ClarkChange uconfig.h to read/write inside the perforce...
2007-11-30  Craig A. BerryUpgrade to Time::HiRes 1.9711
2007-11-29  Craig A. BerryMake VMS::Filespec::vms_realname return undef instead...
2007-11-29  Rafael Garcia... Revert changes 32496 and 32497 (keep them for a next...
2007-11-29  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.9710
2007-11-29  Rafael Garcia... Duh -- I forgot to put RC2 in perlhist
2007-11-29  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to podlators 2.0.6
2007-11-29  John E. MalmbergRe: [patch@32376] VMS symbolic links part 4 of 4 -...
2007-11-29  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.9709
2007-11-29  Matt KraaiSkip failing getppid tests on QNX 6
2007-11-29  Rafael Garcia... Silence unused argument warnings when HAS_MSG isn't...
2007-11-29  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.38
2007-11-28  Rafael Garcia... Warning shutdowns, by Robin Barker
2007-11-28  Steve PetersMention Pod::Simple and Pod::Escapes in perl5100delta
2007-11-28  Nicholas ClarkFix bless/readonly failure spotted by Jerry Hedden.
2007-11-28  Steve PetersAssorted nits found in perl5110delta.
2007-11-28  Jan DuboisDocument improved support for Unicode filenames on...
2007-11-28  Rafael Garcia... Typos, found by Abigail and myself
2007-11-28  Matt KraaiRe: fpathconf test failures on QNX
2007-11-27  Rafael Garcia... Doc nits -- avoid bare "5.10" version numbers without a
2007-11-27  Rafael Garcia... Document failures due to building on NFS
2007-11-27  Rafael Garcia... Typo, found by Scott Lanning
2007-11-27  Rafael Garcia... Ignore .git directories
2007-11-27  Jarkko Hietaniemiperl5100delta.pod: do not confess bondage :-) and menti...
2007-11-27  Rafael Garcia... Fix prototype variables default values on NetBSD, by...
2007-11-27  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.37_03
2007-11-26  Rafael Garcia... More tests are sensitive to load: document them
2007-11-26  Rafael Garcia... Doc updates on running tests
2007-11-26  Rafael Garcia... Adjust for the RAWDATA case
2007-11-26  Rafael Garcia... Disallow attributes that are not valid perl
2007-11-26  Rafael Garcia... uconfig.h must be writable for microperl
2007-11-26  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.37_02