1997-04-09  Ilya ZakharevichFix for incorrect overloaded assignment
1997-03-22  Chip Salzenberg[differences between cumulative patch application and... perl-5.003_95
1997-03-22  Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_94...
1997-03-22  Hallvard B... Pod problems & fixes
1997-03-22  Paul MarquessDB_File documentation fix
1997-03-22  M.J.T. GuyMissing item in perldiag
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergMention and discourage use of term 'soft reference'
1997-03-22  M.J.T. Guypods for subroutine argument autovivication
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergImprove pod2man diagnostic when NAME is invalid
1997-03-22  Andy DoughertyINSTALL-1.8 to INSTALL-1.9 updates
1997-03-22  Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergReduce memory footprint of complex.t
1997-03-22  Dominic DunlopReduce memory footprint of complex.t
1997-03-22  Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergTerm::Readline patch for AmigaOS
1997-03-22  Norbert PueschelTerm::Readline patch for AmigaOS
1997-03-22  M.J.T. GuyExporting UNIVERSAL::can
1997-03-22  Russ AllberyExtraneous blank lines from Pod::Text
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergFix C<require> in Getopt::Long to work with 5.003
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergIn perlio, fix vprintf() definition and define vfprintf()
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergFix botch with G_NOARGS; PUSHMARK *is* required
1997-03-22  Tom PhoenixAnother MachTen Patch
1997-03-22  Shigeya SuzukiRemove redundant patch to hints/
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergIf C<perl -a>, do equivalent of C<use vars '@F'>
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergRefine modulus ("%") per suggestion of Tim Goodwin
1997-03-22  Chip SalzenbergAutomatically flush on C< $| = 1 >
1997-03-08  Chip Salzenberg[differences between cumulative patch application and... perl-5.003_94
1997-03-08  Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_93...
1997-03-08  Jim Meyeringtypos in pods of 5.003_93
1997-03-08  Tom PhoenixRe: Inline PI function
1997-03-08  M.J.T. GuyDocument return from do FILE
1997-03-08  Larry W. VirdenUpdate site list
1997-03-08  Roderick SchertlerXSUB's doc fix
1997-03-08  Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-03-08  Charles BaileyDocument trap with //o and closures
1997-03-08  Chip SalzenbergINSTALL: How to enable debugging
1997-03-08  Andy DoughertyINSTALL: How to enable debugging
1997-03-08  Doug MacEachernRe: Embedding success with _93
1997-03-08  Roderick SchertlerRe: bug in pod2man (5.00326): section=3 for .pm modules
1997-03-08  Nat Torkington*.pod changes based on the FAQ
1997-03-08  M.J.T. GuyFix typos in IO::Socket documentation
1997-03-08  M.J.T. GuyRe: NUL in die and other messages
1997-03-08  Chip SalzenbergAdd entry for prototype() in Pod::Functions
1997-03-08  Roderick Schertlerfix for Exporter's $SIG{__WARN__} handler
1997-03-08  Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-03-08  Ilya ZakharevichProblems with SKIP in makemaker
1997-03-08  Chip SalzenbergFix typo in -l*perl* pattern
1997-03-08  Doug MacEachernFix typo in -l*perl* pattern
1997-03-08  Paul MarquessRefresh DB_File to 1.12
1997-03-08  Chip SalzenbergIn debugger, don't reference %{$f{$g}} if $f{$g} doesn...
1997-03-08  Ilya ZakharevichNew module:
1997-03-08  Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-03-08  Spider Boardman3_93 doesn't install pods
1997-03-08  Chip SalzenbergNew subroutine Symbol::qualify_to_ref()
1997-03-08  Roderick SchertlerNew subroutine Symbol::qualify_to_ref()
1997-03-08  Doug MacEachernWarn about missing -DMULTIPLICITY if likely a problem
1997-03-08  Jarkko HietaniemiMath::Complex update
1997-03-08  Roderick Schertlerprintf format corrections for -DDEBUGGING
1997-03-08  Chip SalzenbergDon't use $(LIBS) when creating shared libperl
1997-03-08  Charles BaileyVMS update
1997-03-08  Tom PhoenixMore MachTen hints
1997-03-08  David Dyckallow C<substr 'hello', -10>
1997-03-08  Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-03-08  Chip SalzenbergBSD/OS 3.0 hints
1997-03-08  Christopher... BSD/OS 3.0 hints
1997-03-08  Chip SalzenbergIgnore whitespace before +*? in //x
1997-03-06  Chip Salzenberg[differences between cumulative patch application and... perl-5.003_93
1997-03-06  Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_92...
1997-03-06  Ilya ZakharevichPODs corrections
1997-03-06  Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-03-06  Andy DoughertyConsolidated INSTALL updates since _92
1997-03-06  Chip SalzenbergOS/2 doc update
1997-03-06  Ilya ZakharevichOS/2 doc update
1997-03-06  Spider BoardmanUse 'test -f', not 'test -x'
1997-03-06  Chip SalzenbergWarn about '.' terminating E-Mail
1997-03-06  Andy DoughertyAllow './Configure -Uoptimize'
1997-03-06  Chip SalzenbergFix more E-Mail addresses in pods
1997-03-06  Alan BurlisonFix for Unisys UNIX and
1997-03-06  Chip SalzenbergQuote pathname before using as pattern
1997-03-06  Andy Doughertyperl -P path patch
1997-03-06  Chip SalzenbergIgnore backup files in strict.t and warning.t
1997-03-06  Doug MacEachernSupport READ and GETC for tied handles
1997-03-06  Hugo van der... Fix counts in output of TEST
1997-03-06  Gurusamy SarathyDon't autovivify array and hash elements in sub parameters
1997-03-06  Roderick SchertlerOpen[23] autoflush docs
1997-03-06  Roderick Schertler@EXPORT_FAIL fix for
1997-03-06  M.J.T. GuyCarp with multiple arguments
1997-03-06  Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-03-06  Chip SalzenbergDon't count on 'trap 0' inside () in shell script
1997-03-06  Alan BurlisonDon't count on 'trap 0' inside () in shell script
1997-03-06  Chip SalzenbergMake conversion of @_ to real array work right after...
1997-03-06  Norbert PueschelAmigaOS hint patch
1997-03-06  Chip SalzenbergWarn on %{+undef} and @{+undef}
1997-03-01  Chip Salzenberg[differences between cumulative patch application and... perl-5.003_92
1997-03-01  Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_91...
1997-03-01  Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate list of CPAN sites
1997-03-01  Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-03-01  Tom ChristiansenImprove sample module header
1997-03-01  Chip SalzenbergClarify C<crypt> documentation
1997-03-01  Tom PhoenixClarify C<crypt> documentation