2017-06-29  Yves Ortonadd an additional test for whitespace tolerance in...
2017-06-29  Yves OrtonParse caret vars with subscripts the same as normal...
2017-06-27  Yves Ortont/op/hash.t: fixup intermittently failing test
2017-06-27  Steve HayUpdate release schedule
2017-06-27  David MitchellPERL_SNPRINTF_CHECK(): off by 1 error
2017-06-27  Yves OrtonFile::Glob - tweak rt131211.t to be less sensitive...
2017-06-27  Yves Ortonregcomp.c: correct the regdata which paratermers under...
2017-06-27  Yves Ortonregcomp.c: document reg_data types better in reg_dup
2017-06-26  Eric HermanUpdate Math-BigRat to CPAN version 0.2613
2017-06-26  David MitchellS_gen_constant_list(): initialise si_stack_hwm
2017-06-26  David Mitchellt/porting/customized.t: delete stale entries.
2017-06-24  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #131646] Assertion fail UTF-8 error msg
2017-06-24  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Time-HiRes to CPAN version 1.9742
2017-06-24  Lukas Maiparanoia: parenthesize macro parameters
2017-06-24  Lukas Maifix #ifdef directives with extra tokens
2017-06-24  David Mitchelladd PL_curstackinfo->si_stack_hwm
2017-06-24  David Mitchellupgrade Time-Piece from 1.31 to 1.3201
2017-06-24  David Mitchellupgrade Scalar-List-Utils from 1.47 to 1.48
2017-06-23  David Mitchelladd DEBUGGING_RE_ONLY define
2017-06-23  David Mitchellporting/bench.t: skip under ASAN
2017-06-22  Dagfinn Ilmari... [perl #131627] Fix multideref for $x{qw/a/->$*}
2017-06-22  Eric HermanModule-CoreList/Changes for 5.20170622
2017-06-22  Eric Hermanupdate Module::CoreList to reflect v5.27.2
2017-06-22  Eric HermanBump the perl version 5.27.1 -> 5.27.2
2017-06-22  David MitchellXS::APItest::test_hv_free_ent: extend stack
2017-06-22  David Mitchellrecv: reset stack when returning undef
2017-06-22  David Mitchellpp_leavewrite: extend stack for return value
2017-06-22  David Mitchellargless reset(): extend stack
2017-06-22  David Mitchellextend stack on scalar empty list slice
2017-06-22  David Mitchellscalar reverse(): extend stack if no arg
2017-06-22  David Mitchellpp_match/subst: extend stack
2017-06-22  David Mitchell[MERGE] Upgrade Scalar-List-Utils to 1.47
2017-06-22  David MitchellUpgrade Scalar-List-Utils from 1.46 to 1.47
2017-06-22  David Mitchellundo Scalar-List-Utils customisation.dat entries
2017-06-22  David Mitchellremove Scalar-List-Utils customisation list
2017-06-22  David Mitchellundo a Scalar-List-Utils customisation
2017-06-22  David Mitchellundo a Scalar-List-Utils customisation
2017-06-22  David Mitchellundo a Scalar-List-Utils customisation
2017-06-22  David Mitchellundo a Scalar-List-Utils customisation
2017-06-22  David Mitchellundo a Scalar-List-Utils customisation
2017-06-22  David Mitchellundo a Scalar-List-Utils customisation
2017-06-21  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Fix comment
2017-06-21  Karl Williamsonperlrebackslash: Fix a couple of nits.
2017-06-21  Karl Williamsonperldelta for Unicode 10
2017-06-21  David Mitchell[MERGE] test and fix up Porting/
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ test --fields with 1 field
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ comments: s/perl_name/perl_label/
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ fix up pod
2017-06-21  David Mitchellt/porting/bench.t: add tests for display options
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ --bisect: output field value
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ tweak local vars
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ add --autolabel option
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ improve 'no such test' err msg
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ trivial var changes
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ new syntax for perl args and env
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ ban duplicate labels in multiread
2017-06-21  David Mitchell t/porting/bench.t: bisect vis --read
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ ban --benchfile under --read
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ better handle multiple --read
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ only use used sort elems
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ remove unneeded sort order calcs
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ add $done_read to do_grind()
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ add croak tests
2017-06-21  David re-organise option processing
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ fix broken --bisect option
2017-06-21  David Mitchelladd t/porting/bench.t
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ allow 1 perl under --raw
2017-06-21  David Mitchellrename t/porting/bench.t to bench_selftest.t
2017-06-21  David MitchellPorting/ don't print usage on err
2017-06-21  Karl WilliamsonUse Unicode 10.0
2017-06-21  Karl WilliamsonPrepare for Unicode 10.0
2017-06-20  Eric Hermanlinkify Perl 5.27.1 epigraph
2017-06-20  Lukas Maigive Renee his "r" bäck
2017-06-20  Lukas Maiwrap multi-statement macros in STMT_START/STMT_END
2017-06-20  Chris 'BinGOs... cmpVersion skip Module-CoreList modules
2017-06-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Ra ra Rasputin lover of the Russian Queen
2017-06-20  Chris 'BinGOs... Fix release date for v5.27.1
2017-06-20  Eric Hermannew perldelta
2017-06-20  Eric Hermanepigraph for 5.27.1
2017-06-20  Eric HermanMerge branch 'release-5.27.1' into blead
2017-06-20  E. ChorobaPod correction.
2017-06-19  Eric Hermanadd new release to perlhist release-5.27.1 v5.27.1
2017-06-19  Sawyer Xperldelta: one more
2017-06-19  Sawyer Xperldelta: Linkify and C<>'ify
2017-06-19  Eric HermanFirst cut at finalizing perldelta 5.27.1
2017-06-19  Eric HermanUpdate Module::CoreList via
2017-06-18  Yves Ortonadd test for [perl #131522] and fix test for (related...
2017-06-18  Yves OrtonResolve Perl #131522: Spurious "Assuming NOT a POSIX...
2017-06-16  Steve HayRemove unnecessary MSVC*FREE CCTYPEs from Windows makefiles
2017-06-16  Steve HayWe now support building with Visual Studio 2017 (VC...
2017-06-16  David Mitchelldon't call Perl_fbm_instr() with negative length
2017-06-16  David Mitchellperldelta: davem's contributions for 5.27.1 so far
2017-06-16  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Filter-Util-Call to CPAN version 1.57
2017-06-15  Dagfinn Ilmari... Avoid ++ in
2017-06-15  David Mitchellpp_ref: do SvSETMAGIC(TARG)
2017-06-15  Steve HayUpdate gmake for VS 2017
2017-06-15  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Getopt-Long to CPAN version 2.50
2017-06-15  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Devel-PPPort to CPAN version 3.36
2017-06-15  Chris 'BinGOs... Update IO-Socket-IP to CPAN version 0.39
2017-06-15  Yves Ortonadd File::Glob changes to perldelta