2016-03-20  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Clarify a statement
2016-03-20  Karl WilliamsonImprison at_tindex_nomg()
2016-03-20  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Fix -Dr output.
2016-03-20  AbigailDocument the changes for perl 5.23.9
2016-03-19  Craig A. update for newlocale, freelocale, and...
2016-03-19  Father ChrysostomosSort perldiag
2016-03-19  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c, perl.c: Use 'VOL' not 'volatile'
2016-03-19  H.Merijn Brandregen
2016-03-19  H.Merijn BrandAdd Configure probes for newlocale, freelocale, and...
2016-03-19  John PeacockUpdate version to 0.9916
2016-03-19  Steve HayUpgrade Win32API::File from version 0.1202 to 0.1203
2016-03-19  David Mitchell[MERGE] dtrace linking fixups
2016-03-18  David Mitchellfix up dtrace compile/link for Solaris
2016-03-18  David MitchellMakefile.SH: rationalise object list variables
2016-03-18  David Mitchellrename and function-ise dtrace macros
2016-03-18  David MitchellConfigure: silence 'dtrace -G' probe
2016-03-18  David Mitchellregex sets: fix Solaris optimiser bug (2nd attempt)
2016-03-18  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Avoid a memory leak
2016-03-18  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Comment enhancements
2016-03-18  Karl WilliamsonMake instr() a macro
2016-03-18  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Further clarification for term "Latin1"
2016-03-18  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add synonyms for macros
2016-03-18  Karl WilliamsonCarp: Fix .t failure to compile in v5.6
2016-03-18  Leon TimmermansVarious fixups for 0.9914
2016-03-18  John PeacockRemove no longer valid tests
2016-03-18  John PeacockImport 0.9914 from CPAN
2016-03-17  Ricardo Signesperldelta: document exception thrown when -i output...
2016-03-17  Tony Cookcroak on failure to close an in-place edit output file
2016-03-17  Tony Cookreport an error and fail if we can't flush stdout
2016-03-17  Steve Hayperldelta for 22e30cb2a3, 6156385671 and a28fff5120
2016-03-17  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Add comment
2016-03-17  Karl Williamsonregen/ Revamp so works on earlier Unicodes
2016-03-17  Karl Williamsonmktables: Use correct structure to look up data
2016-03-17  Karl Williamsonmktables: Fix bug with early Unicode versions
2016-03-17  Karl Williamsonmktables: Unicode 1.5 only had 2**16 code points
2016-03-17  AbigailThe public_html directory on dromedary is working again.
2016-03-17  Shlomi FishAdd contributing info to Carp.
2016-03-15  David Mitchellharmonize S_dump_exec_pos()'s last arg type
2016-03-15  Tony Cookavoid generating an empty statement outside a function...
2016-03-14  Yves Ortonfix "bad match" issue reported in perl #127705
2016-03-14  Yves Ortonfix perl #127705, incorrect restoration of state during...
2016-03-14  Yves Ortonadd consistency with other union members
2016-03-14  Yves Ortonfixup broken diagnostic
2016-03-14  Andy Broadamigaos4: avoid PerlIO_findFILE() in popen/plcose
2016-03-14  David MitchellConfigure: silence some try.c warnings
2016-03-14  David Mitchells/ar rcu/ar rc/ during linking
2016-03-14  David MitchellHOPBACKc(pos, off): silence compiler warning
2016-03-14  Tony Cookonly call Perl_re_printf() under -DDEBUGGING
2016-03-14  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: recent changes
2016-03-14  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: version bump
2016-03-14  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: the mutex needs init
2016-03-13  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: also hrt_ualarm_itimer() is unused
2016-03-13  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: MUTEX_LOCK, not PERL_MUTEX_LOCK
2016-03-13  Ricardo Signesautouse: update tests to match new v1.11 CPAN release
2016-03-13  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: aim for CPAN release of 1.9731 today
2016-03-13  Yves Ortondont call re_printf() with %*s if you arent going to...
2016-03-13  Yves Ortononce more for the win
2016-03-13  Karl Williamsonlib/warnings.t: Skip an ASCII-centric test on EBCDIC
2016-03-13  Yves Ortonfixup definitions and usage of new re debugging subs
2016-03-13  Yves Orton[perl #126182] rework pattern GOSUB infinite recursion...
2016-03-13  Yves OrtonRework diagnostics in the regex engine
2016-03-13  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: record recent changes
2016-03-13  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: not_used is unused
2016-03-13  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: no mutex for you due to mistyped USE
2016-03-13  Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes: remove unused hrt_ualarm
2016-03-12  Lukas Maiop.c: cosmetic comment changes
2016-03-12  Karl Williamsont/re/uniprops.t: Remove wrong test cases
2016-03-12  David MitchellAPItest.xs silence compiler warning
2016-03-12  David Mitchellregex sets: fix Solaris optimiser bug
2016-03-12  Andy Broadamigaos4: better popen() + pclose() implementation
2016-03-11  Karl WilliamsonFix various pod errors.
2016-03-11  Karl Williamsoninline.h: Fix comment
2016-03-11  Karl Williamsonperlvar: Add a couple links
2016-03-11  Karl Williamsonperllocale: Nits, update for 5.24 changes
2016-03-11  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Clarify Latin1 and ISO-8859-1
2016-03-11  Steve HayExport Winsock error constants from
2016-03-11  Steve HayExport Winsock error constants from
2016-03-11  Steve HaySet $^E for socket errors on Windows
2016-03-11  Jarkko HietaniemiBetter wording.
2016-03-11  Jarkko Hietaniemigitignore for cscope index files.
2016-03-11  Jarkko Hietaniemimake target for cscope indexing.
2016-03-11  Ricardo SignesCPAN release of autouse is now 1.10
2016-03-10  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Document ninstr() and rninstr()
2016-03-10  Karl Williamsont/re/reg_mesg.t: Add some more tests
2016-03-09  Yves Ortonuse inequality when checking "tail" in trie compilation
2016-03-09  Yves OrtonFix Perl #126206: handle NOTHING regops and EXACTFU_SS...
2016-03-09  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Add missing {}
2016-03-09  Tony Cookperldelta for c2538af7458
2016-03-09  Tony Cook[perl #122287] probe in Configure whether dtrace builds...
2016-03-08  Tony Cookfix a skip count in cpan/IPC-SysV/t/ipcsysv.t
2016-03-08  Tony Cook[perl #127533] only test semctl() if we have everything...
2016-03-08  Karl Williamsonperlvar: Cross reference other pods
2016-03-08  Karl WilliamsonConvert to use av_tindex_nomg()
2016-03-08  Karl WilliamsonAdd av_tindex_nomg()
2016-03-08  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Silence some compiler warnings
2016-03-07  Karl Williamsonperlguts: Slight clarification
2016-03-07  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Slight clarification
2016-03-07  Karl Williamsonpod/perldelta: Add some Selected Bug Fixes
2016-03-07  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Remove redundant assignment
2016-03-07  Karl Williamsonperlre: Nits, clarifications