2009-07-19  David Mitchell(mostly) sync blead with ExtUtils::Install 1.52_02
2009-07-19  Craig A. BerryBe sure to find the vmsish pragma for one-liners in...
2009-07-19  Yves Ortonbring up to date with ExtUtils-Install v1.52_02
2009-07-18  Tony Cookmro::method_changed_in(..) ignores AUTOLOAD (RT #60220)
2009-07-18  Vincent PitFix some nits in release_managers_guide.pod
2009-07-18  David Mitchelladd extra note about CoreList to release_managers_guide...
2009-07-18  David Mitchelladd info on updating CoreList and tags to release_manag...
2009-07-18  David MitchellProvisional update of CoreList for 5.10.1
2009-07-18  David Mitchelladd basic usage info to Porting/
2009-07-18  Andy DoughertyConfigure should sort inc_version_list
2009-07-18  Craig A. BerrySome of the TODOs in switches.t actually work on VMS.
2009-07-18  David Mitchellfix pod2usage2 test for all case-insensitive systems
2009-07-17  David E. WheelerFix ExtUtils::Installed failure with -Duserelocatableinc
2009-07-17  David Mitchelldocument why SQLite tests are exlcuded
2009-07-17  Nicholas ClarkAllocate XPV* memory using sizeof() and the offset...
2009-07-17  Nicholas ClarkEliminate struct regexp_allocated and xpvio_allocated.
2009-07-17  Rainer Tammerhints/ remove libgdbm from wanted libs - dbm_stor...
2009-07-17  Rainer TammerREADME.aix for Perl 5.10.1
2009-07-16  Rafael Garcia... Describe changes to Carp and Carp::Heavy
2009-07-16  Rafael Garcia... Add a version number to B::Lint::Debug
2009-07-16  Craig A. BerryNo whitespace before comment allowed in VMS make utilities.
2009-07-16  Craig A. BerryAdditional perlvms.pod updates related to POSIX exit...
2009-07-16  Craig A. BerryURL and other fix-ups for README.vms
2009-07-16  David Mitchellbump Encode version in
2009-07-16  David will work with 5.10.1
2009-07-16  Nicholas ClarkNote that editing pod.list then running pod/buildtoc...
2009-07-16  Adam Russellpatch submission(AUTHORS)
2009-07-16  Adam Russellpatch submisson(symbian/symbian_utils.cpp)
2009-07-16  David MitchellExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.55_01
2009-07-16  John E. MalmbergAn update to the pod is in order for the PERL_VMS_POSIX...
2009-07-15  David Mitchellexpand Porting/release_managers_guide.pod
2009-07-15  Vincent PitDocument PL_opfreehook
2009-07-15  Vincent PitThe op_free() hook doesn't need to return an OP*, so...
2009-07-15  Moritz Lenzdocument given/when in perltrap
2009-07-15  David Mitchelladd Porting/bump-perl-version to MANIFEST
2009-07-14  Craig A. Berrytest_harness, not just test, needs unpack_files on...
2009-07-14  David Mitchelladd Porting/bump-perl-version
2009-07-14  David Mitchellfix some perl version numbers
2009-07-14  Abhijit Menon-SenUpdate my address.
2009-07-14  David GoldenExplain camel and dromedary repository servers
2009-07-14  Rafael Garcia... Don't preload Carp::Heavy in
2009-07-14  Rafael Garcia... Merge Carp::Heavy into Carp
2009-07-13  David Goldenupate pumpking list
2009-07-13  Stepan KasalCosmetic change
2009-07-13  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Encode 2.35
2009-07-13  Michael G.... Clean up t/op/sort.t to constrain tests which use a...
2009-07-13  Paul FenwickBetter flock detection for autodie tests
2009-07-12  Stepan Kasalh2ph: handle "#if defined SYMBOL" better
2009-07-12  Craig A. BerrySome missing realclean items for VMS.
2009-07-12  Michael G SchwernWrong skip count in t/op/stash.t
2009-07-11  David Mitchell[perl #61520] Segfault in debugger with tr// and UTF8
2009-07-11  H.Merijn BrandSubject: [PATCH] Have include the Change...
2009-07-10  David bump Term::ANSIColor version
2009-07-10  David MitchellExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.54
2009-07-10  Rafael Garcia... Remove %patchlevel hash
2009-07-10  David MitchellEncode 2.34
2009-07-10  H.Merijn Brandadd lib/ExtUtils/ParseXS/Changes to MANIFEST
2009-07-09  Jerry D. HeddenFix compiler warning in doio.c
2009-07-09  Gisle AasAvoid test failure on Linux when STDIN is /dev/null
2009-07-09  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Term::ANSIColor 2.01
2009-07-09  David GoldenMake kill() fatal for non-numeric pids
2009-07-09  nperezMake INSTALL -Duserelocatableinc aware
2009-07-09  Chip SalzenbergMerge commit '1640e9f0f39bf8108370c2f5d99bb100fe6c9418...
2009-07-09  Chip Salzenbergfix segfault in -Dx without threads
2009-07-09  Paul FenwickSkip File::Copy return tests on Windows and VMS
2009-07-08  Rafael Garcia... Modify the return value of Gv_AMupdate to indicate...
2009-07-08  Rafael Garcia... Add a parameter "destructing" to Gv_AMupdate()
2009-07-08  David GoldenUpdate ExtUtils::ParseXS to 2.20_01
2009-07-08  Vincent PitAdd a pluggable hook in op_free()
2009-07-08  Rafael Garcia... Mention in perldelta that "use 5.011" enables strictures
2009-07-08  Florian RagwitzIgnore
2009-07-08  Tim JennessFix compiler warning when cuserid is absent and sizeof...
2009-07-08  David GoldenUpdating Module::Build to 0.34
2009-07-08  Craig A. BerryMake File::Copy::rmscopy return the documented values.
2009-07-07  Rafael Garcia... Merge branch 'strict-by-default' into blead
2009-07-07  David Mitchellsome fixes to makerel:
2009-07-07  David Mitchellupdate to CPANPLUS 0.88
2009-07-07  David Mitchellrebump Hash::Util::FieldHash from 1.03_01 to 1.04
2009-07-07  Rafael Garcia... Fast enabling of strictures when version 5.11.0 is...
2009-07-07  Steffen Muelleruse strict by default if "use 5.011" is in effect!
2009-07-07  David Goldenlimit what might try to delete
2009-07-06  David Mitchellupgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.53_03
2009-07-06  hv@crypt.orgRegex fails when string is too long
2009-07-06  Paul FenwickDon't dump autodie from core (was Re: Coring Variable...
2009-07-06  David Mitchellre-add Test::Simple exclude accidentally removed during...
2009-07-06  David Mitchellclarify usage of Porting/Maintainers
2009-07-06  David Mitchelladd core boilerplate to three new Test::Simple tests
2009-07-06  David Mitchellupdate to Test::Simple 0.92
2009-07-06  Paul Explanation as to why autodie tests...
2009-07-06  David Mitchellbump autodie veresion in
2009-07-06  David Mitchellsync Module::Build with CPAN
2009-07-06  David Mitchellsync ExtUtils::CBuilder with CPAM
2009-07-06  Offer KayeAdded missing 2009 to perl.h copyright header
2009-07-06  David GoldenUpdate Module::Build to 0.33_06
2009-07-04  David GoldenUpdated ExtUtils::CBuilder to 0.2602
2009-07-04  Chris 'BinGOs... Update CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to CPAN version 0.36
2009-07-04  Paul FenwickMerge autodie 2.05 into core.
2009-07-04  Jan DuboisThe 2nd arg to save_alloc() must be cast to I32 to...
2009-07-03  David Mitchellbump versions of non-dual-life modules that
2009-07-03  David Mitchellmake ignore