2009-06-18  Craig A. BerryRemove CPANPLUS's SQLite tests from the core.
2009-06-18  Rafael Garcia... Merge branch 'backslash-N' into blead
2009-06-18  Craig A. BerryHandle the rare but legal angle bracket in unixify.
2009-06-17  Rafael Garcia... Add perldelta entry for \N
2009-06-17  Rafael Garcia... Some more tests for \N
2009-06-17  Rafael Garcia... Basic docs for \N
2009-06-16  David Golden[PATCH] Updating Module::Build to 0.33_02
2009-06-16  David lib exclude fixed
2009-06-16  Rafael Garcia... Implement new regex escape \N
2009-06-15  Florian RagwitzUpdate 'NEXT' version in
2009-06-15  Jerry D. HeddenUpdate 'threads' version in
2009-06-15  Rafael Garcia... Fix readline example in perlfunc
2009-06-15  Jarkko HietaniemiThe attached patch to perlio.c fixes the problem of...
2009-06-14  Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.19
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkBring the joy of strict (and warnings) to perlmodlib...
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkImprove perlmodlib.PL. Reduce the amount of special...
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkCorrect the NAME in the Pod of ExtUtils::Constant::XS.
2009-06-13  Jos I. BoumansUpgrade IPC::Cmd to 0.46
2009-06-13  Steffen MuellerUpdate to Data::Dumper 2.124
2009-06-13  David Mitchellsynchronise lib/Log/Message/t/02_Log-Message.t with...
2009-06-13  Rafael Garcia... Add \N idea from Perl 6 to perltodo
2009-06-13  Rafael Garcia... Merge branch 'blead' of camel:/gitroot/perl into blead
2009-06-13  Rafael Garcia... Add perlmodlib.pod in .gitignore, since it's now generated
2009-06-13  Vincent PitMore updates for Porting/
2009-06-13  Rafael Garcia... Nit for the "Missing right brace" error message description
2009-06-13  Graham BarrUpdate to IO-1.25 from CPAN
2009-06-13  David Mitchellminor updates to
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkRemove from and the lists of regene...
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkEliminate the regen_pods target from pod/Makefile,...
2009-06-13  Jos I. BoumansUpdate Archive::Tar to 1.52
2009-06-13  Jos I. BoumansUpdate CPANPLUS to 0.87_02
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkGenerate perlmodlib.pod at build time, instead of shipp...
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkMake perlmodlib.PL chdir into pod. Add a -q flag to...
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkIn perlmodlib.PL, just open files in their original...
2009-06-13  Chris WilliamsUpdate CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to CPAN version 0.34
2009-06-13  Jos I. BoumansUpdate to CPANPLUS 0.87_01
2009-06-13  Jos I. BoumansUpdate to Archive::Tar 1.50
2009-06-13  Jos I. BoumansUpdate to Archive::Extract 0.32
2009-06-13  Steffen MuellerMake SvOK and SvTRUE API docs slightly less utterly...
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkResort MANIFEST.
2009-06-13  Nicholas ClarkFindBin doesn't need to use Config;
2009-06-12  Nicholas ClarkRegenerated perlmodlib.pod
2009-06-12  Nicholas ClarkUpdate perlmodlib.PL to accomodate the re-arranging...
2009-06-12  David Mitchellsync ext/Text-Soundex/README with the CPAN version
2009-06-12  David Mitchellin, move Text-Tabs+Wrap to its correct...
2009-06-12  David Mitchellremove ext/Storable/MANIFEST; its out of date related...
2009-06-12  David Mitchellsync lib/Pod/Simple/ChangeLog with CPAN
2009-06-12  David Mitchellsync t/pod/pod2usage2.t with CPAN (trivial whitespace...
2009-06-12  David MitchellImprove the description of Pod/ in MANIFEST
2009-06-12  David Mitchellremove typo fix from, to keep it in sync with...
2009-06-12  David Mitchellsync lib/Locale/Maketext/ChangeLog from CPAN distro
2009-06-12  David Mitchellremove two files not part of the IO-Compress CPAN distro
2009-06-12  David Mitchellsync CPANPLUS-Dist-Build with CPAN (trivial whitespace...
2009-06-12  David Mitchellsync lib/CPAN/SIGNATURE with its equivalent in the...
2009-06-12  David Mitchellfully sync blead with B::Debug 1.11 (debug.t was out...
2009-06-12  David Mitchellupdate Porting/ with recent module versio...
2009-06-12  David Mitchelltrivial whitspace syncup between blead and CPAN Test...
2009-06-12  David Mitchellfurther sync blead with Net-Ping-2.36
2009-06-12  David Mitchellbump lib/ExtUtils/ version to 0.22 since...
2009-06-12  David Mitchellfix trivial typo in perldelta
2009-06-12  Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.18_01
2009-06-12  Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.18
2009-06-11  Craig A. BerryMake Compare.t work when filenames can't have whitespace.
2009-06-11  Craig A. BerrySome portability and clean-up for errno.t.
2009-06-11  Rafael Garcia... It's not necessary to hardcode skipping of benchmark...
2009-06-11  Max MaischeinAdd t/benchmark to tests run if $ENV{PERL_BENCHMARK...
2009-06-11  Steffen MuellerSync to Data::Dumper 2.123
2009-06-11  David WheelerDocument findsym in Attribute::Handlers
2009-06-10  Rafael Garcia... Do not honor TMPDIR for anonymous temporary files when...
2009-06-10  H.Merijn BrandSmall typo in example.
2009-06-10  David Mitchellupdate comment in following 813720522f
2009-06-10  David Mitchellremove from blead, some files already removed from...
2009-06-10  Steve PetersMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://stevep@perl5.git.perl...
2009-06-10  Niko Tyni[perl #66452] TMPDIR not honored when opening an anonym...
2009-06-10  Steffen MuellerUpgrade Attribute::Handlers to 0.84
2009-06-10  Paul Marquess[PATCH] Filter-Util-Call (was RE: pmqs: dual life modules)
2009-06-09  Gisle AasUpgrade to MIME-Base64-3.08
2009-06-09  Gisle AasUpgrade to Digest-MD5-2.39
2009-06-09  Gisle AasUpgrade to Digest-1.16
2009-06-09  Steffen MuellerUpgrade to Data::Dumper stable release 2.122
2009-06-09  Steve HayFix threads build on Win32
2009-06-09  Nicholas ClarkAdd lib/NEXT/t/dynamically_scoped_regex_vars.t to MANIFEST.
2009-06-09  Jerry D. HeddenMask thread signal handling fix on Win32
2009-06-09  Ian GoodacreRevised description of => operator
2009-06-09  Rafael Garcia... Fix regression test for RT 63110 when running with...
2009-06-09  Jerry D. HeddenUpgrade to threads 1.73
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerMake h2xs add a dependency on for < 5.6.2
2009-06-08  Steffen Muellert/op/my_stash.t should use instead of
2009-06-08  Jesse VincentUpdate to CPAN's 1.25_02.
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerUpdate Pod-Escapes and Test
2009-06-08  Steve PetersSync bleadperl and Net-Ping with the release of Net...
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerJesse Vincent now maintains
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerErrno is no longer dual-lived
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerBump version to match CPAN release
2009-06-08  David Mitchelladd remaining EXCLUDED and MAP fields
2009-06-08  Florian RagwitzUpgrade NEXT to 0.64.
2009-06-08  Stepan Kasalfix RT 39060, errno incorrectly set in perlio
2009-06-08  Rafael Garcia... Add missing test boilerplates to new MakeMaker tests
2009-06-08  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.53_02
2009-06-07  Craig A. BerryThere is no pthread_sigmask on VMS, so use sigprocmask...