2011-09-01  Aristotle PagaltzisIn POSIX, drastically simplify the wrappers for "unimpl...
2011-09-01  Aristotle PagaltzisIn, modernise package variable style.
2011-09-01  Nicholas ClarkThe more regular POSIX "unimplemented" diagnostics...
2011-09-01  Nicholas ClarkImprovements to the diagnostics for "unimplemented...
2011-09-01  Nicholas ClarkTest the POSIX functions that wrap core builtins.
2011-09-01  Nicholas ClarkConvert the POSIX waitpid tests to Test::More.
2011-09-01  Nicholas ClarkExplicitly test both CORE:: and POSIX:: gmtime and...
2011-09-01  Nicholas ClarkTest the diagnostics for usage messages for POSIX wrapp...
2011-09-01  Nicholas ClarkTest the diagnostics for all POSIX::* functions that...
2011-09-01  Nicholas ClarkIn ext/POSIX/t/is.t, make better use of Test::More.
2011-09-01  Gerard GoossenUse OPpDEREF for lvalue sub, such that the flags contai...
2011-09-01  Gerard GoossenReassign op_private flags of OP_ENTERSUB such that...
2011-09-01  Chris 'BinGOs... Update CPANPLUS to CPAN version 0.9110
2011-09-01  Gerard GoossenFix overloaded <> when the peephole optimiser is disabled.
2011-09-01  Father Chrysostomos[perl #97492] Tests & delta for defined ${"::!"}
2011-09-01  Father Chrysostomos[perl #97484] Make defined &{...} vivify CORE subs
2011-09-01  Father Chrysostomos[perl #98092] Fix unreferenced scalar warnings in clone.t
2011-09-01  Steve HayUpdate Win32 canned config header files
2011-08-31  Rafael Garcia... Make switchC.t pass if the environment variable PERL_UN...
2011-08-31  Steve HayPreliminary cleanup of win32/config*.* prior to updatin...
2011-08-31  Chris 'BinGOs... Updated Locale-Codes to CPAN version 3.18
2011-08-30  Father ChrysostomosAvoid an extra SV when creating $] and $^V
2011-08-30  Father ChrysostomosEliminate is_gv_magical_sv
2011-08-30  Nicholas ClarkRemove 3 unused scripts from Porting
2011-08-30  Nicholas ClarkGenerate $Config::Config{byteorder} slightly more effic...
2011-08-30  Father ChrysostomosTiny typo in perldelta
2011-08-30  Father ChrysostomosUpdate docs about &CORE::subs()
2011-08-30  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::write()
2011-08-30  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::unpack()
2011-08-30  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::umask()
2011-08-29  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::foo() for tie functions
2011-08-29  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::tell()
2011-08-29  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::setpgrp()
2011-08-29  Father ChrysostomosMake setpgrp($x) equivalent to setpgrp($x,0)
2011-08-29  Father Chrysostomosmake setpgrpstack.t use skip_all_without_config
2011-08-29  Stephen BennettExtUtils::ParseXS: Don't put null chars into generated...
2011-08-29  Steffen MuellerAdd Stephen Bennett to AUTHORS
2011-08-29  Nicholas ClarkFor s///r, don't call SvPV_force() on the original...
2011-08-29  Florian RagwitzRemove some resolved pod issues
2011-08-29  Florian Ragwitzperlfaq is now maintained on CPAN
2011-08-29  Florian RagwitzUpgrade perlfaq from version 5.015003 to 5.01500301
2011-08-29  Florian RagwitzLet's have at least one indexed package in perlfaq
2011-08-29  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::sysopen()
2011-08-29  Father ChrysostomosUse leavesublv for all CORE subs
2011-08-29  Father ChrysostomosMake tie_fetch_count.t pass with PERL_UNICODE set
2011-08-29  Father ChrysostomosMake coreamp.t pass with PERL_UNICODE set
2011-08-28  Craig A. BerryThinko in vms.c:copy_expand_unix_filename_escape().
2011-08-28  Steffen MuellerBackport XS_(IN|EX)TERNAL, be explicit about linkage
2011-08-28  Steffen MuellerRevert back to making XS(name) expose XSUB symbols
2011-08-28  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::substr()
2011-08-28  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::srand()
2011-08-28  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::sleep()
2011-08-28  Craig A. BerryClose some unclosed comments in vms/vms.c.
2011-08-28  Craig A. BerryFix miscellaneous compiler warnings in vms/vms.c.
2011-08-28  Craig A. BerryRemove unnecessary includes from vms/vms.c.
2011-08-28  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::send() and &CORE::syswrite()
2011-08-28  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::select()
2011-08-28  Father ChrysostomosDocument getprotobynumber’s precedence
2011-08-28  Father Chrysostomos perlfunc/gethostbyname: Add missing C in C<>
2011-08-28  Father ChrysostomosTesting deparsing of CORE::not
2011-08-27  Craig A. BerryGet coreamp.t passing on VMS.
2011-08-27  Karl Williamsonpp.c: Use built-in case tables for ords < 256
2011-08-27  Karl Williamsonpp.c: Change comment
2011-08-27  Florian RagwitzMake pod2html a regular script without substitutions
2011-08-27  Florian RagwitzGive Pod-Html a more modern dist layout
2011-08-27  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::reset()
2011-08-27  Father ChrysostomosGVs of localised arrays and hashes should be refcounted
2011-08-27  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::foo() for (sys)read and recv
2011-08-27  Father ChrysostomosAdd OPpCOREARGS_SCALARMOD flag
2011-08-27  Father ChrysostomosUpdate the comments at the top of t/op/core*.t
2011-08-27  Father ChrysostomosRename t/op/core*.t
2011-08-27  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::rand()
2011-08-27  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::open()
2011-08-26  Father ChrysostomosReverse the order of two tests in gv.t
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::mkdir()
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::lock()
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::index() and &CORE::rindex()
2011-08-26  Father ChrysostomosUpdate UNIVERSAL::VERSION docs following 9bf41c1
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::gmtime() and &CORE::localtime()
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for f132ae69 (*{undef})
2011-08-26  Father ChrysostomosRemove now-unnecessary len check from pp.c:S_rv2gv
2011-08-26  Father ChrysostomosMake *{undef} self-consistent
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomosperlop: Minor consistency tweak
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos[perl #93358] Clarify => quoting
2011-08-26  Florian RagwitzRe-generate uconfig.h
2011-08-26  Florian RagwitzBump the perlfaq version for a new cpan release
2011-08-26  H.Merijn BrandRemove unwanted space in comments
2011-08-26  H.Merijn BrandRevert "Fix Configure's csym test for gcc's link time...
2011-08-26  Father ChrysostomosCorrect mro_get_linear_isa’s docs
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::getpgrp()
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::exit()
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomospp.c: Suppress stupid compiler warning
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::foo() for dbmopen and dbmclose
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::foo() for close, getc and readline
2011-08-26  Craig A. Berryvoid rather than empty parameter for Perl___notused.
2011-08-25  Father Chrysostomos[perl #92376] Change - to : in time template
2011-08-25  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::foo() for @ and $@ prototypes, except unlink
2011-08-25  Father ChrysostomosAdd OPpCOREARGS_PUSHMARK flag
2011-08-25  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::caller()
2011-08-25  Father Chrysostomos&CORE::bless()