2007-05-08  Steve PetersUpgrade to
2007-05-08  Steve PetersUpgrage to bignum-0.21 and Math-BigRat-0.19
2007-05-08  Jos I. BoumansUpdate CPANPLUS to 0.79_02
2007-05-08  Andy Lestermore consting
2007-05-07  Yuval KogmanSync Tie::RefHash with CPAN (1.37)
2007-05-07  Nicholas Exterminate!
2007-05-07  Nicholas ClarkGiven that @optype and @specialsv_name are hard coded...
2007-05-07  Rafael Garcia... Fix [perl #42163] "use base" masks $SIG{__DIE__}
2007-05-07  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Math::BigInt 1.86
2007-05-05  Craig A. BerryArchive::Extract test tries to do the logically impossible.
2007-05-05  Craig A. BerryMake allow a trailing dot in filenames...
2007-05-05  Craig A. BerrySome filename dot and extension help for Module::Build...
2007-05-05  Dave Mitchellmove PL_lex_state into the PL_parser struct
2007-05-05  Nicholas ClarkTweak change 30841 so that B works on maint too.
2007-05-05  Nicholas ClarkShuffling PL_gensym saves 8 bytes on LP64 systems.
2007-05-05  Dave Mitchellmigrate more variables to PL_parser struct:
2007-05-04  Dave Mitchellmove some more variables into the PL_parser struct:
2007-05-04  Rafael Garcia... Add a few manpages to
2007-05-04  Rafael Garcia... Add CPANPLUS to
2007-05-04  Jos I. BoumansAdd CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to the core
2007-05-04  Jos I. BoumansA patch from ExtUtils::CBuilder::Base from :
2007-05-04[perl #42844] careless use of gethostbyname() in Socket.xs
2007-05-04  David LeadbeaterDocumentation fixes for EGID/GID confusion
2007-05-04  Dave Mitchelltoke.c changes missed from change #31134
2007-05-04  Dave Mitchelleliminate PL_bufend from util.c (missed from #30820)
2007-05-04  Dave Mitchellmove PL_expect and PL_copline into the PL_parser structure
2007-05-03  Steve HayFix breakages caused by #31130:
2007-05-03  Steve HaySilence some VC6 compiler warnings in the regex code
2007-05-03  Ævar Arnfjörð... FETCH/STORE/LENGTH callbacks for numbered capture variables
2007-05-03  Nicholas ClarkMove PL_delayedisa into a better spot in the interprete...
2007-05-03  Gerard GoossenAdd John Peacock as maintainer of
2007-05-03  Nicholas ClarkInitialise PL_delayedisa on thread clone.
2007-05-03  AbigailFix warning.
2007-05-03  Andy LesterThe revenge of the consts
2007-05-03  Brandon BlackRe: mro status, etc
2007-05-03  Steve HayFix a CPANPLUS test that fails when run on a read-only...
2007-05-02  Nicholas ClarkGet PERL_OLD_COPY_ON_WRITE passing all tests, apart...
2007-05-02  Jonathan Steinert[perl #42839] Swatch hash cache has key mismatch
2007-05-02  Yves Ortontweak some regexp params to avoid warnings
2007-05-02  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to XSLoader 0.08
2007-05-02  Ævar Arnfjörð... When FETCHSIZE returns <0 perl segfaults
2007-05-02  Steve HayFix threaded builds (broken by change #31112)
2007-05-02  Jerry D. HeddenRemove ext/Thread
2007-05-01  Steve PetersFixing a Perl_my_dirfd() related test failure.
2007-05-01  Steve PetersAdd Perl_my_dirfd() to util.c
2007-05-01  Yves OrtonRe: [PATCH] Change meaning of \v, \V, and add \h, ...
2007-04-30  Rafael Garcia... Two new manpages, by Abigail
2007-04-30  Rafael Garcia... Signedness nit, found by Jarkko
2007-04-30  Gerard Goossenmake mad/ use strict
2007-04-30  Brandon BlackRe: mro status, etc
2007-04-30  Ævar Arnfjörð... Re: [PATCH] Cleanup of the regexp API
2007-04-28  Craig A. BerryVMS-specific tweak to FindBin for when $0 returns a...
2007-04-28  Craig A. BerryDon't try to build old Thread extension on VMS when...
2007-04-27  Steve HayDo the same as #31095 for Win32
2007-04-27  Yves OrtonRe: Analysis of problems with mixed encoding case insen...
2007-04-27  Rafael Garcia... Reindent bash functions properly
2007-04-27  Jan DuboisCargo-cult fix for an AIX build problem
2007-04-27  Rafael Garcia... Fix a signed/unsigned comparison warning
2007-04-27  H.Merijn BrandMore up-to-date info about the metaunits
2007-04-27  Craig A. Berryspecial Configure handling for IO/Compress modules...
2007-04-26  Nicholas ClarkAvoid a SIGBUS caused by passing a U32 pointer to utf8_...
2007-04-26  Devin Heitmuellerstrxfrm() returns a size_t, not a ssize_t. See:
2007-04-26  Brandon BlackFix a bug in method caching. Better version (broader...
2007-04-26  Rafael Garcia... Doc nit, by Peter Scott
2007-04-26  Steve HayRe: VMS and Win32 Makefiles in change 31059
2007-04-26  Rafael Garcia... Remove the Thread typemap
2007-04-26  Brandon Blackmro status, etc
2007-04-26  Brandon BlackFix mro docs.
2007-04-26  Rafael Garcia... Forgot to submit regcomp.c in change #31081
2007-04-26  Rafael Garcia... Do the same thing as change #31082, but for
2007-04-26  Dave Mitchelleliminate "unused var" warning
2007-04-26  Johan VromansRe: The Strict trap
2007-04-26  Yves OrtonRe: Analysis of problems with mixed encoding case insen...
2007-04-26  Alexey Tourbinfixed Fcntl::S_IFMT() breakage introduced by change...
2007-04-25  Jerry D. HeddenSafely store user locks in threads::shared
2007-04-25  Jerry D. HeddenThread.xs doesn't need magic sig anymore
2007-04-25  Johan VromansSmall perlivp.PL updates
2007-04-25  Rafael Garcia... overload must not load XS modules at compile time,...
2007-04-25  Rafael Garcia... Remove a now redundant require
2007-04-25  Rafael Garcia... Move the require at the top of the file.
2007-04-25  Brandon BlackRe: [Andreas J. Koenig] C3 MRO breaks Params::Util...
2007-04-25  Steve PetersUpgrade to CPAN-1.9101
2007-04-25  Nicholas ClarkAvoid the need for 2 casts added in 31055 by using...
2007-04-25  Nicholas ClarkRemove vestigical include of <ctype.h>, which came...
2007-04-25  Alexandr Ciorniiperlre.pod spellcheck
2007-04-25  H.Merijn BrandLeave try.c and include files where they are if we...
2007-04-25  Jerry D. HeddenMove hash action constants to hv.h
2007-04-25  Rafael Garcia... perlguts nit, found by Jerry D. Hedden
2007-04-25  Craig A. BerryWork a little harder at building generate_uudmap on...
2007-04-25  Steve PetersUpgrade to Encode-2.20
2007-04-24  Nicholas ClarkOoops. It helps to p4 add the new file.
2007-04-24  Nicholas ClarkMake PL_uudmap a constant global. Remove the run time...
2007-04-24  Dave Mitchellmove PL_linestr from the interpreter struct to the...
2007-04-24  Steve HaySilence VC6 warning about not all control paths returni...
2007-04-24  Steve HayFix a function signature missed by #31027 to silence...
2007-04-24  Steve HaySilence 5 "possible loss of data" warnings from VC6
2007-04-24  Devin Heitmueller[perl #42648] [PATCH] crash in win32/VMem.h when out...
2007-04-24  Rafael Garcia... Adjust test count.
2007-04-24  Rafael Garcia... Fix potential precedence problem
2007-04-24  Rafael Garcia... Remove unnecessarily paranoid protection in pp_defined