2015-05-19  Ricardo Signesdocument infnan failure on VC6 as known problem v5.22.0-RC1
2015-05-19  Ricardo Signesfill in tentative release date for v5.22.0
2015-05-19  Ricardo Signespatchlevel: we are now releasing v5.22.0 RC1
2015-05-19  Daniel Dragandont use a 64 bit constant for a 32 bit value
2015-05-19  Steve HayRevert Windows test watchdog() to kill('KILL', ...)
2015-05-19  Ricardo Signescorelist: regenerate the v5.22.0 corelist delta
2015-05-19  Ricardo Signesperlhist: expected perl v5.22.0 release dates
2015-05-19  Ricardo Signesperldelta: the v5.22.0 acknowledgements
2015-05-19  Ricardo Signesswitch perldelta module diff to "go ask corelist"
2015-05-18  David MitchellRevert "stop T_IN/OUT/INOUT/STDIO typemaps leaking"
2015-05-18  David Mitchelldavem's perldelta proofreading part 3
2015-05-18  David Mitchelldavem's perldelta proofreading part 2
2015-05-18  David Mitchellclarify apidoc for Perl_sv_get_backrefs
2015-05-18  Steve HayPerlIO::via::QuotedPrint finally has a new release...
2015-05-17  David Mitchellperdelta tweaks based on bulk88 feedback.
2015-05-17  David Mitchellbump utf8 version after doc fix
2015-05-17  Rafael Garcia... Fix a doc typo in the spelling of EBCDIC
2015-05-16  James E KeenanSmall grammatical correction in documentation of C...
2015-05-16  David Mitchella few perldelta nits
2015-05-16  Aaron Craneperldelta: typo fixes and wordsmithing
2015-05-16  Herbert Breunungnote that .. can also create string ranges
2015-05-15  David MitchellRT #124156: death during unwinding causes crash
2015-05-15  Tony Cookperldelta for 5cd35aacb089
2015-05-15  Tony Cook[perl #123998] prevent a missing chcp causing failures...
2015-05-15  Tony Cookbump all of the EUMM module versions to avoid confusion
2015-05-15  Tony Cookbackport 37c49881 from the EUMM repository
2015-05-15  Tony Cookbackport 1e2f0871 from the EUMM repository
2015-05-14  Aaron Craneperldelta: add obituary entry for Brian McCauley
2015-05-14  David Mitchelldavem's perldelta proofreading part 1
2015-05-14  Tony Cookmake minitest on win32
2015-05-14  Tony Cooktest-prep-gcc was broken and fixed within 5.21
2015-05-14  Tony Cooklist form of pipe open didn't work on Win32 at all...
2015-05-14  Tony Cookadd the second variation of the "unable to close" warni...
2015-05-13  David Mitchellperldelta tweaks
2015-05-13  David Mitchellupdate known issues for recent perldelta update
2015-05-13  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Highlight some 5.21 areas; fix others
2015-05-13  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add a couple more C<>'s
2015-05-13  Ricardo Signesperldelta: invoker v0.34 known to need fixes for blead
2015-05-13  Ricardo Signesperldelta: NgxQueue v0.02 known broken with blead
2015-05-13  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Remove extraneous ">"
2015-05-12  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Combine some text; delete outdated; add new
2015-05-12  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Nits
2015-05-12  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add a bunch of C<> and S<>
2015-05-12  Matthew Horsfallperldelta: Minor consistency / grammar fixes.
2015-05-12  Matthew Horsfallperldelta: Reword entry about double-diamond operator.
2015-05-12  Matthew Horsfallperldelta: Update release order for consistency
2015-05-12  Steve HayFix a few perldelta typos
2015-05-12  Steve Hayperldelta - Fill in missing links
2015-05-12  David Mitchellperldelata: consolate PERL_OP_PARENT stuff
2015-05-12  Ricardo Signesperlhist: add the release data for 5.22
2015-05-11  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Use UVCHR_SKIP not UNI_SKIP
2015-05-11  Karl Williamsonperlfunc: Slight clarification
2015-05-10  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #125145] perlrun: Fix typo
2015-05-09  Philippe Bruhat... perlperf: fix some apostrophes and add a C<>
2015-05-09  Steve HayDo not use bareword TERM or KILL in kill() call in...
2015-05-09  Karl Williamsonperlebcdic: Document v5.22 EBCDIC bugs
2015-05-09  Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Fix small misstatement
2015-05-09  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Add 2 links to other parts of the pod
2015-05-09  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Fix some podcheck pedantic errors
2015-05-09  Karl Williamsonperlport: Add notes about EBCDIC
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signespodcheck: add known link target Devel::Spy
2015-05-09  Ricardo SignesBump perl version to v5.22.0-RC0
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: Devel-Spy known to be broken
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signesbump version of overload in corelist
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signesdocument that we may add more overloaded ops over time
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: prefer "CPAN" to "cpan"
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta/perldiag: make a pod cross-reference pass...
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signesdescribe errors with no description, delete obsolete...
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta is now the perl5220delta
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signescorelist for v5.22.0
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signesbump version: make regen
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signes...but actually we are RC0
2015-05-09  Ricardo Signesbump version to v5.22.0 with Porting/bump-perl-version
2015-05-09  Ricardo bump version
2015-05-08  Aristotle PagaltzisPOSIX: revert exported functions to 5.20.2 state
2015-05-08  Karl WilliamsonAdd note to EBCDIC README's, asking for input
2015-05-08  David Mitchellallow undef as an arg to '&' prototype
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlop: Don't use bitwise string ops on UTF-8
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlop: Make correction
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlguts: Add links to perlunicode
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Revamp
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Nits, minor fixes
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperluniintro: Add note
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlunitut: Add note
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlrun: Note existence of -DL
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlrebackslash: Note \b{sb} is subject to change
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlebcdic: Move text from perlunicode
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Clearer wording in intro
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Add intro text to Unicode section
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Refer to perlguts for XS handling
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlguts: Add/update text about handling Unicode
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlguts: Add EBCDIC info
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlguts: Nits, corrections and clarifications
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonperlapi: Document some functions
2015-05-07  Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Add a #define
2015-05-07  Dave RolskyAdd a missing word in perlobj
2015-05-07  Aristotle PagaltzisPOSIX: discourage use of default exports
2015-05-07  Aristotle PagaltzisPOSIX/t/math.t: skip fpclassify where unsupported
2015-05-07  Aristotle PagaltzisPOSIX: document the new C99 math constants
2015-05-06  Craig A. BerryFix unixify when beginning with current directory.