2012-10-17  Peter MartiniUpdate perly.y digest
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniCvPADLIST can be NULL, which would segv NAMECNT
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniDie if a sub with a sig would use an inherited @_
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniReduce redundant code
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniNAMECNT should be cloned in cv_clone,
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniBan goto'ing into a sub with a signature.
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniIncorrect tests - &banned5 is using inherited @_,
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniChanged the error message from Cannot to Can't
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniIts not necessary to explicitly undef in entersub
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniRestore the original check for doing an arg list
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniAdded proto attribute awareness
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniNo need to pass bad_proto to scan_named_proto
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniTeaching B::Deparse about the new signatures.
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniRemove an outdated comment
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniAdd support for named hashes.
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniAdd support for named arrays.
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniThe TODO for mismatched parameters is already done
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniPADSTALE must be off, since its always in scope
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniAdded tests for aliasing @_
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniAdded a new kind of magic, poison, so @_ is deadly
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniThe warning won't have a space unless signatures
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniMake the literal '@_' illegal in subs with sigs
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniAdded a private function is_sub_with_sig
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniClearing the pad between calls is no longer a TODO
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniMove the new behavior under a feature
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniParameters will be writable copies
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniNeed to explicitly clone the name count
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniAdd support for the proto() attribute
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniRemove redundant SvPADMY_on
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniCreate lexicals in pp_entersub
2012-10-17  Jesse Luehrsmore tests
2012-10-17  Jesse Luehrsfix test counts
2012-10-17  Jesse Luehrsmore tests
2012-10-17  Jesse Luehrsadd a couple more tests
2012-10-17  Jesse Luehrsfix up the namedproto test
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniEnabled named parameters in entersub Updated t/comp...
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniAdded scan_proto, and manually merged perly.act
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniMove the prototype related code into its own func This...
2012-10-17  Peter MartiniAdd an AV field to PADLIST to store named params
2012-10-16  Steffen Muellercpan: Upgrade AutoLoader to 5.73
2012-10-16  Chris 'BinGOs... Update HTTP-Tiny to CPAN version 0.024
2012-10-16  Chris 'BinGOs... Sync Module-CoreList in Porting/ with...
2012-10-16  Father Chrysostomosperlδ up to 40f316a72b
2012-10-16  Father ChrysostomosMake PerlIO::encoding handle cows
2012-10-16  Father ChrysostomosPrune some dead code in pp.c:pp_undef
2012-10-15  Father ChrysostomosMake PerlIO::encoding even more resilient to moving...
2012-10-15  Steve HayBump $Win32CORE::VERSION following commit 35f601d964
2012-10-15  Daniel Draganhave Win32CORE use ALIAS/XSANY
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Don't set /i in start class unless /l
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonregexp.t: Add 'no warnings "utf8";
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Correct some values for EBCDIC
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonregex: White-space, comment only; no code changes
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonregex: Rename macro to reflect its narrowed use
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonregex: Splice out no longer used array element
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonregex: Remove old code that tried to handle multi-char...
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Fix-up indentaion; no code changes
2012-10-14  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #89774] multi-char fold + its fold in...
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonregen/ Make list for multi-fold chars
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonmktables: Add table for chars with multi-char fold
2012-10-14  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Rename a macro, fix-up comments
2012-10-13  Dominic HargreavesLink to 5.14.3 announcement
2012-10-13  Father ChrysostomosHandle cow $_ in @INC filter
2012-10-13  Father ChrysostomosAllow COW copies in aassign
2012-10-12  Dominic HargreavesAdd references to perl5143delta
2012-10-12  Dominic HargreavesAdd the 5.14.3 perldelta
2012-10-12  Dominic HargreavesAdd 5.14.3 to perlhist
2012-10-12  Dominic Hargreavesadd 5.14.3 epigraph
2012-10-12  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Module-CoreList Changes file
2012-10-12  Chris 'BinGOs... Add v5.14.3 data to Module::CoreList and bump to 2.74
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomostoke.c: Rewrite bogus yylex comment
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomosperlreapi.pod: Consistent spaces after dots
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomosperlreapi.pod: Document RXf_MODIFIES_VARS
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomosperlreapi.pod: Update RXf_SKIPWHITE section
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomosperlreapi.pod: Update RXf_SPLIT section
2012-10-12  Father ChrysostomosDisable const repl optimisation for empty pattern
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomosdefins.t: Suppress uninit warning
2012-10-12  Brad GilbertMove tests from t/op/while_readdir.t to t/op/defins.t
2012-10-12  Father ChrysostomosUse const repl optimisation with s///e where possible
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomosperl5180delta: B::Generate is fixed
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomos[perl #49190] Don’t prematurely optimise s/foo/bar...
2012-10-12  Father ChrysostomosDon’t taint return value of s///e based on replacement
2012-10-12  Father ChrysostomosRemove PMf_MAYBE_CONST
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomos[perl #49190] Stringify repl repeatedly in s///g
2012-10-12  Father ChrysostomosRXf_MODIFIES_VARS
2012-10-12  Father ChrysostomosDefine RXf_SPLIT and RXf_SKIPWHITE as 0
2012-10-12  Father Chrysostomospp_hot.c:pp_subst: add comment
2012-10-12  Father ChrysostomosSimplify the fix for bug #41530
2012-10-12  Karl Williamsonperldelta for [perl #114982]
2012-10-12  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Use more precise definition of folding chars
2012-10-12  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add macro which returns if a char is folding
2012-10-12  Karl Williamsonregen/ Add bit for if character...
2012-10-12  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Optimize EXACTFish nodes without folds to...
2012-10-12  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Fix EXACT node handling in regrepeat()
2012-10-11  Steve HayFix indentation after a19baa613c
2012-10-11  Daniel Draganstop Win32 VC miniperl from exporting functions
2012-10-10  Daniel Draganfix C++ builds broken by cdc4a174060
2012-10-10  Father Chrysostomos[perl #114658] Fix line numbers at the end of string...
2012-10-10  Steve HayAdd extern "C" to definitions of four win32_ functions
2012-10-10  David Mitchell[MERGE] revamp dist/B-Deparse/t/core.t
2012-10-10  David MitchellDeparse/t/core.t: add support for lex vars