2010-09-17  Tony CookExplicitly disable unicode for non-unicode tests in...
2010-09-17  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: perldelta entry for [\8] [perl #76840] fix.
2010-09-16  Chas. Owensreftype() used without checking for undef
2010-09-16  Florian RagwitzBack out the mauve module and related changes
2010-09-16  Karl WilliamsonFix /[\8]/ to not match NULL; give correct warning
2010-09-16  Father ChrysostomosFix "Wide character in warn" warning
2010-09-16  Father ChrysostomosFix warn to respect utf8-encoded scalars [perl #45549]
2010-09-16  Father Chrysostomoschange warn.t to use
2010-09-16  Rainer TammerAdd info regarding AIX 7.1
2010-09-16  Zeframadd hv_copy_hints_hv and save_hints to the API
2010-09-16  Jim Cromie'make regen' really shouldn't be special
2010-09-15  Florian RagwitzFix a pod link I broke
2010-09-15  Florian is upstream blead
2010-09-15  Gisle AasCPAN is UPSTREAM for Digest and Digest-MD5
2010-09-15  Florian RagwitzAdd Rob to AUTHORS
2010-09-15  Rob HoelzUpdate AUTOLOAD section in perlsub
2010-09-15  Karl Williamsonperlunicode.pod: Clarify user-defined casing.
2010-09-15  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: regex longjmp flaws
2010-09-15  Michael G.... Add new_ok() to create and test objects. From Test...
2010-09-15  Michael G.... Add note() to put informational notes into the TAP...
2010-09-15  Michael G.... Add done_testing from Test::More
2010-09-15  Michael G.... Shut up "used only once" warnings.
2010-09-15  brian d foyMerge branch 'briandfoy/perlfaq' of ssh://perl5.git...
2010-09-15  brian d foyMove book info to perlbook from perlfaq2
2010-09-15  Florian RagwitzUpgrade Math::BigRat from version 0.25 to 0.26
2010-09-15  Florian RagwitzWe now include Safe version 2.28
2010-09-15  Florian RagwitzSynchronize Module-CoreList's META.yml
2010-09-15  Florian RagwitzUpgrade bignum from version 0.24 to 0.25
2010-09-15  Florian RagwitzBump $open::VERSION
2010-09-14  Florian RagwitzUpgrade Math::BigRat from version 0.24 to 0.25
2010-09-14  Florian RagwitzPod fix for perldelta
2010-09-14  Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to a1bbdff
2010-09-14  brian d foyMerge branch 'briandfoy/perlfaq' of ssh://perl5.git...
2010-09-14  brian d foy* Add multilevel hash exists() to perlfaq4
2010-09-14  brian d foy* Added a smart match example to perlfaq6
2010-09-14  brian d foyMore whitespace cleanups
2010-09-14  brian d foyWhitespace cleanups
2010-09-14  brian d foyperlfaq4: fix a minor grammar problem in the Y2K answer
2010-09-14  brian d foy* Correct Higher Order Perl to Higher-Order Perl
2010-09-14  brian d foyFix trailing whitespace
2010-09-14  brian d foy* Update Effective Perl Programming reference
2010-09-14  brian d foy* How can I read in an entire file all at once?
2010-09-14  brian d foy* How can I read in an entire file all at once?
2010-09-14  brian d foy* How come when I open a file read-write it wipes it...
2010-09-14  brian d foy* How do I handle linked lists?
2010-09-14  brian d foy* How can I write() into a string?
2010-09-14  brian d foyHow do I make sure users can't enter values into a...
2010-09-14  brian d foy* My CGI script runs from the command line but not...
2010-09-14  brian d foy* How do I fetch/put an FTP file?
2010-09-14  brian d foy* Add multilevel hash exists() to perlfaq4
2010-09-14  brian d foy* Added a smart match example to perlfaq6
2010-09-14  Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_ck_subr(), no need to create/set o3 in the...
2010-09-13  Florian RagwitzUpgrade Math::BigInt::FastCalc from 0.21 to 0.22
2010-09-13  Florian RagwitzUpgrade Math::BigInt from version 1.93 to 1.95
2010-09-13  Steve HayMake the setting of write-bits safer in Porting\makerel
2010-09-13  Steve HayFix typo in Porting\makerel comments
2010-09-13  Steve HayAdd perl-5.12.2 to perlhist.pod
2010-09-13  Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_ck_subr, remove delete_op, unused since asserti...
2010-09-13  Florian RagwitzUpgrade Math::BigInt from version 1.92 to 1.93
2010-09-13  Florian RagwitzMake Math-BigInt require perl 5.6.2
2010-09-13  Aristotle Pagaltzisimprove layer class error message
2010-09-13  Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_ck_subr(), move to once place all setting of...
2010-09-13  Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_ck_subr(), consolidate all the prototype code...
2010-09-13  Rafael Garcia... Bump Safe's VERSION to 2.28
2010-09-13  Rafael Garcia... Avoid infinite loop in _find_code_refs.
2010-09-13  Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_ck_subr(), hoist the if (proto) check outside...
2010-09-13  BramExtra tests for a regex followed by an operator or...
2010-09-13  BramAdd tests for 72922.
2010-09-13  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Use longjmp to abandon first pass quickly
2010-09-13  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Macroize changing regex to utf8
2010-09-13  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Clarify and typos in comments
2010-09-13  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add bounds checking to case change arrays
2010-09-13  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add FITS_IN_8_BITS() macro
2010-09-13  Father Chrysostomos[perl #77684] Restore the 5.10/12 behaviour of open...
2010-09-13  brian d foyMore whitespace cleanups
2010-09-13  brian d foyWhitespace cleanups
2010-09-13  Father ChrysostomosTest %main::OVERLOAD, which was almost broken by a...
2010-09-13  Craig A. BerryReverse uudmap.h and bitcount.h dependencies.
2010-09-13  Craig A. BerryInstall op_reg_common.h on VMS.
2010-09-12  Ricardo Signesrename &warnings::register to avoid ambiguity
2010-09-12  David Mitchellfix a couple of -Dmad compiler warnings
2010-09-11  David Mitchellfix hv.c API doc nits.
2010-09-11  David Mitchelllist cxt hash assign with dups gives garbage
2010-09-11  Florian RagwitzUpgrade EUMM from version 6.57_01 to 6.57_05
2010-09-11  Nicholas ClarkRemove obsolete test boilerplate from Math::BigInt...
2010-09-11  Nicholas ClarkConvert Math::BigInt::FastCalc tests from Test to Test...
2010-09-11  Florian RagwitzShorten external symbol name for VMS
2010-09-11  Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to 38ef960
2010-09-11  Florian RagwitzBump $POSIX::VERSION
2010-09-11  Florian RagwitzAdd missing POSIX signal constants
2010-09-11  Reini UrbanB-Debug 1.14
2010-09-11  Ævar Arnfjörð... segfault on &Internals::* due to missing SvROK()
2010-09-11  Zeframfix MAD breakage caused by qw patch
2010-09-10  Zeframdocumentation on hooking the peephole optimiser
2010-09-10  Florian RagwitzMention the warnings changes in "updated modules"
2010-09-10  Florian RagwitzBump $warnings{,::register}::VERSION
2010-09-10  Florian RagwitzUpdate with the ::register changes
2010-09-10  Ricardo Signesperldelta for warnings updates
2010-09-10  Ricardo Signesimprove registration of warning categories
2010-09-10  Nicholas ClarkConvert Math::BigInt tests from Test to Test::More.