2003-11-03  Rafael Garcia... Document the fact that keys() and values() are optimized
2003-11-03  Nicholas ClarkStas would prefer not to have MOD_PERL defines in perl.
2003-11-03  Nicholas Clarks/new_hash/rehash/g (Stas suggested a better name)
2003-11-02  Nicholas ClarkProvide Internals::new_hash_seed to return PL_new_hash_...
2003-11-02  Rafael Garcia... Fix for [perl #24347] segfault with Safe
2003-11-02  Marcus Holland... update description
2003-11-02  Rafael Garcia... Mention perl 5.8.2-RC1 in perlhist, as spotted by Abigail.
2003-11-02  Ilya ZakharevichOS/2 build
2003-11-02  Rafael Garcia... Quoted-printable is evil.
2003-11-02  Nicholas ClarkStas spotted a missed s//new_/ for the hash seed renami...
2003-11-02  Greg MathesonPortability nit for MinGW 3.
2003-11-02  david nicolDOCPATCH: does STORE need to return anything and if...
2003-11-01  Paul MarquessDB_File 1.807
2003-11-01  Rick DelaneyRe: [PATCH bleadperl] (was Re: Is this brokenness in...
2003-11-01  Nicholas ClarkD'oh! t/op/hash.t wasn't in the MANIFEST. Rafael spotte...
2003-11-01  Nicholas Clarkmod_perl2 will require access to the Plan C hashing...
2003-11-01  Nicholas ClarkAdd Internals::HvREHASH to expose the rehashing flag
2003-11-01  Dave Mitchellwhoops, typo
2003-11-01  Dave Mitchell[perl #24368] seg faults when deleting keys of shared...
2003-10-31  Andy DoughertyRe: [perl #24367] [PATCH] configure flag -Dextras=...
2003-10-31  Rafael Garcia... Prevent the installation of makefiles that can be found
2003-10-31  Rafael Garcia... Test nit ; goes with change 21591
2003-10-31  Gisle AasDocument PERL_DL_NONLAZY
2003-10-31  Slaven RezicOff-by-one error in regcomp.c
2003-10-31  Stas Bekman[patch pod/perlfunc.pod] separate two unrelated notes...
2003-10-31  Stas Bekman[5.8.x segfault + patch] chicken&egg segfault in -Dm...
2003-10-31  Marcus Holland... Devel::PPPort and scan_bin
2003-10-31  Jan Duboischange p4d2p to deal with new style diff2 output
2003-10-31  Nicholas ClarkComment that this "optimisation" is actually a necessar...
2003-10-30  Michael G.... Rewrite to correctly use
2003-10-30  Artur BergmanFix for the orange lion bug - aka empty sub bug
2003-10-30  Nicholas Clark14 is the chain length for attack. From
2003-10-29  perl-5.8.0... Move a fcntl() example in perlfunc at a more proper...
2003-10-28  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.52.
2003-10-28  Rafael Garcia... [PATCH lib/overload.t] TODO tests for bug #24313.
2003-10-28  AbigailTest (5.9.x)
2003-10-27  Dave MitchellFix more shared threads leaks: add SAVETMPS to the...
2003-10-27  Rafael Garcia... Add a new taint error, "%ENV is aliased to %s".
2003-10-27  Nicholas ClarkRecord the escape^Wrelease of 5.9.0
2003-10-27  Alan BurlisonRe: DBD::Sybase and Sybase::CTlib build problems w...
2003-10-27  Nicholas ClarkSync with Unicode::Normalize 0.25
2003-10-27  Nicholas ClarkSync with Unicode::Collate 0.30
2003-10-27  Nicholas ClarkSync with Pod::Perldoc 3.12
2003-10-27  Abhijit Menon-SenWill the real off by one please stand up?
2003-10-27  Hugo van der... fixup separators
2003-10-27  Hugo van der... don't complain of podless .pm files that have a separat...
2003-10-27  Hugo van der... regen pods and toc
2003-10-26  Rafael Garcia... When %ENV has been turned into a non-magical hash after a
2003-10-26  Rafael Garcia... Fix backward-compatibility issues in
2003-10-26  Hugo van der... Update Changes. perl-5.9.0
2003-10-26  Abhijit Menon-SenFix off-by-one in $0 set magic. (From Autrijus.)
2003-10-25  Nicholas Clarkshow the rehash flags in dumps
2003-10-25  Nicholas ClarkReturn 21533 (with modifications) having found the...
2003-10-25  Nicholas ClarkBack out 21533 because it broke Encode's build in reall...
2003-10-25  Nicholas ClarkPlan C rough edge smoothing. Criteria for a hash split...
2003-10-25  Richard ClampRe: [perl #948] $, untieable?
2003-10-23  Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2003-10-23  Nicholas ClarkWhen it says "add", then, like, you have to p4 add...
2003-10-23  Dave MitchellFix two threads::shared leaks
2003-10-23  Jan Dubois[PATCH] Update Pod::Perldoc from 3.10 to 3.11
2003-10-23  Gisle Aasutime documentation
2003-10-23  Jan Duboisdup2() not going through PerlLIO abstraction layer
2003-10-22  Edward Moypatch created by Casey West from:
2003-10-22  Rafael Garcia... Small email update in AUTHORS.
2003-10-22  Rafael Garcia... Add a test.taintwarn makefile target,
2003-10-21  Radu Greabembedding perl
2003-10-21  Rafael Garcia... Fix doc bug #23890, as suggested by Himanshu Garg :
2003-10-21  Ilya ZakharevichTwo OS/2 portability patches from Ilya.
2003-10-20  Marcus Holland... add some missing defines to Devel::PPPort
2003-10-20  Slaven RezicRe: [perl #24225] [5.8.1] segfault in binmode STDOUT...
2003-10-20  Rafael Garcia... Skip the chflags tests in filetest.t on Darwin.
2003-10-17  Nicholas ClarkPlan C rough edge smoothing - forgot to turn on the...
2003-10-17  Slaven Rezic-u is deprecated.
2003-10-17  Rafael Garcia... The compilation of PerlIO::via may hang on AIX when
2003-10-16  Nicholas ClarkPlan C for foiling the algorithmic complexity attack
2003-10-16  Dave MitchellEnsure PL_comppad/curpad point to PL_main_cv's padlist...
2003-10-16  Nicholas ClarkDuplicate 19423 (pathological hashes too easy) into...
2003-10-16  Alexey TourbinRe: assert.h breaks perl.h
2003-10-16  Slaven RezicTie::Hash documentation
2003-10-16  Rafael Garcia... Further tweak on change #21464.
2003-10-16  Gisle Aasperl -h tweak [PATCH]
2003-10-15  Rafael Garcia... Perlfaq1 : take notice that 5.8.1 is now released.
2003-10-15  Rafael Garcia... PerlFAQ sync. (only actual changes)
2003-10-15  Rafael Garcia... Typos.
2003-10-15  Rafael Garcia... Fix bug [perl #24212] : improper error recovery in the
2003-10-15  Rafael Garcia... Update MIME::Base64 and Digest::MD5 from the CPAN version.
2003-10-15  Rafael Garcia... Add support for Linux abstract unix domain sockets...
2003-10-15  Audrey TangSIGN => 1 support for MakeMaker
2003-10-15  Abhijit Menon-SenRewrite #21447.
2003-10-15  Stas Bekman[patch pod/perliol.pod]
2003-10-14  Nicholas ClarkDuplicate 19423 (pathological hashes too easy) into...
2003-10-13  Marcus Holland... Changes #20819 and #20996 break compatibility with...
2003-10-13  Iain Spoon... [perl #24189] Incorrect comment in perldoc strict
2003-10-13  Jan DuboisInternals::hash_seed() returns wrong value
2003-10-12[perl #24122] setreuid and friends borked on darwin/osx
2003-10-12  Slaven RezicTie::Hash documentation
2003-10-12  Slaven RezicRe: [perl #24122] setreuid and friends borked on darwin/osx
2003-10-12  Rafael Garcia... Minor nit in perlrun, spotted by Art Haas.
2003-10-10  Elizabeth Mattijsenthreads::async + some cleanup
2003-10-10  Abhijit Menon-SenMake everyone stop posting to p5p about 0e0.