2012-04-21  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: New section for redef warnings
2012-04-21  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Rmv null-named const bug
2012-04-21  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Move more re fixes to the re section
2012-04-21  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Separate section for PL_last_in_gv fixes
2012-04-21  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Move more COW stuff into the COW section
2012-04-21  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Make an uninit warning bug fix section
2012-04-21  Father Chrysostomos[perl #112316] Make strict vars respect null-to-null...
2012-04-21  Father Chrysostomos[perl #111980] Don’t allow ‘my $♠’
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Shrink tie bug fix section
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Move one more -l bug to the ft section
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: New secton for tie bugs
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Section for vstring & ver obj fixes
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Misc tweaks
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Finish rewriting stat/filetest section
2012-04-20  Ricardo Signesadd a missing C<...> to perldelta
2012-04-20  Ricardo Signesseveral perl5160delta.pod tweaks or fixes
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: A hint bug I missed
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Partially rewrite stat/filetest section
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Create a stat/filetest section
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Shrink embedded null section
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Change capitalisation
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Create a weakref section
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Rearrange and reword aggreg bugs
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Put hash and array bug fixes together
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: New section for hint bug fixes
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Tweaks to lv sub bug fixes
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Move 2 similar entries closer
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomos[perl #107636] Make Carp::longmess work inside die...
2012-04-20  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $Carp::Heavy::VERSION to 1.26
2012-04-20  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $Carp::VERSION to 1.26
2012-04-20  Father ChrysostomosMake strict vars respect ‘package ĵ; *ĵ::bar = [];’
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomos[perl #112316] Make strict vars respect assignment...
2012-04-20  Father Chrysostomos[perl #112316] Make strict vars respect assignment...
2012-04-20  Craig A. BerrySet *.pod permissions in installperl.
2012-04-20  Craig A. BerrySet *.html permissions in installhtml.
2012-04-20  Ricardo Signesallow "." in directory name
2012-04-19  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: YAML 0.81 works with blead
2012-04-19  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: Remove op/sigdispatch.t
2012-04-19  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta: List significant CPAN failures
2012-04-19  Yves Ortonremove assert and change message
2012-04-18  Nicholas Clarkvalid_utf8_to_uv{chr,uni} have no documentation, so...
2012-04-18  Father ChrysostomosFix version tests on windoze
2012-04-18  Father ChrysostomosDon’t produce uninit warning for ->VERSION(9e99)
2012-04-17  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #111338] Warnings in utf8 subcategories...
2012-04-17  Nicholas ClarkCorrect INSTALL to warn about editing cflags, not cflags.SH
2012-04-17  Father Chrysostomos[perl #112478] Avoid buffer overflow in upg_version
2012-04-17  Slaven RezicINSTALL doc changes because of movement
2012-04-16  Jan DuboisSITELIB_EXP may be NULL on Windows
2012-04-16  Father Chrysostomos[perl #112444] Don’t leak %^H autovivified by destructor
2012-04-16  Ricardo Signesmake Pod-Html's _unixify normalize Win32 drive letters
2012-04-15  Yves Ortonfix [perl #112370] memEQ off-by-one in Perl_regexec_flags()
2012-04-15  Yves OrtonAdd an assert related to [perl #112370] memEQ off-by...
2012-04-14  David Mitchellop/sigdispatch.t: skip tests on prodn releases
2012-04-12  Chris 'BinGOs... [perl #110736] warnings from cpan/IO-Compress/t/cz...
2012-04-11  Nicholas ClarkTweak the FEATURE_IS_ENABLED() macro to avoid a bug...
2012-04-11  David Mitchellstop %^H pointing to being-freed hash; #112326
2012-04-11  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $attributes::VERSION to 0.19
2012-04-11  Father ChrysostomosPut bulk 88’s real name in AUTHORS
2012-04-11  Father ChrysostomosRevert "doco improvement for"
2012-04-11  Father Chrysostomos[perl #112352] Make ‘use v5.15’ always enable unicode_eval
2012-04-10  Father ChrysostomosAdd bulk 88 to AUTHORS
2012-04-10  Father Chrysostomos[perl #109718] Clone PL_comppad properly
2012-04-10  John PeacockTest patch for version 0.97
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Add to-do note
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Lvalue sub bugfix section
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Missing space
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Rewording
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Make diag changes somewhat alphabetical
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Alphabetize new diagnostics
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Note that zipdetails is new
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Typos
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Move ‘glob failed’ under Diagnostics
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Removed Errors, not Warnings
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Don’t list $[ deprecation msg
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Shorten $[ warning description
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: ‘Useless assignment’ rewording
2012-04-08  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Format new errors consistently
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Improve wording
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Don’t mention lvalue sub docs
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Remove redundancy
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Small correction to glob speedup
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Remove =back/=over
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Move a fut. depr. to the right sect.
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Improve punct
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Remove comment about 5.15.0
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Simplify $$ caching section
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Grammar
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Condense *$io section
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Typos
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Move 2 similar sections closer
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Make perl bug numbers more consistent
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Remove coresubs bug fixes
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Update ‘&CORE::%s cannot...’
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Rework the CORE section
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Spaces after dots
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Remove redundant entries
2012-04-07  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: Typos
2012-04-07  Brian FraserFix for perl #112316: Wrong behavior regarding labels...
2012-04-06  Ricardo Signesadd a missing colon to a code snippet in perlfunc
2012-04-06  Father Chrysostomosperl5160delta.pod: ‘glob failed’ is suppressible