2011-07-13  Father ChrysostomosFix perlintern links; regen known pod issues
2011-07-13  Father ChrysostomosAdd a test count to fresh_perl_utf8.t
2011-07-13  Father ChrysostomosAdd Brian Fraser to AUTHORS
2011-07-13  Brian FraserThis cleans the "Can't localize lexical variable" error.
2011-07-13  Brian FraserCleaned up warning messages in pad.c, plus related...
2011-07-13  Brian FraserTests for the pad cleanup.
2011-07-13  Brian FraserCleanup of pad fetching and storing. This version norma...
2011-07-13  Brian FraserAdded sv_eq_pvn_flags to pad.c, which will be used...
2011-07-13  Brian FraserPassing the flag to the pad functions in toke.c
2011-07-13  Brian FraserHandling of the flag parameter in Perl_allocmy, instead...
2011-07-13  Brian Fraserpad.c: flags checking for the UTF8 flag when necessary
2011-07-13  Brian Fraserpad.h: Added a padadd_UTF8_NAME flag for pad_add_name_pvn.
2011-07-13  Brian FraserAdded a flags parameter to pad_findlex.
2011-07-13  ZeframAPI tests for pad_findmy_*()
2011-07-13  ZeframAPI test for find_rundefsv()
2011-07-13  ZeframAPIify pad functions
2011-07-12  Florian RagwitzStop buildtoc from generating trailing whitespace
2011-07-12  Florian RagwitzMove perlxs{,tut}.pod into the ExtUtils-ParseXS dist
2011-07-12  Florian RagwitzSkip .xs files in t/ dirs when comparing versions
2011-07-12  Florian Ragwitzpodcheck.t --regen after the ParseXS merge
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerA perltodone! ExtUtils::ParseXS uses strict
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerFill in ExtUtils::ParseXS versions in delta
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMerge branch 'smueller/eu_typemap' into blead
2011-07-12  Father ChrysostomosIncrease $Storable::VERSION
2011-07-12  Father ChrysostomosMake Internals::SvREADONLY smarter
2011-07-12  Father ChrysostomosMake SvIsCOW honest about globs
2011-07-12  Father ChrysostomosMake it possible to have read-only glob copies
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerDocument full changeset in ExtUtils::ParseXS
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerBump ExtUtils::ParseXS version to a dev version
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerDocument the TYPEMAP XS keyword
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerDocument the ExtUtils::ParseXS changes in perldelta
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAttempt band-aid fix for win32 build failure
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAdd is_empty method to EU::Typemaps
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerUse lower case method name for current_line_number
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerLose $Fallback global
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerLose the $Overload global
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerRemove superfluous global "$errors"
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMake $FH no longer a global
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerFix some error messages
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerError handling/message improvements
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAllow overriding line numbers and files while parsing...
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerSupport for embedded typemaps in XS
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerUpdate docs and exports to be in line with reality
2011-07-12  Steffen Muellercheck_conditional_preprocessor_statements is not a...
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMake get_alias (nee GetAlias) a method
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMake print_section a method
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerTransform FOO_handlers to methods
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMore methods (merge_section)
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMake PushXSStack a method
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerTransform some functions into methods on the proto...
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerSome simple tests for errors
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerBetter error checking/handling
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerEliminate four unsightly magical hash refs
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMake trailing whitespace a newline at all times
2011-07-12  Steffen Muelleruse warnings
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMake get_(in|out)putmap more flexible
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAdd targetable method
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAdd comment explaining where terrible code comes from
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerDocument inception of EU::Typemaps
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerBless singleton
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerNah, implicit is bad
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerLose now obsolete process_single_typemap()
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMake ExtUtils::ParseXS use ExtUtils::Typemaps
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerDo not use Carp, fix propagation of replace/skip
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerDefer loading main module
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMore whitespace bug-compatibility
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMore compatibility testing
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAdd test of EU::Typemap output against old ParseXS...
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMore bug-compatibility with old ExtUtils::ParseXS
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerReinstate prototype default and warning about invalid...
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAdd method to get ANSIfied code
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerImplement 'skip' option for merging typemaps
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerImplement 'replace' option when merging typemaps
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAllow merging typemaps from file
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAdd method to generate the prototype lookup hash
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerMethods to get typemaps in ParseXS compatible format
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerReduce code duplication by using the same prototype...
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerTeach EU::Typemaps about the _ prototype
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerBump ExtUtils::Typemaps version
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerSimplify "remove" logic after previous refactoring
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerHash lookup for output sections
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerConvert input sections to hash lookup
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerStart refactoring EU::Typemaps
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerRemove note about being untested
2011-07-12  Steffen Muellerupdate copyright
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerAdd a trailing 's' to the name of EU::Typemap
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerExtract typemap-related code from ExtUtils::ParseXS
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerCleanup of make_targetable smueller/strictpxs_fixups
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerFix function name in documentation
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerRemove unnecessary Data::Dumper loading
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerRevert "Revert "Moved prototype check to XS code, allow...
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerStart documenting the EU::ParseXS changes
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerDocumentation: maintainers & copyright
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerDocumentation fix
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerRename some ExtUtils::ParseXS 'constants'
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerReapply the patch that tought EU::ParseXS about _ protos
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerIgnore new ExtUtils::ParseXS files in lib
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerRe-apply ExtUtils::ParseXS portion of 1e8125c62127
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerRe-apply typo fixes from c4a6f826b3676d1fdbd99
2011-07-12  Steffen MuellerRe-apply EU::ParseXS portion of c33e8be1506a75e