2017-11-12  Zeframbetter document macros taking literal strings
2017-11-12  Zeframdocument IO::Select error detection
2017-11-12  Lukas Maiprevent invalid memory access in S_check_uni (RT #132433)
2017-11-12  Daniel Draganfix do dir returning no $!
2017-11-11  Zeframavoid reading errno twice in a row
2017-11-11  Zeframsuppress clang warning in inode number handling
2017-11-11  Lukas Maiteach about PL_keyword_plugin_mutex
2017-11-11  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for reënabling of CV optimization
2017-11-11  Father ChrysostomosRevert "Temporarily revert CV-in-stash optimisation"
2017-11-11  Lukas MaiRevert "Simplify _MEM_WRAP_NEEDS_RUNTIME_CHECK()"
2017-11-11  Lukas Maifix MEM_SIZE_MAX definition
2017-11-11  Zeframperldelta entry for perlguts revision
2017-11-11  Zeframbetter documentation of reference counts
2017-11-11  Lukas MaiMerge wrap_keyword_plugin() into blead
2017-11-11  Lukas Maiperldelta entry for wrap_keyword_plugin smoke-me/mauke/keyword-plugin-mutex
2017-11-11  Lukas Maitest wrap_keyword_plugin (RT #132413)
2017-11-11  Lukas Maiadd wrap_keyword_plugin function (RT #132413)
2017-11-11  Zeframavoid runtime module loading in File::Spec
2017-11-11  Zeframreturn inode numbers as strings where necessary
2017-11-11  Todd Rinaldo[MERGE] Remove unnecessary use of 'use vars'
2017-11-11  Todd RinaldoDocument the removal of use vars from sources
2017-11-11  Nicolas RReplace multiple 'use vars' by 'our' in regen.
2017-11-11  Todd RinaldoReplace multiple 'use vars' by 'our' in t
2017-11-11  Nicolas RReplace multiple 'use vars' by 'our' in utils
2017-11-11  Nicolas RReplace multiple 'use vars' by 'our' in ext
2017-11-11  Nicolas RReplace multiple 'use vars' by 'our' in lib
2017-11-11  Nicolas RReplace multiple 'use vars' by 'our' in dist
2017-11-11  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Simplify code in Perl_langinfo()
2017-11-11  Zeframstore AV iterator as mg_len in more cases
2017-11-10  Todd RinaldoAdd support for --help and --version in perlbug
2017-11-10  Nicolas RPACKAGING: add patchlevel.h doc entry
2017-11-10  Nicolas R.gitignore: git should also ignore *.bak files
2017-11-10  Slaven RezicHandle Linux containers' use of 0 for PPID with orphane...
2017-11-10  Nicolas RAdjust travis.yaml configuration for blead merges.
2017-11-10  David Cantrellexperimental::lexical_topic is no longer a warning...
2017-11-10  Craig A. BerryMake VMS::Stdio declare PERL_EXT.
2017-11-10  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 1.21
2017-11-10  Zeframparse yada-yada only as a statement
2017-11-10  Karl Williamsonsv.c: Fix typo in comment
2017-11-10  Karl Williamsonmalloc.c: Fix typo in comment
2017-11-10  Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Clarify test name
2017-11-10  Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Clarify comment
2017-11-10  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: strerror_l() not fool proof
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Move a #define to earlier in the file
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Add #define's
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Remove many #if conditionals
2017-11-09  Lukas MaiRevert "perl.h: Use STMT_START { ... } STMT_END"
2017-11-09  Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix missing close brace before STMT_END
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Avoid potential read beyond buffer end
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Clarify some debug statements
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Slight refactor
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Use REPLACEMENT_CHARACTER as a test
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Avoid extra call to mbtowc()
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Add macro
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Rmv extraneous detail from comment
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Change fcn from A to X
2017-11-09  Karl WilliamsonChange name of internal function
2017-11-09  Karl WilliamsonChange name of locale per-interpreter variable
2017-11-09  Karl WilliamsonPOSIX.xs is PERL_EXT
2017-11-09  Karl WilliamsonBump version of B/t/OptreeCheck to 0.16
2017-11-09  Karl WilliamsonBump version of B/ to 1.03
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonperl.h: Use STMT_START { ... } STMT_END
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonperl.h: White-space only
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Add comment
2017-11-09  Karl WilliamsonDest buffer needs to be bigger for utf16_to_utf8()
2017-11-09  Karl Williamson_byte_dump_string(): Don't output leading space
2017-11-09  Karl WilliamsonPOSIX.xs: Move constant tests out of loop
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonnumeric.c: Refactor #if #else in Perl_my_aotf
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonnumeric.c: Rename some variables
2017-11-09  Karl WilliamsonPerl_locale(): Refactor for clarity
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c:sync_locale(): Add debugging info
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c:sync_locale(): Rmv useless call
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Use new nl_langinfo equivalent
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Rmv erroneous complement operator
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Refactor locale macros
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Convert setlocale() calls to macros
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Change static fcn name
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Refactor static fcn to save work
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Create extended internal Perl_langinfo()
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Rmv redundant fcn call
2017-11-09  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: White-space, comment, rearrange some #else
2017-11-08  Todd RinaldoMerge branch 'BO' into blead
2017-11-08  Todd Rinaldoext/B/t/strict.t: Assure and pass strict...
2017-11-08  Todd RinaldoFix warnings (used once) for
2017-11-08  Todd RinaldoFix warnings (used once) for
2017-11-08  Todd RinaldoRemove unnecessary module loads from B and O
2017-11-08  Nicolas RSimplify travis.yml config for Continuous Integration
2017-11-08  Lukas Mairestore error message for unterminated strings
2017-11-08  Nicolas Rdisable t/porting/authors.t for distro packaging
2017-11-08  Nicolas Rdisable t/porting/podcheck.t for distro packaging
2017-11-08  Nicolas RAllow custom PL_strtab hash in perl_construct.
2017-11-08  Lukas MaiPERL_STRLEN_ROUNDUP: parenthesize macro parameter
2017-11-07  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Fix wrong use of memrchr
2017-11-07  Karl WilliamsonBlead breaks DBD::SQLite
2017-11-07  Craig A. BerryTwo fix-ups following b59bf0b288.
2017-11-06  Nicolas Rtoke.c: use my_memrchr helper for portability [round 2]
2017-11-06  Nicolas RUse my_memrchr helper for portability
2017-11-06  Karl WilliamsonMerge branch 'convert strchr to memchr' into blead
2017-11-06  Karl Williamsontoke.c: Convert some strchr to memchr
2017-11-06  Karl Williamsontoke.c use memBEGINs with prev commit