2009-06-10  Rafael Garcia... Do not honor TMPDIR for anonymous temporary files when...
2009-06-10  H.Merijn BrandSmall typo in example.
2009-06-10  David Mitchellupdate comment in following 813720522f
2009-06-10  David Mitchellremove from blead, some files already removed from...
2009-06-10  Steve PetersMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://stevep@perl5.git.perl...
2009-06-10  Niko Tyni[perl #66452] TMPDIR not honored when opening an anonym...
2009-06-10  Steffen MuellerUpgrade Attribute::Handlers to 0.84
2009-06-10  Paul Marquess[PATCH] Filter-Util-Call (was RE: pmqs: dual life modules)
2009-06-09  Gisle AasUpgrade to MIME-Base64-3.08
2009-06-09  Gisle AasUpgrade to Digest-MD5-2.39
2009-06-09  Gisle AasUpgrade to Digest-1.16
2009-06-09  Steffen MuellerUpgrade to Data::Dumper stable release 2.122
2009-06-09  Steve HayFix threads build on Win32
2009-06-09  Nicholas ClarkAdd lib/NEXT/t/dynamically_scoped_regex_vars.t to MANIFEST.
2009-06-09  Jerry D. HeddenMask thread signal handling fix on Win32
2009-06-09  Ian GoodacreRevised description of => operator
2009-06-09  Rafael Garcia... Fix regression test for RT 63110 when running with...
2009-06-09  Jerry D. HeddenUpgrade to threads 1.73
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerMake h2xs add a dependency on for < 5.6.2
2009-06-08  Steffen Muellert/op/my_stash.t should use instead of
2009-06-08  Jesse VincentUpdate to CPAN's 1.25_02.
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerUpdate Pod-Escapes and Test
2009-06-08  Steve PetersSync bleadperl and Net-Ping with the release of Net...
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerJesse Vincent now maintains
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerErrno is no longer dual-lived
2009-06-08  Steffen MuellerBump version to match CPAN release
2009-06-08  David Mitchelladd remaining EXCLUDED and MAP fields
2009-06-08  Florian RagwitzUpgrade NEXT to 0.64.
2009-06-08  Stepan Kasalfix RT 39060, errno incorrectly set in perlio
2009-06-08  Rafael Garcia... Add missing test boilerplates to new MakeMaker tests
2009-06-08  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.53_02
2009-06-07  Craig A. BerryThere is no pthread_sigmask on VMS, so use sigprocmask...
2009-06-07  Steve PetersUpgrade to Test-Harness-3.17
2009-06-07  Rafael Garcia... Bump version of
2009-06-07  John WrightMask signals in thread creation and destruction to...
2009-06-07  John Wrightmain: Unregister signal handler before destroying my_perl
2009-06-06  David Mitchelladd more EXCLUDED and MAP fields
2009-06-06  David Mitchellsync a bunch of files with Test::Simple 0.86
2009-06-06  Steffen MuellerSynchronize with Data::Dumper 2.121_20 on CPAN
2009-06-06  Rafael Garcia... Mark all .t and .pm files as non executable
2009-06-06  Rafael Garcia... Merge commit 'leto/debugger_symbols' into blead
2009-06-06  Steffen MuellerData::Dumper on 5.6.* needs to use old IDs
2009-06-06  Steffen MuellerFor the Data::Dumper CPAN version on 5.6, we need PPPor...
2009-06-06  Steffen MuellerIncrement Data::Dumper version to 2.121_20
2009-06-06  Steffen MuellerRequire at least 5.008 for pack('J'...) in Data::Dumper
2009-06-06  Steffen MuellerUpdate Parse::CPAN::Meta to 1.39
2009-06-06  Alex VandiverFaster utf8_length method -- fixes [RT#50250]
2009-06-06  David Mitchelladd yet more EXCLUDED and MAP keys to
2009-06-06  Paul Marquess[PATCH] *-Compress-* 2.020
2009-06-05  Jim shouldnt update its output unconditionally
2009-06-05  Andy Dougherty[perl #9328] Update INSTALL example for BerkeleyDB...
2009-06-04  Duke LetoFix my comment about DB::sub and make it DB::DB
2009-06-04  Craig A. BerryTest case to go with 30e682852bf42358156ed62e06e91f75e9...
2009-06-04  Craig A. BerryMakeMaker must handle an empty $self->{LIBS} array.
2009-06-04  John E. Malmbergvms.c EFS logical name fix.
2009-06-04  Nicholas ClarkCorrectly interpolate the attempted permissions as...
2009-06-04  Nicholas ClarkAssuming that $SIG{PIPE} is not set can be bogus when...
2009-06-04  Duke LetoBump version of to 1.33, add changelog comme...
2009-06-04  H.Merijn BrandMerge branch 'blead' of
2009-06-04  H.Merijn BrandRemember if binaries are ELF
2009-06-04  Duke LetoMerge branch 'debugger_symbols' of
2009-06-03  Duke LetoAdd lib/perl5db/t/symbol-table-bug to the MANIFEST
2009-06-03  Duke LetoFix shebang line and permissions of lib/perl5db.t
2009-06-03  Duke LetoAdd the debugger script which tests for undefs in the...
2009-06-03  Duke LetoFix bug introduced in 67924fd which put the key _<...
2009-06-03  David Mitchelladd more EXCLUDED and MAP keys to
2009-06-02  Chris WilliamsUpdate CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to CPAN version 0.32
2009-06-02  Stepan Kasalparenthesize check for a flag
2009-06-02  Nicholas ClarkDisentangling -g and -DDEBUGGING is a TODO.
2009-06-02  Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_hv_iternext_flags(), clarify and generalise...
2009-06-02  Rafael Garcia... Adjust MANIFEST
2009-06-02  Rafael Garcia... Merge branch 'smartmatch' into blead
2009-06-02  Rafael Garcia... Merge branch 'eumm652' into blead
2009-06-02  David Mitchellstop git whining about trailing whitespace (picky picky..)
2009-06-02  David Mitchellstart adding new EXCLUDED and MAP entries to Maintainer...
2009-06-02  David Mitchellresync some files with their CPAN equivalents (just...
2009-06-01  Max MaischeinAdd benchmark test for keys() on empty hashes (RT26188)
2009-06-01  Max MaischeinFix RT26188, speed up keys() on empty hash
2009-06-01  Jerry D. HeddenCorrect test output for t/op/eval.t (missing newline)
2009-06-01  Andy DoughertyProtect against spaces in build directory name when...
2009-06-01  Rafael Garcia... More ~~ tests
2009-06-01  Rafael Garcia... Smart-match perldelta adjustments
2009-06-01  Rafael Garcia... Minor doc fix for the smart table legend (clarify the...
2009-06-01  Rafael Garcia... Add test boilerplate to the new MakeMaker tests
2009-06-01  Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.52
2009-05-31  Steffen MuellerMention Devel::NYTProf in perldebug
2009-05-31  Steffen MuellerAuto-complete lexicals in the debugger shell
2009-05-31  Rafael Garcia... Fix casting warning
2009-05-31  David Mitchellwrap some long FILES fields in
2009-05-31  David Mitchellfix Math::BigInt, PathTools entries in
2009-05-31  David Mitchellconvert from an 8 to a 4 char indent
2009-05-31  David MitchellClarify the meaning of the %Modules keys in,
2009-05-31  David Mitchelladd DISTRIBUTION field to %Modules in
2009-05-31  David rationalise distributions:
2009-05-31  David there is no DB::File, and describe...
2009-05-31  BramClarify perldebug documentation
2009-05-31  Rafael Garcia... Silence a warning emitted by test added by last commit
2009-05-31  George GreerAdd test case from RT#54758.
2009-05-31  Rafael Garcia... Merge branch 'memleaktest' into blead
2009-05-31  Rafael Garcia... Add regression test for [RT#63110]