2010-11-03  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 0.65
2010-11-03  Yves Ortonfix 68564: /g failure with zero-width patterns
2010-11-03  Yves Ortonclarify code and intent of code in a comment
2010-11-03  Yves Ortonfix incorrect comment
2010-11-03  Yves Ortonfix the trie part of rt-78356
2010-11-03  Father ChrysostomosDocument y///r
2010-11-03  Father ChrysostomosDocument the ‘Using !~’ errors
2010-11-03  Father ChrysostomosIncrease B::Concise’s version
2010-11-03  Father Chrysostomosy///r
2010-11-03  Father Chrysostomoss///r leaks like a sieve
2010-11-03  Father ChrysostomosDon’t capitalise words in the middle of an error message
2010-11-03  Father ChrysostomosAdd transr op type
2010-11-03  Father ChrysostomosAvoid multiple $op->private calls in B::Deaprse::pp_trans
2010-11-02  Nicholas ClarkInline RvDEEPCP() into its only caller, Perl_amagic_call().
2010-11-02  Nicholas ClarkImplement the loop in tryAMAGICunDEREF_var() using...
2010-11-02  Nicholas ClarkExpand AMG_CALLun_var() into all its users, and elimina...
2010-11-02  Nicholas ClarkInline tryAMAGICunW_var() into macros tryAMAGICun{DEREF...
2010-11-02  Nicholas ClarkEliminate tryAMAGICunW() by refactoring tryAMAGICun...
2010-11-02  Nicholas ClarkRemove unused AMAGIC macros from pp.h. Neither core...
2010-11-02  Yves OrtonFix RT-70998: qq{\x{30ab}} =~ /\xab|\xa9/ produces... compile
2010-11-02  Father ChrysostomosAdd test for rt-70998: qq{\x{30ab}} =~ /\xab|\xa9/...
2010-11-02  Yves Ortonremove commit bit so that porting tests dont fail
2010-11-02  Nicholas ClarkReorder struct xpvhv_aux to make two I32s adjacent.
2010-11-02  Nicholas ClarkFix permissions on lib/overload/, accidentall...
2010-11-02  Father Chrysostomosperldelta up to 7fd683ff3c3
2010-11-02  Father ChrysostomosIncrease DynaLoader’s version
2010-11-02  brian d foyNote changes to perlvar in perldelta
2010-11-02  brian d foyWhitespace fixes to perlvar briandfoy/perlvar
2010-11-02  brian d foyAdded ${^GLOBAL_PHASE} to perlvar
2010-11-02  brian d foyFix some grammar nits thanks to jnareb
2010-11-02  brian d foyAdded some missing index entries and fixed some whitespace
2010-11-02  brian d foyGet rid of spatial references 'above' and 'before'...
2010-11-02  brian d foyUse 'four' instead of 4 in body para in perlvar
2010-11-02  brian d foyMake $^V recommendation the first sentence in $]
2010-11-02  brian d foyAdd more English equivalents, index all names in perlvar
2010-11-02  brian d foyI think I have perlvar ordered and proper now
2010-11-02  brian d foyPutting the variables in order, mostly, but not complet...
2010-11-02  brian d foy* mjd rewrites the $", cleans up minor bits
2010-11-02  brian d foy* Add the missing $"
2010-11-02  brian d foy* The first draft of a perlvar reorganization
2010-11-02  Jan DuboisAvoid buffer overflow in dl_win32.c
2010-11-01  Nicholas ClarkCorrect the return type for B::MAGIC::MOREMAGIC.
2010-11-01  Nicholas ClarkTidy B interpreter struct accessors in B.xs
2010-11-01  David Mitchelltidy code in Perl_sighandler()
2010-11-01  David MitchellRT #76248: double-freed SV with nested sig-handler
2010-11-01  David MitchellRT 75254: Slow GC after Scalar::Util::weaken
2010-11-01  Nicholas ClarkMerge B's interpreter structure accesses for SV* types...
2010-11-01  Nicholas ClarkAll callers of get_op_bitspec() in Opcode.xs pass len...
2010-11-01  Nicholas ClarkSmall refactoring of op_names_init() and put_op_bitspec...
2010-11-01  Nicholas ClarkRefactor Storable::{net_,}pstore to return undef/true...
2010-11-01  Nicholas ClarkMerge the implementation of B::sv_{undef,no,yes} using...
2010-11-01  Nicholas ClarkRefactor the error handling logic in Storable::_store().
2010-11-01  Father ChrysostomosRemove S_get_isa_hash
2010-11-01  David GoldenAllow push/pop/keys/etc to act on references
2010-11-01  Father Chrysostomos[perl #78580] Stop a simple *glob from calling get...
2010-11-01  Chris 'BinGOs... Update parent to CPAN version 0.224
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonperlunicode.pod: Add detail on utf8/locale conflicts
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Remove unused #define
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonreginclass: Remove redundant test
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonreginclass: Reorder fastest first
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonreginclass: Remove unnecessary test
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonreginclass: Make explicit the length assumptions
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonreginclass: Rename variable for clarity
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Clean up some comments
2010-10-31  Karl WilliamsonANYOF_LARGE is now the same as ANYOF_CLASS
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: reorder statements for speed
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Add clarifying comment
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonreginclass: add some consts to prototype
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Remove redundant line.
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonreginclass: Return matched length even if not utf8
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonreginclass: Change variable name for clarity.
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Document existing reginclass behavior
2010-10-31  Father Chrysostomosperldelta up to 7cb18e1b02
2010-10-31  Nicholas ClarkMerge Storable::{is_storing,is_retrieving} using ALIAS.
2010-10-31  Nicholas ClarkStorable::{last_op_in_netorder,is_storing,is_retrieving...
2010-10-31  Nicholas ClarkMerge Storable::{,net_}pstore and Storable::{,net_...
2010-10-31  Karl WilliamsonAdd l1_char_class_tab.h to Make dependencies
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: No longer need _C_C_T_ and variant macro
2010-10-31  Karl Williamson[:posix:] now works under /u
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: Wrong for ALNUMC
2010-10-31  Karl WilliamsonNits in re pods
2010-10-31  Karl WilliamsonDOCs: Clarify that \w matches marks and \Pc
2010-10-31  Karl WilliamsonAdd consistent synonyms for \p{PosxFOO}
2010-10-31  Father ChrysostomosRevert "Add consistent synonyms for \p{PosxFOO}"
2010-10-31  Nicholas ClarkMerge the XS implementation of all B::MG accessors...
2010-10-31  Rafael Garcia... Bump Safe's version to 2.29
2010-10-31  Rafael Garcia... Add &version::vxs::VCMP to Safe's default share
2010-10-31  Karl WilliamsonAdd consistent synonyms for \p{PosxFOO}
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: Nits
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonmktables: Clarify \d description for perluniprops
2010-10-31  Karl Williamsonmktables: Add tests for wrong equivalence attempts
2010-10-31  David MitchellRT 75082: recv() with MSG_TRUNC flag SEGV
2010-10-31  Nicholas ClarkMerge the implementation of B::{main_root,main_start...
2010-10-31  David MitchellRT 72246: rcatline memory leak on bad $/
2010-10-31  David Mitchelladjust output of -Dm
2010-10-31  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 0.64
2010-10-31  Nicholas ClarkMerge the implementation of B::{dowarn,sub_generation...
2010-10-31  Nicholas ClarkMerge the implementation of B::{minus_c,save_BEGINSs...
2010-10-31  Nicholas ClarkRemove the conditional #define of OPpPAD_STATE from...
2010-10-31  Nicholas ClarkRemove the variables stash and export_ok from the BOOT...