Move File::Temp from ext/ to cpan/
authorNicholas Clark <>
Thu, 1 Oct 2009 15:22:48 +0000 (16:22 +0100)
committerNicholas Clark <>
Thu, 1 Oct 2009 15:22:48 +0000 (16:22 +0100)
12 files changed:
cpan/File-Temp/ [moved from ext/File-Temp/ with 100% similarity]
cpan/File-Temp/t/cmp.t [moved from ext/File-Temp/t/cmp.t with 100% similarity]
cpan/File-Temp/t/fork.t [moved from ext/File-Temp/t/fork.t with 100% similarity]
cpan/File-Temp/t/lock.t [moved from ext/File-Temp/t/lock.t with 100% similarity]
cpan/File-Temp/t/mktemp.t [moved from ext/File-Temp/t/mktemp.t with 100% similarity]
cpan/File-Temp/t/object.t [moved from ext/File-Temp/t/object.t with 100% similarity]
cpan/File-Temp/t/posix.t [moved from ext/File-Temp/t/posix.t with 100% similarity]
cpan/File-Temp/t/security.t [moved from ext/File-Temp/t/security.t with 100% similarity]
cpan/File-Temp/t/seekable.t [moved from ext/File-Temp/t/seekable.t with 100% similarity]
cpan/File-Temp/t/tempfile.t [moved from ext/File-Temp/t/tempfile.t with 100% similarity]

index 7d72b22..11ebc8d 100644 (file)
@@ -1038,6 +1038,16 @@ cpan/File-Fetch/lib/File/        File::Fetch
 cpan/File-Fetch/t/01_File-Fetch.t      File::Fetch tests
 cpan/File-Path/lib/File/                Do things like 'mkdir -p' and 'rm -r'
 cpan/File-Path/t/Path.t                        See if File::Path works
+cpan/File-Temp/t/cmp.t         See if File::Temp works
+cpan/File-Temp/         create safe temporary files and file handles
+cpan/File-Temp/t/fork.t                See if File::Temp works
+cpan/File-Temp/t/lock.t                See if File::Temp works
+cpan/File-Temp/t/mktemp.t      See if File::Temp works
+cpan/File-Temp/t/object.t      See if File::Temp works
+cpan/File-Temp/t/posix.t       See if File::Temp works
+cpan/File-Temp/t/security.t    See if File::Temp works
+cpan/File-Temp/t/seekable.t    See if File::Temp works
+cpan/File-Temp/t/tempfile.t    See if File::Temp works
 cpan/Getopt-Long/CHANGES               Getopt::Long changes
 cpan/Getopt-Long/lib/Getopt/    Fetch command options (GetOptions)
 cpan/Getopt-Long/README                        Getopt::Long README
@@ -1803,16 +1813,6 @@ ext/File-Glob/t/case.t           See if File::Glob works
 ext/File-Glob/t/global.t       See if File::Glob works
 ext/File-Glob/TODO             File::Glob extension todo list
 ext/File-Glob/t/taint.t                See if File::Glob works
-ext/File-Temp/t/cmp.t          See if File::Temp works
-ext/File-Temp/          create safe temporary files and file handles
-ext/File-Temp/t/fork.t         See if File::Temp works
-ext/File-Temp/t/lock.t         See if File::Temp works
-ext/File-Temp/t/mktemp.t       See if File::Temp works
-ext/File-Temp/t/object.t       See if File::Temp works
-ext/File-Temp/t/posix.t                See if File::Temp works
-ext/File-Temp/t/security.t     See if File::Temp works
-ext/File-Temp/t/seekable.t     See if File::Temp works
-ext/File-Temp/t/tempfile.t     See if File::Temp works
 ext/Filter-Util-Call/   Filter::Util::Call extension module
 ext/Filter-Util-Call/Call.xs   Filter::Util::Call extension external subroutines
 ext/Filter-Util-Call/            See if Filter::Util::Call works
index abe05cf..974f181 100755 (executable)
@@ -670,7 +670,7 @@ use File::Glob qw(:case);
        'MAINTAINER'    => 'tjenness',
        'DISTRIBUTION'  => 'TJENNESS/File-Temp-0.22.tar.gz',
-       'FILES'         => q[ext/File-Temp],
+       'FILES'         => q[cpan/File-Temp],
        'EXCLUDED'      => [ qw{misc/
similarity index 100%
rename from ext/File-Temp/
rename to cpan/File-Temp/
similarity index 100%
rename from ext/File-Temp/t/cmp.t
rename to cpan/File-Temp/t/cmp.t