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[perl.git] / MANIFEST
1 apollo/netinet/in.h     Apollo DomainOS port: C header file frontend
2 Artistic                The "Artistic License"
3 AUTHORS                 Contact info for contributors
4 autodoc.pl              Creates pod/perlintern.pod and pod/perlapi.pod
5 av.c                    Array value code
6 av.h                    Array value header
7 beos/beos.c             BeOS port
8 beos/beosish.h          BeOS port
9 beos/nm.c               BeOS port
10 cc_runtime.h            Macros need by runtime of compiler-generated code
11 cflags.SH               A script that emits C compilation flags per file
12 Changes                 Describe how to peruse changes between releases
13 config_h.SH             Produces config.h
14 configpm                Produces lib/Config.pm
15 Configure               Portability tool
16 configure.com           Configure-equivalent for VMS
17 configure.gnu           Crude emulation of GNU configure
18 cop.h                   Control operator header
19 Copying                 The GNU General Public License
20 Cross/build-arm-n770-sh Cross-compilation
21 Cross/cflags-cross-arm  Cross-compilation
22 Cross/config            Cross-compilation
23 Cross/config.sh-arm-linux       Cross-compilation
24 Cross/config.sh-arm-linux-n770  Cross-compilation
25 Cross/generate_config_sh        Cross-compilation
26 Cross/installperl.patch         Cross-compilation
27 Cross/Makefile          Cross-compilation
28 Cross/Makefile-cross-SH Cross-compilation
29 Cross/Makefile.SH.patch Cross-compilation
30 Cross/README            Cross-compilation
31 Cross/README.new        Cross-compilation
32 Cross/TODO              Cross-compilation
33 Cross/warp              Cross-compilation
34 cv.h                    Code value header
35 cygwin/cygwin.c         Additional code for Cygwin port
36 deb.c                   Debugging routines
37 djgpp/config.over       DOS/DJGPP port
38 djgpp/configure.bat     DOS/DJGPP port
39 djgpp/djgpp.c           DOS/DJGPP port
40 djgpp/djgpp.h           DOS/DJGPP port
41 djgpp/djgppsed.sh       DOS/DJGPP port
42 djgpp/fixpmain          DOS/DJGPP port
43 doio.c                  I/O operations
44 doop.c                  Support code for various operations
45 dosish.h                Some defines for MS/DOSish machines
46 dump.c                  Debugging output
47 emacs/cperl-mode.el     An alternate perl-mode
48 emacs/e2ctags.pl        etags to ctags converter
49 emacs/ptags             Creates smart TAGS file
50 embed.fnc               Database used by embed.pl
51 embed.h                 Maps symbols to safer names
52 embed.pl                Produces {embed,embedvar,proto}.h, global.sym
53 embedvar.h              C namespace management
54 epoc/config.sh          EPOC port config.sh template
55 epoc/createpkg.pl       EPOC port generate PKG file
56 epoc/epoc.c             EPOC port
57 epoc/epocish.c          EPOC port
58 epoc/epocish.h          EPOC port
59 epoc/epoc_stubs.c       EPOC port
60 epoc/link.pl            EPOC port link a exe
61 ext/Attribute-Handlers/Changes                  Attribute::Handlers
62 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo2.pl            Attribute::Handlers demo
63 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo3.pl            Attribute::Handlers demo
64 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo4.pl            Attribute::Handlers demo
65 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo_call.pl        Attribute::Handlers demo
66 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo_chain.pl       Attribute::Handlers demo
67 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo_cycle.pl       Attribute::Handlers demo
68 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo_hashdir.pl     Attribute::Handlers demo
69 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo_phases.pl      Attribute::Handlers demo
70 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo.pl             Attribute::Handlers demo
71 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/Demo.pm             Attribute::Handlers demo
72 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo_range.pl       Attribute::Handlers demo
73 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/demo_rawdata.pl     Attribute::Handlers demo
74 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/Descriptions.pm     Attribute::Handlers demo
75 ext/Attribute-Handlers/demo/MyClass.pm          Attribute::Handlers demo
76 ext/Attribute-Handlers/lib/Attribute/Handlers.pm        Attribute::Handlers
77 ext/Attribute-Handlers/README           Attribute::Handlers
78 ext/Attribute-Handlers/t/constants.t    Test constants and Attribute::Handlers
79 ext/Attribute-Handlers/t/data_convert.t Test attribute data conversion
80 ext/Attribute-Handlers/t/linerep.t      See if Attribute::Handlers works
81 ext/Attribute-Handlers/t/multi.t        See if Attribute::Handlers works
82 ext/attributes/attributes.pm            For "sub foo : attrlist"
83 ext/attributes/attributes.xs            For "sub foo : attrlist"
84 ext/B/B/Concise.pm      Compiler Concise backend
85 ext/B/B/Debug.pm        Compiler Debug backend
86 ext/B/B/Deparse.pm      Compiler Deparse backend
87 ext/B/B/Lint/Debug.pm   Adds debugging stringification to B::
88 ext/B/B/Lint.pm         Compiler Lint backend
89 ext/B/B.pm              Compiler backend support functions and methods
90 ext/B/B/Showlex.pm      Compiler Showlex backend
91 ext/B/B/Terse.pm        Compiler Terse backend
92 ext/B/B/Xref.pm         Compiler Xref backend
93 ext/B/B.xs              Compiler backend external subroutines
94 ext/B/defsubs_h.PL      Generator for constant subroutines
95 ext/B/hints/darwin.pl   Hints for named architecture
96 ext/B/hints/openbsd.pl  Hints for named architecture
97 ext/B/Makefile.PL       Compiler backend makefile writer
98 ext/B/O.pm              Compiler front-end module (-MO=...)
99 ext/B/t/b.t             See if B works
100 ext/B/t/concise.t       See whether B::Concise works
101 ext/B/t/concise-xs.t    See whether B::Concise recognizes XS functions
102 ext/B/t/debug.t         See if B::Debug works
103 ext/B/t/deparse.t       See if B::Deparse works
104 ext/B/t/f_map                   code from perldoc -f map
105 ext/B/t/f_map.t                 converted to optreeCheck()s
106 ext/B/t/f_sort                  optree test raw material
107 ext/B/t/f_sort.t                optree test raw material
108 ext/B/t/lint.t          See if B::Lint works
109 ext/B/t/OptreeCheck.pm          optree comparison tool
110 ext/B/t/optree_check.t          test OptreeCheck apparatus
111 ext/B/t/optree_concise.t        more B::Concise tests
112 ext/B/t/optree_constants.t      B::Concise rendering of optimized constant subs
113 ext/B/t/optree_misc.t           misc optree tests
114 ext/B/t/optree_samples.t        various basic codes: if for while
115 ext/B/t/optree_sort.t           inplace sort optimization regression
116 ext/B/t/optree_specials.t       BEGIN, END, etc code
117 ext/B/t/optree_varinit.t        my,our,local var init optimization
118 ext/B/t/o.t             See if O works
119 ext/B/t/pluglib/B/Lint/Plugin/Test.pm   See if B::Lint works
120 ext/B/t/pragma.t        See if user pragmas work.
121 ext/B/t/showlex.t       See if B::ShowLex works
122 ext/B/t/terse.t         See if B::Terse works
123 ext/B/t/xref.t          See if B::Xref works
124 ext/B/typemap                   Compiler backend interface types
125 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/blocksort.c
126 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/bzip2.c
127 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/bzip2recover.c
128 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/bzlib.c
129 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/bzlib.h
130 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/bzlib_private.h
131 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/compress.c
132 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/crctable.c
133 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/decompress.c
134 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/dlltest.c
135 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/huffman.c
136 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/LICENSE
137 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/mk251.c
138 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/randtable.c
139 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/spewG.c
140 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/bzip2-src/unzcrash.c
141 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/Bzip2.xs
142 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/Changes
143 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/fallback/constants.h
144 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/fallback/constants.xs
145 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/lib/Compress/Raw/Bzip2.pm
146 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/Makefile.PL
147 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/pod/FAQ.pod
148 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/private/MakeUtil.pm
149 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/README
150 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/t/000prereq.t
151 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/t/01bzip2.t
152 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/t/09limitoutput.t
153 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/t/99pod.t
154 ext/Compress-Raw-Bzip2/typemap
155 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/Changes           Compress::Raw::Zlib
156 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/config.in         Compress::Raw::Zlib
157 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/examples/filtdef  Compress::Raw::Zlib
158 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/examples/filtinf  Compress::Raw::Zlib
159 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/fallback/constants.h      Compress::Raw::Zlib
160 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/fallback/constants.xs     Compress::Raw::Zlib
161 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/lib/Compress/Raw/Zlib.pm  Compress::Raw::Zlib
162 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/Makefile.PL       Compress::Raw::Zlib
163 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/pod/FAQ.pod       Compress::Raw::Zlib
164 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/private/MakeUtil.pm       Compress::Raw::Zlib
165 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/README            Compress::Raw::Zlib
166 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/t/01version.t     Compress::Raw::Zlib
167 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/t/02zlib.t        Compress::Raw::Zlib
168 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/t/07bufsize.t     Compress::Raw::Zlib
169 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/t/09limitoutput.t Compress::Raw::Zlib
170 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/t/18lvalue.t      Compress::Raw::Zlib
171 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/typemap           Compress::Raw::Zlib
172 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/adler32.c        Compress::Raw::Zlib
173 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/compress.c       Compress::Raw::Zlib
174 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/crc32.c  Compress::Raw::Zlib
175 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/crc32.h  Compress::Raw::Zlib
176 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/deflate.c        Compress::Raw::Zlib
177 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/deflate.h        Compress::Raw::Zlib
178 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/infback.c        Compress::Raw::Zlib
179 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/inffast.c        Compress::Raw::Zlib
180 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/inffast.h        Compress::Raw::Zlib
181 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/inffixed.h       Compress::Raw::Zlib
182 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/inflate.c        Compress::Raw::Zlib
183 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/inflate.h        Compress::Raw::Zlib
184 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/inftrees.c       Compress::Raw::Zlib
185 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/inftrees.h       Compress::Raw::Zlib
186 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/trees.c  Compress::Raw::Zlib
187 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/trees.h  Compress::Raw::Zlib
188 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/uncompr.c        Compress::Raw::Zlib
189 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/zconf.h  Compress::Raw::Zlib
190 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/zlib.h   Compress::Raw::Zlib
191 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/zutil.c  Compress::Raw::Zlib
192 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/zlib-src/zutil.h  Compress::Raw::Zlib
193 ext/Compress-Raw-Zlib/Zlib.xs           Compress::Raw::Zlib
194 ext/Cwd/Changes                 Cwd extension Changelog
195 ext/Cwd/Cwd.xs                  Cwd extension external subroutines
196 ext/Cwd/Makefile.PL             Cwd extension makefile maker
197 ext/Cwd/t/cwd.t                 See if Cwd works
198 ext/Cwd/t/taint.t               See if Cwd works with taint
199 ext/Cwd/t/win32.t               See if Cwd works on Win32
200 ext/Data-Dumper/Changes         Data pretty printer, changelog
201 ext/Data-Dumper/Dumper.pm       Data pretty printer, module
202 ext/Data-Dumper/Dumper.xs       Data pretty printer, externals
203 ext/Data-Dumper/t/bless.t       See if Data::Dumper works
204 ext/Data-Dumper/t/bugs.t        See if Data::Dumper works
205 ext/Data-Dumper/t/dumper.t      See if Data::Dumper works
206 ext/Data-Dumper/t/freezer.t     See if $Data::Dumper::Freezer works
207 ext/Data-Dumper/Todo            Data pretty printer, futures
208 ext/Data-Dumper/t/overload.t    See if Data::Dumper works for overloaded data
209 ext/Data-Dumper/t/pair.t        See if Data::Dumper pair separator works
210 ext/DB_File/Changes     Berkeley DB extension change log
211 ext/DB_File/config.in   Part of Berkeley DB configuration
212 ext/DB_File/DB_File_BS  Berkeley DB extension mkbootstrap fodder
213 ext/DB_File/DB_File.pm  Berkeley DB extension Perl module
214 ext/DB_File/DB_File.xs  Berkeley DB extension external subroutines
215 ext/DB_File/dbinfo      Berkeley DB database version checker
216 ext/DB_File/hints/dynixptx.pl   Hint for DB_File for named architecture
217 ext/DB_File/hints/sco.pl        Hint for DB_File for named architecture
218 ext/DB_File/Makefile.PL Berkeley DB extension makefile writer
219 ext/DB_File/t/db-btree.t        See if DB_File works
220 ext/DB_File/t/db-hash.t         See if DB_File works
221 ext/DB_File/t/db-recno.t        See if DB_File works
222 ext/DB_File/typemap             Berkeley DB extension interface types
223 ext/DB_File/version.c           Berkeley DB extension interface version check
224 ext/Devel-DProf/Changes         Perl code profiler changelog
225 ext/Devel-DProf/DProf.pm        Perl code profiler
226 ext/Devel-DProf/DProf.xs        Perl code profiler
227 ext/Devel-DProf/Makefile.PL     Perl code profiler makefile writer
228 ext/Devel-DProf/t/DProf.t       Perl code profiler
229 ext/Devel-DProf/Todo            Perl code profiler todo list
230 ext/Devel-Peek/Changes          Data debugging tool, changelog
231 ext/Devel-Peek/Makefile.PL      Data debugging tool, makefile writer
232 ext/Devel-Peek/Peek.pm          Data debugging tool, module and pod
233 ext/Devel-Peek/Peek.xs          Data debugging tool, externals
234 ext/Devel-Peek/t/Peek.t         See if Devel::Peek works
235 ext/Devel-PPPort/apicheck_c.PL  Devel::PPPort apicheck generator
236 ext/Devel-PPPort/Changes        Devel::PPPort changes
237 ext/Devel-PPPort/devel/buildperl.pl     Devel::PPPort perl version builder
238 ext/Devel-PPPort/devel/devtools.pl      Devel::PPPort development utilities
239 ext/Devel-PPPort/devel/mkapidoc.sh      Devel::PPPort apidoc collector
240 ext/Devel-PPPort/devel/mktodo   Devel::PPPort baseline/todo generator
241 ext/Devel-PPPort/devel/mktodo.pl        Devel::PPPort baseline/todo generator
242 ext/Devel-PPPort/devel/regenerate       Devel::PPPort API re-generator
243 ext/Devel-PPPort/devel/scanprov Devel::PPPort provided API scanner
244 ext/Devel-PPPort/HACKERS        Devel::PPPort hackers documentation
245 ext/Devel-PPPort/Makefile.PL    Devel::PPPort makefile writer
246 ext/Devel-PPPort/MANIFEST.SKIP  Devel::PPPort Manifest skip specs
247 ext/Devel-PPPort/mktests.PL     Devel::PPPort test file writer
248 ext/Devel-PPPort/module2.c      Devel::PPPort test file
249 ext/Devel-PPPort/module3.c      Devel::PPPort test file
250 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/apicheck.pl      Devel::PPPort apicheck generator
251 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/apidoc.fnc       Devel::PPPort Perl API listing
252 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5004000     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
253 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5004010     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
254 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5004020     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
255 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5004030     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
256 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5004040     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
257 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5004050     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
258 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5005000     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
259 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5005010     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
260 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5005020     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
261 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5005030     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
262 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5005040     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
263 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5006000     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
264 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5006001     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
265 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5006002     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
266 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5007000     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
267 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5007001     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
268 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5007002     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
269 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5007003     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
270 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5008000     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
271 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5008001     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
272 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5008002     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
273 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5008003     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
274 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5008004     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
275 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5008005     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
276 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5008006     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
277 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5008007     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
278 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5008008     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
279 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5009000     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
280 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5009001     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
281 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5009002     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
282 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5009003     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
283 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5009004     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
284 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5009005     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
285 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5010000     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
286 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/base/5011000     Devel::PPPort baseline todo file
287 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/embed.fnc        Devel::PPPort Perl API listing
288 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/call Devel::PPPort include
289 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/cop  Devel::PPPort include
290 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/exception    Devel::PPPort include
291 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/format       Devel::PPPort include
292 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/grok Devel::PPPort include
293 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/gv   Devel::PPPort include
294 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/HvNAME       Devel::PPPort include
295 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/limits       Devel::PPPort include
296 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/magic        Devel::PPPort include
297 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/memory       Devel::PPPort include
298 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/misc Devel::PPPort include
299 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/mPUSH        Devel::PPPort include
300 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/MY_CXT       Devel::PPPort include
301 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/newCONSTSUB  Devel::PPPort include
302 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/newRV        Devel::PPPort include
303 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/newSVpv      Devel::PPPort include
304 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/newSV_type   Devel::PPPort include
305 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/podtest      Devel::PPPort include
306 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/ppphbin      Devel::PPPort include
307 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/ppphdoc      Devel::PPPort include
308 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/ppphtest     Devel::PPPort include
309 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/pvs  Devel::PPPort include
310 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/pv_tools     Devel::PPPort include
311 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/shared_pv    Devel::PPPort include
312 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/snprintf     Devel::PPPort include
313 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/sprintf      Devel::PPPort include
314 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/strlfuncs    Devel::PPPort include
315 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/SvPV Devel::PPPort include
316 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/SvREFCNT     Devel::PPPort include
317 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/Sv_set       Devel::PPPort include
318 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/sv_xpvf      Devel::PPPort include
319 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/threads      Devel::PPPort include
320 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/uv   Devel::PPPort include
321 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/variables    Devel::PPPort include
322 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/version      Devel::PPPort include
323 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/inc/warn Devel::PPPort include
324 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/ppport.fnc       Devel::PPPort API listing
325 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/ppptools.pl      Devel::PPPort various utilities
326 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5004000     Devel::PPPort todo file
327 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5004010     Devel::PPPort todo file
328 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5004020     Devel::PPPort todo file
329 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5004030     Devel::PPPort todo file
330 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5004040     Devel::PPPort todo file
331 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5004050     Devel::PPPort todo file
332 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5005000     Devel::PPPort todo file
333 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5005010     Devel::PPPort todo file
334 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5005020     Devel::PPPort todo file
335 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5005030     Devel::PPPort todo file
336 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5005040     Devel::PPPort todo file
337 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5006000     Devel::PPPort todo file
338 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5006001     Devel::PPPort todo file
339 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5006002     Devel::PPPort todo file
340 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5007000     Devel::PPPort todo file
341 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5007001     Devel::PPPort todo file
342 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5007002     Devel::PPPort todo file
343 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5007003     Devel::PPPort todo file
344 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5008000     Devel::PPPort todo file
345 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5008001     Devel::PPPort todo file
346 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5008002     Devel::PPPort todo file
347 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5008003     Devel::PPPort todo file
348 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5008004     Devel::PPPort todo file
349 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5008005     Devel::PPPort todo file
350 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5008006     Devel::PPPort todo file
351 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5008007     Devel::PPPort todo file
352 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5008008     Devel::PPPort todo file
353 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5009000     Devel::PPPort todo file
354 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5009001     Devel::PPPort todo file
355 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5009002     Devel::PPPort todo file
356 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5009003     Devel::PPPort todo file
357 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5009004     Devel::PPPort todo file
358 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5009005     Devel::PPPort todo file
359 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5010000     Devel::PPPort todo file
360 ext/Devel-PPPort/parts/todo/5011000     Devel::PPPort todo file
361 ext/Devel-PPPort/ppport_h.PL    Devel::PPPort ppport.h writer
362 ext/Devel-PPPort/PPPort_pm.PL   Devel::PPPort PPPort.pm writer
363 ext/Devel-PPPort/PPPort.xs      Devel::PPPort dummy PPPort.xs
364 ext/Devel-PPPort/PPPort_xs.PL   Devel::PPPort RealPPPort.xs writer
365 ext/Devel-PPPort/README         Devel::PPPort Readme
366 ext/Devel-PPPort/soak           Devel::PPPort Test Harness to run under various Perls
367 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/call.t       Devel::PPPort test file
368 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/cop.t        Devel::PPPort test file
369 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/exception.t  Devel::PPPort test file
370 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/format.t     Devel::PPPort test file
371 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/grok.t       Devel::PPPort test file
372 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/gv.t Devel::PPPort test file
373 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/HvNAME.t     Devel::PPPort test file
374 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/limits.t     Devel::PPPort test file
375 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/magic.t      Devel::PPPort test file
376 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/memory.t     Devel::PPPort test file
377 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/misc.t       Devel::PPPort test file
378 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/mPUSH.t      Devel::PPPort test file
379 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/MY_CXT.t     Devel::PPPort test file
380 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/newCONSTSUB.t        Devel::PPPort test file
381 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/newRV.t      Devel::PPPort test file
382 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/newSVpv.t    Devel::PPPort test file
383 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/newSV_type.t Devel::PPPort test file
384 ext/Devel-PPPort/TODO           Devel::PPPort Todo
385 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/podtest.t    Devel::PPPort test file
386 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/ppphtest.t   Devel::PPPort test file
387 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/pvs.t        Devel::PPPort test file
388 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/pv_tools.t   Devel::PPPort test file
389 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/shared_pv.t  Devel::PPPort test file
390 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/snprintf.t   Devel::PPPort test file
391 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/sprintf.t    Devel::PPPort test file
392 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/strlfuncs.t  Devel::PPPort test file
393 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/SvPV.t       Devel::PPPort test file
394 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/SvREFCNT.t   Devel::PPPort test file
395 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/Sv_set.t     Devel::PPPort test file
396 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/sv_xpvf.t    Devel::PPPort test file
397 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/testutil.pl  Devel::PPPort test utilities
398 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/threads.t    Devel::PPPort test file
399 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/uv.t         Devel::PPPort test file
400 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/variables.t  Devel::PPPort test file
401 ext/Devel-PPPort/t/warn.t       Devel::PPPort test file
402 ext/Devel-PPPort/typemap        Devel::PPPort Typemap
403 ext/Digest-MD5/Changes          Digest::MD5 extension changes
404 ext/Digest-MD5/hints/dec_osf.pl Hints for named architecture
405 ext/Digest-MD5/hints/irix_6.pl  Hints for named architecture
406 ext/Digest-MD5/hints/MacOS.pl   Hints for named architecture
407 ext/Digest-MD5/Makefile.PL      Digest::MD5 extension makefile writer
408 ext/Digest-MD5/MD5.pm           Digest::MD5 extension
409 ext/Digest-MD5/MD5.xs           Digest::MD5 extension
410 ext/Digest-MD5/README           Digest::MD5 extension Readme
411 ext/Digest-MD5/t/align.t        See if Digest::MD5 extension works
412 ext/Digest-MD5/t/badfile.t      See if Digest::MD5 extension works
413 ext/Digest-MD5/t/bits.t         See if Digest::MD5 extension works
414 ext/Digest-MD5/t/clone.t        See if Digest::MD5 extension works
415 ext/Digest-MD5/t/files.t        See if Digest::MD5 extension works
416 ext/Digest-MD5/t/md5-aaa.t      See if Digest::MD5 extension works
417 ext/Digest-MD5/t/utf8.t         See if Digest::MD5 extension works
418 ext/Digest-MD5/typemap          Digest::MD5 extension
419 ext/Digest-SHA/bin/shasum       shasum script
420 ext/Digest-SHA/Changes          Digest::SHA changes
421 ext/Digest-SHA/lib/Digest/SHA.pm        Digest::SHA extension
422 ext/Digest-SHA/Makefile.PL      Digest::SHA Makefile.PL
423 ext/Digest-SHA/README           Digest::SHA README
424 ext/Digest-SHA/SHA.xs           Digest::SHA extension
425 ext/Digest-SHA/src/hmac.c       Digest::SHA extension
426 ext/Digest-SHA/src/hmac.h       Digest::SHA extension
427 ext/Digest-SHA/src/hmacxtra.c   Digest::SHA extension
428 ext/Digest-SHA/src/sha64bit.c   Digest::SHA extension
429 ext/Digest-SHA/src/sha64bit.h   Digest::SHA extension
430 ext/Digest-SHA/src/sha.c        Digest::SHA extension
431 ext/Digest-SHA/src/sha.h        Digest::SHA extension
432 ext/Digest-SHA/src/shaxtra.c    Digest::SHA extension
433 ext/Digest-SHA/t/allfcns.t      See if Digest::SHA works
434 ext/Digest-SHA/t/base64.t       See if Digest::SHA works
435 ext/Digest-SHA/t/bitbuf.t       See if Digest::SHA works
436 ext/Digest-SHA/t/dumpload.t     See if Digest::SHA works
437 ext/Digest-SHA/t/fips198.t      See if Digest::SHA works
438 ext/Digest-SHA/t/gglong.t       See if Digest::SHA works
439 ext/Digest-SHA/t/gg.t           See if Digest::SHA works
440 ext/Digest-SHA/t/hmacsha.t      See if Digest::SHA works
441 ext/Digest-SHA/t/ireland.t      See if Digest::SHA works
442 ext/Digest-SHA/t/methods.t      See if Digest::SHA works
443 ext/Digest-SHA/t/nistbit.t      See if Digest::SHA works
444 ext/Digest-SHA/t/nistbyte.t     See if Digest::SHA works
445 ext/Digest-SHA/t/rfc2202.t      See if Digest::SHA works
446 ext/Digest-SHA/t/sha1.t         See if Digest::SHA works
447 ext/Digest-SHA/t/sha224.t       See if Digest::SHA works
448 ext/Digest-SHA/t/sha256.t       See if Digest::SHA works
449 ext/Digest-SHA/t/sha384.t       See if Digest::SHA works
450 ext/Digest-SHA/t/sha512.t       See if Digest::SHA works
451 ext/Digest-SHA/t/woodbury.t     See if Digest::SHA works
452 ext/Digest-SHA/typemap          Typemap for Digest::SHA
453 ext/DynaLoader/dl_aix.xs        AIX implementation
454 ext/DynaLoader/dl_beos.xs       BeOS implementation
455 ext/DynaLoader/dl_dld.xs        GNU dld style implementation
456 ext/DynaLoader/dl_dllload.xs    S/390 dllload() style implementation
457 ext/DynaLoader/dl_dlopen.xs     BSD/SunOS4&5 dlopen() style implementation
458 ext/DynaLoader/dl_dyld.xs       NeXT/Apple dyld implementation
459 ext/DynaLoader/dl_hpux.xs       HP-UX implementation
460 ext/DynaLoader/dl_mac.xs        MacOS implementation
461 ext/DynaLoader/dl_mpeix.xs      MPE/iX implementation
462 ext/DynaLoader/dl_next.xs       NeXT implementation
463 ext/DynaLoader/dl_none.xs       Stub implementation
464 ext/DynaLoader/dl_symbian.xs    Symbian implementation
465 ext/DynaLoader/dlutils.c        Dynamic loader utilities for dl_*.xs files
466 ext/DynaLoader/dl_vmesa.xs      VM/ESA implementation
467 ext/DynaLoader/dl_vms.xs        VMS implementation
468 ext/DynaLoader/DynaLoader_pm.PL Dynamic Loader perl module
469 ext/DynaLoader/hints/aix.pl     Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
470 ext/DynaLoader/hints/gnukfreebsd.pl     Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
471 ext/DynaLoader/hints/gnuknetbsd.pl      Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
472 ext/DynaLoader/hints/linux.pl   Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
473 ext/DynaLoader/hints/netbsd.pl  Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
474 ext/DynaLoader/hints/openbsd.pl Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
475 ext/DynaLoader/Makefile.PL      Dynamic Loader makefile writer
476 ext/DynaLoader/README           Dynamic Loader notes and intro
477 ext/DynaLoader/t/DynaLoader.t   See if DynaLoader works
478 ext/DynaLoader/t/XSLoader.t     See if XSLoader works
479 ext/DynaLoader/XSLoader_pm.PL   Simple XS Loader perl module
480 ext/Encode/AUTHORS              List of authors
481 ext/Encode/bin/enc2xs           Encode module generator
482 ext/Encode/bin/piconv           iconv by perl
483 ext/Encode/bin/ucm2table        Table Generator for testing
484 ext/Encode/bin/ucmlint          A UCM Lint utility
485 ext/Encode/bin/ucmsort          A UCM sort utility
486 ext/Encode/bin/unidump          Unicode Dump like hexdump(1)
487 ext/Encode/Byte/Byte.pm         Encode extension
488 ext/Encode/Byte/Makefile.PL     Encode extension
489 ext/Encode/Changes              Change Log
490 ext/Encode/CN/CN.pm             Encode extension
491 ext/Encode/CN/Makefile.PL       Encode extension
492 ext/Encode/EBCDIC/EBCDIC.pm     Encode extension
493 ext/Encode/EBCDIC/Makefile.PL   Encode extension
494 ext/Encode/encengine.c          Encode extension
495 ext/Encode/Encode/Changes.e2x   Skeleton file for enc2xs
496 ext/Encode/Encode/ConfigLocal_PM.e2x    Skeleton file for enc2xs
497 ext/Encode/Encode/encode.h      Encode extension header file
498 ext/Encode/Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x       Skeleton file for enc2xs
499 ext/Encode/Encode.pm            Mother of all Encode extensions
500 ext/Encode/Encode/_PM.e2x       Skeleton file for enc2xs
501 ext/Encode/Encode/README.e2x    Skeleton file for enc2xs
502 ext/Encode/Encode/_T.e2x        Skeleton file for enc2xs
503 ext/Encode/Encode.xs            Encode extension
504 ext/Encode/encoding.pm          Perl Pragmatic Module
505 ext/Encode/JP/JP.pm             Encode extension
506 ext/Encode/JP/Makefile.PL       Encode extension
507 ext/Encode/KR/KR.pm             Encode extension
508 ext/Encode/KR/Makefile.PL       Encode extension
509 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Alias.pm  Encode extension
510 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/CJKConstants.pm   Encode extension
511 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm          Encode extension
512 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Config.pm Encode configuration module
513 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Encoder.pm        OO Encoder
514 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Encoding.pm       Encode extension
515 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm        Encode extension
516 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Guess.pm  Encode Extension
517 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/JP/H2Z.pm Encode extension
518 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm        Encode extension
519 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm     Encode extension
520 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/MIME/Header/ISO_2022_JP.pm        Encode extension
521 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm    Encode extension
522 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/MIME/Name.pm      Encode extension
523 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/PerlIO.pod        Documents for Encode & PerlIO
524 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Supported.pod     Documents for supported encodings
525 ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Unicode/UTF7.pm   Encode extension
526 ext/Encode/Makefile.PL          Encode extension makefile writer
527 ext/Encode/README               Encode extension
528 ext/Encode/Symbol/Makefile.PL   Encode extension
529 ext/Encode/Symbol/Symbol.pm     Encode extension
530 ext/Encode/t/Aliases.t          test script
531 ext/Encode/t/at-cn.t            test script
532 ext/Encode/t/at-tw.t            test script
533 ext/Encode/t/big5-eten.enc      test data
534 ext/Encode/t/big5-eten.utf      test data
535 ext/Encode/t/big5-hkscs.enc     test data
536 ext/Encode/t/big5-hkscs.utf     test data
537 ext/Encode/t/CJKT.t             test script
538 ext/Encode/t/enc_data.t         test script for utf8 DATA
539 ext/Encode/t/enc_eucjp.t        test script
540 ext/Encode/t/enc_module.enc     test data for t/enc_module.t
541 ext/Encode/t/enc_module.t       test script
542 ext/Encode/t/Encoder.t          test script
543 ext/Encode/t/Encode.t           test script
544 ext/Encode/t/encoding.t         test script
545 ext/Encode/t/enc_utf8.t         test script
546 ext/Encode/t/fallback.t         test script
547 ext/Encode/t/from_to.t          test script
548 ext/Encode/t/gb2312.enc         test data
549 ext/Encode/t/gb2312.utf         test data
550 ext/Encode/t/grow.t             test script
551 ext/Encode/t/gsm0338.t          test script
552 ext/Encode/t/guess.t            test script
553 ext/Encode/t/jis7-fallback.t    test script
554 ext/Encode/t/jisx0201.enc       test data
555 ext/Encode/t/jisx0201.utf       test data
556 ext/Encode/t/jisx0208.enc       test data
557 ext/Encode/t/jisx0208.utf       test data
558 ext/Encode/t/jisx0212.enc       test data
559 ext/Encode/t/jisx0212.utf       test data
560 ext/Encode/t/jperl.t            test script
561 ext/Encode/t/ksc5601.enc        test data
562 ext/Encode/t/ksc5601.utf        test data
563 ext/Encode/t/mime_header_iso2022jp.t    test script
564 ext/Encode/t/mime-header.t      test script
565 ext/Encode/t/mime-name.t        test script
566 ext/Encode/t/Mod_EUCJP.pm       module that t/enc_module.enc uses
567 ext/Encode/t/perlio.t           test script
568 ext/Encode/t/piconv.t           test script
569 ext/Encode/t/rt.pl              test script
570 ext/Encode/t/unibench.pl        benchmark script
571 ext/Encode/t/Unicode.t          test script
572 ext/Encode/t/utf8strict.t       test script
573 ext/Encode/TW/Makefile.PL       Encode extension
574 ext/Encode/TW/TW.pm             Encode extension
575 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-10.ucm      Unicode Character Map
576 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-11.ucm      Unicode Character Map
577 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-13.ucm      Unicode Character Map
578 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-14.ucm      Unicode Character Map
579 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-15.ucm      Unicode Character Map
580 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-16.ucm      Unicode Character Map
581 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-1.ucm       Unicode Character Map
582 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-2.ucm       Unicode Character Map
583 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-3.ucm       Unicode Character Map
584 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-4.ucm       Unicode Character Map
585 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-5.ucm       Unicode Character Map
586 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-6.ucm       Unicode Character Map
587 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-7.ucm       Unicode Character Map
588 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-8.ucm       Unicode Character Map
589 ext/Encode/ucm/8859-9.ucm       Unicode Character Map
590 ext/Encode/ucm/adobeStdenc.ucm  Unicode Character Map
591 ext/Encode/ucm/adobeSymbol.ucm  Unicode Character Map
592 ext/Encode/ucm/adobeZdingbat.ucm        Unicode Character Map
593 ext/Encode/ucm/ascii.ucm        Unicode Character Map
594 ext/Encode/ucm/big5-eten.ucm    Unicode Character Map
595 ext/Encode/ucm/big5-hkscs.ucm   Unicode Character Map
596 ext/Encode/ucm/cp037.ucm        Unicode Character Map
597 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1006.ucm       Unicode Character Map
598 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1026.ucm       Unicode Character Map
599 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1047.ucm       Unicode Character Map
600 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1250.ucm       Unicode Character Map
601 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1251.ucm       Unicode Character Map
602 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1252.ucm       Unicode Character Map
603 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1253.ucm       Unicode Character Map
604 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1254.ucm       Unicode Character Map
605 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1255.ucm       Unicode Character Map
606 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1256.ucm       Unicode Character Map
607 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1257.ucm       Unicode Character Map
608 ext/Encode/ucm/cp1258.ucm       Unicode Character Map
609 ext/Encode/ucm/cp424.ucm        Unicode Character Map
610 ext/Encode/ucm/cp437.ucm        Unicode Character Map
611 ext/Encode/ucm/cp500.ucm        Unicode Character Map
612 ext/Encode/ucm/cp737.ucm        Unicode Character Map
613 ext/Encode/ucm/cp775.ucm        Unicode Character Map
614 ext/Encode/ucm/cp850.ucm        Unicode Character Map
615 ext/Encode/ucm/cp852.ucm        Unicode Character Map
616 ext/Encode/ucm/cp855.ucm        Unicode Character Map
617 ext/Encode/ucm/cp856.ucm        Unicode Character Map
618 ext/Encode/ucm/cp857.ucm        Unicode Character Map
619 ext/Encode/ucm/cp858.ucm        Unicode Character Map
620 ext/Encode/ucm/cp860.ucm        Unicode Character Map
621 ext/Encode/ucm/cp861.ucm        Unicode Character Map
622 ext/Encode/ucm/cp862.ucm        Unicode Character Map
623 ext/Encode/ucm/cp863.ucm        Unicode Character Map
624 ext/Encode/ucm/cp864.ucm        Unicode Character Map
625 ext/Encode/ucm/cp865.ucm        Unicode Character Map
626 ext/Encode/ucm/cp866.ucm        Unicode Character Map
627 ext/Encode/ucm/cp869.ucm        Unicode Character Map
628 ext/Encode/ucm/cp874.ucm        Unicode Character Map
629 ext/Encode/ucm/cp875.ucm        Unicode Character Map
630 ext/Encode/ucm/cp932.ucm        Unicode Character Map
631 ext/Encode/ucm/cp936.ucm        Unicode Character Map
632 ext/Encode/ucm/cp949.ucm        Unicode Character Map
633 ext/Encode/ucm/cp950.ucm        Unicode Character Map
634 ext/Encode/ucm/ctrl.ucm         Unicode Character Map
635 ext/Encode/ucm/dingbats.ucm     Unicode Character Map
636 ext/Encode/ucm/euc-cn.ucm       Unicode Character Map
637 ext/Encode/ucm/euc-jp.ucm       Unicode Character Map
638 ext/Encode/ucm/euc-kr.ucm       Unicode Character Map
639 ext/Encode/ucm/gb12345.ucm      Unicode Character Map
640 ext/Encode/ucm/gb2312.ucm       Unicode Character Map
641 ext/Encode/ucm/hp-roman8.ucm    Unicode Character Map
642 ext/Encode/ucm/ir-165.ucm       Unicode Character Map
643 ext/Encode/ucm/jis0201.ucm      Unicode Character Map
644 ext/Encode/ucm/jis0208.ucm      Unicode Character Map
645 ext/Encode/ucm/jis0212.ucm      Unicode Character Map
646 ext/Encode/ucm/johab.ucm        Unicode Character Map
647 ext/Encode/ucm/koi8-f.ucm       Unicode Character Map
648 ext/Encode/ucm/koi8-r.ucm       Unicode Character Map
649 ext/Encode/ucm/koi8-u.ucm       Unicode Character Map
650 ext/Encode/ucm/ksc5601.ucm      Unicode Character Map
651 ext/Encode/ucm/macArabic.ucm    Unicode Character Map
652 ext/Encode/ucm/macCentEuro.ucm  Unicode Character Map
653 ext/Encode/ucm/macChinsimp.ucm  Unicode Character Map
654 ext/Encode/ucm/macChintrad.ucm  Unicode Character Map
655 ext/Encode/ucm/macCroatian.ucm  Unicode Character Map
656 ext/Encode/ucm/macCyrillic.ucm  Unicode Character Map
657 ext/Encode/ucm/macDingbats.ucm  Unicode Character Map
658 ext/Encode/ucm/macFarsi.ucm     Unicode Character Map
659 ext/Encode/ucm/macGreek.ucm     Unicode Character Map
660 ext/Encode/ucm/macHebrew.ucm    Unicode Character Map
661 ext/Encode/ucm/macIceland.ucm   Unicode Character Map
662 ext/Encode/ucm/macJapanese.ucm  Unicode Character Map
663 ext/Encode/ucm/macKorean.ucm    Unicode Character Map
664 ext/Encode/ucm/macRoman.ucm     Unicode Character Map
665 ext/Encode/ucm/macROMnn.ucm     Unicode Character Map
666 ext/Encode/ucm/macRUMnn.ucm     Unicode Character Map
667 ext/Encode/ucm/macSami.ucm      Unicode Character Map
668 ext/Encode/ucm/macSymbol.ucm    Unicode Character Map
669 ext/Encode/ucm/macThai.ucm      Unicode Character Map
670 ext/Encode/ucm/macTurkish.ucm   Unicode Character Map
671 ext/Encode/ucm/macUkraine.ucm   Unicode Character Map
672 ext/Encode/ucm/nextstep.ucm     Unicode Character Map
673 ext/Encode/ucm/null.ucm         Unicode Character Map
674 ext/Encode/ucm/posix-bc.ucm     Unicode Character Map
675 ext/Encode/ucm/shiftjis.ucm     Unicode Character Map
676 ext/Encode/ucm/symbol.ucm       Unicode Character Map
677 ext/Encode/ucm/viscii.ucm       Unicode Character Map
678 ext/Encode/Unicode/Makefile.PL  Encode extension
679 ext/Encode/Unicode/Unicode.pm   Encode extension
680 ext/Encode/Unicode/Unicode.xs   Encode extension
681 EXTERN.h                        Included before foreign .h files
682 ext/Errno/ChangeLog     Errno changes
683 ext/Errno/Errno_pm.PL   Errno perl module create script
684 ext/Errno/Makefile.PL   Errno extension makefile writer
685 ext/Errno/t/Errno.t     See if Errno works
686 ext/Fcntl/Fcntl.pm      Fcntl extension Perl module
687 ext/Fcntl/Fcntl.xs      Fcntl extension external subroutines
688 ext/Fcntl/Makefile.PL   Fcntl extension makefile writer
689 ext/Fcntl/t/fcntl.t     See if Fcntl works
690 ext/Fcntl/t/mode.t      See if S_ISREG() and S_ISDIR() work
691 ext/Fcntl/t/syslfs.t    See if large files work for sysio
692 ext/File-Glob/bsd_glob.c        File::Glob extension run time code
693 ext/File-Glob/bsd_glob.h        File::Glob extension header file
694 ext/File-Glob/Changes           File::Glob extension changelog
695 ext/File-Glob/Glob.pm           File::Glob extension module
696 ext/File-Glob/Glob.xs           File::Glob extension external subroutines
697 ext/File-Glob/Makefile.PL       File::Glob extension makefile writer
698 ext/File-Glob/t/basic.t         See if File::Glob works
699 ext/File-Glob/t/case.t          See if File::Glob works
700 ext/File-Glob/t/global.t        See if File::Glob works
701 ext/File-Glob/TODO              File::Glob extension todo list
702 ext/File-Glob/t/taint.t         See if File::Glob works
703 ext/Filter-Util-Call/Call.pm    Filter::Util::Call extension module
704 ext/Filter-Util-Call/Call.xs    Filter::Util::Call extension external subroutines
705 ext/Filter-Util-Call/t/call.t   See if Filter::Util::Call works
706 ext/GDBM_File/GDBM_File.pm      GDBM extension Perl module
707 ext/GDBM_File/GDBM_File.xs      GDBM extension external subroutines
708 ext/GDBM_File/hints/sco.pl      Hint for GDBM_File for named architecture
709 ext/GDBM_File/Makefile.PL       GDBM extension makefile writer
710 ext/GDBM_File/t/gdbm.t          See if GDBM_File works
711 ext/GDBM_File/typemap           GDBM extension interface types
712 ext/Hash-Util/Changes           Change history of Hash::Util
713 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/Changes                 Changes for Hash::Util::FieldHash
714 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/FieldHash.xs            XS portion
715 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/lib/Hash/Util/FieldHash.pm      Perl portion and documentation
716 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/t/01_load.t             Test script
717 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/t/02_function.t         Test script
718 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/t/03_class.t            Test script
719 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/t/04_thread.t           Test script
720 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/t/05_perlhook.t         Test script
721 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/t/10_hash.t             Adapted from t/op/hash.t
722 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/t/11_hashassign.t       Adapted from t/op/hashassign.t
723 ext/Hash-Util-FieldHash/t/12_hashwarn.t         Adapted from t/op/hashwarn.t
724 ext/Hash-Util/lib/Hash/Util.pm  Hash::Util
725 ext/Hash-Util/Makefile.PL       Makefile for Hash::Util
726 ext/Hash-Util/t/Util.t          See if Hash::Util works
727 ext/Hash-Util/Util.xs           XS bits of Hash::Util
728 ext/I18N-Langinfo/fallback/const-c.inc  I18N::Langinfo
729 ext/I18N-Langinfo/fallback/const-xs.inc I18N::Langinfo
730 ext/I18N-Langinfo/Langinfo.pm   I18N::Langinfo
731 ext/I18N-Langinfo/Langinfo.xs   I18N::Langinfo
732 ext/I18N-Langinfo/Makefile.PL   I18N::Langinfo
733 ext/I18N-Langinfo/t/Langinfo.t  See whether I18N::Langinfo works
734 ext/IO/ChangeLog                IO perl module change log
735 ext/IO-Compress/Changes IO::Compress
736 ext/IO-Compress/examples/compress-zlib/filtdef  IO::Compress
737 ext/IO-Compress/examples/compress-zlib/filtinf  IO::Compress
738 ext/IO-Compress/examples/compress-zlib/gzcat    IO::Compress
739 ext/IO-Compress/examples/compress-zlib/gzgrep   IO::Compress
740 ext/IO-Compress/examples/compress-zlib/gzstream IO::Compress
741 ext/IO-Compress/examples/io/anycat      IO::Compress
742 ext/IO-Compress/examples/io/bzip2/bzcat IO::Compress
743 ext/IO-Compress/examples/io/bzip2/bzgrep        IO::Compress
744 ext/IO-Compress/examples/io/bzip2/bzstream      IO::Compress
745 ext/IO-Compress/examples/io/gzip/gzappend       IO::Compress
746 ext/IO-Compress/examples/io/gzip/gzcat  IO::Compress
747 ext/IO-Compress/examples/io/gzip/gzgrep IO::Compress
748 ext/IO-Compress/examples/io/gzip/gzstream       IO::Compress
749 ext/IO-Compress/lib/Compress/Zlib.pm    IO::Compress
750 ext/IO-Compress/lib/File/GlobMapper.pm  IO::Compress
751 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Adapter/Bzip2.pm        IO::Compress
752 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Adapter/Deflate.pm      IO::Compress
753 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Adapter/Identity.pm     IO::Compress
754 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Base/Common.pm  IO::Compress
755 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Base.pm IO::Compress
756 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Bzip2.pm        IO::Compress
757 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Deflate.pm      IO::Compress
758 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Gzip/Constants.pm       IO::Compress
759 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Gzip.pm IO::Compress
760 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/RawDeflate.pm   IO::Compress
761 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Zip/Constants.pm        IO::Compress
762 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Zip.pm  IO::Compress
763 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Zlib/Constants.pm       IO::Compress
764 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Compress/Zlib/Extra.pm   IO::Compress
765 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/Adapter/Bunzip2.pm    IO::Compress
766 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/Adapter/Identity.pm   IO::Compress
767 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/Adapter/Inflate.pm    IO::Compress
768 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/AnyInflate.pm IO::Compress
769 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/AnyUncompress.pm      IO::Compress
770 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/Base.pm       IO::Compress
771 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/Bunzip2.pm    IO::Compress
772 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/Gunzip.pm     IO::Compress
773 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/Inflate.pm    IO::Compress
774 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/RawInflate.pm IO::Compress
775 ext/IO-Compress/lib/IO/Uncompress/Unzip.pm      IO::Compress
776 ext/IO-Compress/Makefile.PL     IO::Compress
777 ext/IO-Compress/pod/FAQ.pod     IO::Compress
778 ext/IO-Compress/private/MakeUtil.pm     IO::Compress
779 ext/IO-Compress/README  IO::Compress
780 ext/IO-Compress/t/000prereq.t   IO::Compress
781 ext/IO-Compress/t/001bzip2.t    IO::Compress
782 ext/IO-Compress/t/001zlib-generic-deflate.t     IO::Compress
783 ext/IO-Compress/t/001zlib-generic-gzip.t        IO::Compress
784 ext/IO-Compress/t/001zlib-generic-rawdeflate.t  IO::Compress
785 ext/IO-Compress/t/001zlib-generic-zip.t IO::Compress
786 ext/IO-Compress/t/002any-deflate.t      IO::Compress
787 ext/IO-Compress/t/002any-gzip.t IO::Compress
788 ext/IO-Compress/t/002any-rawdeflate.t   IO::Compress
789 ext/IO-Compress/t/002any-transparent.t  IO::Compress
790 ext/IO-Compress/t/002any-zip.t  IO::Compress
791 ext/IO-Compress/t/004gziphdr.t  IO::Compress
792 ext/IO-Compress/t/005defhdr.t   IO::Compress
793 ext/IO-Compress/t/006zip.t      IO::Compress
794 ext/IO-Compress/t/010examples-bzip2.t   IO::Compress
795 ext/IO-Compress/t/010examples-zlib.t    IO::Compress
796 ext/IO-Compress/t/01misc.t      IO::Compress
797 ext/IO-Compress/t/020isize.t    IO::Compress
798 ext/IO-Compress/t/050interop-gzip.t     IO::Compress
799 ext/IO-Compress/t/100generic-bzip2.t    IO::Compress
800 ext/IO-Compress/t/100generic-deflate.t  IO::Compress
801 ext/IO-Compress/t/100generic-gzip.t     IO::Compress
802 ext/IO-Compress/t/100generic-rawdeflate.t       IO::Compress
803 ext/IO-Compress/t/100generic-zip.t      IO::Compress
804 ext/IO-Compress/t/101truncate-bzip2.t   IO::Compress
805 ext/IO-Compress/t/101truncate-deflate.t IO::Compress
806 ext/IO-Compress/t/101truncate-gzip.t    IO::Compress
807 ext/IO-Compress/t/101truncate-rawdeflate.t      IO::Compress
808 ext/IO-Compress/t/101truncate-zip.t     IO::Compress
809 ext/IO-Compress/t/102tied-bzip2.t       IO::Compress
810 ext/IO-Compress/t/102tied-deflate.t     IO::Compress
811 ext/IO-Compress/t/102tied-gzip.t        IO::Compress
812 ext/IO-Compress/t/102tied-rawdeflate.t  IO::Compress
813 ext/IO-Compress/t/102tied-zip.t IO::Compress
814 ext/IO-Compress/t/103newtied-bzip2.t    IO::Compress
815 ext/IO-Compress/t/103newtied-deflate.t  IO::Compress
816 ext/IO-Compress/t/103newtied-gzip.t     IO::Compress
817 ext/IO-Compress/t/103newtied-rawdeflate.t       IO::Compress
818 ext/IO-Compress/t/103newtied-zip.t      IO::Compress
819 ext/IO-Compress/t/104destroy-bzip2.t    IO::Compress
820 ext/IO-Compress/t/104destroy-deflate.t  IO::Compress
821 ext/IO-Compress/t/104destroy-gzip.t     IO::Compress
822 ext/IO-Compress/t/104destroy-rawdeflate.t       IO::Compress
823 ext/IO-Compress/t/104destroy-zip.t      IO::Compress
824 ext/IO-Compress/t/105oneshot-bzip2.t    IO::Compress
825 ext/IO-Compress/t/105oneshot-deflate.t  IO::Compress
826 ext/IO-Compress/t/105oneshot-gzip-only.t        IO::Compress
827 ext/IO-Compress/t/105oneshot-gzip.t     IO::Compress
828 ext/IO-Compress/t/105oneshot-rawdeflate.t       IO::Compress
829 ext/IO-Compress/t/105oneshot-zip-bzip2-only.t   IO::Compress
830 ext/IO-Compress/t/105oneshot-zip-only.t IO::Compress
831 ext/IO-Compress/t/105oneshot-zip.t      IO::Compress
832 ext/IO-Compress/t/106prime-bzip2.t      IO::Compress
833 ext/IO-Compress/t/106prime-deflate.t    IO::Compress
834 ext/IO-Compress/t/106prime-gzip.t       IO::Compress
835 ext/IO-Compress/t/106prime-rawdeflate.t IO::Compress
836 ext/IO-Compress/t/106prime-zip.t        IO::Compress
837 ext/IO-Compress/t/107multi-bzip2.t      IO::Compress
838 ext/IO-Compress/t/107multi-deflate.t    IO::Compress
839 ext/IO-Compress/t/107multi-gzip.t       IO::Compress
840 ext/IO-Compress/t/107multi-rawdeflate.t IO::Compress
841 ext/IO-Compress/t/107multi-zip.t        IO::Compress
842 ext/IO-Compress/t/108anyunc-bzip2.t     IO::Compress
843 ext/IO-Compress/t/108anyunc-deflate.t   IO::Compress
844 ext/IO-Compress/t/108anyunc-gzip.t      IO::Compress
845 ext/IO-Compress/t/108anyunc-rawdeflate.t        IO::Compress
846 ext/IO-Compress/t/108anyunc-transparent.t       IO::Compress
847 ext/IO-Compress/t/108anyunc-zip.t       IO::Compress
848 ext/IO-Compress/t/109merge-deflate.t    IO::Compress
849 ext/IO-Compress/t/109merge-gzip.t       IO::Compress
850 ext/IO-Compress/t/109merge-rawdeflate.t IO::Compress
851 ext/IO-Compress/t/109merge-zip.t        IO::Compress
852 ext/IO-Compress/t/110encode-bzip2.t     IO::Compress
853 ext/IO-Compress/t/110encode-deflate.t   IO::Compress
854 ext/IO-Compress/t/110encode-gzip.t      IO::Compress
855 ext/IO-Compress/t/110encode-rawdeflate.t        IO::Compress
856 ext/IO-Compress/t/110encode-zip.t       IO::Compress
857 ext/IO-Compress/t/999pod.t      IO::Compress
858 ext/IO-Compress/t/cz-01version.t        IO::Compress
859 ext/IO-Compress/t/cz-05examples.t       IO::Compress
860 ext/IO-Compress/t/cz-06gzsetp.t IO::Compress
861 ext/IO-Compress/t/cz-08encoding.t       IO::Compress
862 ext/IO-Compress/t/cz-14gzopen.t IO::Compress
863 ext/IO-Compress/t/globmapper.t  IO::Compress
864 ext/IO/hints/sco.pl             Hint for IO for named architecture
865 ext/IO/IO.pm                    Top-level interface to IO::* classes
866 ext/IO/IO.xs                    IO extension external subroutines
867 ext/IO/lib/IO/Dir.pm            IO directory reading package
868 ext/IO/lib/IO/File.pm           IO file handle package
869 ext/IO/lib/IO/Handle.pm         IO base handle package
870 ext/IO/lib/IO/Pipe.pm           IO pipe package
871 ext/IO/lib/IO/Poll.pm           IO system poll() interface
872 ext/IO/lib/IO/Seekable.pm       IO methods for seekable handles
873 ext/IO/lib/IO/Select.pm         IO system select() interface
874 ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket/INET.pm    IO INET specific socket methods
875 ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket.pm         IO socket handle package
876 ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket/UNIX.pm    IO UNIX specific socket methods
877 ext/IO/Makefile.PL              IO extension makefile writer
878 ext/IO/poll.c                   IO poll() emulation using select()
879 ext/IO/poll.h                   IO poll() emulation using select()
880 ext/IO/README                   IO extension maintenance notice
881 ext/IO/t/io_const.t     See if constants from IO work
882 ext/IO/t/io_dir.t       See if directory-related methods from IO work
883 ext/IO/t/io_dup.t       See if dup()-related methods from IO work
884 ext/IO/t/io_file.t      See if binmode()-related methods on IO::File work
885 ext/IO/t/io_linenum.t   See if I/O line numbers are tracked correctly
886 ext/IO/t/io_multihomed.t        See if INET sockets work with multi-homed hosts
887 ext/IO/t/io_pipe.t      See if pipe()-related methods from IO work
888 ext/IO/t/io_poll.t      See if poll()-related methods from IO work
889 ext/IO/t/io_sel.t       See if select()-related methods from IO work
890 ext/IO/t/io_sock.t      See if INET socket-related methods from IO work
891 ext/IO/t/IO.t   See if IO works
892 ext/IO/t/io_taint.t     See if the untaint method from IO works
893 ext/IO/t/io_tell.t      See if seek()/tell()-related methods from IO work
894 ext/IO/t/io_udp.t       See if UDP socket-related methods from IO work
895 ext/IO/t/io_unix.t      See if UNIX socket-related methods from IO work
896 ext/IO/t/io_utf8.t      See if perlio opens work
897 ext/IO/t/io_xs.t                See if XSUB methods from IO work
898 ext/IPC-SysV/Changes    IPC::SysV changes
899 ext/IPC-SysV/hints/cygwin.pl    Hint for IPC::SysV for named architecture
900 ext/IPC-SysV/hints/next_3.pl    Hint for IPC::SysV for named architecture
901 ext/IPC-SysV/lib/IPC/Msg.pm     IPC::SysV extension Perl module
902 ext/IPC-SysV/lib/IPC/Semaphore.pm       IPC::SysV extension Perl module
903 ext/IPC-SysV/lib/IPC/SharedMem.pm       IPC::SysV extension Perl module
904 ext/IPC-SysV/lib/IPC/SysV.pm    IPC::SysV extension Perl module
905 ext/IPC-SysV/Makefile.PL        IPC::SysV makefile writer
906 ext/IPC-SysV/MANIFEST.SKIP      IPC::SysV manifest skip specs
907 ext/IPC-SysV/README             IPC::SysV README
908 ext/IPC-SysV/regen.pl   IPC::SysV file regeneration script
909 ext/IPC-SysV/SysV.xs            IPC::SysV extension Perl module
910 ext/IPC-SysV/t/ipcsysv.t                IPC::SysV test file
911 ext/IPC-SysV/t/msg.t            IPC::SysV test file
912 ext/IPC-SysV/TODO       IPC::SysV todo file
913 ext/IPC-SysV/t/podcov.t IPC::SysV test file
914 ext/IPC-SysV/t/pod.t    IPC::SysV test file
915 ext/IPC-SysV/t/sem.t            IPC::SysV test file
916 ext/IPC-SysV/t/shm.t    IPC::SysV test file
917 ext/IPC-SysV/typemap    IPC::SysV typemap
918 ext/List-Util/Changes           Util extension
919 ext/List-Util/lib/List/Util.pm  List::Util
920 ext/List-Util/lib/List/Util/PP.pm       List::Util
921 ext/List-Util/lib/List/Util/XS.pm       List::Util
922 ext/List-Util/lib/Scalar/Util.pm        Scalar::Util
923 ext/List-Util/lib/Scalar/Util/PP.pm     Scalar::Util
924 ext/List-Util/ListUtil.xs               Util extension
925 ext/List-Util/Makefile.PL       Util extension
926 ext/List-Util/multicall.h       Util extension
927 ext/List-Util/README            Util extension
928 ext/List-Util/t/00version.t     Scalar::Util
929 ext/List-Util/t/blessed.t       Scalar::Util
930 ext/List-Util/t/dualvar.t       Scalar::Util
931 ext/List-Util/t/expfail.t       List::Util
932 ext/List-Util/t/first.t         List::Util
933 ext/List-Util/t/isvstring.t     Scalar::Util
934 ext/List-Util/t/lln.t           Scalar::Util
935 ext/List-Util/t/maxstr.t        List::Util
936 ext/List-Util/t/max.t           List::Util
937 ext/List-Util/t/minstr.t        List::Util
938 ext/List-Util/t/min.t           List::Util
939 ext/List-Util/t/openhan.t       Scalar::Util
940 ext/List-Util/t/p_00version.t   Scalar::Util
941 ext/List-Util/t/p_blessed.t     Scalar::Util
942 ext/List-Util/t/p_first.t       List::Util
943 ext/List-Util/t/p_lln.t         Scalar::Util
944 ext/List-Util/t/p_maxstr.t      List::Util
945 ext/List-Util/t/p_max.t         List::Util
946 ext/List-Util/t/p_minstr.t      List::Util
947 ext/List-Util/t/p_min.t         List::Util
948 ext/List-Util/t/p_openhan.t     Scalar::Util
949 ext/List-Util/t/p_readonly.t    Scalar::Util
950 ext/List-Util/t/p_reduce.t      List::Util
951 ext/List-Util/t/p_refaddr.t     Scalar::Util
952 ext/List-Util/t/p_reftype.t     Scalar::Util
953 ext/List-Util/t/proto.t         Scalar::Util
954 ext/List-Util/t/p_shuffle.t     List::Util
955 ext/List-Util/t/p_sum.t         List::Util
956 ext/List-Util/t/p_tainted.t     Scalar::Util
957 ext/List-Util/t/readonly.t      Scalar::Util
958 ext/List-Util/t/reduce.t        List::Util
959 ext/List-Util/t/refaddr.t       Scalar::Util
960 ext/List-Util/t/reftype.t       Scalar::Util
961 ext/List-Util/t/shuffle.t       List::Util
962 ext/List-Util/t/stack-corruption.t      List::Util
963 ext/List-Util/t/sum.t           List::Util
964 ext/List-Util/t/tainted.t       Scalar::Util
965 ext/List-Util/t/weak.t          Scalar::Util
966 ext/List-Util/XS.pp             List::Util
967 ext/Math-BigInt-FastCalc/FastCalc.pm    Math::BigInt::FastCalc extension
968 ext/Math-BigInt-FastCalc/FastCalc.xs    Math::BigInt::FastCalc extension
969 ext/Math-BigInt-FastCalc/t/bigintfc.t   Math::BigInt::FastCalc extension
970 ext/Math-BigInt-FastCalc/t/bootstrap.t  Math::BigInt::FastCalc extension
971 ext/Math-BigInt-FastCalc/t/leak.t       test for memory leaks in Math::BigInt::FastCalc
972 ext/Math-BigInt-FastCalc/t/mbi_rand.t   Math::BigInt::FastCalc extension
973 ext/MIME-Base64/Base64.pm       MIME::Base64 extension
974 ext/MIME-Base64/Base64.xs       MIME::Base64 extension
975 ext/MIME-Base64/Changes         MIME::Base64 extension
976 ext/MIME-Base64/Makefile.PL     MIME::Base64 extension
977 ext/MIME-Base64/QuotedPrint.pm  MIME::Base64 extension
978 ext/MIME-Base64/README          README for MIME::Base64
979 ext/MIME-Base64/t/base64.t      See whether MIME::Base64 works
980 ext/MIME-Base64/t/quoted-print.t        See whether MIME::QuotedPrint works
981 ext/MIME-Base64/t/unicode.t     See whether MIME::Base64 works
982 ext/MIME-Base64/t/warn.t        See whether MIME::Base64 works
983 ext/Module-Pluggable/lib/Devel/InnerPackage.pm          Find inner packages
984 ext/Module-Pluggable/lib/Module/Pluggable/Object.pm     Module::Pluggable
985 ext/Module-Pluggable/lib/Module/Pluggable.pm            Module::Pluggable
986 ext/Module-Pluggable/Makefile.PL                        Module::Pluggable
987 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/01use.t  Module::Pluggable tests
988 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/02alsoworks.t    Module::Pluggable tests
989 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/02works.t        Module::Pluggable tests
990 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/02works_taint.t  Module::Pluggable tests
991 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/03diffname.t     Module::Pluggable tests
992 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/04acmedir_single.t       Module::Pluggable tests
993 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/04acmedir.t      Module::Pluggable tests
994 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/04acmepath_single.t      Module::Pluggable tests
995 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/04acmepath.t     Module::Pluggable tests
996 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/05postpath.t     Module::Pluggable tests
997 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/06multipath.t    Module::Pluggable tests
998 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/07instantiate.t  Module::Pluggable tests
999 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/08nothing.t      Module::Pluggable tests
1000 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/09require.t      Module::Pluggable tests
1001 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/10innerpack_inner.t      Module::Pluggable tests
1002 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/10innerpack_noinner.t    Module::Pluggable tests
1003 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/10innerpack_onefile.t    Module::Pluggable tests
1004 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/10innerpack_override.t   Module::Pluggable tests
1005 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/10innerpack_super.t              Module::Pluggable tests
1006 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/10innerpack.t    Module::Pluggable tests
1007 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/11usetwice.t     Module::Pluggable tests
1008 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/12onlyarray.t    Module::Pluggable tests
1009 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/12onlyregex.t    Module::Pluggable tests
1010 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/12onlyrequire.t  Module::Pluggable tests
1011 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/12only.t Module::Pluggable tests
1012 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/13exceptarray.t  Module::Pluggable tests
1013 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/13exceptregex.t  Module::Pluggable tests
1014 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/13except.t       Module::Pluggable tests
1015 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/14package.t      Module::Pluggable tests
1016 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/15topicsafe.t    Module::Pluggable tests
1017 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/16different_extension.t  Module::Pluggable tests
1018 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/17devel_inner_package.t  Module::Pluggable tests
1019 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/18skipped_package.t      Module::Pluggable tests
1020 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/19can_ok_clobber.t       Module::Pluggable tests
1021 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/20dodgy_files.t  Module::Pluggable tests
1022 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/21editor_junk.t                  Module::Pluggable tests
1023 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/acme/Acme/MyTest/Plugin/Foo.pm   Module::Pluggable tests
1024 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/Acme/Foo-Bar.pm                      Module::Pluggable tests
1025 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/Acme/MyTest/Plugin/Foo.pm    Module::Pluggable tests
1026 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/EditorJunk/Plugin/Bar.pm             Module::Pluggable tests
1027 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/EditorJunk/Plugin/Bar.pm~    Module::Pluggable tests
1028 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/EditorJunk/Plugin/Bar.pm.swo Module::Pluggable tests
1029 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/EditorJunk/Plugin/Bar.pm.swp Module::Pluggable tests
1030 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/EditorJunk/Plugin/Foo.pm             Module::Pluggable tests
1031 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/ExtTest/Plugin/Bar.plugin    Module::Pluggable tests
1032 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/ExtTest/Plugin/Foo.plugin    Module::Pluggable tests
1033 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/ExtTest/Plugin/Quux/Foo.plugin       Module::Pluggable tests
1034 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/InnerTest/Plugin/Foo.pm      Module::Pluggable tests
1035 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/MyOtherTest/Plugin/Bar.pm    Module::Pluggable tests
1036 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/MyOtherTest/Plugin/Foo.pm    Module::Pluggable tests
1037 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/MyOtherTest/Plugin/Quux/Foo.pm       Module::Pluggable tests
1038 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/MyOtherTest/Plugin/Quux.pm   Module::Pluggable tests
1039 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/MyTest/Extend/Plugin/Bar.pm  Module::Pluggable tests
1040 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/MyTest/Plugin/Bar.pm Module::Pluggable tests
1041 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/MyTest/Plugin/Foo.pm Module::Pluggable tests
1042 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/MyTest/Plugin/Quux/Foo.pm    Module::Pluggable tests
1043 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/No/Middle.pm Module::Pluggable tests
1044 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/OddTest/Plugin/Foo.pm        Module::Pluggable tests
1045 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/TA/C/A/I.pm  Module::Pluggable tests
1046 ext/Module-Pluggable/t/lib/Zot/.Zork.pm Module::Pluggable tests
1047 ext/mro/Changes                 mro extension
1048 ext/mro/mro.pm                  mro extension
1049 ext/mro/mro.xs                  mro extension
1050 ext/NDBM_File/hints/cygwin.pl   Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1051 ext/NDBM_File/hints/dec_osf.pl  Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1052 ext/NDBM_File/hints/dynixptx.pl Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1053 ext/NDBM_File/hints/gnukfreebsd.pl      Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1054 ext/NDBM_File/hints/gnuknetbsd.pl       Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1055 ext/NDBM_File/hints/linux.pl    Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1056 ext/NDBM_File/hints/sco.pl      Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1057 ext/NDBM_File/hints/solaris.pl  Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1058 ext/NDBM_File/hints/svr4.pl     Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1059 ext/NDBM_File/Makefile.PL       NDBM extension makefile writer
1060 ext/NDBM_File/NDBM_File.pm      NDBM extension Perl module
1061 ext/NDBM_File/NDBM_File.xs      NDBM extension external subroutines
1062 ext/NDBM_File/t/ndbm.t          See if NDBM_File works
1063 ext/NDBM_File/typemap           NDBM extension interface types
1064 ext/ODBM_File/hints/cygwin.pl   Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
1065 ext/ODBM_File/hints/dec_osf.pl  Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
1066 ext/ODBM_File/hints/gnukfreebsd.pl      Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1067 ext/ODBM_File/hints/gnuknetbsd.pl       Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1068 ext/ODBM_File/hints/hpux.pl     Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
1069 ext/ODBM_File/hints/linux.pl    Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
1070 ext/ODBM_File/hints/sco.pl      Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
1071 ext/ODBM_File/hints/solaris.pl  Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
1072 ext/ODBM_File/hints/svr4.pl     Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
1073 ext/ODBM_File/hints/ultrix.pl   Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
1074 ext/ODBM_File/Makefile.PL       ODBM extension makefile writer
1075 ext/ODBM_File/ODBM_File.pm      ODBM extension Perl module
1076 ext/ODBM_File/ODBM_File.xs      ODBM extension external subroutines
1077 ext/ODBM_File/t/odbm.t          See if ODBM_File works
1078 ext/ODBM_File/typemap           ODBM extension interface types
1079 ext/Opcode/Opcode.pm            Opcode extension Perl module
1080 ext/Opcode/Opcode.xs            Opcode extension external subroutines
1081 ext/Opcode/ops.pm               "Pragma" form of Opcode extension Perl module
1082 ext/Opcode/t/Opcode.t           See if Opcode works
1083 ext/Opcode/t/ops.t              See if Opcode works
1084 ext/PerlIO-encoding/encoding.pm PerlIO::encoding
1085 ext/PerlIO-encoding/encoding.xs PerlIO::encoding
1086 ext/PerlIO-encoding/MANIFEST    PerlIO::encoding list of files
1087 ext/PerlIO-encoding/t/encoding.t        See if PerlIO encoding conversion works
1088 ext/PerlIO-encoding/t/fallback.t        See if PerlIO fallbacks work
1089 ext/PerlIO-encoding/t/nolooping.t       Tests for PerlIO::encoding
1090 ext/PerlIO-scalar/scalar.pm     PerlIO layer for scalars
1091 ext/PerlIO-scalar/scalar.xs     PerlIO layer for scalars
1092 ext/PerlIO-scalar/t/scalar.t    See if PerlIO::scalar works
1093 ext/PerlIO-scalar/t/scalar_ungetc.t     Tests for PerlIO layer for scalars
1094 ext/PerlIO-via/hints/aix.pl     Hint for PerlIO::via for named architecture
1095 ext/PerlIO-via/t/via.t          See if PerlIO::via works
1096 ext/PerlIO-via/via.pm           PerlIO layer for layers in perl
1097 ext/PerlIO-via/via.xs           PerlIO layer for layers in perl
1098 ext/POSIX/hints/bsdos.pl        Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1099 ext/POSIX/hints/dynixptx.pl     Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1100 ext/POSIX/hints/freebsd.pl      Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1101 ext/POSIX/hints/gnukfreebsd.pl  Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1102 ext/POSIX/hints/gnuknetbsd.pl   Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1103 ext/POSIX/hints/linux.pl        Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1104 ext/POSIX/hints/mint.pl         Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1105 ext/POSIX/hints/netbsd.pl       Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1106 ext/POSIX/hints/next_3.pl       Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1107 ext/POSIX/hints/openbsd.pl      Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1108 ext/POSIX/hints/sunos_4.pl      Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1109 ext/POSIX/hints/svr4.pl         Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1110 ext/POSIX/hints/uts.pl          Hint for POSIX for named architecture
1111 ext/POSIX/Makefile.PL           POSIX extension makefile writer
1112 ext/POSIX/POSIX.pm              POSIX extension Perl module
1113 ext/POSIX/POSIX.pod             POSIX extension documentation
1114 ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs              POSIX extension external subroutines
1115 ext/POSIX/t/is.t                See if POSIX isxxx() work
1116 ext/POSIX/t/math.t              Basic math tests for POSIX
1117 ext/POSIX/t/posix.t             See if POSIX works
1118 ext/POSIX/t/sigaction.t         See if POSIX::sigaction works
1119 ext/POSIX/t/sysconf.t           See if POSIX works
1120 ext/POSIX/t/taint.t             See if POSIX works with taint
1121 ext/POSIX/t/termios.t           See if POSIX works
1122 ext/POSIX/t/time.t              See if POSIX time-related functions work
1123 ext/POSIX/t/waitpid.t           See if waitpid works
1124 ext/POSIX/typemap               POSIX extension interface types
1125 ext/re/hints/mpeix.pl           Hints for re for named architecture
1126 ext/re/Makefile.PL              re extension makefile writer
1127 ext/re/re_comp.h                re extension wrapper for regcomp.h
1128 ext/re/re.pm                    re extension Perl module
1129 ext/re/re_top.h                 re extension symbol hiding header
1130 ext/re/re.xs                    re extension external subroutines
1131 ext/re/t/lexical_debug.pl       generate debug output for lexical re 'debug'
1132 ext/re/t/lexical_debug.t        test that lexical re 'debug' works
1133 ext/re/t/qr.t                   test that qr// is a Regexp
1134 ext/re/t/re_funcs.t             See if exportable 're' funcs in re.xs work
1135 ext/re/t/regop.pl               generate debug output for various patterns
1136 ext/re/t/regop.t                test RE optimizations by scraping debug output
1137 ext/re/t/re.t                   see if re pragma works
1138 ext/Safe/Safe.pm                Safe extension Perl module
1139 ext/Safe/t/safe1.t              See if Safe works
1140 ext/Safe/t/safe2.t              See if Safe works
1141 ext/Safe/t/safe3.t              See if Safe works
1142 ext/Safe/t/safeload.t           Tests that some modules can be loaded by Safe
1143 ext/Safe/t/safeops.t            Tests that all ops can be trapped by Safe
1144 ext/Safe/t/safeuniversal.t      Tests Safe with functions from universal.c
1145 ext/SDBM_File/Makefile.PL       SDBM extension makefile writer
1146 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/biblio       SDBM kit
1147 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/CHANGES      SDBM kit
1148 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/COMPARE      SDBM kit
1149 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dba.c        SDBM kit
1150 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dbd.c        SDBM kit
1151 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dbe.1        SDBM kit
1152 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dbe.c        SDBM kit
1153 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dbu.c        SDBM kit
1154 ext/SDBM_File/SDBM_File.pm      SDBM extension Perl module
1155 ext/SDBM_File/SDBM_File.xs      SDBM extension external subroutines
1156 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/grind        SDBM kit
1157 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/hash.c       SDBM kit
1158 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/linux.patches        SDBM kit
1159 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/Makefile.PL  SDBM kit
1160 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/makefile.sdbm        SDBM kit
1161 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/pair.c       SDBM kit
1162 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/pair.h       SDBM kit
1163 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/README       SDBM kit
1164 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/readme.ms    SDBM kit
1165 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/README.too   SDBM kit
1166 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/sdbm.3       SDBM kit
1167 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/sdbm.c       SDBM kit
1168 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/sdbm.h       SDBM kit
1169 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/tune.h       SDBM kit
1170 ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/util.c       SDBM kit
1171 ext/SDBM_File/t/sdbm.t          See if SDBM_File works
1172 ext/SDBM_File/typemap           SDBM extension interface types
1173 ext/Socket/Makefile.PL          Socket extension makefile writer
1174 ext/Socket/Socket.pm            Socket extension Perl module
1175 ext/Socket/Socket.xs            Socket extension external subroutines
1176 ext/Socket/t/socketpair.t       See if socketpair works
1177 ext/Socket/t/Socket.t           See if Socket works
1178 ext/Storable/ChangeLog          Storable extension
1179 ext/Storable/hints/gnukfreebsd.pl       Hint for Storable for named architecture
1180 ext/Storable/hints/gnuknetbsd.pl        Hint for Storable for named architecture
1181 ext/Storable/hints/hpux.pl      Hint for Storable for named architecture
1182 ext/Storable/hints/linux.pl     Hint for Storable for named architecture
1183 ext/Storable/Makefile.PL        Storable extension
1184 ext/Storable/README             Storable extension
1185 ext/Storable/Storable.pm        Storable extension
1186 ext/Storable/Storable.xs        Storable extension
1187 ext/Storable/t/attach_errors.t  Trigger and test STORABLE_attach errors
1188 ext/Storable/t/attach_singleton.t       Test STORABLE_attach for the Singleton pattern
1189 ext/Storable/t/blessed.t        See if Storable works
1190 ext/Storable/t/canonical.t      See if Storable works
1191 ext/Storable/t/circular_hook.t  Test thaw hook called depth-first for circular refs
1192 ext/Storable/t/code.t           See if Storable works
1193 ext/Storable/t/compat01.t       See if Storable works
1194 ext/Storable/t/compat06.t       See if Storable works
1195 ext/Storable/t/croak.t          See if Storable works
1196 ext/Storable/t/dclone.t         See if Storable works
1197 ext/Storable/t/downgrade.t      See if Storable works
1198 ext/Storable/t/file_magic.t     See if file_magic function works
1199 ext/Storable/t/forgive.t        See if Storable works
1200 ext/Storable/t/freeze.t         See if Storable works
1201 ext/Storable/t/HAS_ATTACH.pm    For auto-requiring of modules for STORABLE_attach
1202 ext/Storable/t/HAS_HOOK.pm      For auto-requiring of modules for STORABLE_thaw
1203 ext/Storable/t/HAS_OVERLOAD.pm  For auto-requiring of mdoules for overload
1204 ext/Storable/t/integer.t        See if Storable works
1205 ext/Storable/t/interwork56.t    Test compatibility kludge for 64bit data under 5.6.x
1206 ext/Storable/t/just_plain_nasty.t       See if Storable works
1207 ext/Storable/t/lock.t           See if Storable works
1208 ext/Storable/t/make_56_interwork.pl     Make test data for interwork56.t
1209 ext/Storable/t/make_downgrade.pl        Make test data for downgrade.t
1210 ext/Storable/t/make_overload.pl Make test data for overload.t
1211 ext/Storable/t/malice.t         See if Storable copes with corrupt files
1212 ext/Storable/t/overload.t       See if Storable works
1213 ext/Storable/t/recurse.t        See if Storable works
1214 ext/Storable/t/restrict.t       See if Storable works
1215 ext/Storable/t/retrieve.t       See if Storable works
1216 ext/Storable/t/sig_die.t        See if Storable works
1217 ext/Storable/t/st-dump.pl       See if Storable works
1218 ext/Storable/t/store.t          See if Storable works
1219 ext/Storable/t/testlib.pl       more helper routines for tests
1220 ext/Storable/t/threads.t        Does Storable work with threads?
1221 ext/Storable/t/tied_hook.t      See if Storable works
1222 ext/Storable/t/tied_items.t     See if Storable works
1223 ext/Storable/t/tied.t           See if Storable works
1224 ext/Storable/t/utf8hash.t       See if Storable works
1225 ext/Storable/t/utf8.t           See if Storable works
1226 ext/Storable/t/weak.t           Can Storable store weakrefs
1227 ext/Sys-Hostname/Hostname.pm    Sys::Hostname extension Perl module
1228 ext/Sys-Hostname/Hostname.xs    Sys::Hostname extension external subroutines
1229 ext/Sys-Hostname/t/Hostname.t   See if Sys::Hostname works
1230 ext/Sys-Syslog/Changes          Changlog for Sys::Syslog
1231 ext/Sys-Syslog/fallback/const-c.inc     Sys::Syslog constants fallback file
1232 ext/Sys-Syslog/fallback/const-xs.inc    Sys::Syslog constants fallback file
1233 ext/Sys-Syslog/fallback/syslog.h        Sys::Syslog header fallback file
1234 ext/Sys-Syslog/Makefile.PL      Sys::Syslog extension makefile writer
1235 ext/Sys-Syslog/README           README for Sys::Syslog
1236 ext/Sys-Syslog/README.win32     README for Sys::Syslog on Windows
1237 ext/Sys-Syslog/Syslog.pm        Sys::Syslog extension Perl module
1238 ext/Sys-Syslog/Syslog.xs        Sys::Syslog extension external subroutines
1239 ext/Sys-Syslog/t/00-load.t      test for Sys::Syslog
1240 ext/Sys-Syslog/t/constants.t    test for Sys::Syslog
1241 ext/Sys-Syslog/t/syslog.t       See if Sys::Syslog works
1242 ext/Sys-Syslog/win32/compile.pl Sys::Syslog extension Win32 related file
1243 ext/Sys-Syslog/win32/PerlLog_dll.uu     Sys::Syslog extension Win32 related file
1244 ext/Sys-Syslog/win32/PerlLog.mc Sys::Syslog extension Win32 related file
1245 ext/Sys-Syslog/win32/PerlLog_RES.uu     Sys::Syslog extension Win32 related file
1246 ext/Sys-Syslog/win32/Win32.pm   Sys::Syslog extension Win32 related file
1247 ext/Test-Harness/bin/prove              The prove harness utility
1248 ext/Test-Harness/Changes                Test::Harness change log
1249 ext/Test-Harness/lib/App/Prove.pm       Gubbins for the prove utility
1250 ext/Test-Harness/lib/App/Prove/State.pm Gubbins for the prove utility
1251 ext/Test-Harness/lib/App/Prove/State/Result.pm  Gubbins for the prove utility
1252 ext/Test-Harness/lib/App/Prove/State/Result/Test.pm     Gubbins for the prove utility
1253 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Base.pm                        A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1254 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Formatter/Base.pm              A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1255 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Formatter/Color.pm             A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1256 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Formatter/Console/ParallelSession.pm   A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1257 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Formatter/Console.pm           A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1258 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Formatter/Console/Session.pm   A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1259 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Formatter/File.pm              A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1260 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Formatter/File/Session.pm      A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1261 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Formatter/Session.pm           A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1262 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Harness.pm                     A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1263 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Object.pm                      A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1264 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Aggregator.pm           A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1265 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Grammar.pm              A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1266 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Iterator/Array.pm       A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1267 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/IteratorFactory.pm      A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1268 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Iterator.pm             A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1269 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Iterator/Process.pm     A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1270 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Iterator/Stream.pm      A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1271 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Multiplexer.pm          A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1272 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser.pm                      A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1273 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Result/Bailout.pm       A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1274 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Result/Comment.pm       A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1275 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/ResultFactory.pm        A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1276 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Result/Plan.pm          A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1277 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Result.pm               A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1278 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Result/Pragma.pm        A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1279 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Result/Test.pm          A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1280 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Result/Unknown.pm       A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1281 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Result/Version.pm       A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1282 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Result/YAML.pm          A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1283 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Scheduler/Job.pm        A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1284 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Scheduler.pm            A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1285 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Scheduler/Spinner.pm    A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1286 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Source/Perl.pm          A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1287 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Source.pm               A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1288 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/Utils.pm                A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1289 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/YAMLish/Reader.pm       A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1290 ext/Test-Harness/lib/TAP/Parser/YAMLish/Writer.pm       A parser for Test Anything Protocol
1291 ext/Test-Harness/lib/Test/Harness.pm                    A test harness
1292 ext/Test-Harness/t/000-load.t                           Test::Harness test
1293 ext/Test-Harness/t/aggregator.t                         Test::Harness test
1294 ext/Test-Harness/t/bailout.t                            Test::Harness test
1295 ext/Test-Harness/t/base.t                               Test::Harness test
1296 ext/Test-Harness/t/callbacks.t                          Test::Harness test
1297 ext/Test-Harness/t/compat/env.t                         Test::Harness test
1298 ext/Test-Harness/t/compat/failure.t                     Test::Harness test
1299 ext/Test-Harness/t/compat/inc-propagation.t             Test::Harness test
1300 ext/Test-Harness/t/compat/inc_taint.t                   Test::Harness test
1301 ext/Test-Harness/t/compat/nonumbers.t                   Test::Harness test
1302 ext/Test-Harness/t/compat/regression.t                  Test::Harness test
1303 ext/Test-Harness/t/compat/switches.t                    Test::Harness test
1304 ext/Test-Harness/t/compat/test-harness-compat.t         Test::Harness test
1305 ext/Test-Harness/t/compat/version.t                     Test::Harness test
1306 ext/Test-Harness/t/console.t                            Test::Harness test
1307 ext/Test-Harness/t/data/catme.1                         Test data for Test::Harness
1308 ext/Test-Harness/t/data/proverc                         Test data for Test::Harness
1309 ext/Test-Harness/t/data/sample.yml                      Test data for Test::Harness
1310 ext/Test-Harness/t/errors.t                             Test::Harness test
1311 ext/Test-Harness/t/file.t                               Test::Harness test
1312 ext/Test-Harness/t/glob-to-regexp.t                     Test::Harness test
1313 ext/Test-Harness/t/grammar.t                            Test::Harness test
1314 ext/Test-Harness/t/harness-bailout.t                    Test::Harness test
1315 ext/Test-Harness/t/harness-subclass.t                   Test::Harness test
1316 ext/Test-Harness/t/harness.t                            Test::Harness test
1317 ext/Test-Harness/t/iterators.t                          Test::Harness test
1318 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/App/Prove/Plugin/Dummy2.pm       Module for testing Test::Harness
1319 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/App/Prove/Plugin/Dummy.pm        Module for testing Test::Harness
1320 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/Dev/Null.pm                      Module for testing Test::Harness
1321 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/EmptyParser.pm                   Module for testing Test::Harness
1322 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/IO/c55Capture.pm                 Module for testing Test::Harness
1323 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/MyCustom.pm                      Module for testing Test::Harness
1324 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/MyGrammar.pm                     Module for testing Test::Harness
1325 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/MyIteratorFactory.pm             Module for testing Test::Harness
1326 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/MyIterator.pm                    Module for testing Test::Harness
1327 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/MyPerlSource.pm                  Module for testing Test::Harness
1328 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/MyResultFactory.pm               Module for testing Test::Harness
1329 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/MyResult.pm                      Module for testing Test::Harness
1330 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/MySource.pm                      Module for testing Test::Harness
1331 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/NoFork.pm                        Module for testing Test::Harness
1332 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/NOP.pm                           Module for testing Test::Harness
1333 ext/Test-Harness/t/lib/TAP/Parser/SubclassTest.pm       Module for testing Test::Harness
1334 ext/Test-Harness/t/multiplexer.t                        Test::Harness test
1335 ext/Test-Harness/t/nofork-mux.t                         Test::Harness test
1336 ext/Test-Harness/t/nofork.t                             Test::Harness test
1337 ext/Test-Harness/t/object.t                             Test::Harness test
1338 ext/Test-Harness/t/parser-config.t                      Test::Harness test
1339 ext/Test-Harness/t/parser-subclass.t                    Test::Harness test
1340 ext/Test-Harness/t/parse.t                              Test::Harness test
1341 ext/Test-Harness/t/perl5lib.t                           Test::Harness test
1342 ext/Test-Harness/t/premature-bailout.t                  Test::Harness test
1343 ext/Test-Harness/t/process.t                            Test::Harness test
1344 ext/Test-Harness/t/proveenv.t                           Test::Harness test
1345 ext/Test-Harness/t/proverc/emptyexec                    Test data for Test::Harness
1346 ext/Test-Harness/t/proverc.t                            Test::Harness test
1347 ext/Test-Harness/t/proverun.t                           Test::Harness test
1348 ext/Test-Harness/t/prove.t                              Test::Harness test
1349 ext/Test-Harness/t/regression.t                         Test::Harness test
1350 ext/Test-Harness/t/results.t                            Test::Harness test
1351 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/bailout                 Test data for Test::Harness
1352 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/bignum                  Test data for Test::Harness
1353 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/bignum_many             Test data for Test::Harness
1354 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/combined                Test data for Test::Harness
1355 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/combined_compat         Test data for Test::Harness
1356 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/delayed                 Test data for Test::Harness
1357 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/descriptive             Test data for Test::Harness
1358 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/descriptive_trailing    Test data for Test::Harness
1359 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/die                     Test data for Test::Harness
1360 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/die_head_end            Test data for Test::Harness
1361 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/die_last_minute         Test data for Test::Harness
1362 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/die_unfinished          Test data for Test::Harness
1363 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/duplicates              Test data for Test::Harness
1364 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/echo                    Test data for Test::Harness
1365 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/empty                   Test data for Test::Harness
1366 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/escape_eol              Test data for Test::Harness
1367 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/escape_hash             Test data for Test::Harness
1368 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/head_end                Test data for Test::Harness
1369 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/head_fail               Test data for Test::Harness
1370 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/inc_taint               Test data for Test::Harness
1371 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/junk_before_plan        Test data for Test::Harness
1372 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/lone_not_bug            Test data for Test::Harness
1373 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/no_nums                 Test data for Test::Harness
1374 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/no_output               Test data for Test::Harness
1375 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/out_err_mix             Test data for Test::Harness
1376 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/out_of_order            Test data for Test::Harness
1377 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/schwern                 Test data for Test::Harness
1378 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/schwern-todo-quiet      Test data for Test::Harness
1379 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/segfault                Test data for Test::Harness
1380 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/sequence_misparse       Test data for Test::Harness
1381 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/shbang_misparse         Test data for Test::Harness
1382 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/simple                  Test data for Test::Harness
1383 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/simple_fail             Test data for Test::Harness
1384 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/simple_yaml             Test data for Test::Harness
1385 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/skip                    Test data for Test::Harness
1386 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/skipall                 Test data for Test::Harness
1387 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/skipall_nomsg           Test data for Test::Harness
1388 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/skipall_v13             Test data for Test::Harness
1389 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/skip_nomsg              Test data for Test::Harness
1390 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/space_after_plan        Test data for Test::Harness
1391 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/stdout_stderr           Test data for Test::Harness
1392 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/strict                  Test data for Test::Harness
1393 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/switches                Test data for Test::Harness
1394 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/taint                   Test data for Test::Harness
1395 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/taint_warn              Test data for Test::Harness
1396 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/todo                    Test data for Test::Harness
1397 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/todo_inline             Test data for Test::Harness
1398 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/todo_misparse           Test data for Test::Harness
1399 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/too_many                Test data for Test::Harness
1400 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/version_good            Test data for Test::Harness
1401 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/version_late            Test data for Test::Harness
1402 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/version_old             Test data for Test::Harness
1403 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/vms_nit                 Test data for Test::Harness
1404 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/with_comments           Test data for Test::Harness
1405 ext/Test-Harness/t/sample-tests/zero_valid              Test data for Test::Harness
1406 ext/Test-Harness/t/scheduler.t                          Test::Harness test
1407 ext/Test-Harness/t/source.t                             Test::Harness test
1408 ext/Test-Harness/t/source_tests/harness                 Test data for Test::Harness
1409 ext/Test-Harness/t/source_tests/harness_badtap          Test data for Test::Harness
1410 ext/Test-Harness/t/source_tests/harness_complain        Test data for Test::Harness
1411 ext/Test-Harness/t/source_tests/harness_directives      Test data for Test::Harness
1412 ext/Test-Harness/t/source_tests/harness_failure         Test data for Test::Harness
1413 ext/Test-Harness/t/source_tests/source                  Test data for Test::Harness
1414 ext/Test-Harness/t/spool.t                              Test::Harness test
1415 ext/Test-Harness/t/state_results.t                      Test::Harness test
1416 ext/Test-Harness/t/state.t                              Test::Harness test
1417 ext/Test-Harness/t/streams.t                            Test::Harness test
1418 ext/Test-Harness/t/subclass_tests/non_perl_source       Test data for Test::Harness
1419 ext/Test-Harness/t/subclass_tests/perl_source           Test data for Test::Harness
1420 ext/Test-Harness/t/taint.t                              Test::Harness test
1421 ext/Test-Harness/t/testargs.t                           Test::Harness test
1422 ext/Test-Harness/t/unicode.t                            Test::Harness test
1423 ext/Test-Harness/t/utils.t                              Test::Harness test
1424 ext/Test-Harness/t/yamlish-output.t                     Test::Harness test
1425 ext/Test-Harness/t/yamlish.t                            Test::Harness test
1426 ext/Test-Harness/t/yamlish-writer.t                     Test::Harness test
1427 ext/Text-Soundex/Changes        Changelog for Text::Soundex
1428 ext/Text-Soundex/README         README for Text::Soundex
1429 ext/Text-Soundex/Soundex.pm     Text::Soundex extension Perl module
1430 ext/Text-Soundex/Soundex.xs     Text::Soundex extension external subroutines
1431 ext/Text-Soundex/t/Soundex.t    test for Text::Soundex
1432 ext/threads/hints/hpux.pl       Hint file for HPUX
1433 ext/threads/hints/linux.pl      Hint file for Linux
1434 ext/threads/Makefile.PL         ithreads
1435 ext/threads-shared/hints/linux.pl       thread shared variables
1436 ext/threads-shared/Makefile.PL  thread shared variables
1437 ext/threads-shared/shared.pm    thread shared variables
1438 ext/threads-shared/shared.xs    thread shared variables
1439 ext/threads-shared/t/0nothread.t        Tests for basic shared array functionality.
1440 ext/threads-shared/t/av_refs.t  Tests for arrays containing references
1441 ext/threads-shared/t/av_simple.t        Tests for basic shared array functionality.
1442 ext/threads-shared/t/blessed.t  Test blessed shared variables
1443 ext/threads-shared/t/clone.t    Test shared cloning
1444 ext/threads-shared/t/cond.t     Test condition variables
1445 ext/threads-shared/t/disabled.t Test threads::shared when threads are disabled.
1446 ext/threads-shared/t/hv_refs.t  Test shared hashes containing references
1447 ext/threads-shared/t/hv_simple.t        Tests for basic shared hash functionality.
1448 ext/threads-shared/t/no_share.t Tests for disabled share on variables.
1449 ext/threads-shared/t/object.t   Shared objects tests
1450 ext/threads-shared/t/shared_attr.t      Test :shared attribute
1451 ext/threads-shared/t/stress.t   Stress test
1452 ext/threads-shared/t/sv_refs.t  thread shared variables
1453 ext/threads-shared/t/sv_simple.t        thread shared variables
1454 ext/threads-shared/t/utf8.t     Test UTF-8 keys in shared hashes
1455 ext/threads-shared/t/waithires.t        Test sub-second cond_timedwait
1456 ext/threads-shared/t/wait.t     Test cond_wait and cond_timedwait
1457 ext/threads/t/basic.t           ithreads
1458 ext/threads/t/blocks.t          Test threads in special blocks
1459 ext/threads/t/context.t         Explicit thread context
1460 ext/threads/t/end.t             Test end functions
1461 ext/threads/t/err.t             Test $thr->error()
1462 ext/threads/t/exit.t            Test exit and die in threads
1463 ext/threads/t/free2.t           More ithread destruction tests
1464 ext/threads/t/free.t            Test ithread destruction
1465 ext/threads/threads.pm          ithreads
1466 ext/threads/threads.xs          ithreads
1467 ext/threads/t/join.t            Testing the join function
1468 ext/threads/t/kill.t            Tests thread signalling
1469 ext/threads/t/libc.t            testing libc functions for threadsafety
1470 ext/threads/t/list.t            Test threads->list()
1471 ext/threads/t/problems.t        Test various memory problems
1472 ext/threads/t/stack_env.t       Tests for stack limits
1473 ext/threads/t/stack.t           Tests for stack limits
1474 ext/threads/t/state.t           Tests state methods
1475 ext/threads/t/stress_cv.t       Test with multiple threads, coderef cv argument.
1476 ext/threads/t/stress_re.t       Test with multiple threads, string cv argument and regexes.
1477 ext/threads/t/stress_string.t   Test with multiple threads, string cv argument.
1478 ext/threads/t/thread.t          General ithread tests from thr5005
1479 ext/Time-HiRes/Changes          Time::HiRes extension
1480 ext/Time-HiRes/fallback/const-c.inc     Time::HiRes extension
1481 ext/Time-HiRes/fallback/const-xs.inc    Time::HiRes extension
1482 ext/Time-HiRes/hints/aix.pl     Hint for Time::HiRes for named architecture
1483 ext/Time-HiRes/hints/dec_osf.pl         Hint for Time::HiRes for named architecture
1484 ext/Time-HiRes/hints/dynixptx.pl        Hint for Time::HiRes for named architecture
1485 ext/Time-HiRes/hints/irix.pl    Hint for Time::HiRes for named architecture
1486 ext/Time-HiRes/hints/linux.pl   Hints for Time::HiRes for named architecture
1487 ext/Time-HiRes/hints/sco.pl     Hints for Time::HiRes for named architecture
1488 ext/Time-HiRes/hints/solaris.pl Hints for Time::HiRes for named architecture
1489 ext/Time-HiRes/hints/svr4.pl    Hints for Time::HiRes for named architecture
1490 ext/Time-HiRes/HiRes.pm         Time::HiRes extension
1491 ext/Time-HiRes/HiRes.xs         Time::HiRes extension
1492 ext/Time-HiRes/Makefile.PL      Time::HiRes extension
1493 ext/Time-HiRes/t/HiRes.t        Test for Time::HiRes
1494 ext/Time-HiRes/typemap          Time::HiRes extension
1495 ext/Time-Piece/Changes          Time::Piece extension
1496 ext/Time-Piece/Makefile.PL      Time::Piece extension
1497 ext/Time-Piece/Piece.pm         Time::Piece extension
1498 ext/Time-Piece/Piece.xs         Time::Piece extension
1499 ext/Time-Piece/README           Time::Piece extension
1500 ext/Time-Piece/Seconds.pm       Time::Piece extension
1501 ext/Time-Piece/t/01base.t       Test for Time::Piece
1502 ext/Time-Piece/t/02core.t       Test for Time::Piece
1503 ext/Time-Piece/t/03compare.t    Test for Time::Piece
1504 ext/Time-Piece/t/04mjd.t        Test for Time::Piece
1505 ext/Time-Piece/t/05overload.t   Test for Time::Piece
1506 ext/Time-Piece/t/06subclass.t   Test for Time::Piece
1507 ext/Time-Piece/t/07arith.t      Test for Time::Piece
1508 ext/Unicode-Normalize/Changes   Unicode::Normalize
1509 ext/Unicode-Normalize/Makefile.PL       Unicode::Normalize
1510 ext/Unicode-Normalize/mkheader  Unicode::Normalize
1511 ext/Unicode-Normalize/Normalize.pm      Unicode::Normalize
1512 ext/Unicode-Normalize/Normalize.xs      Unicode::Normalize
1513 ext/Unicode-Normalize/README    Unicode::Normalize
1514 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/fcdc.t  Unicode::Normalize
1515 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/form.t  Unicode::Normalize
1516 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/func.t  Unicode::Normalize
1517 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/illegal.t       Unicode::Normalize
1518 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/norm.t  Unicode::Normalize
1519 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/null.t  Unicode::Normalize
1520 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/proto.t Unicode::Normalize
1521 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/split.t Unicode::Normalize
1522 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/test.t  Unicode::Normalize
1523 ext/Unicode-Normalize/t/tie.t   Unicode::Normalize
1524 ext/Win32API-File/buffers.h     Win32API::File extension
1525 ext/Win32API-File/cFile.h       Win32API::File extension
1526 ext/Win32API-File/cFile.pc      Win32API::File extension
1527 ext/Win32API-File/Changes       Win32API::File extension changes
1528 ext/Win32API-File/const2perl.h  Win32API::File extension
1529 ext/Win32API-File/ExtUtils/Myconst2perl.pm      Win32API::File extension
1530 ext/Win32API-File/File.pm       Win32API::File extension
1531 ext/Win32API-File/File.xs       Win32API::File extension
1532 ext/Win32API-File/Makefile.PL   Win32API::File extension makefile write
1533 ext/Win32API-File/README        Win32API::File extension Readme
1534 ext/Win32API-File/t/file.t      See if Win32API::File extension works
1535 ext/Win32API-File/t/tie.t       See if Win32API::File extension works
1536 ext/Win32API-File/typemap       Win32API::File extension interface types
1537 ext/Win32/Changes               Changes for Win32 extension module
1538 ext/Win32CORE/Makefile.PL       Win32CORE extension
1539 ext/Win32CORE/t/win32core.t     Win32CORE extension
1540 ext/Win32CORE/Win32CORE.c       Win32CORE extension
1541 ext/Win32CORE/Win32CORE.pm      Win32CORE extension (stubs for Win32 CORE subs)
1542 ext/Win32/longpath.inc          Win32 extension long path support
1543 ext/Win32/Makefile.PL           Win32 extension makefile writer
1544 ext/Win32/t/CreateFile.t        See if Win32 extension works
1545 ext/Win32/t/ExpandEnvironmentStrings.t  See if Win32 extension works
1546 ext/Win32/t/GetCurrentThreadId.t        See if Win32 extension works
1547 ext/Win32/t/GetFileVersion.t    See if Win32 extension works
1548 ext/Win32/t/GetFolderPath.t     See if Win32 extension works
1549 ext/Win32/t/GetFullPathName.t   See if Win32 extension works
1550 ext/Win32/t/GetLongPathName.t   See if Win32 extension works
1551 ext/Win32/t/GetOSName.t         See if Win32 extension works
1552 ext/Win32/t/GetOSVersion.t      See if Win32 extension works
1553 ext/Win32/t/GetShortPathName.t  See if Win32 extension works
1554 ext/Win32/t/GuidGen.t           See if Win32 extension works
1555 ext/Win32/t/Names.t             See if Win32 extension works
1556 ext/Win32/t/Unicode.t           See if Win32 extension works
1557 ext/Win32/Win32.pm              Win32 extension Perl module
1558 ext/Win32/Win32.xs              Win32 extension external subroutines
1559 ext/XS-APItest/APItest.pm       XS::APItest extension
1560 ext/XS-APItest/APItest.xs       XS::APItest extension
1561 ext/XS-APItest/core.c           Test API functions when PERL_CORE is defined
1562 ext/XS-APItest/core_or_not.inc  Code common to core.c and notcore.c
1563 ext/XS-APItest/exception.c      XS::APItest extension
1564 ext/XS-APItest/Makefile.PL      XS::APItest extension
1565 ext/XS-APItest/MANIFEST         XS::APItest extension
1566 ext/XS-APItest/notcore.c        Test API functions when PERL_CORE is not defined
1567 ext/XS-APItest/README           XS::APItest extension
1568 ext/XS-APItest/t/call.t         XS::APItest extension
1569 ext/XS-APItest/t/exception.t    XS::APItest extension
1570 ext/XS-APItest/t/hash.t         XS::APItest: tests for hash related APIs
1571 ext/XS-APItest/t/my_cxt.t       XS::APItest: test MY_CXT interface
1572 ext/XS-APItest/t/op.t           XS::APItest: tests for OP related APIs
1573 ext/XS-APItest/t/printf.t       XS::APItest extension
1574 ext/XS-APItest/t/push.t         XS::APItest extension
1575 ext/XS-APItest/t/rmagical.t     XS::APItest extension
1576 ext/XS-APItest/t/svpeek.t       XS::APItest extension
1577 ext/XS-APItest/t/svsetsv.t      Test behaviour of sv_setsv with/without PERL_CORE
1578 ext/XS-APItest/t/xs_special_subs_require.t      for require too
1579 ext/XS-APItest/t/xs_special_subs.t      Test that XS BEGIN/CHECK/INIT/END work
1580 ext/XS-Typemap/Makefile.PL      XS::Typemap extension
1581 ext/XS-Typemap/README           XS::Typemap extension
1582 ext/XS-Typemap/stdio.c          XS::Typemap extension
1583 ext/XS-Typemap/t/Typemap.t      test that typemaps work
1584 ext/XS-Typemap/typemap          XS::Typemap extension
1585 ext/XS-Typemap/Typemap.pm       XS::Typemap extension
1586 ext/XS-Typemap/Typemap.xs       XS::Typemap extension
1587 fakesdio.h                      stdio in terms of PerlIO
1588 fakethr.h                       Fake threads header
1589 form.h                          Public declarations for formats
1590 generate_uudmap.c               Generate uudmap.h, the uuencode decoding map
1591 genpacksizetables.pl            Generate the size tables for pack/unpack
1592 globals.c                       File to declare global symbols (for shared library)
1593 global.sym                      Symbols that need hiding when embedded
1594 globvar.sym                     Global variables that need hiding when embedded
1595 gv.c                            Glob value code
1596 gv.h                            Glob value header
1597 h2pl/cbreak2.pl                 cbreak routines using .pl
1598 h2pl/cbreak.pl                  cbreak routines using .ph
1599 h2pl/eg/sizeof.ph               Sample sizeof array initialization
1600 h2pl/eg/sys/errno.pl            Sample translated errno.pl
1601 h2pl/eg/sysexits.pl             Sample translated sysexits.pl
1602 h2pl/eg/sys/ioctl.pl            Sample translated ioctl.pl
1603 h2pl/getioctlsizes              Program to extract types from ioctl.h
1604 h2pl/mksizes                    Program to make %sizeof array
1605 h2pl/mkvars                     Program to make .pl from .ph files
1606 h2pl/README                     How to turn .ph files into .pl files
1607 h2pl/tcbreak                    cbreak test routine using .ph
1608 h2pl/tcbreak2                   cbreak test routine using .pl
1609 haiku/Haiku/Haiku.pm            Haiku extension Perl module
1610 haiku/Haiku/Haiku.xs            Haiku extension external subroutines
1611 haiku/haikuish.h                Header for the Haiku port
1612 haiku/Haiku/Makefile.PL         Haiku extension makefile writer
1613 handy.h                         Handy definitions
1614 hints/3b1cc                     Hints for named architecture
1615 hints/3b1.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1616 hints/aix_3.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1617 hints/aix_4.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1618 hints/aix.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1619 hints/altos486.sh               Hints for named architecture
1620 hints/amigaos.sh                Hints for named architecture
1621 hints/apollo.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1622 hints/atheos.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1623 hints/aux_3.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1624 hints/beos.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1625 hints/broken-db.msg             Warning message for systems with broken DB library
1626 hints/bsdos.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1627 hints/catamount.sh              Hints for named architecture
1628 hints/convexos.sh               Hints for named architecture
1629 hints/cxux.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1630 hints/cygwin.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1631 hints/darwin.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1632 hints/dcosx.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1633 hints/dec_osf.sh                Hints for named architecture
1634 hints/dgux.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1635 hints/dos_djgpp.sh              Hints for named architecture
1636 hints/dragonfly.sh              Hints for named architecture
1637 hints/dynixptx.sh               Hints for named architecture
1638 hints/dynix.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1639 hints/epix.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1640 hints/esix4.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1641 hints/fps.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1642 hints/freebsd.sh                Hints for named architecture
1643 hints/genix.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1644 hints/gnukfreebsd.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1645 hints/gnuknetbsd.sh                     Hints for named architecture
1646 hints/gnu.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1647 hints/greenhills.sh             Hints for named architecture
1648 hints/haiku.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1649 hints/hpux.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1650 hints/i386.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1651 hints/interix.sh                Hints for named architecture
1652 hints/irix_4.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1653 hints/irix_5.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1654 hints/irix_6_0.sh               Hints for named architecture
1655 hints/irix_6_1.sh               Hints for named architecture
1656 hints/irix_6.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1657 hints/isc_2.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1658 hints/isc.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1659 hints/linux.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1660 hints/lynxos.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1661 hints/midnightbsd.sh            Hints for named architecture
1662 hints/mips.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1663 hints/mirbsd.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1664 hints/mpc.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1665 hints/mpeix.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1666 hints/ncr_tower.sh              Hints for named architecture
1667 hints/netbsd.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1668 hints/newsos4.sh                Hints for named architecture
1669 hints/next_3_0.sh               Hints for named architecture
1670 hints/next_3.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1671 hints/next_4.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1672 hints/nonstopux.sh              Hints for named architecture
1673 hints/openbsd.sh                Hints for named architecture
1674 hints/opus.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1675 hints/os2.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1676 hints/os390.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1677 hints/os400.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1678 hints/posix-bc.sh               Hints for named architecture
1679 hints/powerux.sh                Hints for named architecture
1680 hints/qnx.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1681 hints/README.hints              Notes about hints
1682 hints/rhapsody.sh               Hints for named architecture
1683 hints/riscos.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1684 hints/sco_2_3_0.sh              Hints for named architecture
1685 hints/sco_2_3_1.sh              Hints for named architecture
1686 hints/sco_2_3_2.sh              Hints for named architecture
1687 hints/sco_2_3_3.sh              Hints for named architecture
1688 hints/sco_2_3_4.sh              Hints for named architecture
1689 hints/sco.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1690 hints/solaris_2.sh              Hints for named architecture
1691 hints/stellar.sh                Hints for named architecture
1692 hints/sunos_4_0.sh              Hints for named architecture
1693 hints/sunos_4_1.sh              Hints for named architecture
1694 hints/super-ux.sh               Hints for named architecture
1695 hints/svr4.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1696 hints/svr5.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1697 hints/t001.c                    Test case for gcc bug
1698 hints/ti1500.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1699 hints/titanos.sh                Hints for named architecture
1700 hints/ultrix_4.sh               Hints for named architecture
1701 hints/umips.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1702 hints/unicosmk.sh               Hints for named architecture
1703 hints/unicos.sh                 Hints for named architecture
1704 hints/unisysdynix.sh            Hints for named architecture
1705 hints/utekv.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1706 hints/uts.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1707 hints/uwin.sh                   Hints for named architecture
1708 hints/vmesa.sh                  Hints for named architecture
1709 hints/vos.sh                    Hints for named architecture
1710 hv.c                            Hash value code
1711 hv.h                            Hash value header
1712 INSTALL                         Detailed installation instructions
1713 installhtml                     Perl script to install html files for pods
1714 install_lib.pl                  functions shared between install* scripts
1715 installman                      Perl script to install man pages for pods
1716 installperl                     Perl script to do "make install" dirty work
1717 INTERN.h                        Included before domestic .h files
1718 intrpvar.h                      Variables held in each interpreter instance
1719 iperlsys.h                      Perl's interface to the system
1720 keywords.h                      The keyword numbers
1721 keywords.pl                     Program to write keywords.h
1722 lib/abbrev.pl                   An abbreviation table builder
1723 lib/AnyDBM_File.pm              Perl module to emulate dbmopen
1724 lib/AnyDBM_File.t               See if AnyDBM_File works
1725 lib/Archive/Extract.pm  Archive::Extract
1726 lib/Archive/Extract/t/01_Archive-Extract.t      Archive::Extract tests
1727 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/double_dir.zip.packed Archive::Extract tests
1728 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.bz2.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1729 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.gz.packed   Archive::Extract tests
1730 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.jar.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1731 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.lzma.packed Archive::Extract tests
1732 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.par.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1733 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.tar.gz.packed       Archive::Extract tests
1734 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.tar.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1735 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.tgz.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1736 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.zip.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1737 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/x.Z.packed    Archive::Extract tests
1738 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/y.jar.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1739 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/y.par.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1740 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/y.tar.bz2.packed      Archive::Extract tests
1741 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/y.tar.gz.packed       Archive::Extract tests
1742 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/y.tar.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1743 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/y.tbz.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1744 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/y.tgz.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1745 lib/Archive/Extract/t/src/y.zip.packed  Archive::Extract tests
1746 lib/Archive/Tar/bin/ptar        the ptar utility
1747 lib/Archive/Tar/bin/ptardiff    the ptardiff utility
1748 lib/Archive/Tar/Constant.pm     Archive::Tar
1749 lib/Archive/Tar/File.pm         Archive::Tar
1750 lib/Archive/Tar.pm              Archive::Tar
1751 lib/Archive/Tar/t/01_use.t      Archive::Tar tests
1752 lib/Archive/Tar/t/02_methods.t  Archive::Tar tests
1753 lib/Archive/Tar/t/03_file.t     Archive::Tar tests
1754 lib/Archive/Tar/t/04_resolved_issues.t  Archive::Tar tests
1755 lib/Archive/Tar/t/05_iter.t     Archive::Tar tests
1756 lib/Archive/Tar/t/90_symlink.t  Archive::Tar tests
1757 lib/Archive/Tar/t/99_pod.t      Archive::Tar tests
1758 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/header/signed.tar.packed  Archive::Tar tests
1759 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/linktest/linktest_missing_dir.tar.packed  Archive::Tar tests
1760 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/linktest/linktest_with_dir.tar.packed     Archive::Tar tests
1761 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/long/b    Archive::Tar tests
1762 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/long/bar.tar.packed       Archive::Tar tests
1763 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/long/foo.tbz.packed       Archive::Tar tests
1764 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/long/foo.tgz.packed       Archive::Tar tests
1765 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/short/b   Archive::Tar tests
1766 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/short/bar.tar.packed      Archive::Tar tests
1767 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/short/foo.tbz.packed      Archive::Tar tests
1768 lib/Archive/Tar/t/src/short/foo.tgz.packed      Archive::Tar tests
1769 lib/assert.pl                   assertion and panic with stack trace
1770 lib/autodie/exception.pm        Exception class for autodie
1771 lib/autodie/exception/system.pm Exception class for autodying system()
1772 lib/autodie/hints.pm            Hinting interface for autodie
1773 lib/autodie.pm                  Functions suceed or die with lexical scope
1774 lib/autodie/t/00-load.t                 autodie - basic load
1775 lib/autodie/t/autodie.t                 autodie - Basic functionality
1776 lib/autodie/t/autodie_test_module.pm    autodie - test helper
1777 lib/autodie/t/backcompat.t              autodie - More Fatal backcompat
1778 lib/autodie/t/basic_exceptions.t        autodie - Basic exception tests
1779 lib/autodie/t/binmode.t                 autodie - Binmode testing
1780 lib/autodie/t/blog_hints.t              autodie - Tests fro PJF's blog
1781 lib/autodie/t/caller.t                  autodie - Caller diagnostics
1782 lib/autodie/t/context_lexical.t         autodie - Context clobbering lexically
1783 lib/autodie/t/context.t                 autodie - Context clobbering tests
1784 lib/autodie/t/crickey.t                 autodie - Like an Australian
1785 lib/autodie/t/dbmopen.t                 autodie - dbm tests
1786 lib/autodie/t/exception_class.t         autodie - Exception class subclasses
1787 lib/autodie/t/exceptions.t              autodie - 5.10 exception tests.
1788 lib/autodie/t/exec.t                    autodie - exec tests.
1789 lib/autodie/t/Fatal.t                   autodie - Fatal backcompatibility
1790 lib/autodie/t/filehandles.t             autodie - filehandle tests
1791 lib/autodie/t/fileno.t                  autodie - fileno tests
1792 lib/autodie/t/flock.t                   autodie - File locking tests
1793 lib/autodie/t/format-clobber.t          autodie - Don't clobber scalars
1794 lib/autodie/t/hints_insist.t            autodie - Test hints insistance
1795 lib/autodie/t/hints_pod_examples.t      autodie - Test hints POD examples
1796 lib/autodie/t/hints_provider_does.t     autodie - Test hints/does roles
1797 lib/autodie/t/hints_provider_easy_does_it.t     autodie - Test easy hints/does
1798 lib/autodie/t/hints_provider_isa.t      autodie - Test hints/inheritance
1799 lib/autodie/t/hints.t                   autodie - Test hints interface
1800 lib/autodie/t/internal-backcompat.t     autodie - Back-compatibility tests
1801 lib/autodie/t/internal.t                autodie - internal interface tests
1802 lib/autodie/t/lethal.t                  autodie - lethal is the one true name
1803 lib/autodie/t/lib/autodie/test/au/exception.pm  autodie - Australian helper
1804 lib/autodie/t/lib/autodie/test/au.pm            autodie - Austrlaian helper
1805 lib/autodie/t/lib/autodie/test/badname.pm       autodie - Bad exception class
1806 lib/autodie/t/lib/autodie/test/missing.pm       autodie - Missing exception class
1807 lib/autodie/t/lib/Caller_helper.pm      autodie - Caller helper
1808 lib/autodie/t/lib/Hints_pod_examples.pm autodie - Hints/pod helper
1809 lib/autodie/t/lib/Hints_provider_does.pm        autodie - Hints/does helper
1810 lib/autodie/t/lib/Hints_provider_easy_does_it.pm        autodie - Hints/easy helper
1811 lib/autodie/t/lib/Hints_provider_isa.pm autodie - Hints/inherit helper
1812 lib/autodie/t/lib/Hints_test.pm         autodie - Hints test helper
1813 lib/autodie/t/lib/lethal.pm             autodie - with a better name
1814 lib/autodie/t/lib/my/autodie.pm         autodie - blog_hints.t helper
1815 lib/autodie/t/lib/OtherTypes.pm         autodie - Format clobberer helper.
1816 lib/autodie/t/lib/pujHa/ghach/Dotlh.pm  autodie - With Klingon honour
1817 lib/autodie/t/lib/pujHa/ghach.pm        autodie - Like a Klingon
1818 lib/autodie/t/lib/Some/Module.pm        autodie - blog_hints.t helper
1819 lib/autodie/t/mkdir.t                   autodie - filesystem tests
1820 lib/autodie/t/open.t                    autodie - Testing open
1821 lib/autodie/t/recv.t                    autodie - send/recv tests
1822 lib/autodie/t/repeat.t                  autodie - repeat autodie leak tests
1823 lib/autodie/t/scope_leak.t              autodie - file scope leak tests
1824 lib/autodie/t/string-eval-basic.t       autodie - Basic string eval test
1825 lib/autodie/t/string-eval-leak.t        autodie - String eval leak test
1826 lib/autodie/t/sysopen.t                 autodie - sysopen tests
1827 lib/autodie/t/truncate.t                autodie - File truncation tests
1828 lib/autodie/t/unlink.t                  autodie - Unlink system tests.
1829 lib/autodie/t/user-context.t            autodie - Context changes for usersubs
1830 lib/autodie/t/usersub.t                 autodie - user subroutine tests
1831 lib/autodie/t/version.t                 autodie - versioning tests
1832 lib/autodie/t/version_tag.t
1833 lib/AutoLoader.pm               Autoloader base class
1834 lib/AutoLoader/t/01AutoLoader.t See if AutoLoader works
1835 lib/AutoLoader/t/02AutoSplit.t  See if AutoSplit works
1836 lib/AutoSplit.pm                Split up autoload functions
1837 lib/autouse.pm                  Load and call a function only when it's used
1838 lib/autouse.t                   See if autouse works
1839 lib/base/Changes                base.pm changelog
1840 lib/base.pm                     Establish IS-A relationship at compile time
1841 lib/base/t/base.t               See if base works
1842 lib/base/t/compile-time.t       See if base works
1843 lib/base/t/fields-5.6.0.t       See if fields work
1844 lib/base/t/fields-5.8.0.t       See if fields work
1845 lib/base/t/fields-base.t        See if fields work
1846 lib/base/t/fields.t             See if fields work
1847 lib/base/t/isa.t                See if base's behaviour doesn't change
1848 lib/base/t/lib/Dummy.pm         Test module for base.pm
1849 lib/base/t/lib/HasSigDie.pm     Module for testing base.pm
1850 lib/base/t/sigdie.t             See if base works with SIGDIE
1851 lib/base/t/version.t            See if base works with versions
1852 lib/base/t/warnings.t           See if base works with warnings
1853 lib/Benchmark.pm                Measure execution time
1854 lib/Benchmark.t                 See if Benchmark works
1855 lib/bigfloat.pl                 An arbitrary precision floating point package
1856 lib/bigfloatpl.t                See if bigfloat.pl works
1857 lib/bigint.pl                   An arbitrary precision integer arithmetic package
1858 lib/bigintpl.t                  See if bigint.pl works
1859 lib/bigint.pm                   bigint
1860 lib/bignum.pm                   bignum
1861 lib/bignum/t/big_e_pi.t         See if bignum exports e() and PI()
1862 lib/bignum/t/bigexp.t           See if bignum works
1863 lib/bignum/t/bigint.t           See if bigint works
1864 lib/bignum/t/bignum.t           See if bignum works
1865 lib/bignum/t/bigrat.t           See if bigrat works
1866 lib/bignum/t/bii_e_pi.t         See if bigint exports e() and PI()
1867 lib/bignum/t/biinfnan.t         See if bignum works
1868 lib/bignum/t/bir_e_pi.t         See if bigrat exports e() and PI()
1869 lib/bignum/t/bninfnan.t         See if bignum works
1870 lib/bignum/t/bn_lite.t          See if bignum with Math::BigInt::Lite works
1871 lib/bignum/t/brinfnan.t         See if bignum works
1872 lib/bignum/t/br_lite.t          See if bigrat with Math::BigInt::Lite works
1873 lib/bignum/t/in_effect.t        See if in_effect() works
1874 lib/bignum/t/infnan.inc         See if bignum with inf/NaN works
1875 lib/bignum/t/option_a.t         See if bignum a => X works
1876 lib/bignum/t/option_l.t         See if bignum l => X works
1877 lib/bignum/t/option_p.t         See if bignum p => X works
1878 lib/bignum/t/ratopt_a.t         See if bigrat a => X works
1879 lib/bignum/t/scope_f.t          See if no bignum works
1880 lib/bignum/t/scope_i.t          See if no bigint works
1881 lib/bignum/t/scope_r.t          See if no bigrat works
1882 lib/bigrat.pl                   An arbitrary precision rational arithmetic package
1883 lib/bigrat.pm                   bigrat
1884 lib/blib.pm                     For "use blib"
1885 lib/blib.t                      blib.pm test
1886 lib/bytes_heavy.pl              Support routines for byte pragma
1887 lib/bytes.pm                    Pragma to enable byte operations
1888 lib/bytes.t                     bytes.pm test
1889 lib/cacheout.pl                 Manages output filehandles when you need too many
1890 lib/Carp/Heavy.pm               Error message workhorse
1891 lib/Carp.pm                     Error message base class
1892 lib/Carp.t                      See if Carp works
1893 lib/CGI/Apache.pm               Support for Apache's Perl module
1894 lib/CGI/Carp.pm                 Log server errors with helpful context
1895 lib/CGI/Changes                 Changelog for CGI.pm
1896 lib/CGI/Cookie.pm               Interface to Netscape Cookies
1897 lib/CGI/eg/caution.xbm          CGI example
1898 lib/CGI/eg/clickable_image.cgi  CGI example
1899 lib/CGI/eg/cookie.cgi           CGI example
1900 lib/CGI/eg/crash.cgi            CGI example
1901 lib/CGI/eg/customize.cgi        CGI example
1902 lib/CGI/eg/diff_upload.cgi      CGI example
1903 lib/CGI/eg/dna_small_gif.uu     Small image for CGI examples
1904 lib/CGI/eg/file_upload.cgi      CGI example
1905 lib/CGI/eg/frameset.cgi         CGI example
1906 lib/CGI/eg/index.html           Index page for CGI examples
1907 lib/CGI/eg/internal_links.cgi   CGI example
1908 lib/CGI/eg/javascript.cgi       CGI example
1909 lib/CGI/eg/make_links.pl        CGI example
1910 lib/CGI/eg/monty.cgi            CGI example
1911 lib/CGI/eg/multiple_forms.cgi   CGI example
1912 lib/CGI/eg/nph-clock.cgi        CGI example
1913 lib/CGI/eg/nph-multipart.cgi    CGI example
1914 lib/CGI/eg/popup.cgi            CGI example
1915 lib/CGI/eg/RunMeFirst           Setup script for CGI examples
1916 lib/CGI/eg/save_state.cgi       CGI example
1917 lib/CGI/eg/tryit.cgi            CGI example
1918 lib/CGI/eg/wilogo_gif.uu        CGI example
1919 lib/CGI/Fast.pm                 Support for FastCGI (persistent server process)
1920 lib/CGI.pm                      Web server interface ("Common Gateway Interface")
1921 lib/CGI/Pretty.pm               Output nicely formatted HTML
1922 lib/CGI/Push.pm                 Support for server push
1923 lib/CGI/Switch.pm               Simple interface for multiple server types
1924 lib/CGI/t/apache.t              See if CGI::Apache still loads
1925 lib/CGI/t/can.t                 See if CGI.pm works
1926 lib/CGI/t/carp.t                See if CGI::Carp works
1927 lib/CGI/t/cookie.t              See if CGI::Cookie works
1928 lib/CGI/t/fast.t                See if CGI::Fast works (if FCGI is installed)
1929 lib/CGI/t/form.t                See if CGI.pm works
1930 lib/CGI/t/function.t            See if CGI.pm works
1931 lib/CGI/t/html.t                See if CGI.pm works
1932 lib/CGI/t/no_tabindex.t See if CGI.pm works
1933 lib/CGI/t/pretty.t              See if CGI.pm works
1934 lib/CGI/t/push.t                See if CGI::Push works
1935 lib/CGI/t/request.t             See if CGI.pm works
1936 lib/CGI/t/start_end_asterisk.t  See if CGI.pm works
1937 lib/CGI/t/start_end_end.t       See if CGI.pm works
1938 lib/CGI/t/start_end_start.t     See if CGI.pm works
1939 lib/CGI/t/switch.t              See if CGI::Switch still loads
1940 lib/CGI/t/uploadInfo.t          See if CGI.pm works
1941 lib/CGI/t/upload_post_text.txt.packed   Test data for CGI.pm
1942 lib/CGI/t/upload.t              See if CGI.pm works
1943 lib/CGI/t/util-58.t             See if 5.8-dependent features work
1944 lib/CGI/t/util.t                See if CGI.pm works
1945 lib/CGI/Util.pm                 Utility functions
1946 lib/charnames.pm                Character names
1947 lib/charnames.t                 See if character names work
1948 lib/Class/ISA/ChangeLog         Changes for Class::ISA
1949 lib/Class/ISA.pm                Class::ISA
1950 lib/Class/ISA/t/00_about_verbose.t      Tests for Class::ISA
1951 lib/Class/ISA/t/01_old_junk.t   Tests for Class::ISA
1952 lib/Class/Struct.pm             Declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes
1953 lib/Class/Struct.t              See if Class::Struct works
1954 lib/complete.pl                 A command completion subroutine
1955 lib/Config/Extensions.pm        Convenient hash lookup for built extensions
1956 lib/Config/Extensions.t         See if Config::Extensions works
1957 lib/Config.t                    See if Config works
1958 lib/constant.pm                 For "use constant"
1959 lib/constant.t                  See if compile-time constants work
1960 lib/CORE.pod                    document the CORE namespace
1961 lib/CPAN/API/HOWTO.pod          recipe book for programming with CPAN.pm
1962 lib/CPAN/Author.pm              helper package for CPAN.pm
1963 lib/CPAN/bin/cpan               easily interact with CPAN from the command line
1964 lib/CPAN/Bundle.pm              helper package for CPAN.pm
1965 lib/CPAN/CacheMgr.pm            helper package for CPAN.pm
1966 lib/CPAN/Complete.pm            helper package for CPAN.pm
1967 lib/CPAN/Debug.pm               helper package for CPAN.pm
1968 lib/CPAN/DeferredCode.pm        helper package for CPAN.pm
1969 lib/CPAN/Distribution.pm        helper package for CPAN.pm
1970 lib/CPAN/Distroprefs.pm         helper package for CPAN.pm
1971 lib/CPAN/Distrostatus.pm        helper package for CPAN.pm
1972 lib/CPAN/Exception/blocked_urllist.pm   helper package for CPAN.pm
1973 lib/CPAN/Exception/RecursiveDependency.pm       helper package for CPAN.pm
1974 lib/CPAN/Exception/yaml_not_installed.pm        helper package for CPAN.pm
1975 lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm           Utility for creating CPAN config files
1976 lib/CPAN/FTP/netrc.pm           helper package for CPAN.pm
1977 lib/CPAN/FTP.pm                 helper package for CPAN.pm
1978 lib/CPAN/HandleConfig.pm        helper package for CPAN.pm
1979 lib/CPAN/Index.pm               helper package for CPAN.pm
1980 lib/CPAN/InfoObj.pm             helper package for CPAN.pm
1981 lib/CPAN/Kwalify/distroprefs.dd         helper file for validating config files
1982 lib/CPAN/Kwalify/distroprefs.yml        helper file for validating config files
1983 lib/CPAN/Kwalify.pm             helper package for CPAN.pm
1984 lib/CPAN/LWP/UserAgent.pm       helper package for CPAN.pm
1985 lib/CPAN/Module.pm              helper package for CPAN.pm
1986 lib/CPAN/Nox.pm                 Runs CPAN while avoiding compiled extensions
1987 lib/CPAN/PAUSE2003.pub          CPAN public key
1988 lib/CPAN/PAUSE2005.pub          CPAN public key
1989 lib/CPAN/PAUSE2007.pub          CPAN public key
1990 lib/CPAN/PAUSE2009.pub          CPAN public key
1991 lib/CPANPLUS/Backend.pm CPANPLUS
1992 lib/CPANPLUS/Backend/RV.pm      CPANPLUS
1993 lib/CPANPLUS/bin/cpan2dist      the cpan2dist utility
1994 lib/CPANPLUS/bin/cpanp  the cpanp utility
1995 lib/CPANPLUS/bin/cpanp-run-perl the cpanp-run-perl utility
1996 lib/CPANPLUS/Config.pm  CPANPLUS
1997 lib/CPANPLUS/Configure.pm       CPANPLUS
1998 lib/CPANPLUS/Configure/Setup.pm CPANPLUS
1999 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Autobundle.pm CPANPLUS
2000 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Base.pm       CPANPLUS
2001 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/Constants.pm    CPANPLUS::Dist::Build
2002 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build.pm      CPANPLUS::Dist::Build
2003 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/01_CPANPLUS-Dist-Build-Constants.t    CPANPLUS::Dist::Build tests
2004 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/02_CPANPLUS-Dist-Build.t      CPANPLUS::Dist::Build tests
2005 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/01mailrc.txt.gz.packed
2006 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/dummy-CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz.packed
2007 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/dummy-CPAN/modules/03modlist.data.gz.packed
2008 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/dummy-perl/.hidden    CPANPLUS::Dist::Build tests
2009 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/inc/conf.pl   CPANPLUS::Dist::Build tests
2010 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/src/noxs/Foo-Bar-0.01.tar.gz.packed   CPANPLUS::Dist::Build tests
2011 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/src/xs/Foo-Bar-0.01.tar.gz.packed     CPANPLUS::Dist::Build tests
2013 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist.pm    CPANPLUS
2014 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Sample.pm     CPANPLUS
2015 lib/CPANPLUS/Error.pm   CPANPLUS
2017 lib/CPANPLUS/Hacking.pod        CPANPLUS
2018 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Constants.pm     CPANPLUS
2019 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Constants/Report.pm      CPANPLUS
2020 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Extract.pm       CPANPLUS
2021 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Fetch.pm CPANPLUS
2022 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals.pm       CPANPLUS
2023 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Report.pm        CPANPLUS
2024 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Search.pm        CPANPLUS
2025 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Source/Memory.pm CPANPLUS
2026 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Source.pm        CPANPLUS
2027 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Source/SQLite.pm CPANPLUS
2028 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Source/SQLite/Tie.pm     CPANPLUS
2029 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Utils/Autoflush.pm       CPANPLUS
2030 lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Utils.pm CPANPLUS
2031 lib/CPANPLUS/Module/Author/Fake.pm      CPANPLUS
2032 lib/CPANPLUS/Module/Author.pm   CPANPLUS
2033 lib/CPANPLUS/Module/Checksums.pm        CPANPLUS
2034 lib/CPANPLUS/Module/Fake.pm     CPANPLUS
2035 lib/CPANPLUS/Module.pm  CPANPLUS
2036 lib/CPANPLUS/Module/Signature.pm        CPANPLUS
2038 lib/CPANPLUS/Selfupdate.pm      CPANPLUS
2039 lib/CPANPLUS/Shell/Classic.pm   CPANPLUS
2040 lib/CPANPLUS/Shell/Default/Plugins/CustomSource.pm      CPANPLUS
2041 lib/CPANPLUS/Shell/Default/Plugins/HOWTO.pod    CPANPLUS
2042 lib/CPANPLUS/Shell/Default/Plugins/Remote.pm    CPANPLUS
2043 lib/CPANPLUS/Shell/Default/Plugins/Source.pm    CPANPLUS
2044 lib/CPANPLUS/Shell/Default.pm   CPANPLUS
2045 lib/CPANPLUS/Shell.pm   CPANPLUS
2046 lib/CPANPLUS/t/00_CPANPLUS-Internals-Utils.t    CPANPLUS tests
2047 lib/CPANPLUS/t/01_CPANPLUS-Configure.t  CPANPLUS tests
2048 lib/CPANPLUS/t/02_CPANPLUS-Internals.t  CPANPLUS tests
2049 lib/CPANPLUS/t/03_CPANPLUS-Internals-Source.t   CPANPLUS tests
2050 lib/CPANPLUS/t/04_CPANPLUS-Module.t     CPANPLUS tests
2051 lib/CPANPLUS/t/05_CPANPLUS-Internals-Fetch.t    CPANPLUS tests
2052 lib/CPANPLUS/t/06_CPANPLUS-Internals-Constants.t        CPANPLUS tests
2053 lib/CPANPLUS/t/07_CPANPLUS-Internals-Extract.t  CPANPLUS tests
2054 lib/CPANPLUS/t/08_CPANPLUS-Backend.t    CPANPLUS tests
2055 lib/CPANPLUS/t/09_CPANPLUS-Internals-Search.t   CPANPLUS tests
2056 lib/CPANPLUS/t/10_CPANPLUS-Error.t      CPANPLUS tests
2057 lib/CPANPLUS/t/15_CPANPLUS-Shell.t      CPANPLUS tests
2058 lib/CPANPLUS/t/19_CPANPLUS-Dist.t       CPANPLUS tests
2059 lib/CPANPLUS/t/20_CPANPLUS-Dist-MM.t    CPANPLUS tests
2060 lib/CPANPLUS/t/21_CPANPLUS-Dist-No-Build.t      CPANPLUS tests
2061 lib/CPANPLUS/t/25_CPANPLUS.t    CPANPLUS tests
2062 lib/CPANPLUS/t/30_CPANPLUS-Internals-Selfupdate.t       CPANPLUS tests
2063 lib/CPANPLUS/t/40_CPANPLUS-Internals-Report.t   CPANPLUS tests
2064 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/01mailrc.txt.gz.packed        CPANPLUS tests
2065 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/EUNOXS/Bundle-Foo-Bar-0.01.tar.gz.packed   CPANPLUS tests
2066 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/EUNOXS/CHECKSUMS   CPANPLUS tests
2067 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/EUNOXS/Foo-Bar-0.01.meta   CPANPLUS tests
2068 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/EUNOXS/Foo-Bar-0.01.readme CPANPLUS tests
2069 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/EUNOXS/Foo-Bar-0.01.tar.gz.packed  CPANPLUS tests
2070 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/EUNOXS/perl5.005_03.tar.gz.packed  CPANPLUS tests
2071 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/EUXS/CHECKSUMS     CPANPLUS tests
2072 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/EUXS/Foo-Bar-0.01.readme   CPANPLUS tests
2073 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/EUXS/Foo-Bar-0.01.tar.gz.packed    CPANPLUS tests
2074 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/MBNOXS/CHECKSUMS   CPANPLUS tests
2075 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/MBNOXS/Foo-Bar-0.01.readme CPANPLUS tests
2076 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/MBNOXS/Foo-Bar-0.01.tar.gz.packed  CPANPLUS tests
2077 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/MBXS/CHECKSUMS     CPANPLUS tests
2078 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/MBXS/Foo-Bar-0.01.readme   CPANPLUS tests
2079 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/authors/id/MBXS/Foo-Bar-0.01.tar.gz.packed    CPANPLUS tests
2080 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/autobundle/Snapshot.pm        CPANPLUS tests
2081 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz.packed      CPANPLUS tests
2082 lib/CPANPLUS/t/dummy-CPAN/modules/03modlist.data.gz.packed      CPANPLUS tests
2083 lib/CPANPLUS/t/inc/conf.pl      CPANPLUS tests
2084 lib/CPAN.pm                     Interface to Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
2085 lib/CPAN/Prompt.pm
2086 lib/CPAN/Queue.pm               queueing system for CPAN.pm
2087 lib/CPAN/Shell.pm
2088 lib/CPAN/SIGNATURE              CPAN public key
2089 lib/CPAN/t/01loadme.t           See if CPAN the module works
2090 lib/CPAN/t/02nox.t              See if CPAN::Nox works
2091 lib/CPAN/t/03pkgs.t             See if CPAN::Version works
2092 lib/CPAN/t/10version.t          See if CPAN the module works
2093 lib/CPAN/t/11mirroredby.t               See if CPAN::Mirrored::By works
2094 lib/CPAN/Tarzip.pm              helper package for CPAN.pm
2095 lib/CPAN/URL.pm
2096 lib/CPAN/Version.pm             Simple math with different flavors of version strings
2097 lib/ctime.pl                    A ctime workalike
2098 lib/Cwd.pm                      Various cwd routines (getcwd, fastcwd, chdir)
2099 lib/DBM_Filter/Changes          DBM Filter Change history
2100 lib/DBM_Filter/compress.pm      DBM Filter to compress keys/values
2101 lib/DBM_Filter/encode.pm        DBM Filter for encoding
2102 lib/DBM_Filter/int32.pm         DBM Filter for creating int32 keys/values
2103 lib/DBM_Filter/null.pm          DBM Filter for null termination
2104 lib/DBM_Filter.pm               DBM Filter module
2105 lib/DBM_Filter/t/01error.t      test DBM_Filter::null
2106 lib/DBM_Filter/t/02core.t       test DBM_Filter::null
2107 lib/DBM_Filter/t/compress.t     test DBM_Filter::compress
2108 lib/DBM_Filter/t/encode.t       test DBM_Filter::encode
2109 lib/DBM_Filter/t/int32.t        test DBM_Filter::int32
2110 lib/DBM_Filter/t/null.t         test DBM_Filter::null
2111 lib/DBM_Filter/t/utf8.t         test DBM_Filter::utf8
2112 lib/DBM_Filter/utf8.pm          DBM Filter for UTF-8 Encoding
2113 lib/dbm_filter_util.pl          Utility functions used by DBM Filter tests
2114 lib/DB.pm                       Debugger API (draft)
2115 lib/DB.t                        See if DB works
2116 lib/deprecate.pm                A pragma for deprecating modules from the core.
2117 lib/Devel/SelfStubber.pm        Generate stubs for SelfLoader.pm
2118 lib/Devel/SelfStubber.t         See if Devel::SelfStubber works
2119 lib/diagnostics.pm              Print verbose diagnostics
2120 lib/diagnostics.t               See if diagnostics.pm works
2121 lib/Digest/base.pm              Digest extensions
2122 lib/Digest/Changes              Digest changelog
2123 lib/Digest/file.pm              Digest extensions
2124 lib/Digest.pm                   Digest extensions
2125 lib/Digest/t/base.t             See if Digest extensions work
2126 lib/Digest/t/digest.t           See if Digest extensions work
2127 lib/Digest/t/file.t             See if Digest extensions work
2128 lib/DirHandle.pm                like FileHandle only for directories
2129 lib/DirHandle.t                 See if DirHandle works
2130 lib/dotsh.pl                    Code to "dot" in a shell script
2131 lib/Dumpvalue.pm                Screen dump of perl values
2132 lib/Dumpvalue.t                 See if Dumpvalue works
2133 lib/dumpvar.pl                  A variable dumper
2134 lib/dumpvar.t                   A variable dumper tester
2135 lib/encoding/warnings.pm        warn on implicit encoding conversions
2136 lib/encoding/warnings/t/1-warning.t     tests for encoding::warnings
2137 lib/encoding/warnings/t/2-fatal.t       tests for encoding::warnings
2138 lib/encoding/warnings/t/3-normal.t      tests for encoding::warnings
2139 lib/encoding/warnings/t/4-lexical.t     tests for encoding::warnings
2140 lib/English.pm                  Readable aliases for short variables
2141 lib/English.t                   See if English works
2142 lib/Env.pm                      Map environment into ordinary variables
2143 lib/Env/t/array.t               See if Env works for arrays
2144 lib/Env/t/env.t                 See if Env works
2145 lib/exceptions.pl               catch and throw routines
2146 lib/Exporter/Heavy.pm           Complicated routines for Exporter
2147 lib/Exporter.pm                 Exporter base class
2148 lib/Exporter.t                  See if Exporter works
2149 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Base.pm   Base class for ExtUtils::CBuilder methods
2150 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Changes   Changes for ExtUtils::CBuilder
2151 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Platform/aix.pm   CBuilder methods for AIX
2152 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Platform/cygwin.pm        CBuilder methods for cygwin
2153 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Platform/darwin.pm        CBuilder methods for darwin
2154 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Platform/dec_osf.pm       CBuilder methods for OSF
2155 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Platform/os2.pm   CBuilder methods for OS/2
2156 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Platform/Unix.pm  CBuilder methods for Unix
2157 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Platform/VMS.pm   CBuilder methods for VMS
2158 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/Platform/Windows.pm       CBuilder methods for Windows
2159 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder.pm        Compile and link C code for Perl modules
2160 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/t/00-have-compiler.t      ExtUtils::CBuilder tests
2161 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/t/01-basic.t      tests for ExtUtils::CBuilder
2162 lib/ExtUtils/CBuilder/t/02-link.t       tests for ExtUtils::CBuilder
2163 lib/ExtUtils/Changes            MakeMaker change log
2164 lib/ExtUtils/Changes_EU-Install         ExtUtils-Install change log
2165 lib/ExtUtils/Command/MM.pm      Calling MM functions from the cmd line
2166 lib/ExtUtils/Command.pm         Utilities for Make on non-UNIX platforms
2167 lib/ExtUtils/Constant/Base.pm   generate XS code to import C header constants
2168 lib/ExtUtils/Constant.pm        generate XS code to import C header constants
2169 lib/ExtUtils/Constant/ProxySubs.pm      generate XS code for proxy constants
2170 lib/ExtUtils/Constant/Utils.pm  generate XS code to import C header constants
2171 lib/ExtUtils/Constant/XS.pm     generate XS code to import C header constants
2172 lib/ExtUtils/Embed.pm           Utilities for embedding Perl in C programs
2173 lib/ExtUtils/Installed.pm       Information on installed extensions
2174 lib/ExtUtils/Install.pm         Handles 'make install' on extensions
2175 lib/ExtUtils/instmodsh          Give information about installed extensions
2176 lib/ExtUtils/Liblist/Kid.pm     Does the real work of the above
2177 lib/ExtUtils/Liblist.pm         Locates libraries
2178 lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker/Config.pm        MakeMaker wrapper for Config
2179 lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker/FAQ.pod  MakeMaker FAQ
2180 lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker.pm       Write Makefiles for extensions
2181 lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker/Tutorial.pod     Writing a module with MakeMaker
2182 lib/ExtUtils/Manifest.pm        Utilities to write MANIFEST files
2183 lib/ExtUtils/MANIFEST.SKIP      The default MANIFEST.SKIP
2184 lib/ExtUtils/Mkbootstrap.pm     Writes a bootstrap file (see MakeMaker)
2185 lib/ExtUtils/Mksymlists.pm      Writes a linker options file for extensions
2186 lib/ExtUtils/MM_AIX.pm          MakeMaker methods for AIX
2187 lib/ExtUtils/MM_Any.pm          MakeMaker methods for Any OS
2188 lib/ExtUtils/MM_BeOS.pm         MakeMaker methods for BeOS
2189 lib/ExtUtils/MM_Cygwin.pm       MakeMaker methods for Cygwin
2190 lib/ExtUtils/MM_Darwin.pm       MakeMaker methods for Darwin
2191 lib/ExtUtils/MM_DOS.pm          MakeMaker methods for DOS
2192 lib/ExtUtils/MM_MacOS.pm        MakeMaker methods for MacOS
2193 lib/ExtUtils/MM_NW5.pm          MakeMaker methods for NetWare
2194 lib/ExtUtils/MM_OS2.pm          MakeMaker methods for OS/2
2195 lib/ExtUtils/MM.pm              MakeMaker adaptor class
2196 lib/ExtUtils/MM_QNX.pm          MakeMaker methods for QNX
2197 lib/ExtUtils/MM_Unix.pm         MakeMaker methods for Unix
2198 lib/ExtUtils/MM_UWIN.pm         MakeMaker methods for U/WIN
2199 lib/ExtUtils/MM_VMS.pm          MakeMaker methods for VMS
2200 lib/ExtUtils/MM_VOS.pm          MakeMaker methods for VOS
2201 lib/ExtUtils/MM_Win32.pm        MakeMaker methods for Win32
2202 lib/ExtUtils/MM_Win95.pm        MakeMaker methods for Win95
2203 lib/ExtUtils/MY.pm              MakeMaker user override class
2204 lib/ExtUtils/NOTES              Notes about MakeMaker internals
2205 lib/ExtUtils/Packlist.pm        Manipulates .packlist files
2206 lib/ExtUtils/ParseXS/Changes    ExtUtils::ParseXS change log
2207 lib/ExtUtils/ParseXS.pm         converts Perl XS code into C code
2208 lib/ExtUtils/ParseXS/t/basic.t  See if ExtUtils::ParseXS works
2209 lib/ExtUtils/ParseXS/t/usage.t  ExtUtils::ParseXS tests
2210 lib/ExtUtils/ParseXS/t/XSTest.pm        Test file for ExtUtils::ParseXS tests
2211 lib/ExtUtils/ParseXS/t/XSTest.xs        Test file for ExtUtils::ParseXS tests
2212 lib/ExtUtils/ParseXS/t/XSUsage.pm       ExtUtils::ParseXS tests
2213 lib/ExtUtils/ParseXS/t/XSUsage.xs       ExtUtils::ParseXS tests
2214 lib/ExtUtils/PATCHING           Suggestions for patching MakeMaker
2215 lib/ExtUtils/README             MakeMaker README
2216 lib/ExtUtils/t/00compile.t      See if MakeMaker modules compile
2217 lib/ExtUtils/t/arch_check.t     Test MakeMaker's arch_check()
2218 lib/ExtUtils/t/backwards.t      Check MakeMaker's backwards compatibility
2219 lib/ExtUtils/t/basic.t          See if MakeMaker can build a module
2220 lib/ExtUtils/t/build_man.t      Set if MakeMaker builds manpages
2221 lib/ExtUtils/t/can_write_dir.t  Does the _can_write_dir function of ExtUtils::Install work properly?
2222 lib/ExtUtils/t/cd.t             Test to see cd works
2223 lib/ExtUtils/t/config.t         Test ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Config
2224 lib/ExtUtils/t/Constant.t       See if ExtUtils::Constant works
2225 lib/ExtUtils/t/cp.t             See if ExtUtils::Command works
2226 lib/ExtUtils/t/dir_target.t     Verify if dir_target() is supported
2227 lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t          See if ExtUtils::Embed and embedding works
2228 lib/ExtUtils/testlib.pm         Fixes up @INC to use just-built extension
2229 lib/ExtUtils/t/eu_command.t     See if ExtUtils::Command works
2230 lib/ExtUtils/t/FIRST_MAKEFILE.t         See if FIRST_MAKEFILE works
2231 lib/ExtUtils/t/fixin.t          See if ExtUtils::MakeMaker works
2232 lib/ExtUtils/t/fix_libs.t       Test for ExtUtils::MakeMaker
2233 lib/ExtUtils/t/hints.t          See if hint files are honored.
2234 lib/ExtUtils/t/Installapi2.t    See if new api for ExtUtils::Install::install() works
2235 lib/ExtUtils/t/INSTALL_BASE.t   Test INSTALL_BASE in MakeMaker
2236 lib/ExtUtils/t/installed_file.t Test for ExtUtils::MakeMaker
2237 lib/ExtUtils/t/Installed.t      See if ExtUtils::Installed works
2238 lib/ExtUtils/t/Install.t        See if ExtUtils::Install works
2239 lib/ExtUtils/t/InstallWithMM.t  See if ExtUtils::Install works (related to EUMM/t/basic.t)
2240 lib/ExtUtils/t/INST_PREFIX.t    See if MakeMaker can apply PREFIXs
2241 lib/ExtUtils/t/INST.t           Check MakeMaker INST_* macros
2242 lib/ExtUtils/t/is_of_type.t     Test for ExtUtils::MakeMaker
2243 lib/ExtUtils/t/Liblist.t        See if ExtUtils::Liblist works
2244 lib/ExtUtils/t/MakeMaker_Parameters.t   test "MakeMaker Parameters" section
2245 lib/ExtUtils/t/make.t           See if make detection works
2246 lib/ExtUtils/t/maketext_filter.t        See if maketext_filter works
2247 lib/ExtUtils/t/Manifest.t       See if ExtUtils::Manifest works
2248 lib/ExtUtils/t/metafile_data.t  See if META.yml handling works
2249 lib/ExtUtils/t/metafile_file.t  See if META.yml handling works
2250 lib/ExtUtils/t/miniperl.t       Test MakeMaker with miniperl
2251 lib/ExtUtils/t/min_perl_version.t       Test the MIN_PERL_VERSION argument to WriteMakefile.
2252 lib/ExtUtils/t/Mkbootstrap.t    See if ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap works
2253 lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Any.t         See if ExtUtils::MM_Any works
2254 lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_BeOS.t        See if ExtUtils::MM_BeOS works
2255 lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Cygwin.t      See if ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin works
2256 lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_NW5.t         See if ExtUtils::MM_NW5 works
2257 lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_OS2.t         See if ExtUtils::MM_OS2 works
2258 lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Unix.t        See if ExtUtils::MM_UNIX works
2259 lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_VMS.t         See if ExtUtils::MM_VMS works
2260 lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Win32.t       See if ExtUtils::MM_Win32 works
2261 lib/ExtUtils/TODO               Things TODO in MakeMaker
2262 lib/ExtUtils/t/oneliner.t       See if MM can generate perl one-liners
2263 lib/ExtUtils/t/Packlist.t       See if Packlist works
2264 lib/ExtUtils/t/parse_version.t  See if parse_version works
2265 lib/ExtUtils/t/PL_FILES.t       Test PL_FILES in MakeMaker
2266 lib/ExtUtils/t/pm.t             See if MakeMaker can handle PM
2267 lib/ExtUtils/t/pm_to_blib.t     Test for ExtUtils::MakeMaker
2268 lib/ExtUtils/t/pod2man.t        See if MakeMaker can handle no pod2man
2269 lib/ExtUtils/t/postamble.t      See if postamble works
2270 lib/ExtUtils/t/prefixify.t      See if MakeMaker can apply a PREFIX
2271 lib/ExtUtils/t/prereq_print.t   See if PREREQ_PRINT works
2272 lib/ExtUtils/t/prereq.t         See if MakeMaker works
2273 lib/ExtUtils/t/problems.t       How MakeMaker reacts to build problems
2274 lib/ExtUtils/t/prompt.t         See if E::MM::prompt() works
2275 lib/ExtUtils/t/recurs.t         See if recursive builds work
2276 lib/ExtUtils/t/revision.t       See if $Revision is correct
2277 lib/ExtUtils/t/split_command.t  See if MM's xargs-like function works
2278 lib/ExtUtils/t/test_boilerplate.t       MakeMaker test
2279 lib/ExtUtils/t/testdata/reallylongdirectoryname/arch1/Config.pm         test data for MakeMaker
2280 lib/ExtUtils/t/testdata/reallylongdirectoryname/arch2/Config.pm         test data for MakeMaker
2281 lib/ExtUtils/t/testlib.t        See if ExtUtils::testlib works
2282 lib/ExtUtils/t/VERSION_FROM.t   See if MakeMaker's VERSION_FROM works
2283 lib/ExtUtils/t/WriteEmptyMakefile.t     See if WriteEmptyMakefile works
2284 lib/ExtUtils/t/writemakefile_args.t     See if WriteMakefile works
2285 lib/ExtUtils/t/xs.t             Part of MakeMaker's test suite
2286 lib/ExtUtils/typemap            Extension interface types
2287 lib/ExtUtils/XSSymSet.pm        on VMS, manage linker symbols when building extensions
2288 lib/ExtUtils/xsubpp             External subroutine preprocessor
2289 lib/fastcwd.pl                  a faster but more dangerous getcwd
2290 lib/Fatal.pm                    Make errors in functions/builtins fatal
2291 lib/feature.pm                  Pragma to enable new syntax
2292 lib/feature.t                   See if features work
2293 lib/fields.pm                   Set up object field names for pseudo-hash-using classes
2294 lib/File/Basename.pm            Emulate the basename program
2295 lib/File/Basename.t             See if File::Basename works
2296 lib/FileCache.pm                Keep more files open than the system permits
2297 lib/FileCache/t/01open.t        See if FileCache works
2298 lib/FileCache/t/02maxopen.t     See if FileCache works
2299 lib/FileCache/t/03append.t      See if FileCache works
2300 lib/FileCache/t/04twoarg.t      See if FileCache works
2301 lib/FileCache/t/05override.t    See if FileCache works
2302 lib/FileCache/t/06export.t      See if FileCache exporting works
2303 lib/FileCache/t/07noimport.t    See if FileCache works without importing
2304 lib/File/CheckTree.pm           Perl module supporting wholesale file mode validation
2305 lib/File/CheckTree.t            See if File::CheckTree works
2306 lib/File/Compare.pm             Emulation of cmp command
2307 lib/File/Compare.t              See if File::Compare works
2308 lib/File/Copy.pm                Emulation of cp command
2309 lib/File/Copy.t                 See if File::Copy works
2310 lib/File/DosGlob.pm             Win32 DOS-globbing module
2311 lib/File/DosGlob.t              See if File::DosGlob works
2312 lib/File/Fetch.pm       File::Fetch
2313 lib/File/Fetch/t/01_File-Fetch.t        File::Fetch tests
2314 lib/File/Find.pm                Routines to do a find
2315 lib/File/Find/t/find.t          See if File::Find works
2316 lib/File/Find/t/taint.t         See if File::Find works with taint
2317 lib/FileHandle.pm               Backward-compatible front end to IO extension
2318 lib/FileHandle.t                See if FileHandle works
2319 lib/File/Path.pm                Do things like `mkdir -p' and `rm -r'
2320 lib/File/Path.t                 See if File::Path works
2321 lib/File/Spec/Cygwin.pm         portable operations on Cygwin file names
2322 lib/File/Spec/Epoc.pm           portable operations on EPOC file names
2323 lib/File/Spec/Functions.pm      Function interface to File::Spec object methods
2324 lib/File/Spec/Mac.pm            portable operations on Mac file names
2325 lib/File/Spec/OS2.pm            portable operations on OS2 file names
2326 lib/File/Spec.pm                portable operations on file names
2327 lib/File/Spec/t/crossplatform.t See if File::Spec works crossplatform
2328 lib/File/Spec/t/Functions.t     See if File::Spec::Functions works
2329 lib/File/Spec/t/rel2abs2rel.t   See if File::Spec->rel2abs/abs2rel works
2330 lib/File/Spec/t/Spec.t          See if File::Spec works
2331 lib/File/Spec/t/tmpdir.t        See if File::Spec->tmpdir() works
2332 lib/File/Spec/Unix.pm           portable operations on Unix file names
2333 lib/File/Spec/VMS.pm            portable operations on VMS file names
2334 lib/File/Spec/Win32.pm          portable operations on Win32 and NetWare file names
2335 lib/File/stat.pm                By-name interface to Perl's builtin stat
2336 lib/File/stat.t                 See if File::stat works
2337 lib/File/Temp.pm                create safe temporary files and file handles
2338 lib/File/Temp/t/cmp.t           See if File::Temp works
2339 lib/File/Temp/t/fork.t          See if File::Temp works
2340 lib/File/Temp/t/lock.t          See if File::Temp works
2341 lib/File/Temp/t/mktemp.t        See if File::Temp works
2342 lib/File/Temp/t/object.t        See if File::Temp works
2343 lib/File/Temp/t/posix.t         See if File::Temp works
2344 lib/File/Temp/t/security.t      See if File::Temp works
2345 lib/File/Temp/t/seekable.t      See if File::Temp works
2346 lib/File/Temp/t/tempfile.t      See if File::Temp works
2347 lib/filetest.pm                 For "use filetest"
2348 lib/filetest.t                  See if filetest works
2349 lib/Filter/Simple/Changes       Filter::Simple
2350 lib/Filter/Simple.pm            Simple frontend to Filter::Util::Call
2351 lib/Filter/Simple/t/data.t      See if Filter::Simple works
2352 lib/Filter/Simple/t/export.t    See if Filter::Simple works
2353 lib/Filter/Simple/t/filter_only.t       See if Filter::Simple works
2354 lib/Filter/Simple/t/filter.t    See if Filter::Simple works
2355 lib/Filter/Simple/t/import.t    See if Filter::Simple works
2356 lib/FindBin.pm                  Find name of currently executing program
2357 lib/FindBin.t                   See if FindBin works
2358 lib/finddepth.pl                A depth-first find emulator--used by find2perl
2359 lib/find.pl                     A find emulator--used by find2perl
2360 lib/flush.pl                    Routines to do single flush
2361 lib/getcwd.pl                   A getcwd() emulator
2362 lib/Getopt/Long/CHANGES         Getopt::Long changes
2363 lib/Getopt/Long.pm              Fetch command options (GetOptions)
2364 lib/Getopt/Long/README          Getopt::Long README
2365 lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-basic.t   See if Getopt::Long works
2366 lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-compat.t  See if Getopt::Long works
2367 lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-linkage.t See if Getopt::Long works
2368 lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-oo.t      See if Getopt::Long works
2369 lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-xargv.t   See if Getopt::Long works
2370 lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-xstring.t See if Getopt::Long works
2371 lib/getopt.pl                   Perl library supporting option parsing
2372 lib/getopts.pl                  Perl library supporting option parsing
2373 lib/Getopt/Std.pm               Fetch command options (getopt, getopts)
2374 lib/Getopt/Std.t                See if Getopt::Std and Getopt::Long work
2375 lib/h2ph.t                      See if h2ph works like it should
2376 lib/h2xs.t                      See if h2xs produces expected lists of files
2377 lib/hostname.pl                 Old hostname code
2378 lib/I18N/Collate.pm             Routines to do strxfrm-based collation
2379 lib/I18N/Collate.t              See if I18N::Collate works
2380 lib/I18N/LangTags/ChangeLog     I18N::LangTags
2381 lib/I18N/LangTags/Detect.pm     Detect language preferences
2382 lib/I18N/LangTags/List.pm       List of tags for human languages
2383 lib/I18N/LangTags.pm            I18N::LangTags
2384 lib/I18N/LangTags/README        I18N::LangTags
2385 lib/I18N/LangTags/t/01_about_verbose.t  See whether I18N::LangTags works
2386 lib/I18N/LangTags/t/05_main.t   See whether I18N::LangTags works
2387 lib/I18N/LangTags/t/07_listy.t  See whether I18N::LangTags works
2388 lib/I18N/LangTags/t/10_http.t   See whether I18N::LangTags works
2389 lib/I18N/LangTags/t/20_locales.t        See whether I18N::LangTags works
2390 lib/I18N/LangTags/t/50_super.t  See whether I18N::LangTags works
2391 lib/I18N/LangTags/t/55_supers_strict.t  See whether I18N::LangTags works
2392 lib/I18N/LangTags/t/80_all_env.t        See whether I18N::LangTags works
2393 lib/if.pm                       For "use if"
2394 lib/if.t                        Tests for "use if"
2395 lib/importenv.pl                Perl routine to get environment into variables
2396 lib/integer.pm                  For "use integer"
2397 lib/integer.t                   For "use integer" testing
2398 lib/Internals.t                 For Internals::* testing
2399 lib/IO/Zlib.pm                  IO::Zlib
2400 lib/IO/Zlib/t/basic.t           Tests for IO::Zlib
2401 lib/IO/Zlib/t/external.t        Tests for IO::Zlib
2402 lib/IO/Zlib/t/getc.t            Tests for IO::Zlib
2403 lib/IO/Zlib/t/getline.t         Tests for IO::Zlib
2404 lib/IO/Zlib/t/import.t          Tests for IO::Zlib
2405 lib/IO/Zlib/t/large.t           Tests for IO::Zlib
2406 lib/IO/Zlib/t/tied.t            Tests for IO::Zlib
2407 lib/IO/Zlib/t/uncomp1.t         Tests for IO::Zlib
2408 lib/IO/Zlib/t/uncomp2.t         Tests for IO::Zlib
2409 lib/IPC/Cmd.pm                  IPC::Cmd
2410 lib/IPC/Cmd/t/01_IPC-Cmd.t      IPC::Cmd tests
2411 lib/IPC/Cmd/t/02_Interactive.t  IPC::Cmd tests
2412 lib/IPC/Cmd/t/src/child.pl      IPC::Cmd tests
2413 lib/IPC/Cmd/t/src/output.pl     IPC::Cmd tests
2414 lib/IPC/Cmd/t/src/x.tgz.packed  IPC::Cmd tests
2415 lib/IPC/Open2.pm                Open a two-ended pipe
2416 lib/IPC/Open2.t                 See if IPC::Open2 works
2417 lib/IPC/Open3.pm                Open a three-ended pipe!
2418 lib/IPC/Open3.t                 See if IPC::Open3 works
2419 lib/less.pm                     For "use less"
2420 lib/less.t                      See if less support works
2421 lib/lib_pm.PL                   For "use lib", produces lib/lib.pm
2422 lib/lib.t                       For "use lib" testing
2423 lib/Locale/Codes/ChangeLog      Locale::Codes
2424 lib/Locale/Codes/README         Locale::Codes
2425 lib/Locale/Codes/t/all.t        See if Locale::Codes work
2426 lib/Locale/Codes/t/constants.t  See if Locale::Codes work
2427 lib/Locale/Codes/t/country.t    See if Locale::Codes work
2428 lib/Locale/Codes/t/currency.t   See if Locale::Codes work
2429 lib/Locale/Codes/t/languages.t  See if Locale::Codes work
2430 lib/Locale/Codes/t/rename.t     See if Locale::Codes work
2431 lib/Locale/Codes/t/script.t     See if Locale::Codes work
2432 lib/Locale/Codes/t/uk.t         See if Locale::Codes work
2433 lib/Locale/Constants.pm         Locale::Codes
2434 lib/Locale/Constants.pod        Locale::Codes documentation
2435 lib/Locale/Country.pm           Locale::Codes
2436 lib/Locale/Country.pod          Locale::Codes documentation
2437 lib/Locale/Currency.pm          Locale::Codes
2438 lib/Locale/Currency.pod         Locale::Codes documentation
2439 lib/Locale/Language.pm          Locale::Codes
2440 lib/Locale/Language.pod         Locale::Codes documentation
2441 lib/Locale/Maketext/ChangeLog   Locale::Maketext
2442 lib/Locale/Maketext/GutsLoader.pm       Locale::Maketext
2443 lib/Locale/Maketext/Guts.pm     Locale::Maketext
2444 lib/Locale/Maketext.pm          Locale::Maketext
2445 lib/Locale/Maketext.pod         Locale::Maketext documentation
2446 lib/Locale/Maketext/README      Locale::Maketext
2447 lib/Locale/Maketext/Simple.pm   Locale::Simple
2448 lib/Locale/Maketext/Simple/t/0-signature.t      Locale::Simple tests
2449 lib/Locale/Maketext/Simple/t/1-basic.t  Locale::Simple tests
2450 lib/Locale/Maketext/t/01_about_verbose.t        See if Locale::Maketext works
2451 lib/Locale/Maketext/t/10_make.t See if Locale::Maketext works
2452 lib/Locale/Maketext/t/20_get.t  See if Locale::Maketext works
2453 lib/Locale/Maketext/t/30_local.t        See if Locale::Maketext works
2454 lib/Locale/Maketext/t/40_super.t        See if Locale::Maketext works
2455 lib/Locale/Maketext/t/50_super.t        See if Locale::Maketext works
2456 lib/Locale/Maketext/t/60_super.t        See if Locale::Maketext works
2457 lib/Locale/Maketext/t/90_utf8.t See if Locale::Maketext works
2458 lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod   Locale::Maketext documentation article
2459 lib/locale.pm                   For "use locale"
2460 lib/Locale/Script.pm            Locale::Codes
2461 lib/Locale/Script.pod           Locale::Codes documentation
2462 lib/locale.t                    See if locale support works
2463 lib/Log/Message/Config.pm       Log::Message
2464 lib/Log/Message/Handlers.pm     Log::Message
2465 lib/Log/Message/Item.pm Log::Message
2466 lib/Log/Message.pm      Log::Message
2467 lib/Log/Message/Simple.pm       Log::Simple
2468 lib/Log/Message/Simple/t/01_use.t       Log::Simple tests
2469 lib/Log/Message/Simple/t/02_imports.t   Log::Simple tests
2470 lib/Log/Message/Simple/t/03_functions.t Log::Simple tests
2471 lib/Log/Message/t/01_Log-Message-Config.t       Log::Message tests
2472 lib/Log/Message/t/02_Log-Message.t      Log::Message tests
2473 lib/Log/Message/t/conf/config_file      Log::Message tests
2474 lib/Log/Message/t/conf/LoadMe.pl        Log::Message tests
2475 lib/look.pl                     A "look" equivalent
2476 lib/Math/BigFloat.pm            An arbitrary precision floating-point arithmetic package
2477 lib/Math/BigFloat/Trace.pm      bignum tracing
2478 lib/Math/BigInt/CalcEmu.pm      Pure Perl module to support Math::BigInt
2479 lib/Math/BigInt/Calc.pm         Pure Perl module to support Math::BigInt
2480 lib/Math/BigInt.pm              An arbitrary precision integer arithmetic package
2481 lib/Math/BigInt/t/alias.inc     Support for BigInt tests
2482 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bare_mbf.t    Test MBF under Math::BigInt::BareCalc
2483 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bare_mbi.t    Test MBI under Math::BigInt::BareCalc
2484 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bare_mif.t    Rounding tests under BareCalc
2485 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigfltpm.inc  Shared tests for bigfltpm.t and sub_mbf.t
2486 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigfltpm.t    See if BigFloat.pm works
2487 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigintc.t     See if BigInt/Calc.pm works
2488 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigintpm.inc  Shared tests for bigintpm.t and sub_mbi.t
2489 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigintpm.t    See if BigInt.pm works
2490 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigints.t     See if BigInt.pm works
2491 lib/Math/BigInt/t/biglog.t      Test the log function
2492 lib/Math/BigInt/t/big_pi_e.t    test bpi() and bexp()
2493 lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigroot.t     Test the broot function
2494 lib/Math/BigInt/t/calling.t     Test calling conventions
2495 lib/Math/BigInt/t/config.t      Test Math::BigInt->config()
2496 lib/Math/BigInt/t/constant.t    Test Math::BigInt/BigFloat under :constant
2497 lib/Math/BigInt/t/const_mbf.t   Test Math::BigInt
2498 lib/Math/BigInt/t/downgrade.t   Test if use Math::BigInt(); under downgrade works
2499 lib/Math/BigInt/t/_e_math.t     Helper routine in BigFloat for _e math
2500 lib/Math/BigInt/t/inf_nan.t     Special tests for inf and *NaN* handling
2501 lib/Math/BigInt/t/isa.t         Test for Math::BigInt inheritance
2502 lib/Math/BigInt/t/lib_load.t    Test sane lib names
2503 lib/Math/BigInt/t/mbf_ali.t     Tests for BigFloat
2504 lib/Math/BigInt/t/mbi_ali.t     Tests for BigInt
2505 lib/Math/BigInt/t/mbimbf.inc    Actual BigInt/BigFloat accuracy, precision and fallback, round_mode tests
2506 lib/Math/BigInt/t/mbimbf.t      BigInt/BigFloat accuracy, precision and fallback, round_mode
2507 lib/Math/BigInt/t/mbi_rand.t    Test Math::BigInt randomly
2508 lib/Math/BigInt/t/nan_cmp.t     overloaded comparision involving *NaN*
2509 lib/Math/BigInt/t/new_ovld.t    test overloaded numbers in BigFloat's new()
2510 lib/Math/BigInt/Trace.pm        bignum tracing
2511 lib/Math/BigInt/t/req_mbf0.t    test: require Math::BigFloat; ->bzero();
2512 lib/Math/BigInt/t/req_mbf1.t    test: require Math::BigFloat; ->bone();
2513 lib/Math/BigInt/t/req_mbfa.t    test: require Math::BigFloat; ->bnan();
2514 lib/Math/BigInt/t/req_mbfi.t    test: require Math::BigFloat; ->binf();
2515 lib/Math/BigInt/t/req_mbfn.t    test: require Math::BigFloat; ->new();
2516 lib/Math/BigInt/t/req_mbfw.t    require Math::BigFloat; import ( with => );
2517 lib/Math/BigInt/t/require.t     Test if require Math::BigInt works
2518 lib/Math/BigInt/t/round.t       Test rounding with non-integer A and P
2519 lib/Math/BigInt/t/sub_ali.t     Tests for aliases in BigInt subclasses
2520 lib/Math/BigInt/t/sub_mbf.t     Empty subclass test of BigFloat
2521 lib/Math/BigInt/t/sub_mbi.t     Empty subclass test of BigInt
2522 lib/Math/BigInt/t/sub_mif.t     Test A & P with subclasses using mbimbf.inc
2523 lib/Math/BigInt/t/trap.t        Test whether trap_nan and trap_inf work
2524 lib/Math/BigInt/t/upgradef.t    Test if use Math::BigFloat(); under upgrade works
2525 lib/Math/BigInt/t/upgrade.inc   Actual tests for upgrade.t
2526 lib/Math/BigInt/t/upgrade.t     Test if use Math::BigInt(); under upgrade works
2527 lib/Math/BigInt/t/use_lib1.t    Test combinations of Math::BigInt and BigFloat
2528 lib/Math/BigInt/t/use_lib2.t    Test combinations of Math::BigInt and BigFloat
2529 lib/Math/BigInt/t/use_lib3.t    Test combinations of Math::BigInt and BigFloat
2530 lib/Math/BigInt/t/use_lib4.t    Test combinations of Math::BigInt and BigFloat
2531 lib/Math/BigInt/t/use_mbfw.t    use BigFloat w/ with and lib at the same time
2532 lib/Math/BigInt/t/use.t         Test if use Math::BigInt(); works
2533 lib/Math/BigInt/t/with_sub.t    Test use Math::BigFloat with => package
2534 lib/Math/BigRat.pm              Math::BigRat
2535 lib/Math/BigRat/t/big_ap.t              Math::BigRat test
2536 lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigfltpm.inc          Math::BigRat test
2537 lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigfltrt.t            Math::BigRat test
2538 lib/Math/BigRat/t/biglog.t              Math::BigRat test
2539 lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigratpm.inc          Math::BigRat test
2540 lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigratpm.t            Math::BigRat test
2541 lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigrat.t              Math::BigRat test
2542 lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigratup.t    test under $Math::BigInt::upgrade
2543 lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigroot.t             Math::BigRat test
2544 lib/Math/BigRat/t/hang.t                Math::BigRat test for bug #34584 - hang in exp()
2545 lib/Math/BigRat/t/requirer.t    see if require works properly
2546 lib/Math/BigRat/t/trap.t        see if trap_nan and trap_inf work
2547 lib/Math/Complex.pm             A Complex package
2548 lib/Math/Complex.t              See if Math::Complex works
2549 lib/Math/Trig.pm                A simple interface to complex trigonometry
2550 lib/Math/Trig.t                 See if Math::Trig works
2551 lib/Math/underbar.t             See if Math::Complex works
2552 lib/Memoize/AnyDBM_File.pm      Memoize glue layer for AnyDBM_File
2553 lib/Memoize/ExpireFile.pm       Memoize expiry manager test scaffold
2554 lib/Memoize/Expire.pm           Memoize expiry manager example
2555 lib/Memoize/ExpireTest.pm       Memoize expiry manager test scaffold
2556 lib/Memoize/NDBM_File.pm        Memoize glue layer for NDBM_File
2557 lib/Memoize.pm                  Memoize
2558 lib/Memoize/README              Memoize release notes
2559 lib/Memoize/SDBM_File.pm        Memoize glue layer for SDBM_File
2560 lib/Memoize/Storable.pm         Memoize glue layer for Storable
2561 lib/Memoize/t/array_confusion.t         Memoize ambiguous array return tests
2562 lib/Memoize/t/array.t           Memoize array context return tests
2563 lib/Memoize/t/correctness.t     Memoize basic correctness tests
2564 lib/Memoize/t/errors.t          Memoize PEBKAC detection tests
2565 lib/Memoize/t/expfile.t         Memoize expiry manager tests
2566 lib/Memoize/t/expire.t          Memoize expiry manager tests
2567 lib/Memoize/t/expmod_n.t        Memoize expiry manager tests
2568 lib/Memoize/t/expmod_t.t        Memoize expiry manager (timed) tests
2569 lib/Memoize/t/flush.t           Memoize 'flush_cache' function tests
2570 lib/Memoize/t/normalize.t       Memoize 'normalizer' feature tests
2571 lib/Memoize/TODO                Memoize to-do list
2572 lib/Memoize/t/prototype.t       Memoize prototyped function handling tests
2573 lib/Memoize/t/speed.t           "Makes functions faster" advertisement test
2574 lib/Memoize/t/tiefeatures.t     Memoize FAULT / MERGE / HASH options test
2575 lib/Memoize/t/tie_gdbm.t        Memoize GDBM interface test
2576 lib/Memoize/t/tie_ndbm.t        Memoize NDBM interface test
2577 lib/Memoize/t/tie_sdbm.t        Memoize SDBM interface test
2578 lib/Memoize/t/tie_storable.t    Memoize Storable interface test
2579 lib/Memoize/t/tie.t             Memoize tied file test
2580 lib/Memoize/t/unmemoize.t       Memoize 'unmemoize' function test
2581 lib/Module/Build/API.pod        Module::Build
2582 lib/Module/Build/Authoring.pod  Module::Build
2583 lib/Module/Build/Base.pm        Module::Build
2584 lib/Module/Build/Changes        Module::Build
2585 lib/Module/Build/Compat.pm      Module::Build
2586 lib/Module/Build/ConfigData.pm  Module::Build
2587 lib/Module/Build/Config.pm      Module::Build
2588 lib/Module/Build/Cookbook.pm    Module::Build
2589 lib/Module/Build/Dumper.pm      Module::Build
2590 lib/Module/Build/ModuleInfo.pm  Module::Build
2591 lib/Module/Build/Notes.pm       Module::Build
2592 lib/Module/Build/Platform/aix.pm        Module::Build
2593 lib/Module/Build/Platform/Amiga.pm      Module::Build
2594 lib/Module/Build/Platform/cygwin.pm     Module::Build
2595 lib/Module/Build/Platform/darwin.pm     Module::Build
2596 lib/Module/Build/Platform/Default.pm    Module::Build
2597 lib/Module/Build/Platform/EBCDIC.pm     Module::Build
2598 lib/Module/Build/Platform/MacOS.pm      Module::Build
2599 lib/Module/Build/Platform/MPEiX.pm      Module::Build
2600 lib/Module/Build/Platform/os2.pm        Module::Build
2601 lib/Module/Build/Platform/RiscOS.pm     Module::Build
2602 lib/Module/Build/Platform/Unix.pm       Module::Build
2603 lib/Module/Build/Platform/VMS.pm        Module::Build
2604 lib/Module/Build/Platform/VOS.pm        Module::Build
2605 lib/Module/Build/Platform/Windows.pm    Module::Build
2606 lib/Module/Build.pm             Module::Build
2607 lib/Module/Build/PodParser.pm   Module::Build
2608 lib/Module/Build/PPMMaker.pm    Module::Build
2609 lib/Module/Build/scripts/config_data    Module::Build
2610 lib/Module/Build/t/add_property.t       Module::Build
2611 lib/Module/Build/t/basic.t      Module::Build
2612 lib/Module/Build/t/bundled/Tie/CPHash.pm        Module::Build.pm
2613 lib/Module/Build/t/compat/exit.t        Module::Build
2614 lib/Module/Build/t/compat.t     Module::Build
2615 lib/Module/Build/t/debug.t      Module::Build tests
2616 lib/Module/Build/t/destinations.t       Module::Build
2617 lib/Module/Build/t/extend.t     Module::Build
2618 lib/Module/Build/t/ext.t        Module::Build
2619 lib/Module/Build/t/files.t      Module::Build
2620 lib/Module/Build/t/help.t       Module::Build
2621 lib/Module/Build/t/install.t    Module::Build
2622 lib/Module/Build/t/lib/DistGen.pm       Module::Build
2623 lib/Module/Build/t/lib/MBTest.pm        Module::Build
2624 lib/Module/Build/t/manifypods.t Module::Build
2625 lib/Module/Build/t/mbyaml.t     Module::Build
2626 lib/Module/Build/t/metadata2.t  Module::Build
2627 lib/Module/Build/t/metadata.t   Module::Build
2628 lib/Module/Build/t/moduleinfo.t Module::Build
2629 lib/Module/Build/t/new_from_context.t   Module::Build
2630 lib/Module/Build/t/notes.t      Module::Build
2631 lib/Module/Build/t/parents.t    Module::Build
2632 lib/Module/Build/t/PL_files.t   Module::Build tests
2633 lib/Module/Build/t/pod_parser.t Module::Build
2634 lib/Module/Build/t/ppm.t        Module::Build
2635 lib/Module/Build/t/runthrough.t Module::Build
2636 lib/Module/Build/t/script_dist.t        Module::Build
2637 lib/Module/Build/t/test_file_exts.t     Module::Build
2638 lib/Module/Build/t/test_types.t Module::Build
2639 lib/Module/Build/t/test_type.t  Module::Build
2640 lib/Module/Build/t/tilde.t      Module::Build
2641 lib/Module/Build/t/use_tap_harness.t    Module::Build
2642 lib/Module/Build/t/versions.t   Module::Build
2643 lib/Module/Build/t/write_default_maniskip.t     Module::Build tests
2644 lib/Module/Build/t/xs.t         Module::Build
2645 lib/Module/Build/Version.pm     Module::Build
2646 lib/Module/Build/YAML.pm        Module::Build
2647 lib/Module/CoreList/bin/corelist        Module::CoreList
2648 lib/Module/CoreList.pm                  Module::CoreList
2649 lib/Module/CoreList/t/corelist.t        Module::CoreList
2650 lib/Module/CoreList/t/find_modules.t    Module::CoreList
2651 lib/Module/Load/Conditional.pm  Module::Conditional
2652 lib/Module/Load/Conditional/t/01_Module_Load_Conditional.t      Module::Conditional tests
2653 lib/Module/Load/Conditional/t/02_Parse_Version.t        Module::Load::Conditional tests
2654 lib/Module/Load/Conditional/t/to_load/Commented.pm      Module::Conditional tests
2655 lib/Module/Load/Conditional/t/to_load/InPod.pm  Module::Load::Conditional tests
2656 lib/Module/Load/Conditional/t/to_load/LoadIt.pm Module::Conditional tests
2657 lib/Module/Load/Conditional/t/to_load/LoadMe.pl Module::Conditional tests
2658 lib/Module/Load/Conditional/t/to_load/MustBe/Loaded.pm  Module::Load::Conditional tests
2659 lib/Module/Load/Conditional/t/to_load/ToBeLoaded        Module::Conditional tests
2660 lib/Module/Loaded.pm    Module::Loaded
2661 lib/Module/Loaded/t/01_Module-Loaded.t  Module::Loaded tests
2662 lib/Module/Load.pm      Module::Load
2663 lib/Module/Load/t/01_Module-Load.t      Module::Load tests
2664 lib/Module/Load/t/to_load/config_file   Module::Load tests
2665 lib/Module/Load/t/to_load/LoadIt.pm     Module::Load tests
2666 lib/Module/Load/t/to_load/LoadMe.pl     Module::Load tests
2667 lib/Module/Load/t/to_load/Must/Be/Loaded.pm     Module::Load tests
2668 lib/Module/Load/t/to_load/TestModule.pm Module::Load tests
2669 lib/Module/Load/t/to_load/ToBeLoaded    Module::Load tests
2670 lib/Net/Changes                 libnet
2671 lib/Net/Cmd.pm                  libnet
2672 lib/Net/Config.eg               libnet
2673 lib/Net/Config.pm               libnet
2674 lib/Net/demos/ftp               libnet
2675 lib/Net/demos/inetd             libnet
2676 lib/Net/demos/nntp              libnet
2677 lib/Net/demos/nntp.mirror       libnet
2678 lib/Net/demos/pop3              libnet
2679 lib/Net/demos/smtp.self         libnet
2680 lib/Net/demos/time              libnet
2681 lib/Net/Domain.pm               libnet
2682 lib/Net/FTP/A.pm                libnet
2683 lib/Net/FTP/dataconn.pm         libnet
2684 lib/Net/FTP/E.pm                libnet
2685 lib/Net/FTP/I.pm                libnet
2686 lib/Net/FTP/L.pm                libnet
2687 lib/Net/FTP.pm                  libnet
2688 lib/Net/hostent.pm              By-name interface to Perl's builtin gethost*
2689 lib/Net/hostent.t               See if Net::hostent works
2690 lib/Net/Hostname.pm.eg          libnet
2691 lib/Net/libnetFAQ.pod           libnet
2692 lib/Net/netent.pm               By-name interface to Perl's builtin getnet*
2693 lib/Net/netent.t                See if Net::netent works
2694 lib/Net/Netrc.pm                libnet
2695 lib/Net/NNTP.pm                 libnet
2696 lib/Net/Ping/Changes            Net::Ping
2697 lib/Net/Ping.pm                 Hello, anybody home?
2698 lib/Net/Ping/t/100_load.t       Ping Net::Ping
2699 lib/Net/Ping/t/110_icmp_inst.t  Ping Net::Ping
2700 lib/Net/Ping/t/120_udp_inst.t   Ping Net::Ping
2701 lib/Net/Ping/t/130_tcp_inst.t   Ping Net::Ping
2702 lib/Net/Ping/t/140_stream_inst.t        Ping Net::Ping
2703 lib/Net/Ping/t/150_syn_inst.t   Ping Net::Ping
2704 lib/Net/Ping/t/190_alarm.t      Ping Net::Ping
2705 lib/Net/Ping/t/200_ping_tcp.t   Ping Net::Ping
2706 lib/Net/Ping/t/250_ping_hires.t Ping Net::Ping
2707 lib/Net/Ping/t/300_ping_stream.t        Ping Net::Ping
2708 lib/Net/Ping/t/400_ping_syn.t   Ping Net::Ping
2709 lib/Net/Ping/t/410_syn_host.t   Ping Net::Ping
2710 lib/Net/Ping/t/450_service.t    Ping Net::Ping
2711 lib/Net/Ping/t/500_ping_icmp.t  Ping Net::Ping
2712 lib/Net/Ping/t/510_ping_udp.t   Ping Net::Ping
2713 lib/Net/POP3.pm                 libnet
2714 lib/Net/protoent.pm             By-name interface to Perl's builtin getproto*
2715 lib/Net/protoent.t              See if Net::protoent works
2716 lib/Net/README                  libnet
2717 lib/Net/servent.pm              By-name interface to Perl's builtin getserv*
2718 lib/Net/servent.t               See if Net::servtent works
2719 lib/Net/SMTP.pm                 libnet
2720 lib/Net/t/config.t              libnet
2721 lib/Net/t/datasend.t            libnet
2722 lib/Net/t/ftp.t                 libnet
2723 lib/Net/t/hostname.t            libnet
2724 lib/Net/Time.pm                 libnet
2725 lib/Net/t/libnet_t.pl           libnet
2726 lib/Net/t/netrc.t               libnet
2727 lib/Net/t/nntp.t                libnet
2728 lib/Net/t/require.t             libnet
2729 lib/Net/t/smtp.t                libnet
2730 lib/Net/t/time.t                libnet
2731 lib/newgetopt.pl                A perl library supporting long option parsing
2732 lib/NEXT/Changes                NEXT
2733 lib/NEXT.pm                     Pseudo-class NEXT for method redispatch
2734 lib/NEXT/README                 NEXT
2735 lib/NEXT/t/actual.t             NEXT
2736 lib/NEXT/t/actuns.t             NEXT
2737 lib/NEXT/t/dynamically_scoped_regex_vars.t      NEXT
2738 lib/NEXT/t/next.t               NEXT
2739 lib/NEXT/t/stringify.t  NEXT
2740 lib/NEXT/t/unseen.t             NEXT
2741 lib/Object/Accessor.pm  Object::Accessor
2742 lib/Object/Accessor/t/00_Object-Accessor.t      Object::Accessor tests
2743 lib/Object/Accessor/t/01_Object-Accessor-Subclassed.t   Object::Accessor tests
2744 lib/Object/Accessor/t/02_Object-Accessor-allow.t        Object::Accessor tests
2745 lib/Object/Accessor/t/03_Object-Accessor-local.t        Object::Accessor tests
2746 lib/Object/Accessor/t/04_Object-Accessor-lvalue.t       Object::Accessor tests
2747 lib/Object/Accessor/t/05_Object-Accessor-callback.t     Object::Accessor tests
2748 lib/Object/Accessor/t/06_Object-Accessor-alias.t        Object::Accessor tests
2749 lib/open2.pl                    Open a two-ended pipe (uses IPC::Open2)
2750 lib/open3.pl                    Open a three-ended pipe (uses IPC::Open3)
2751 lib/open.pm                     Pragma to specify default I/O layers
2752 lib/open.t                      See if the open pragma works
2753 lib/overload64.t                See if operator overloading works with 64-bit ints
2754 lib/overloading.pm              Pragma to lexically control overloading
2755 lib/overloading.t               Tests for overloading.pm
2756 lib/overload/numbers.pm         Helper for overloading pragma
2757 lib/overload.pm                 Module for overloading perl operators
2758 lib/overload.t                  See if operator overloading works
2759 lib/Package/Constants.pm        Package::Constants
2760 lib/Package/Constants/t/01_list.t       Package::Constants tests
2761 lib/Params/Check.pm     Params::Check
2762 lib/Params/Check/t/01_Params-Check.t    Params::Check tests
2763 lib/parent.pm   Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time
2764 lib/parent/t/compile-time-file.t        tests for parent.pm
2765 lib/parent/t/compile-time.t     tests for parent.pm
2766 lib/parent/t/lib/Dummy2.plugin  test files for parent.pm
2767 lib/parent/t/lib/Dummy/Outside.pm       test files for parent.pm
2768 lib/parent/t/lib/Dummy.pm       test files for parent.pm
2769 lib/parent/t/lib/FileThatOnlyExistsAsPMC.pmc    test files for parent.pm
2770 lib/parent/t/lib/ReturnsFalse.pm        test files for parent.pm
2771 lib/parent/t/parent-classfromclassfile.t        tests for parent.pm
2772 lib/parent/t/parent-classfromfile.t     tests for parent.pm
2773 lib/parent/t/parent-pmc.t       tests for parent.pm
2774 lib/parent/t/parent-returns-false.t     tests for parent.pm
2775 lib/parent/t/parent.t   tests for parent.pm
2776 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/Changes                                     Parse::CPAN::Meta
2777 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta.pm                                          Parse::CPAN::Meta
2778 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/01_compile.t                              Parse::CPAN::Meta
2779 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/02_basic.t                                Parse::CPAN::Meta
2780 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/03_regression.t                           Parse::CPAN::Meta
2781 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/04_scalar.t                               Parse::CPAN::Meta
2782 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/05_export.t                               Parse::CPAN::Meta
2783 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/11_meta_yml.t                             Parse::CPAN::Meta
2784 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/12_plagger.t                              Parse::CPAN::Meta
2785 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/13_perl_smith.t                           Parse::CPAN::Meta
2786 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/14_yaml_org.t                             Parse::CPAN::Meta
2787 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/15_multibyte.t                            Parse::CPAN::Meta
2788 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/16_nullrefs.t                             Parse::CPAN::Meta
2789 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/17_toolbar.t                              Parse::CPAN::Meta
2790 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/18_tap.t                                  Parse::CPAN::Meta
2791 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/19_errors.t                               Parse::CPAN::Meta
2792 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/21_bom.t                                  Parse::CPAN::Meta
2793 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/data/HTML-WebDAO.yml                      Parse::CPAN::Meta
2794 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/data/multibyte.yml                        Parse::CPAN::Meta
2795 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/data/sample.yml                           Parse::CPAN::Meta
2796 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/data/Spreadsheet-Read.yml                 Parse::CPAN::Meta
2797 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/data/Template-Provider-Unicode-Japanese.yml       Parse::CPAN::Meta
2798 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/data/toolbar.yml                          Parse::CPAN::Meta
2799 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/data/utf_16_le_bom.yml                    Parse::CPAN::Meta
2800 lib/Parse/CPAN/Meta/t/data/vanilla.yml                          Parse::CPAN::Meta
2801 lib/perl5db.pl                  Perl debugging routines
2802 lib/perl5db.t                   Tests for the Perl debugger
2803 lib/perl5db/t/eval-line-bug     Tests for the Perl debugger
2804 lib/perl5db/t/lvalue-bug        Tests for the Perl debugger
2805 lib/perl5db/t/proxy-constants   Tests for the Perl debugger
2806 lib/perl5db/t/rt-61222          Tests for the Perl debugger
2807 lib/perl5db/t/rt-66110          Tests for the Perl debugger
2808 lib/perl5db/t/symbol-table-bug  Tests for the Perl debugger
2809 lib/PerlIO.pm                   PerlIO support module
2810 lib/PerlIO/via/QuotedPrint.pm   PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint
2811 lib/PerlIO/via/t/QuotedPrint.t  PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint
2812 lib/Pod/Checker.pm              Pod-Parser - check POD documents for syntax errors
2813 lib/Pod/Escapes/ChangeLog       ChangeLog for Pod::Escapes
2814 lib/Pod/Escapes.pm              Pod::Escapes
2815 lib/Pod/Escapes/README          README for Pod::Escapes
2816 lib/Pod/Escapes/t/01_about_verbose.t    test Pod::Escapes
2817 lib/Pod/Escapes/t/10_main.t     test Pod::Escapes
2818 lib/Pod/Escapes/t/15_name2charnum.t     test Pod::Escapes
2819 lib/Pod/Find.pm                 used by pod/splitpod
2820 lib/Pod/Functions.pm            used by pod/splitpod
2821 lib/Pod/Html.pm                 Convert POD data to HTML
2822 lib/Pod/InputObjects.pm         Pod-Parser - define objects for input streams
2823 lib/Pod/LaTeX.pm                Convert POD data to LaTeX
2824 lib/Pod/Man.pm                  Convert POD data to *roff
2825 lib/Pod/ParseLink.pm            Perl an L<> formatting code in POD text
2826 lib/Pod/Parser.pm               Pod-Parser - define base class for parsing POD
2827 lib/Pod/ParseUtils.pm           Pod-Parser - pod utility functions
2828 lib/Pod/Perldoc/BaseTo.pm       utility module for perldoc
2829 lib/Pod/Perldoc/GetOptsOO.pm    options parsing for perldoc
2830 lib/Pod/Perldoc.pm              guts of the 'perldoc' utility
2831 lib/Pod/Perldoc/t/01_about_verbose.t    test Pod::Perldoc
2832 lib/Pod/Perldoc/t/checkerbasic.t        test Pod::Perldoc::ToChecker
2833 lib/Pod/Perldoc/ToChecker.pm    let perldoc check POD for errors
2834 lib/Pod/Perldoc/ToMan.pm        render POD as man pages
2835 lib/Pod/Perldoc/ToNroff.pm      convert POD to nroff
2836 lib/Pod/Perldoc/ToPod.pm        convert POD to POD
2837 lib/Pod/Perldoc/ToRtf.pm        convert POD to RTF
2838 lib/Pod/Perldoc/ToText.pm       convert POD to plain text
2839 lib/Pod/Perldoc/ToTk.pm         convert POD via Tk::Pod
2840 lib/Pod/Perldoc/ToXml.pm        convert POD to XML
2841 lib/Pod/Perldoc/t/perldocbasic.t        test Pod::Perldoc basic operation
2842 lib/Pod/Perldoc/t/textbasic.t   test Pod::Perldoc::ToText
2843 lib/Pod/Plainer.pm              Pod migration utility module
2844 lib/Pod/PlainText.pm            Convert POD data to formatted ASCII text
2845 lib/Pod/Select.pm               Pod-Parser - select portions of POD docs
2846 lib/Pod/Simple/BlackBox.pm      Pod::Simple::BlackBox
2847 lib/Pod/Simple/ChangeLog        Pod::Simple ChangeLog
2848 lib/Pod/Simple/Checker.pm       check the Pod syntax of a document
2849 lib/Pod/Simple/Debug.pm         put Pod::Simple into trace/debug mode
2850 lib/Pod/Simple/DumpAsText.pm    dump Pod-parsing events as text
2851 lib/Pod/Simple/DumpAsXML.pm     turn Pod into XML
2852 lib/Pod/Simple/HTMLBatch.pm     convert several Pod files to several HTML files
2853 lib/Pod/Simple/HTMLLegacy.pm    Pod::Simple::HTMLLegacy
2854 lib/Pod/Simple/HTML.pm          convert Pod to HTML
2855 lib/Pod/Simple/LinkSection.pm   represent "section" attributes of L codes
2856 lib/Pod/Simple/Methody.pm       turn Pod::Simple events into method calls
2857 lib/Pod/Simple.pm               Pod made simple
2858 lib/Pod/Simple.pod              Pod for Pod::Simple
2859 lib/Pod/Simple/Progress.pm      Pod::Simple::Progress
2860 lib/Pod/Simple/PullParserEndToken.pm    end-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
2861 lib/Pod/Simple/PullParser.pm            a pull-parser interface to parsing Pod
2862 lib/Pod/Simple/PullParserStartToken.pm  start-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
2863 lib/Pod/Simple/PullParserTextToken.pm   text-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
2864 lib/Pod/Simple/PullParserToken.pm       tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
2865 lib/Pod/Simple/README           Pod::Simple README file
2866 lib/Pod/Simple/RTF.pm           format Pod as RTF
2867 lib/Pod/Simple/Search.pm        find POD documents in directory trees
2868 lib/Pod/Simple/SimpleTree.pm    parse Pod into a simple parse tree
2869 lib/Pod/Simple/Subclassing.pod  write a formatter as a Pod::Simple subclass
2870 lib/Pod/Simple/t/00about.t      Pod::Simple test file
2871 lib/Pod/Simple/t/20_skip.t      Pod::Simple test file
2872 lib/Pod/Simple/t/accept01.t     Pod::Simple test file
2873 lib/Pod/Simple/t/accept05.t     Pod::Simple test file
2874 lib/Pod/Simple/t/ac_d.t         Pod::Simple test file
2875 lib/Pod/Simple/t/basic.t        Pod::Simple test file
2876 lib/Pod/Simple/t/begin.t        Pod::Simple test file
2877 lib/Pod/Simple/t/cbacks.t       Pod::Simple test file
2878 lib/Pod/Simple/t/chunking.t     Pod::Simple test file
2879 lib/Pod/Simple/t/closeys.t      Pod::Simple test file
2880 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/2202jp.txt.packed       Pod::Simple test file
2881 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/2202jp.xml      Pod::Simple test file
2882 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/2202jpx.txt.packed      Pod::Simple test file
2883 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/2202jpx.xml     Pod::Simple test file
2884 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/2202jpy.txt.packed      Pod::Simple test file
2885 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/2202jpy.xml     Pod::Simple test file
2886 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/2202jpz.txt     Pod::Simple test file
2887 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/2202jpz.xml     Pod::Simple test file
2888 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus2/fiqhakbar_iso6.txt     Pod::Simple test file
2889 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus2/fiqhakbar_iso6.xml     Pod::Simple test file
2890 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus2/polish_implicit_utf8.txt       Pod::Simple test file
2891 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus2/polish_utf16be_bom.txt.packed  Pod::Simple test file
2892 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus2/polish_utf16le_bom.txt.packed  Pod::Simple test file
2893 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus2/polish_utf8_bom2.txt   Pod::Simple test file
2894 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus2/polish_utf8_bom2.xml   Pod::Simple test file
2895 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus2/polish_utf8_bom.txt    Pod::Simple test file
2896 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus2/polish_utf8_bom.xml    Pod::Simple test file
2897 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/8859_7.pod      Pod::Simple test file
2898 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/8859_7.xml      Pod::Simple test file
2899 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/cp1256.txt      Pod::Simple test file
2900 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/cp1256.xml      Pod::Simple test file
2901 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/fet_cont.txt    Pod::Simple test file
2902 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/fet_cont.xml    Pod::Simple test file
2903 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/fet_dup.txt     Pod::Simple test file
2904 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/fet_dup.xml     Pod::Simple test file
2905 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/iso6.txt        Pod::Simple test file
2906 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/iso6.xml        Pod::Simple test file
2907 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/koi8r.txt       Pod::Simple test file
2908 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/koi8r.xml       Pod::Simple test file
2909 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/laozi38b.txt            Pod::Simple test file
2910 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/laozi38b.xml            Pod::Simple test file
2911 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/laozi38p.pod            Pod::Simple test file
2912 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/laozi38p.xml            Pod::Simple test file
2913 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/laozi38.txt             Pod::Simple test file
2914 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/laozi38.xml             Pod::Simple test file
2915 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/lat1frim.txt    Pod::Simple test file
2916 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/lat1frim.xml    Pod::Simple test file
2917 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/lat1fr.txt      Pod::Simple test file
2918 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/lat1fr.xml      Pod::Simple test file
2919 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/nonesuch.txt            Pod::Simple test file
2920 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/nonesuch.xml            Pod::Simple test file
2921 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/pasternak_cp1251.txt    Pod::Simple test file
2922 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/pasternak_cp1251.xml    Pod::Simple test file
2923 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/plain_explicit.txt      Pod::Simple test file
2924 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/plain_explicit.xml      Pod::Simple test file
2925 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/plain_latin1.txt        Pod::Simple test file
2926 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/plain_latin1.xml        Pod::Simple test file
2927 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/plain.txt               Pod::Simple test file
2928 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/plain_utf8.txt          Pod::Simple test file
2929 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/plain_utf8.xml                  Pod::Simple test file
2930 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/plain.xml               Pod::Simple test file
2931 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/polish_utf8.txt         Pod::Simple test file
2932 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/polish_utf8.xml         Pod::Simple test file
2933 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/s2763_sjis.txt          Pod::Simple test file
2934 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/s2763_sjis.xml          Pod::Simple test file
2935 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus.t       Pod::Simple test file
2936 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/thai_iso11.txt          Pod::Simple test file
2937 lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpus/thai_iso11.xml          Pod::Simple test file
2938 lib/Pod/Simple/t/encod01.t      Pod::Simple test file
2939 lib/Pod/Simple/t/encod02.t      Pod::Simple test file
2940 lib/Pod/Simple/t/encod03.t      Pod::Simple test file
2941 lib/Pod/Simple/t/end_over.t     Pod::Simple test file
2942 lib/Pod/Simple/TextContent.pm   get the text content of Pod
2943 lib/Pod/Simple/Text.pm          format Pod as plaintext
2944 lib/Pod/Simple/t/fcodes_e.t     Pod::Simple test file
2945 lib/Pod/Simple/t/fcodes_l.t     Pod::Simple test file
2946 lib/Pod/Simple/t/fcodes_s.t     Pod::Simple test file
2947 lib/Pod/Simple/t/fcodes.t       Pod::Simple test file
2948 lib/Pod/Simple/t/fornot.t       Pod::Simple test file
2949 lib/Pod/Simple/t/for.t          Pod::Simple test file
2950 lib/Pod/Simple/t/fullstop.t     Pod::Simple test file
2951 lib/Pod/Simple/t/heads.t        Pod::Simple test file
2952 lib/Pod/Simple/t/html01.t       Pod::Simple test file
2953 lib/Pod/Simple/t/html02.t       Pod::Simple test file
2954 lib/Pod/Simple/t/html03.t       Pod::Simple test file
2955 lib/Pod/Simple/t/htmlbat.t      Pod::Simple test file
2956 lib/Pod/Simple/TiedOutFH.pm     Pod::Simple::TiedOutFH
2957 lib/Pod/Simple/t/items02.t      Pod::Simple test file
2958 lib/Pod/Simple/t/items.t        Pod::Simple test file
2959 lib/Pod/Simple/t/itemstar.t     Pod::Simple test file
2960 lib/Pod/Simple/t/junk1o.txt     Pod::Simple test file
2961 lib/Pod/Simple/t/junk1.pod      Pod::Simple test file
2962 lib/Pod/Simple/t/junk2o.txt     Pod::Simple test file
2963 lib/Pod/Simple/t/junk2.pod      Pod::Simple test file
2964 lib/Pod/Simple/t/linkclas.t     Pod::Simple test file
2965 lib/Pod/Simple/t/perlcygo.txt   Pod::Simple test file
2966 lib/Pod/Simple/t/perlcyg.pod    Pod::Simple test file
2967 lib/Pod/Simple/t/perlfaqo.txt   Pod::Simple test file
2968 lib/Pod/Simple/t/perlfaq.pod    Pod::Simple test file
2969 lib/Pod/Simple/t/perlvaro.txt   Pod::Simple test file
2970 lib/Pod/Simple/t/perlvar.pod    Pod::Simple test file
2971 lib/Pod/Simple/t/puller.t       Pod::Simple test file
2972 lib/Pod/Simple/t/pulltitl.t     Pod::Simple test file
2973 lib/Pod/Simple/TranscodeDumb.pm         Pod::Simple::TranscodeDumb
2974 lib/Pod/Simple/Transcode.pm     Pod::Simple::Transcode
2975 lib/Pod/Simple/TranscodeSmart.pm        Pod::Simple::TranscodeSmart
2976 lib/Pod/Simple/t/reinit.t       Pod::Simple test file
2977 lib/Pod/Simple/t/render.t       Pod::Simple test file
2978 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search05.t     Pod::Simple test file
2979 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search10.t     Pod::Simple test file
2980 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search12.t     Pod::Simple test file
2981 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search20.t     Pod::Simple test file
2982 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search22.t     Pod::Simple test file
2983 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search25.t     Pod::Simple test file
2984 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search26.t     Pod::Simple test file
2985 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search27.t     Pod::Simple test file
2986 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search28.t     Pod::Simple test file
2987 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search29.t     Pod::Simple test file
2988 lib/Pod/Simple/t/search50.t     Pod::Simple test file
2989 lib/Pod/Simple/t/stree.t                Pod::Simple test file
2990 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/Blorm.pm              Pod::Simple test file
2991 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/hinkhonk/Glunk.pod    Pod::Simple test file
2992 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/hinkhonk/readme.txt   Pod::Simple test file
2993 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/hinkhonk/Vliff.pm     Pod::Simple test file
2994 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/pod/perlflif.pod      Pod::Simple test file
2995 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/pod/perlthng.pod      Pod::Simple test file
2996 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/squaa/Glunk.pod       Pod::Simple test file
2997 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/squaa.pm              Pod::Simple test file
2998 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/squaa/Vliff.pm        Pod::Simple test file
2999 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/zikzik.pod            Pod::Simple test file
3000 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/Zonk/Fiddle.txt       Pod::Simple test file
3001 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/Zonk/Pronk.pm         Pod::Simple test file
3002 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib1/Zonk/Veng.pm          Pod::Simple test file
3003 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib2/hinkhonk/Glunk.pod    Pod::Simple test file
3004 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib2/hinkhonk/readme.txt   Pod::Simple test file
3005 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib2/hinkhonk/Vliff.pm     Pod::Simple test file
3006 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib2/pod/perlthng.pod      Pod::Simple test file
3007 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib2/pod/perlzuk.pod       Pod::Simple test file
3008 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib2/squaa/Vliff.pm        Pod::Simple test file
3009 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib2/squaa/Wowo.pod        Pod::Simple test file
3010 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib2/Suzzle.pm             Pod::Simple test file
3011 lib/Pod/Simple/t/testlib3/squaa/Vliff.pm        Pod::Simple test file
3012 lib/Pod/Simple/t/tiedfh.t       Pod::Simple test file
3013 lib/Pod/Simple/t/verbatim.t             Pod::Simple test file
3014 lib/Pod/Simple/t/verb_fmt.t     Pod::Simple test file
3015 lib/Pod/Simple/t/xhtml01.t      Pod::Simple test file
3016 lib/Pod/Simple/t/xhtml05.t      Pod::Simple test file
3017 lib/Pod/Simple/t/x_nixer.t              Pod::Simple test file
3018 lib/Pod/Simple/XHTML.pm         turn Pod into XHTML
3019 lib/Pod/Simple/XMLOutStream.pm  turn Pod into XML
3020 lib/Pod/t/basic.cap             podlators test
3021 lib/Pod/t/basic.clr             podlators test
3022 lib/Pod/t/basic.man             podlators test
3023 lib/Pod/t/basic.ovr             podlators test
3024 lib/Pod/t/basic.pod             podlators test
3025 lib/Pod/t/basic.t               podlators test
3026 lib/Pod/t/basic.txt             podlators test
3027 lib/Pod/t/color.t               podlators test
3028 lib/Pod/t/contains_pod.t        Pod-Parser test
3029 lib/Pod/t/eol.t                 end of line agnosticism
3030 lib/Pod/Text/Color.pm           Convert POD data to color ASCII text
3031 lib/Pod/Text/Overstrike.pm      Convert POD data to formatted overstrike text
3032 lib/Pod/Text.pm                 Pod-Parser - convert POD data to formatted ASCII text
3033 lib/Pod/Text/Termcap.pm         Convert POD data to ASCII text with format escapes
3034 lib/Pod/t/filehandle.t          podlators test
3035 lib/Pod/t/Functions.t           See if Pod::Functions works
3036 lib/Pod/t/htmlescp.pod          pod2html escape test input data
3037 lib/Pod/t/htmlescp.t            pod2html escape test
3038 lib/Pod/t/htmllink.pod          pod2html link test input data
3039 lib/Pod/t/htmllink.t            pod2html link test
3040 lib/Pod/t/htmlview.pod          pod2html render test input data
3041 lib/Pod/t/htmlview.t            pod2html render test
3042 lib/Pod/t/InputObjects.t        See if Pod::InputObjects works
3043 lib/Pod/t/man-options.t         podlators test
3044 lib/Pod/t/man.t                 podlators test
3045 lib/Pod/t/man-utf8.t            podlators test
3046 lib/Pod/t/parselink.t           podlators test
3047 lib/Pod/t/pod2html-lib.pl       pod2html testing library
3048 lib/Pod/t/pod2latex.t           See if Pod::LaTeX works
3049 lib/Pod/t/pod-parser.t          podlators test
3050 lib/Pod/t/pod-spelling.t        podlators test
3051 lib/Pod/t/pod.t                 podlators test
3052 lib/Pod/t/Select.t              See if Pod::Select works
3053 lib/Pod/t/termcap.t             podlators test
3054 lib/Pod/t/text-encoding.t               podlators test
3055 lib/Pod/t/text-options.t                podlators test
3056 lib/Pod/t/text.t                podlators test
3057 lib/Pod/t/text-utf8.t           podlators test
3058 lib/Pod/t/Usage.t               See if Pod::Usage works
3059 lib/Pod/t/user.t                See if Pod::LaTeX works
3060 lib/Pod/t/utils.t               Test for Pod::ParseUtils
3061 lib/Pod/Usage.pm                Pod-Parser - print usage messages
3062 lib/pwd.pl                      Routines to keep track of PWD environment variable
3063 lib/Search/Dict.pm              Perform binary search on dictionaries
3064 lib/Search/Dict.t               See if Search::Dict works
3065 lib/SelectSaver.pm              Enforce proper select scoping
3066 lib/SelectSaver.t               See if SelectSaver works
3067 lib/SelfLoader.pm               Load functions only on demand
3068 lib/SelfLoader/t/01SelfLoader.t See if SelfLoader works
3069 lib/SelfLoader/t/02SelfLoader-buggy.t   See if SelfLoader works
3070 lib/Shell.pm                    Make AUTOLOADed system() calls
3071 lib/Shell.t                     Tests for above
3072 lib/shellwords.pl               Perl library to split into words with shell quoting
3073 lib/sigtrap.pm                  For trapping an abort and giving traceback
3074 lib/sigtrap.t                   See if sigtrap works
3075 lib/sort.pm                     For "use sort"
3076 lib/sort.t                      See if "use sort" works
3077 lib/stat.pl                     Perl library supporting stat function
3078 lib/strict.pm                   For "use strict"
3079 lib/strict.t                    See if strictures work
3080 lib/subs.pm                     Declare overriding subs
3081 lib/subs.t                      See if subroutine pseudo-importation works
3082 lib/Switch.pm                   Switch for Perl
3083 lib/Switch/t/given.t            See if Perl 6 given (switch) works
3084 lib/Switch/t/nested.t           See if nested switch works
3085 lib/Switch/t/switch.t           See if Perl 5 switch works
3086 lib/Symbol.pm                   Symbol table manipulation routines
3087 lib/Symbol.t                    See if Symbol works
3088 lib/syslog.pl                   Perl library supporting syslogging
3089 lib/tainted.pl                  Old code for tainting
3090 lib/Term/ANSIColor/ChangeLog    Term::ANSIColor
3091 lib/Term/ANSIColor.pm           Perl module supporting termcap usage
3092 lib/Term/ANSIColor/README       Term::ANSIColor
3093 lib/Term/ANSIColor/t/basic.t    Tests for Term::ANSIColor
3094 lib/termcap.pl                  Perl library supporting termcap usage
3095 lib/Term/Cap.pm                 Perl module supporting termcap usage
3096 lib/Term/Cap.t                  See if Term::Cap works
3097 lib/Term/Complete.pm            A command completion subroutine
3098 lib/Term/Complete.t             See if Term::Complete works
3099 lib/Term/ReadLine.pm            Stub readline library
3100 lib/Term/ReadLine.t             See if Term::ReadLine works
3101 lib/Term/UI/History.pm  Term::UI
3102 lib/Term/UI.pm  Term::UI
3103 lib/Term/UI/t/00_load.t Term::UI tests
3104 lib/Term/UI/t/01_history.t      Term::UI tests
3105 lib/Term/UI/t/02_ui.t   Term::UI tests
3106 lib/Test/Builder/Module.pm      Base class for test modules
3107 lib/Test/Builder.pm             For writing new test libraries
3108 lib/Test/Builder/Tester/Color.pm        Turn on color in Test::Builder::Tester
3109 lib/Test/Builder/Tester.pm      For testing Test::Builder based classes
3110 lib/Test/More.pm                More utilities for writing tests
3111 lib/Test.pm                     A simple framework for writing test scripts
3112 lib/Test/Simple/Changes         Test::Simple changes
3113 lib/Test/Simple.pm              Basic utility for writing tests
3114 lib/Test/Simple/README          Test::Simple README
3115 lib/Test/Simple/t/00test_harness_check.t        Test::Simple test
3116 lib/Test/Simple/t/bad_plan.t    Test::Builder plan() test
3117 lib/Test/Simple/t/bail_out.t    Test::Builder BAIL_OUT test
3118 lib/Test/Simple/t/BEGIN_require_ok.t    Test::More require_ok() testing
3119 lib/Test/Simple/t/BEGIN_use_ok.t        Test::More use_ok() testing
3120 lib/Test/Simple/t/buffer.t      Test::Builder buffering test
3121 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/Builder.t     Test::Builder tests
3122 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/carp.t        Test::Builder test
3123 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/create.t      Test::Builder test 
3124 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/current_test.t        Test::Builder tests
3125 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/current_test_without_plan.t   Test::Builder tests
3126 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/details.t     Test::Builder tests
3127 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/done_testing_double.t Test::Builder tests
3128 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/done_testing_plan_mismatch.t  Test::Builder tests
3129 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/done_testing.t                Test::Builder tests
3130 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/done_testing_with_no_plan.t   Test::Builder tests
3131 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/done_testing_with_number.t    Test::Builder tests
3132 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/done_testing_with_plan.t      Test::Builder tests
3133 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/fork_with_new_stdout.t        Test::Builder tests
3134 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/has_plan2.t   Test::Builder tests
3135 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/has_plan.t    Test::Builder tests
3136 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/is_fh.t       Test::Builder tests
3137 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/maybe_regex.t Test::Builder tests
3138 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/no_diag.t     Test::Builder tests
3139 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/no_ending.t   Test::Builder tests
3140 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/no_header.t   Test::Builder tests
3141 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/no_plan_at_all.t      Test::Builder tests
3142 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/ok_obj.t      Test::Builder tests
3143 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/output.t      Test::Builder tests
3144 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/reset.t       Test::Builder tests
3145 lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder/try.t         Test::Builder tests
3146 lib/Test/Simple/t/c_flag.t      Test::Simple test
3147 lib/Test/Simple/t/circular_data.t       Test::Simple test
3148 lib/Test/Simple/t/cmp_ok.t      Test::More test
3149 lib/Test/Simple/t/diag.t        Test::More diag() test
3150 lib/Test/Simple/t/died.t        Test::Simple test
3151 lib/Test/Simple/t/dont_overwrite_die_handler.t  Test::More tests
3152 lib/Test/Simple/t/eq_set.t      Test::Simple test
3153 lib/Test/Simple/t/exit.t        Test::Simple test, exit codes
3154 lib/Test/Simple/t/explain.t     Test::Simple test
3155 lib/Test/Simple/t/extra_one.t   Test::Simple test
3156 lib/Test/Simple/t/extra.t       Test::Simple test
3157 lib/Test/Simple/t/fail-like.t   Test::More test, like() failures
3158 lib/Test/Simple/t/fail-more.t   Test::More test, tests failing
3159 lib/Test/Simple/t/fail_one.t    Test::Simple test
3160 lib/Test/Simple/t/fail.t        Test::Simple test, test failures
3161 lib/Test/Simple/t/filehandles.t Test::Simple test, STDOUT can be played with
3162 lib/Test/Simple/t/fork.t        Test::More fork tests
3163 lib/Test/Simple/t/harness_active.t      Test::Simple test
3164 lib/Test/Simple/t/import.t      Test::More test, importing functions
3165 lib/Test/Simple/t/is_deeply_dne_bug.t   Test::More test
3166 lib/Test/Simple/t/is_deeply_fail.t      Test::More test, is_deeply()
3167 lib/Test/Simple/t/is_deeply_with_threads.t      Test::More test
3168 lib/Test/Simple/t/lib/Dummy.pm  Test::More test module
3169 lib/Test/Simple/t/lib/MyOverload.pm     Test::More test module
3170 lib/Test/Simple/t/lib/NoExporter.pm     Test::Simple test module
3171 lib/Test/Simple/t/lib/SigDie.pm Test module for Test::More
3172 lib/Test/Simple/t/missing.t     Test::Simple test, missing tests
3173 lib/Test/Simple/t/More.t        Test::More test, basic stuff
3174 lib/Test/Simple/t/new_ok.t      Test::More test
3175 lib/Test/Simple/t/no_plan.t     Test::Simple test, forgot the plan
3176 lib/Test/Simple/t/no_tests.t    Test::More test
3177 lib/Test/Simple/t/note.t        Test::More test
3178 lib/Test/Simple/TODO            Test::Simple TODO
3179 lib/Test/Simple/t/overload.t            Test::Simple test
3180 lib/Test/Simple/t/overload_threads.t    Test::Simple test
3181 lib/Test/Simple/t/plan_bad.t            Test::Simple test
3182 lib/Test/Simple/t/plan_is_noplan.t      Test::Simple test, no_plan
3183 lib/Test/Simple/t/plan_no_plan.t        Test::More test, plan() w/no_plan
3184 lib/Test/Simple/t/plan_shouldnt_import.t        Test::Simple test
3185 lib/Test/Simple/t/plan_skip_all.t       Test::More test, plan() w/skip_all
3186 lib/Test/Simple/t/plan.t        Test::More test, plan()
3187 lib/Test/Simple/t/require_ok.t  Test::Simple test
3188 lib/Test/Simple/t/simple.t      Test::Simple test, basic stuff
3189 lib/Test/Simple/t/skipall.t     Test::More test, skip all tests
3190 lib/Test/Simple/t/skip.t        Test::More test, SKIP tests
3191 lib/Test/Simple/t/tbm_doesnt_set_exported_to.t  Test::Builder::Module test
3192 lib/Test/Simple/t/Tester/tbt_01basic.t  Test::Builder::Tester test
3193 lib/Test/Simple/t/Tester/tbt_02fhrestore.t      Test::Builder::Tester test
3194 lib/Test/Simple/t/Tester/tbt_03die.t    Test::Builder::Tester test
3195 lib/Test/Simple/t/Tester/tbt_04line_num.t       Test::Builder::Tester test
3196 lib/Test/Simple/t/Tester/tbt_05faildiag.t       Test::Builder::Tester test
3197 lib/Test/Simple/t/Tester/tbt_06errormess.t      Test::Builder::Tester test
3198 lib/Test/Simple/t/Tester/tbt_07args.t   Test::Builder::Tester test
3199 lib/Test/Simple/t/threads.t     Test::Builder thread-safe checks
3200 lib/Test/Simple/t/thread_taint.t        Test::Simple test
3201 lib/Test/Simple/t/todo.t        Test::More test, TODO tests
3202 lib/Test/Simple/t/undef.t       Test::More test, undefs don't cause warnings
3203 lib/Test/Simple/t/useing.t      Test::More test, compile test
3204 lib/Test/Simple/t/use_ok.t      Test::More test, use_ok()
3205 lib/Test/Simple/t/utf8.t        Test::More test
3206 lib/Test/Simple/t/versions.t    Test::More test
3207 lib/Test/t/05_about_verbose.t   See if Test works
3208 lib/Test/t/fail.t               See if Test works
3209 lib/Test/t/mix.t                See if Test works
3210 lib/Test/t/multiline.t          See if Test works
3211 lib/Test/t/onfail.t             See if Test works
3212 lib/Test/t/qr.t                 See if Test works
3213 lib/Test/t/skip.t               See if Test works
3214 lib/Test/t/success.t            See if Test works
3215 lib/Test/t/todo.t               See if Test works
3216 lib/Test/Tutorial.pod           A tutorial on writing tests
3217 lib/Text/Abbrev.pm              An abbreviation table builder
3218 lib/Text/Abbrev.t               Test Text::Abbrev
3219 lib/Text/Balanced/Changes       Text::Balanced
3220 lib/Text/Balanced.pm            Text::Balanced
3221 lib/Text/Balanced/README        Text::Balanced
3222 lib/Text/Balanced/t/00-load.t   See if Text::Balanced works
3223 lib/Text/Balanced/t/extbrk.t    See if Text::Balanced works
3224 lib/Text/Balanced/t/extcbk.t    See if Text::Balanced works
3225 lib/Text/Balanced/t/extdel.t    See if Text::Balanced works
3226 lib/Text/Balanced/t/extmul.t    See if Text::Balanced works
3227 lib/Text/Balanced/t/extqlk.t    See if Text::Balanced works
3228 lib/Text/Balanced/t/exttag.t    See if Text::Balanced works
3229 lib/Text/Balanced/t/extvar.t    See if Text::Balanced works
3230 lib/Text/Balanced/t/gentag.t    See if Text::Balanced works
3231 lib/Text/ParseWords.pm          Perl module to split words on arbitrary delimiter
3232 lib/Text/ParseWords.t           See if Text::ParseWords works
3233 lib/Text/ParseWords/taint.t     See if Text::ParseWords works with tainting
3234 lib/Text/Tabs.pm                Do expand and unexpand
3235 lib/Text/TabsWrap/CHANGELOG     ChangeLog for Tabs+Wrap
3236 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/37000.t     See if Text::Tabs is working
3237 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/39548.t     See if Text::Tabs is working
3238 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/belg4mit.t  See if Text::Tabs is working
3239 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/dandv.t     See if Text::Tabs is working
3240 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/fill.t      See if Text::Wrap::fill works
3241 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/Jacobson2.t See if Text::Tabs is working
3242 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/Jacobson.t  See if Text::Tabs is working
3243 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/Jochen.t    See if Text::Tabs is working
3244 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/sep2.t      See if Text::Tabs is working
3245 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/sep.t       See if Text::Tabs is working
3246 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/tabs.t      See if Text::Tabs works
3247 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/wrap_separator2.t   See if Text::Wrap::wrap works
3248 lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/wrap.t      See if Text::Wrap::wrap works
3249 lib/Text/Wrap.pm                Paragraph formatter
3250 lib/Thread.pm                   Thread extensions frontend
3251 lib/Thread/Queue.pm             Thread-safe queues
3252 lib/Thread/Queue/t/01_basic.t   Thread::Queue tests
3253 lib/Thread/Queue/t/02_refs.t    Thread::Queue tests
3254 lib/Thread/Queue/t/03_peek.t    Thread::Queue tests
3255 lib/Thread/Queue/t/04_errs.t    Thread::Queue tests
3256 lib/Thread/Queue/t/05_extract.t Thread::Queue tests
3257 lib/Thread/Queue/t/06_insert.t  Thread::Queue tests
3258 lib/Thread/Queue/t/07_lock.t    Thread::Queue tests
3259 lib/Thread/Queue/t/08_nothreads.t       Thread::Queue tests
3260 lib/Thread/Semaphore.pm         Thread-safe semaphores
3261 lib/Thread/Semaphore/t/01_basic.t       Thread::Semaphore tests
3262 lib/Thread/Semaphore/t/02_errs.t        Thread::Semaphore tests
3263 lib/Thread/Semaphore/t/03_nothreads.t   Thread::Semaphore tests
3264 lib/Thread.t                    Thread extensions frontend tests
3265 lib/Tie/Array.pm                Base class for tied arrays
3266 lib/Tie/Array/push.t            Test for Tie::Array
3267 lib/Tie/Array/splice.t          Test for Tie::Array::SPLICE
3268 lib/Tie/Array/stdpush.t         Test for Tie::StdArray
3269 lib/Tie/Array/std.t             Test for Tie::StdArray
3270 lib/Tie/File.pm                 Files as tied arrays
3271 lib/Tie/File/t/00_version.t     Trivial test for Tie::File
3272 lib/Tie/File/t/01_gen.t         Generic read/write tests for Tie::File
3273 lib/Tie/File/t/02_fetchsize.t   File length fetch test for Tie::File
3274 lib/Tie/File/t/03_longfetch.t   Past-the-end-of-the-array tests for Tie::File
3275 lib/Tie/File/t/04_splice.t      SPLICE method tests for Tie::File
3276 lib/Tie/File/t/05_size.t        $#a tests for Tie::File
3277 lib/Tie/File/t/06_fixrec.t      '_fixrec' method functional tests for Tie::File
3278 lib/Tie/File/t/07_rv_splice.t   SPLICE method return value tests for Tie::File
3279 lib/Tie/File/t/08_ro.t          read-only mode tests for Tie::File
3280 lib/Tie/File/t/09_gen_rs.t      Like 01_gen.t, with unusual record separator
3281 lib/Tie/File/t/10_splice_rs.t   Like 04_splice.t, with unusual record separator
3282 lib/Tie/File/t/11_rv_splice_rs.t        Like 07_rv_splice.t, with unusual record separator
3283 lib/Tie/File/t/12_longfetch_rs.t        Like 03_longfetch.t, with unusual record separator
3284 lib/Tie/File/t/13_size_rs.t     Like 05_size.t, with unusual record separator
3285 lib/Tie/File/t/14_lock.t        File locking method tests for Tie::File
3286 lib/Tie/File/t/15_pushpop.t     PUSH / POP / SHIFT / UNSHIFT for Tie::File
3287 lib/Tie/File/t/16_handle.t      Tying a handle instead of a file for Tie::File
3288 lib/Tie/File/t/17_misc_meth.t   CLEAR / EXISTS / DELETE / EXTEND for Tie::File
3289 lib/Tie/File/t/18_rs_fixrec.t   Like 06_fixrec.t, with unusual record separator
3290 lib/Tie/File/t/19_cache.t       Read cache exercises and regression for Tie::File
3291 lib/Tie/File/t/20_cache_full.t  LRU expiry exercises and regression for Tie::File
3292 lib/Tie/File/t/21_win32.t       Win32 special behavior of Tie::File
3293 lib/Tie/File/t/22_autochomp.t   'autochomp' option of Tie::File
3294 lib/Tie/File/t/23_rv_ac_splice.t        Like 07_rv_splice.t, but with autochomp
3295 lib/Tie/File/t/24_cache_loop.t  Regression for old Tie::File cache bug
3296 lib/Tie/File/t/25_gen_nocache.t Like 01_gen.t, but with caching disabled
3297 lib/Tie/File/t/26_twrite.t      Unit tests for Tie::File::_twrite
3298 lib/Tie/File/t/27_iwrite.t      Unit tests for Tie::File::_iwrite
3299 lib/Tie/File/t/28_mtwrite.t     Unit tests for Tie::File::_mtwrite
3300 lib/Tie/File/t/29a_upcopy.t     Unit tests for Tie::File::_upcopy
3301 lib/Tie/File/t/29_downcopy.t    Unit tests for Tie::File::_downcopy
3302 lib/Tie/File/t/30_defer.t       deferred writing feature tests for Tie::File
3303 lib/Tie/File/t/31_autodefer.t   'autodefer' feature tests for Tie::File
3304 lib/Tie/File/t/32_defer_misc.t  Like 17_misc_meth.t, but with deferred writing
3305 lib/Tie/File/t/33_defer_vs.t    Like 30_defer.t, but with varying-length records
3306 lib/Tie/File/t/40_abs_cache.t   Unit tests for Tie::File::Cache
3307 lib/Tie/File/t/41_heap.t        Unit tests for Tie::File::Heap
3308 lib/Tie/File/t/42_offset.t      Unit tests for the offset method
3309 lib/Tie/Handle.pm               Base class for tied handles
3310 lib/Tie/Handle/stdhandle_from_handle.t  Test for Tie::StdHandle/Handle backwards compat
3311 lib/Tie/Handle/stdhandle.t      Test for Tie::StdHandle
3312 lib/Tie/Hash/NamedCapture.pm    Implements %- and %+ behaviour
3313 lib/Tie/Hash.pm                 Base class for tied hashes
3314 lib/Tie/Memoize.pm              Base class for memoized tied hashes
3315 lib/Tie/Memoize.t               Test for Memoize.t
3316 lib/Tie/RefHash.pm              Base class for tied hashes with references as keys
3317 lib/Tie/RefHash/rebless.t       Test for Tie::RefHash with rebless
3318 lib/Tie/RefHash/refhash.t       Test for Tie::RefHash and Tie::RefHash::Nestable
3319 lib/Tie/RefHash/storable.t      Test for Tie::RefHash with storable
3320 lib/Tie/RefHash/threaded.t      Test for Tie::RefHash with threads
3321 lib/Tie/Scalar.pm               Base class for tied scalars
3322 lib/Tie/Scalar.t                See if Tie::Scalar works
3323 lib/Tie/StdHandle.pm            Tie::StdHandle
3324 lib/Tie/SubstrHash.pm           Compact hash for known key, value and table size
3325 lib/Tie/SubstrHash.t            Test for Tie::SubstrHash
3326 lib/Time/gmtime.pm              By-name interface to Perl's builtin gmtime
3327 lib/Time/gmtime.t               Test for Time::gmtime
3328 lib/timelocal.pl                Perl library supporting inverse of localtime, gmtime
3329 lib/Time/Local.pm               Reverse translation of localtime, gmtime
3330 lib/Time/Local.t                See if Time::Local works
3331 lib/Time/localtime.pm           By-name interface to Perl's builtin localtime
3332 lib/Time/localtime.t            Test for Time::localtime
3333 lib/Time/tm.pm                  Internal object for Time::{gm,local}time
3334 lib/Unicode/Collate/allkeys.txt Unicode::Collate
3335 lib/Unicode/Collate/Changes     Unicode::Collate
3336 lib/Unicode/Collate/keys.txt    Unicode::Collate
3337 lib/Unicode/Collate.pm          Unicode::Collate
3338 lib/Unicode/Collate/README      Unicode::Collate
3339 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/altern.t  Unicode::Collate
3340 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/cjkrange.t        Unicode::Collate
3341 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/contract.t        Unicode::Collate
3342 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/hangtype.t        Unicode::Collate
3343 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/hangul.t  Unicode::Collate
3344 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/ignor.t   Unicode::Collate
3345 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/illegalp.t        Unicode::Collate
3346 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/illegal.t Unicode::Collate
3347 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/index.t   Unicode::Collate
3348 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/normal.t  Unicode::Collate
3349 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/override.t        Unicode::Collate
3350 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/rearrang.t        Unicode::Collate
3351 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/test.t    Unicode::Collate
3352 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/trailwt.t Unicode::Collate
3353 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/variable.t        Unicode::Collate
3354 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/version.t Unicode::Collate
3355 lib/Unicode/Collate/t/view.t    Unicode::Collate
3356 lib/Unicode/README              Explanation what happened to lib/unicode.
3357 lib/Unicode/UCD.pm              Unicode character database
3358 lib/Unicode/UCD.t               See if Unicode character database works
3359 lib/unicore/ArabicShaping.txt   Unicode character database
3360 lib/unicore/BidiMirroring.txt   Unicode character database
3361 lib/unicore/Blocks.txt          Unicode character database
3362 lib/unicore/CaseFolding.txt     Unicode character database
3363 lib/unicore/CompositionExclusions.txt   Unicode character database
3364 lib/unicore/EastAsianWidth.txt  Unicode character database
3365 lib/unicore/HangulSyllableType.txt      Unicode character database
3366 lib/unicore/Index.txt           Unicode character database
3367 lib/unicore/Jamo.txt            Unicode character database
3368 lib/unicore/LineBreak.txt       Unicode character database
3369 lib/unicore/Makefile            Unicode character database
3370 lib/unicore/mktables            Unicode character database generator
3371 lib/unicore/mktables.lst        File list for mktables
3372 lib/unicore/NameAliases.txt     Unicode character database
3373 lib/unicore/NamedSequences.txt  Unicode character database
3374 lib/unicore/NamedSqProv.txt     Unicode character database
3375 lib/unicore/NamesList.txt       Unicode character database
3376 lib/unicore/NormalizationCorrections.txt        Unicode character database
3377 lib/unicore/PropertyAliases.txt Unicode character database
3378 lib/unicore/PropList.txt        Unicode character database
3379 lib/unicore/PropValueAliases.txt        Unicode character database
3380 lib/unicore/README.perl         Unicode character database
3381 lib/unicore/ReadMe.txt          Unicode character database info
3382 lib/unicore/Scripts.txt         Unicode character database
3383 lib/unicore/SpecialCasing.txt   Unicode character database
3384 lib/unicore/StandardizedVariants.txt    Unicode character database
3385 lib/unicore/UnicodeData.txt     Unicode character database
3386 lib/unicore/version             The version of the Unicode
3387 lib/UNIVERSAL.pm                Base class for ALL classes
3388 lib/User/grent.pm               By-name interface to Perl's builtin getgr*
3389 lib/User/grent.t                See if User::grwent works
3390 lib/User/pwent.pm               By-name interface to Perl's builtin getpw*
3391 lib/User/pwent.t                See if User::pwent works
3392 lib/utf8_heavy.pl               Support routines for utf8 pragma
3393 lib/utf8.pm                     Pragma to control Unicode support
3394 lib/utf8.t                      See if utf8 operations work
3395 lib/validate.pl                 Perl library supporting wholesale file mode validation
3396 lib/vars_carp.t                 See if "use vars" doesn't load Carp.pm per default
3397 lib/vars.pm                     Declare pseudo-imported global variables
3398 lib/vars.t                      See if "use vars" works
3399 lib/version/Internals.pod       Description of the internals of version objects
3400 lib/version.pm                  Support for version objects
3401 lib/version.pod                 Documentation of the version module
3402 lib/version.t                   Tests for version objects
3403 lib/vmsish.pm                   Control VMS-specific behavior of Perl core
3404 lib/vmsish.t                    Tests for vmsish.pm
3405 lib/warnings.pm                 For "use warnings"
3406 lib/warnings/register.pm        For "use warnings::register"
3407 lib/warnings.t                  See if warning controls work
3408 locale.c                        locale-specific utility functions
3409 madly.c                         parser code for MAD build
3410 mad/Nomad.pm                    Converts MAD XML dump to Perl 5
3411 mad/p55                         Perl 5 to Perl 5 translator - driver for nomad
3412 mad/P5AST.pm                    Used by nomad
3413 mad/P5re.pm                     Used by nomad
3414 mad/PLXML.pm                    Used by nomad
3415 mad/t/p55.t                     Test for the Perl 5 to Perl 5 translator
3416 makeaperl.SH                    perl script that produces a new perl binary
3417 makedef.pl                      Create symbol export lists for linking
3418 makedepend.SH                   Precursor to makedepend
3419 makedir.SH                      Precursor to makedir
3420 make_ext.pl                     Used by Makefile to execute extension Makefiles
3421 Makefile.micro                  microperl Makefile
3422 Makefile.SH                     A script that generates Makefile
3423 make_patchnum.pl                Script to generate git_version.h and lib/Config_git.pl files for all OS'es
3424 malloc.c                        A version of malloc you might not want
3425 malloc_ctl.h                    A version of malloc you might not want
3426 MANIFEST                        This list of files
3427 mathoms.c                       A home for binary-compatible code artifacts
3428 META.yml                        Distribution meta-data in YAML
3429 mg.c                            Magic code
3430 mg.h                            Magic header
3431 minimod.pl                      Writes lib/ExtUtils/Miniperl.pm
3432 miniperlmain.c                  Basic perl w/o dynamic loading or extensions
3433 mkppport                        A script that distributes ppport.h
3434 mkppport.lst                    List of extensions that need a ppport.h
3435 mpeix/mpeix.c                   MPE/iX port
3436 mpeix/mpeixish.h                MPE/iX port
3437 mpeix/mpeix_setjmp.c            MPE/iX port
3438 mpeix/nm                        MPE/iX port
3439 mpeix/relink                    MPE/iX port
3440 mro.c                           Method Resolution Order code
3441 myconfig.SH                     Prints summary of the current configuration
3442 mydtrace.h                      Support for optional DTrace probes
3443 NetWare/bat/Buildtype.bat       NetWare port
3444 NetWare/bat/SetCodeWar.bat      NetWare port
3445 NetWare/bat/Setnlmsdk.bat       NetWare port
3446 NetWare/bat/SetNWBld.bat        NetWare port
3447 NetWare/bat/ToggleD2.bat        NetWare port
3448 NetWare/CLIBsdio.h              NetWare port
3449 NetWare/CLIBstr.h               NetWare port
3450 NetWare/CLIBstuf.c              NetWare port
3451 NetWare/CLIBstuf.h              NetWare port
3452 NetWare/config_h.PL             NetWare port
3453 NetWare/config_H.wc             NetWare port
3454 NetWare/config_sh.PL            NetWare port
3455 NetWare/config.wc               NetWare port
3456 NetWare/deb.h                   NetWare port
3457 NetWare/dl_netware.xs           NetWare port
3458 NetWare/intdef.h                NetWare port
3459 NetWare/interface.c             NetWare port
3460 NetWare/interface.cpp           NetWare port
3461 NetWare/interface.h             NetWare port
3462 NetWare/iperlhost.h             NetWare port
3463 NetWare/Main.c                  NetWare port
3464 NetWare/Makefile                NetWare port
3465 NetWare/MP.imp                  NetWare port
3466 NetWare/netware.h               NetWare port
3467 NetWare/nw5.c                   NetWare port
3468 NetWare/nw5iop.h                NetWare port
3469 NetWare/nw5sck.c                NetWare port
3470 NetWare/nw5sck.h                NetWare port
3471 NetWare/nw5thread.c             NetWare port
3472 NetWare/nw5thread.h             NetWare port
3473 NetWare/nwhashcls.cpp           NetWare port
3474 NetWare/nwhashcls.h             NetWare port
3475 NetWare/Nwmain.c                NetWare port
3476 NetWare/nwperlhost.h            NetWare port
3477 NetWare/nwperlsys.c             NetWare port
3478 NetWare/nwperlsys.h             NetWare port
3479 NetWare/Nwpipe.c                NetWare port
3480 NetWare/nwpipe.h                NetWare port
3481 NetWare/nwplglob.c              NetWare port
3482 NetWare/nwplglob.h              NetWare port
3483 NetWare/nwstdio.h               NetWare port
3484 NetWare/NWTInfo.c               NetWare port
3485 NetWare/nwtinfo.h               NetWare port
3486 NetWare/NWUtil.c                NetWare port
3487 NetWare/nwutil.h                NetWare port
3488 NetWare/nwvmem.h                NetWare port
3489 NetWare/perllib.cpp             NetWare port
3490 NetWare/splittree.pl            NetWare port
3491 NetWare/sv_nw.c                 NetWare port
3492 NetWare/testnlm/echo/echo.c     NetWare port
3493 NetWare/testnlm/type/type.c     NetWare port
3494 NetWare/t/NWModify.pl           NetWare port
3495 NetWare/t/NWScripts.pl          NetWare port
3496 NetWare/t/Readme.txt            NetWare port
3497 NetWare/win32ish.h              NetWare port
3498 nostdio.h                       Cause compile error on stdio calls
3499 numeric.c                       Miscellaneous numeric conversion routines
3500 op.c                            Opcode syntax tree code
3501 opcode.h                        Automatically generated opcode header
3502 opcode.pl                       Opcode header generator
3503 op.h                            Opcode syntax tree header
3504 opnames.h                       Automatically generated opcode header
3505 os2/Changes                     Changelog for OS/2 port
3506 os2/diff.configure              Patches to Configure
3507 os2/dlfcn.h                     Addon for dl_open
3508 os2/dl_os2.c                    Addon for dl_open
3509 os2/Makefile.SHs                Shared library generation for OS/2
3510 os2/os2add.sym                  Overriding symbols to export
3511 os2/os2_base.t                  Additional tests for builtin methods
3512 os2/os2.c                       Additional code for OS/2
3513 os2/OS2/ExtAttr/Changes         EA access module
3514 os2/OS2/ExtAttr/ExtAttr.pm      EA access module
3515 os2/OS2/ExtAttr/ExtAttr.xs      EA access module
3516 os2/OS2/ExtAttr/Makefile.PL     EA access module
3517 os2/OS2/ExtAttr/MANIFEST        EA access module
3518 os2/OS2/ExtAttr/myea.h          EA access module
3519 os2/OS2/ExtAttr/t/os2_ea.t      EA access module
3520 os2/OS2/ExtAttr/typemap         EA access module
3521 os2/os2ish.h                    Header for OS/2
3522 os2/os2_pipe.t                  Tests for pipe creation logic
3523 os2/OS2/PrfDB/Changes           System database access module
3524 os2/OS2/PrfDB/Makefile.PL       System database access module
3525 os2/OS2/PrfDB/MANIFEST          System database access module
3526 os2/OS2/PrfDB/PrfDB.pm          System database access module
3527 os2/OS2/PrfDB/PrfDB.xs          System database access module
3528 os2/OS2/PrfDB/t/os2_prfdb.t     System database access module
3529 os2/OS2/Process/Makefile.PL     system() constants in a module
3530 os2/OS2/Process/MANIFEST        system() constants in a module
3531 os2/OS2/Process/Process.pm      system() constants in a module
3532 os2/OS2/Process/Process.xs      system() constants in a module
3533 os2/OS2/Process/t/os2_atoms.t           Test for OS2::Process
3534 os2/OS2/Process/t/os2_clipboard.t       Test for OS2::Process
3535 os2/OS2/Process/t/os2_process_kid.t     Tests
3536 os2/OS2/Process/t/os2_process.t Tests
3537 os2/OS2/Process/t/os2_process_text.t    Tests
3538 os2/OS2/REXX/Changes            DLL access module
3539 os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/Changes        DLL access module
3540 os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/DLL.pm         DLL access module
3541 os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/DLL.xs         DLL access module
3542 os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/Makefile.PL    DLL access module
3543 os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/MANIFEST       DLL access module
3544 os2/OS2/REXX/Makefile.PL        DLL access module
3545 os2/OS2/REXX/MANIFEST           DLL access module
3546 os2/OS2/REXX/REXX.pm            DLL access module
3547 os2/OS2/REXX/REXX.xs            DLL access module
3548 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_cmprt.t       DLL access module
3549 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_dllld.t       DLL access module
3550 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_emxrv.t       DLL access module
3551 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_objcall.t     DLL access module
3552 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_sql.test      DLL access module
3553 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tiesql.test   DLL access module
3554 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tievar.t      DLL access module
3555 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tieydb.t      DLL access module
3556 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_varset.t      DLL access module
3557 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_vrexx.t       DLL access module
3558 os2/os2.sym                     Additional symbols to export
3559 os2/os2thread.h                 pthread-like typedefs
3560 os2/OS2/typemap                 Common typemap for OS/2 types
3561 os2/perl2cmd.pl                 Corrects installed binaries under OS/2
3562 os2/perlrexx.c                  Support perl interpreter embedded in REXX
3563 os2/perlrexx.cmd                Test perl interpreter embedded in REXX
3564 overload.c                      generated overload enum (public)
3565 overload.h                      generated overload name table (implementation)
3566 overload.pl                     generate overload.h
3567 pad.c                           Scratchpad functions
3568 pad.h                           Scratchpad headers
3569 parser.h                        parser object header
3570 patchlevel.h                    The current patch level of perl
3571 perlapi.c                       Perl API functions
3572 perlapi.h                       Perl API function declarations
3573 perl.c                          main()
3574 perldtrace.d                    D script for Perl probes
3575 perl.h                          Global declarations
3576 perlio.c                        C code for PerlIO abstraction
3577 perlio.h                        PerlIO abstraction
3578 perliol.h                       PerlIO Layer definition
3579 perlio.sym                      Symbols for PerlIO abstraction
3580 perl_keyword.pl                 A script to generate Perl_keyword() in toke.c
3581 perlsdio.h                      Fake stdio using perlio
3582 perlsfio.h                      Prototype sfio mapping for PerlIO
3583 perlsh                          A poor man's perl shell
3584 perlvars.h                      Global variables
3585 perly.act                       parser actions; derived from perly.y
3586 perly.c                         parser code (NOT derived from perly.y)
3587 perly.h                         header file for perly.c; derived from perly.y
3588 perly.tab                       parser state tables; derived from perly.y
3589 perly.y                         Yacc grammar for perl
3590 plan9/aperl                     Shell to make Perl error messages Acme-friendly
3591 plan9/arpa/inet.h               Plan9 port: replacement C header file
3592 plan9/buildinfo                 Plan9 port: configuration information
3593 plan9/config_h.sample           Plan9 port: 5.8.0 sample config.h
3594 plan9/config.plan9              Plan9 port: config.h template
3595 plan9/config_sh.sample          Plan9 port: 5.8.0 sample config.sh
3596 plan9/exclude                   Plan9 port: tests to skip
3597 plan9/fndvers                   Plan9 port: update Perl version in config.plan9
3598 plan9/genconfig.pl              Plan9 port: generate config.sh
3599 plan9/mkfile                    Plan9 port: Mk driver for build
3600 plan9/myconfig.plan9            Plan9 port: script to print config summary
3601 plan9/plan9.c                   Plan9 port: Plan9-specific C routines
3602 plan9/plan9ish.h                Plan9 port: Plan9-specific C header file
3603 plan9/setup.rc                  Plan9 port: script for easy build+install
3604 plan9/versnum                   Plan9 port: script to print version number
3605 pod/buildtoc                    Update files based on pod.lst
3606 pod.lst                         List the pods and their roles
3607 pod/Makefile.SH                 generate Makefile which makes pods into something else
3608 pod/perl5004delta.pod           Perl changes in version 5.004
3609 pod/perl5005delta.pod           Perl changes in version 5.005
3610 pod/perl5100delta.pod           Perl changes in version 5.10.0
3611 pod/perl5110delta.pod           Perl changes in version 5.11.0
3612 pod/perl561delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.6.1
3613 pod/perl56delta.pod             Perl changes in version 5.6
3614 pod/perl570delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.7.0
3615 pod/perl571delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.7.1
3616 pod/perl572delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.7.2
3617 pod/perl573delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.7.3
3618 pod/perl581delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.8.1
3619 pod/perl582delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.8.2
3620 pod/perl583delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.8.3
3621 pod/perl584delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.8.4
3622 pod/perl585delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.8.5
3623 pod/perl586delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.8.6
3624 pod/perl587delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.8.7
3625 pod/perl588delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.8.8
3626 pod/perl589delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.8.9
3627 pod/perl58delta.pod             Perl changes in version 5.8.0
3628 pod/perl590delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.9.0
3629 pod/perl591delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.9.1
3630 pod/perl592delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.9.2
3631 pod/perl593delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.9.3
3632 pod/perl594delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.9.4
3633 pod/perl595delta.pod            Perl changes in version 5.9.5
3634 pod/perlapio.pod                Perl internal IO abstraction interface
3635 pod/perlartistic.pod            Perl Artistic License
3636 pod/perlbook.pod                Perl book information
3637 pod/perlboot.pod                Perl OO tutorial for beginners
3638 pod/perlbot.pod                 Perl OO tricks and examples
3639 pod/perlcall.pod                Perl calling conventions from C
3640 pod/perlcheat.pod               Perl cheat sheet
3641 pod/perlclib.pod                Internal replacements for standard C library functions
3642 pod/perlcommunity.pod           Perl community information
3643 pod/perlcompile.pod             Perl compiler suite intro
3644 pod/perldata.pod                Perl data structures
3645 pod/perldbmfilter.pod           Perl DBM filters
3646 pod/perldebguts.pod             Perl debugging guts and tips
3647 pod/perldebtut.pod              Perl debugging tutorial
3648 pod/perldebug.pod               Perl debugging
3649 pod/perldiag.pod                Perl diagnostic messages
3650 pod/perldoc.pod                 Look up Perl documentation in Pod format
3651 pod/perldsc.pod                 Perl data structures intro
3652 pod/perlebcdic.pod              Considerations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms
3653 pod/perlembed.pod               Perl ways to embed perl in your C or C++ application
3654 pod/perlfaq1.pod                General Questions About Perl
3655 pod/perlfaq2.pod                Obtaining and Learning about Perl
3656 pod/perlfaq3.pod                Programming Tools
3657 pod/perlfaq4.pod                Data Manipulation
3658 pod/perlfaq5.pod                Files and Formats
3659 pod/perlfaq6.pod                Regexes
3660 pod/perlfaq7.pod                Perl Language Issues
3661 pod/perlfaq8.pod                System Interaction
3662 pod/perlfaq9.pod                Networking
3663 pod/perlfaq.pod                 Perl frequently asked questions
3664 pod/perlfilter.pod              Perl source filters
3665 pod/perlfork.pod                Perl fork() information
3666 pod/perlform.pod                Perl formats
3667 pod/perlfunc.pod                Perl built-in functions
3668 pod/perlglossary.pod            Perl Glossary
3669 pod/perlgpl.pod                 GNU General Public License
3670 pod/perlguts.pod                Perl internal functions for those doing extensions
3671 pod/perlhack.pod                Perl hackers guide
3672 pod/perlhist.pod                Perl history records
3673 pod/perlintro.pod               Perl introduction for beginners
3674 pod/perliol.pod                 C API for Perl's implementation of IO in Layers
3675 pod/perlipc.pod                 Perl interprocess communication
3676 pod/perllexwarn.pod             Perl warnings and their control
3677 pod/perllocale.pod              Perl locale support
3678 pod/perllol.pod                 Perl data structures: arrays of arrays
3679 pod/perlmodinstall.pod          Perl modules: how to install from CPAN
3680 pod/perlmodlib.PL               Generate pod/perlmodlib.pod
3681 pod/perlmod.pod                 Perl modules: how they work
3682 pod/perlmodstyle.pod            Perl modules: how to write modules with style
3683 pod/perlmroapi.pod              Perl method resolution plugin interface
3684 pod/perlnewmod.pod              Perl modules: preparing a new module for distribution
3685 pod/perlnumber.pod              Perl number semantics
3686 pod/perlobj.pod                 Perl objects
3687 pod/perlopentut.pod             Perl open() tutorial
3688 pod/perlop.pod                  Perl operators and precedence
3689 pod/perlpacktut.pod             Perl pack() and unpack() tutorial
3690 pod/perlperf.pod                Perl Performance and Optimization Techniques
3691 pod/perl.pod                    Perl overview (this section)
3692 pod/perlpod.pod                 Perl plain old documentation
3693 pod/perlpodspec.pod             Perl plain old documentation format specification
3694 pod/perlport.pod                Perl portability guide
3695 pod/perlpragma.pod              Perl modules: writing a user pragma
3696 pod/perlreapi.pod               Perl regular expression plugin interface
3697 pod/perlrebackslash.pod         Perl regular expression backslash sequences
3698 pod/perlrecharclass.pod         Perl regular expression character classes
3699 pod/perlref.pod                 Perl references, the rest of the story
3700 pod/perlreftut.pod              Perl references short introduction
3701 pod/perlreguts.pod              Perl regular expression engine internals
3702 pod/perlre.pod                  Perl regular expressions, the rest of the story
3703 pod/perlrepository.pod          Perl source repository
3704 pod/perlrequick.pod             Perl regular expressions quick start
3705 pod/perlreref.pod               Perl regular expressions quick reference
3706 pod/perlretut.pod               Perl regular expressions tutorial
3707 pod/perlrun.pod                 Perl execution and options
3708 pod/perlsec.pod                 Perl security
3709 pod/perlstyle.pod               Perl style guide
3710 pod/perlsub.pod                 Perl subroutines
3711 pod/perlsyn.pod                 Perl syntax
3712 pod/perlthrtut.pod              Perl threads tutorial
3713 pod/perltie.pod                 Perl objects hidden behind simple variables
3714 pod/perltodo.pod                Perl things to do
3715 pod/perltooc.pod                Perl OO tutorial, part 2
3716 pod/perltoot.pod                Perl OO tutorial, part 1
3717 pod/perltrap.pod                Perl traps for the unwary
3718 pod/perlunicode.pod             Perl Unicode support
3719 pod/perlunifaq.pod              Perl Unicode FAQ
3720 pod/perluniintro.pod            Perl Unicode introduction
3721 pod/perlunitut.pod              Perl Unicode tutorial
3722 pod/perlutil.pod                utilities packaged with the Perl distribution
3723 pod/perlvar.pod                 Perl predefined variables
3724 pod/perlvms.pod                 Perl notes for VMS
3725 pod/perlxs.pod                  Perl XS application programming interface
3726 pod/perlxstut.pod               Perl XS tutorial
3727 pod/pod2html.PL                 Precursor for translator to turn pod into HTML
3728 pod/pod2latex.PL                Precursor for translator to turn pod into LaTeX
3729 pod/pod2man.PL                  Precursor for translator to turn pod into manpage
3730 pod/pod2text.PL                 Precursor for translator to turn pod into text
3731 pod/pod2usage.PL                Pod-Parser - print usage messages from POD docs
3732 pod/podchecker.PL               Pod-Parser - Pod::Checker::podchecker() CLI
3733 pod/podselect.PL                Pod-Parser - Pod::Select::podselect() CLI
3734 pod/roffitall                   troff the whole man page set
3735 pod/rofftoc                     Generate a table of contents in troff format
3736 pod/splitman                    Splits perlfunc into multiple man pages
3737 pod/splitpod                    Splits perlfunc into multiple pod pages
3738 Policy_sh.SH            Hold site-wide preferences between Configure runs.
3739 Porting/add-package.pl  Add/Update CPAN modules that are part of Core
3740 Porting/bump-perl-version       bump the perl version in relevant files
3741 Porting/check83.pl      Check whether we are 8.3-friendly
3742 Porting/checkansi.pl    Check source code for ANSI-C violations
3743 Porting/checkARGS_ASSERT.pl     Check we use every PERL_ARGS_ASSERT* macro
3744 Porting/checkAUTHORS.pl Check that the AUTHORS file is complete
3745 Porting/checkcfgvar.pl  Check that config scripts define all symbols
3746 Porting/checkURL.pl     Check whether we have working URLs
3747 Porting/checkVERSION.pl Check whether we have $VERSIONs
3748 Porting/cmpVERSION.pl   Compare whether two trees have changed modules
3749 Porting/config_H        Sample config.h
3750 Porting/config_h.pl     Reorder config_h.SH after metaconfig
3751 Porting/config.sh       Sample config.sh
3752 Porting/Contract        Social contract for contributed modules in Perl core
3753 Porting/core-cpan-diff  Compare core distros with their CPAN equivalents
3754 Porting/corecpan.pl     Reports outdated dual-lived modules
3755 Porting/corelist.pl     Generates data for Module::CoreList
3756 Porting/curliff.pl      Curliff or liff your curliffable files.
3757 Porting/expand-macro.pl A tool to expand C macro definitions in the Perl source
3758 Porting/findrfuncs      Find reentrant variants of functions used in an executable
3759 Porting/findvars        Find occurrences of words
3760 Porting/fixCORE         Find and fix modules that generate warnings
3761 Porting/fixvars         Find undeclared variables with C compiler and fix em
3762 Porting/genlog          Generate formatted changelogs by querying p4d
3763 Porting/git-find-p4-change      Find the change for a p4 change number
3764 Porting/git-make-p4-refs        Output git refs for each p4 change number, suitable for appending to .git/packed-refs
3765 Porting/GitUtils.pm     Generate the contents of a .patch file
3766 Porting/Glossary        Glossary of config.sh variables
3767 Porting/how_to_write_a_perldelta.pod    Bluffer's guide to writing a perldelta.
3768 Porting/Maintainers     Program to pretty print info in Maintainers.pl
3769 Porting/Maintainers.pl  Information about maintainers
3770 Porting/Maintainers.pm  Library to pretty print info in Maintainers.pl
3771 Porting/make_dot_patch.pl       Make a .patch file from a git WD
3772 Porting/makemeta        Create the top-level META.yml
3773 Porting/makerel         Release making utility
3774 Porting/make_snapshot.pl        Make a tgz snapshot of our tree with a .patch file in it
3775 Porting/manicheck       Check against MANIFEST
3776 Porting/manisort        Sort the MANIFEST
3777 Porting/podtidy         Reformat pod using Pod::Tidy
3778 Porting/pumpkin.pod     Guidelines and hints for Perl maintainers
3779 Porting/README.y2038    Perl notes for the 2038 fix
3780 Porting/regcharclass.pl Generate regcharclass.h from inline data
3781 Porting/release_managers_guide.pod      Release Manager's Guide
3782 Porting/sort_perldiag.pl        Keep our diagnostics orderly
3783 Porting/testall.atom            Cumulative profile with Third Degree
3784 Porting/thirdclean              Cleanup Third Degree reports
3785 Porting/timecheck2.c            Test program for the 2038 fix
3786 Porting/timecheck.c             Test program for the 2038 fix
3787 Porting/valgrindpp.pl           Summarize valgrind reports
3788 pp.c                            Push/Pop code
3789 pp_ctl.c                        Push/Pop code for control flow
3790 pp.h                            Push/Pop code defs
3791 pp_hot.c                        Push/Pop code for heavily used opcodes
3792 pp_pack.c                       Push/Pop code for pack/unpack
3793 pp_proto.h                      C++ definitions for Push/Pop code
3794 pp_sort.c                       Push/Pop code for sort
3795 pp.sym                          Push/Pop code symbols
3796 pp_sys.c                        Push/Pop code for system interaction
3797 proto.h                         Prototypes
3798 qnx/ar                          QNX implementation of "ar" utility
3799 qnx/cpp                         QNX implementation of preprocessor filter
3800 qnx/qnx.c                       QNX silent matherr callback
3801 README                          The Instructions
3802 README.aix                      Perl notes for AIX
3803 README.amiga                    Perl notes for AmigaOS
3804 README.apollo                   Perl notes for Apollo DomainOS
3805 README.beos                     Perl notes for BeOS
3806 README.bs2000                   Perl notes for POSIX-BC BS2000
3807 README.ce                       Perl notes for WinCE
3808 README.cn                       Perl for Simplified Chinese (in EUC-CN)
3809 README.cygwin                   Perl notes for Cygwin
3810 README.dgux                     Perl notes for DG/UX
3811 README.dos                      Perl notes for DOS
3812 README.epoc                     Perl notes for EPOC
3813 README.freebsd                  Perl notes for FreeBSD
3814 README.haiku                    Perl notes for Haiku
3815 README.hpux                     Perl notes for HP-UX
3816 README.hurd                     Perl notes for Hurd
3817 README.irix                     Perl notes for Irix
3818 README.jp                       Perl for Japanese (in EUC-JP)
3819 README.ko                       Perl for Korean (in EUC-KR)
3820 README.linux                    Perl notes for Linux
3821 README.macos                    Perl notes for Mac OS (Classic)
3822 README.macosx                   Perl notes for Mac OS X
3823 README.micro                    Notes about microperl
3824 README.mpeix                    Perl notes for MPE/iX
3825 README.netware                  Perl notes for NetWare
3826 README.openbsd                  Perl notes for OpenBSD
3827 README.os2                      Perl notes for OS/2
3828 README.os390                    Perl notes for OS/390
3829 README.os400                    Perl notes for OS/400
3830 README.plan9                    Perl notes for Plan 9
3831 README.qnx                      Perl notes for QNX
3832 README.riscos                   Perl notes for RISC OS
3833 README.solaris                  Perl notes for Solaris
3834 README.symbian                  Perl notes for Symbian
3835 README.tru64                    Perl notes for Tru64
3836 README.tw                       Perl for Traditional Chinese (in Big5)
3837 README.uts                      Perl notes for UTS
3838 README.vmesa                    Perl notes for VM/ESA
3839 README.vms                      Notes about installing the VMS port
3840 README.vos                      Perl notes for Stratus VOS
3841 README.win32                    Perl notes for Windows
3842 reentr.c                        Reentrant interfaces
3843 reentr.h                        Reentrant interfaces
3844 reentr.pl                       Reentrant interfaces
3845 regcharclass.h                  Generated by Porting/regcharclass.pl
3846 regcomp.c                       Regular expression compiler
3847 regcomp.h                       Private declarations for above
3848 regcomp.pl                      Builder of regnodes.h
3849 regcomp.sym                     Data for regnodes.h
3850 regen_lib.pl                    Common file routines for generator scripts
3851 regen_perly.pl                  generate perly.{act,h,tab} from perly.y
3852 regen.pl                        Run all scripts that (re)generate files
3853 regexec.c                       Regular expression evaluator
3854 regexp.h                        Public declarations for the above
3855 regnodes.h                      Description of nodes of RE engine
3856 run.c                           The interpreter loop
3857 scope.c                         Scope entry and exit code
3858 scope.h                         Scope entry and exit header
3859 sv.c                            Scalar value code
3860 sv.h                            Scalar value header
3861 symbian/bld.inf                 Symbian sample app build config
3862 symbian/config.pl               Configuration script for Symbian
3863 symbian/config.sh               Configuration data for Symbian
3864 symbian/cwd.pl                  Helper code for config.pl
3865 symbian/demo_pl                 "Archive" of demo code
3866 symbian/ext/Moped/Msg/bld.inf   Demo extension build configuraion
3867 symbian/ext/Moped/Msg/location.pl       Demo extension script
3868 symbian/ext/Moped/Msg/Msg.mmp   Demo extension building
3869 symbian/ext/Moped/Msg/Msg.pkg   Demo extension packaging
3870 symbian/ext/Moped/Msg/Msg.pm    Demo extension Perl glue
3871 symbian/ext/Moped/Msg/Msg.xs    Demo extension code
3872 symbian/ext/Moped/Msg/README    Demo extension documentation
3873 symbian/find_writeable_data.pl  Development utility
3874 symbian/hexdump.pl              Helper for sisify.pl updating
3875 symbian/install.cfg             Installation instructions
3876 symbian/makesis.pl              Installation file creator
3877 symbian/PerlAppAif.rss          Symbian app launcher code
3878 symbian/PerlApp.cpp             Symbian app launcher code
3879 symbian/PerlApp.h               Symbian app launcher header
3880 symbian/PerlApp.hrh             Symbian app launcher resource header
3881 symbian/PerlBase.cpp            Symbian Perl base class
3882 symbian/PerlBase.h              Symbian Perl base class header
3883 symbian/PerlBase.pod            Symbian Perl base class documentation
3884 symbian/PerlRecog.cpp           Symbian recognizer code
3885 symbian/PerlRecog.mmp           Symbian recognizer build
3886 symbian/PerlUi.cpp              Symbian Perl UI class
3887 symbian/PerlUi.h                Symbian Perl UI class header
3888 symbian/PerlUi.hrh              Symbian Perl UI class resource header
3889 symbian/PerlUiS60.rss           Symbian app launcher resource definition
3890 symbian/PerlUiS80.rss           Symbian app launcher resource definition
3891 symbian/PerlUiS90.rss           Symbian app launcher resource definition
3892 symbian/PerlUiUIQ.rss           Symbian app launcher resource definition
3893 symbian/PerlUtil.cpp            Symbian Perl utility class
3894 symbian/PerlUtil.h              Symbian Perl utility class header
3895 symbian/PerlUtil.pod            Symbian Perl utility class documentation
3896 symbian/port.pl                 Helper code for config.pl
3897 symbian/README                  ReadMe for the Symbian files
3898 symbian/sanity.pl               Helper code for config.pl
3899 symbian/sdk.pl                  Helper code for config.pl
3900 symbian/sisify.pl               Packaging utility
3901 symbian/symbian_dll.cpp         The DLL stub for Symbian
3902 symbian/symbianish.h            Header for Symbian      
3903 symbian/symbian_proto.h         Prototypes for Symbian
3904 symbian/symbian_stubs.c         Stub routines for Symbian
3905 symbian/symbian_stubs.h         Stub headers for Symbian
3906 symbian/symbian_utils.cpp       Helper routines for Symbian
3907 symbian/TODO                    Symbian things to do
3908 symbian/uid.pl                  Helper code for config.pl
3909 symbian/version.pl              Helper code for config.pl
3910 symbian/xsbuild.pl              Building extensions
3911 taint.c                         Tainting code
3912 t/base/cond.t                   See if conditionals work
3913 t/base/if.t                     See if if works
3914 t/base/lex.t                    See if lexical items work
3915 t/base/num.t                    See if numbers work
3916 t/base/pat.t                    See if pattern matching works
3917 t/base/rs.t                     See if record-read works
3918 t/base/term.t                   See if various terms work
3919 t/benchmark/rt26188-speed-up-keys-on-empty-hash.t       Benchmark if keys on empty hashes is fast enough
3920 t/cmd/elsif.t                   See if else-if works
3921 t/cmd/for.t                     See if for loops work
3922 t/cmd/mod.t                     See if statement modifiers work
3923 t/cmd/subval.t                  See if subroutine values work
3924 t/cmd/switch.t                  See if switch optimizations work
3925 t/cmd/while.t                   See if while loops work
3926 t/comp/bproto.t                 See if builtins conform to their prototypes
3927 t/comp/cmdopt.t                 See if command optimization works
3928 t/comp/colon.t                  See if colons are parsed correctly
3929 t/comp/decl.t                   See if declarations work
3930 t/comp/fold.t                   See if constant folding works
3931 t/comp/hints.t                  See if %^H works
3932 t/comp/multiline.t              See if multiline strings work
3933 t/comp/opsubs.t                 See if q() etc. are not parsed as functions
3934 t/comp/our.t                    Tests for our declaration
3935 t/comp/package.t                See if packages work
3936 t/comp/parser.t                 See if the parser works in edge cases
3937 t/comp/proto.t                  See if function prototypes work
3938 t/comp/redef.t                  See if we get correct warnings on redefined subs
3939 t/comp/require.t                See if require works
3940 t/comp/retainedlines.t          See if the debugger can retain eval's lines
3941 t/comp/script.t                 See if script invocation works
3942 t/comp/term.t                   See if more terms work
3943 t/comp/uproto.t                 See if the _ prototype works
3944 t/comp/use.t                    See if pragmata work
3945 t/comp/utf.t                    See if UTFs work
3946 t/harness                       Finer diagnostics from test suite
3947 thread.h                        Threading header
3948 time64.c                        64 bit clean time.h (code)
3949 time64_config.h                 64 bit clean time.h (configuration)
3950 time64.h                        64 bit clean time.h (header)
3951 t/io/argv.t                     See if ARGV stuff works
3952 t/io/binmode.t                  See if binmode() works
3953 t/io/crlf.t                     See if :crlf works
3954 t/io/crlf_through.t             See if pipe passes data intact with :crlf
3955 t/io/dup.t                      See if >& works right
3956 t/io/errno.t                    See if $! is correctly set
3957 t/io/fflush.t                   See if auto-flush on fork/exec/system/qx works
3958 t/io/fs.t                       See if directory manipulations work
3959 t/io/inplace.t                  See if inplace editing works
3960 t/io/iprefix.t                  See if inplace editing works with prefixes
3961 t/io/layers.t                   See if PerlIO layers work
3962 t/io/nargv.t                    See if nested ARGV stuff works
3963 t/io/openpid.t                  See if open works for subprocesses
3964 t/io/open.t                     See if open works
3965 t/io/perlio_fail.t              See if bad layers fail
3966 t/io/perlio_leaks.t             See if PerlIO layers are leaking
3967 t/io/perlio_open.t              See if certain special forms of open work
3968 t/io/perlio.t                   See if PerlIO works
3969 t/io/pipe.t                     See if secure pipes work
3970 t/io/print.t                    See if print commands work
3971 t/io/pvbm.t                     See if PVBMs break IO commands
3972 t/io/read.t                     See if read works
3973 t/io/say.t                      See if say works
3974 t/io/tell.t                     See if file seeking works
3975 t/io/through.t                  See if pipe passes data intact
3976 t/io/utf8.t                     See if file seeking works
3977 t/japh/abigail.t                Obscure tests
3978 t/lib/1_compile.t               See if the various libraries and extensions compile
3979 t/lib/Cname.pm                  Test charnames in regexes (op/pat.t)
3980 t/lib/common.pl                 Helper for lib/{warnings,feature}.t
3981 t/lib/commonsense.t             See if configuration meets basic needs
3982 t/lib/compmod.pl                Helper for 1_compile.t
3983 t/lib/compress/any.pl           Compress::Zlib
3984 t/lib/compress/anyunc.pl        Compress::Zlib
3985 t/lib/compress/CompTestUtils.pm Compress::Zlib
3986 t/lib/compress/destroy.pl       Compress::Zlib
3987 t/lib/compress/encode.pl        Compress::Zlib
3988 t/lib/compress/generic.pl       Compress::Zlib
3989 t/lib/compress/merge.pl         Compress::Zlib
3990 t/lib/compress/multi.pl         Compress::Zlib
3991 t/lib/compress/newtied.pl       Compress::Zlib
3992 t/lib/compress/oneshot.pl       Compress::Zlib