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last changeThu, 27 Jul 2017 10:30:50 +0000 (11:30 +0100)
6 hours ago  David Mitchell[MERGE] various boolean-related optimisations blead
6 hours ago  David Mitchellt/perf/benchmarks: rename some keys() entries
6 hours ago  David Mitchellmake scalar(keys(%lexical)) less slow.
6 hours ago  David Mitchellhv_pushkv(): handle keys() and values() too
6 hours ago  David Mitchellt/op/tie.t: add tests for scalar(keys(%tied))
6 hours ago  David MitchellS_padhv_rv2hv_common(): reorganise code
6 hours ago  David MitchellS_padhv_rv2hv_common(): unroll hv_scalar() calls
6 hours ago  David Mitchellsimplify keys(%tied_hash) in boolean context.
6 hours ago  David MitchellS_pushav(): tail call optimise
6 hours ago  David Mitchellpp_padav(): use S_pushav()
6 hours ago  David Mitchellharmonise S_pushav() and pp_padav()
6 hours ago  David MitchellPerl_hv_pushkv(): unroll hv_iterkeysv()
6 hours ago  David Mitchellcreate Perl_hv_pushkv() function
6 hours ago  David MitchellGive OP_RV2HV a targ
6 hours ago  David Mitchelladd S_padhv_rv2hv_common() function
6 hours ago  David Mitchellmove pp_padav(), pp_padhv() from pp.c to pp_hot.c
6 days ago v5.27.2 Third release of the v5.27 series!
12 days ago v5.24.2 Perl 5.24.2
12 days ago v5.22.4 Perl 5.22.4
3 weeks ago v5.24.2-RC1 Perl 5.24.2-RC1
3 weeks ago v5.22.4-RC1 Perl 5.22.4-RC1
5 weeks ago v5.27.1 Second release of the v5.27 series!
8 weeks ago v5.27.0 First release of the v5.27 series!
8 weeks ago v5.26.0 First release of the v5.26 series!
2 months ago v5.26.0-RC2 Second release candidate of the...
2 months ago v5.26.0-RC1 First release candidate of 5.26
3 months ago v5.25.12 13th release of the v5.25 series
4 months ago v5.25.11 12th releasae of the v5.25 series!
5 months ago v5.25.10 The tenth release of the 5.25 series!
6 months ago v5.25.9 Ninth release of the v5.25 series
6 months ago v5.24.1 Perl 5.24.1
6 months ago v5.22.3 Perl 5.22.3
6 hours ago blead
2 days ago maint-5.26
3 days ago maint-votes
4 days ago smoke-me/khw-locale
4 days ago smoke-me/ilmari/exec-empty-argv
8 days ago maint-5.24
9 days ago jkeenan/131760-wide-character
11 days ago maint-5.22
2 weeks ago smoke-me/khw-fatal
3 weeks ago sawyerx/new-rmg-maker
3 weeks ago sawyerx/ap/baseincguard
4 weeks ago yves/fix_131649
4 weeks ago sprout/131645
4 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/cowens/131651-P-N-switches
5 weeks ago release-5.27.1
5 weeks ago yves/doc_hints