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2000-11-08 Nicholas ClarkPATCH std stdio for (Free)BSD
2000-11-08 Nicholas ClarkMore careful detection of how well NVs and UVs mix.
2000-11-07 Jarkko HietaniemiBad thinko in #7581 (I used the test program with the...
2000-11-06 Jarkko HietaniemiMake the stdio test program of 7427 less noisy while...
2000-11-04 Andy DoughertyConfigure would use a bad $myuname from an old
2000-11-04 Andy DoughertyAdd FCNTL_CAN_LOCK.
2000-11-01 Robin Barkerstartperl to respect versiononly
2000-11-01 Jarkko HietaniemiThe osname has been lowercased by now, from Tom Bates.
2000-10-31 Joe SmithWhitespace style tweak. Was originally going to see to
2000-10-27 Jarkko HietaniemiToo enthusiastic editing in #7460.
2000-10-27 Jarkko HietaniemiUse $sort, $uniq (and $tr) consistently as wondered
2000-10-24 Nicholas ClarkCheck if stdio supports tweaking lval and cnt simultane...
2000-10-19 Jarkko HietaniemiNonStop-UX patches from Tom Bates <tom.bates@compaq...
2000-10-14 Paul MarquessNeeds to be conditional on SunOS 4.
2000-10-12 Jarkko HietaniemiIntroduce the man[24-8] variables, from Andy Dougherty.
2000-10-10 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd versiononly, delete installscripts, from Andy Dough...
2000-10-09 Jarkko HietaniemiChange #7160 had a nasty typo.
2000-10-06 Jarkko HietaniemiFix bug in #7157 (s/cflags/ccflags); moved the -o foo
2000-10-06 H.Merijn BrandAlso the $ccflags is needed for the C compiler check.
2000-10-04 Jarkko HietaniemiThe one that got away from 7146.
2000-10-03 Peter PrymmerIt is possible to have no hosts database at all. Point...
2000-10-03 Jarkko HietaniemiMisplaced else.
2000-10-03 Yitzchak Scott... [ID 20000915.007] Not OK: perl v5.7.0 +DEVEL7092 on...
2000-09-12 Jarkko HietaniemiThe #7054 truncated Configure badly.
2000-09-12 Paul MarquessRE: [Patch 5.7.0] Removing -ldb from the core build
2000-09-08 Jarkko HietaniemiDo away with memory models cruft. Sorry, PDP users.
2000-09-02 Jarkko HietaniemiVarious Configure nits by Philip Newton,
2000-09-01 Jarkko HietaniemiRename the PRIElfbl, PRIX64, etc, to be PRIEUfldbl...
2000-09-01 Lupe ChristophNit in Configure (bleadperl@6961)
2000-08-31 Jarkko HietaniemiSmall tweaks all over.
2000-08-31 Jarkko HietaniemiForget about NV_MAX (#6951). Various floating point...
2000-08-31 Fifer, Eric:: not allowed in pathnames, change to .
2000-08-31 Jarkko HietaniemiDon't attach -ld to the archname if pointless.
2000-08-31 Jarkko Hietaniemisscanf() may be the only way to read long doubles from...
2000-08-30 Jarkko HietaniemiReset archname and archname64 always, forcing them be
2000-08-30 Jarkko HietaniemiIntroduce ccname to keep track of what compiler kind...
2000-08-29 Jarkko HietaniemiThere's no point repeating the 'revision' (5) of perl5.
2000-08-29 Jarkko HietaniemiRegen Configure for #6894.
2000-08-28 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd -ld to archname on long tr...double platforms.
2000-08-27 Lupe ChristophPassing -R in ldflags makes now it to appear in the...
2000-08-25 Nicholas ClarkTweak the sfio/useperlio logic, hopefully as wished in
2000-08-25 Dan HaleAIX 4.3.3 has SOCKS in libc with a differently named...
2000-08-22 Jarkko HietaniemiMake the selection of NVff et al stricter.
2000-08-22 Jarkko HietaniemiLong double Gconvert fixes from Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes
2000-08-21 Jarkko HietaniemiTweak the floating point output routine preferences.
2000-08-18 AbigailIntroduce NVef, NVff, and NVgf, use the middle one.
2000-08-17 Jeff OkamotoDon't propose using modules built for 5.005 if no binary
2000-08-15 Dominic Dunlop(Retracted by #6660)
2000-08-15 Jarkko HietaniemiUse -Dusedevel; regen Configure and the respective...
2000-08-15 Jarkko HietaniemiMake the user to give up his firstborn, err, to knowingly
2000-08-04 Jarkko Hietaniemigcc versions might have (parentheses) in them.
2000-08-04 Lupe ChristophWeed buglets pointed out by
2000-08-04 Yitzchak Scott... bad cppsymbols on os2 + Configure question
2000-08-03 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd the missing setproctitle unit.
2000-08-02 Paul SaabIn new BSDs changes to argv[] do not show up in ps...
2000-08-01 Jarkko HietaniemiIf gccosandvers is equal to osname, clear gccosandvers.
2000-07-28 Jarkko HietaniemiTiny fixes for #6460.
2000-07-28 Kurt D. StarsinicWarn if the version of the operating system used to...
2000-07-28 Jarkko HietaniemiIn DEC OSF aka Digital UNIX aka Tru64 add the version
2000-07-27 Jeffrey FriedlUse setproctitle() if available to modify $0.
2000-07-24 Yitzchak Scott... [ID 20000716.023] syslog test fails without sockets
2000-07-13 Jarkko HietaniemiDetypo from Peter Prymmer, part of #6388.
2000-07-12 Jarkko HietaniemiDo the cc sanity check both before the hints and
2000-07-11 Jarkko HietaniemiConfigure cosmetics and perldelta.
2000-06-27 Jarkko HietaniemiConfigure maintenance. Sever some dependency cycles,
2000-05-31 Jarkko Hietaniemimicroperl changes from Simon Cozens; Makefile for microperl
2000-05-31 Jarkko Hietaniemimetaconfig maintenance.
2000-05-30 Jarkko HietaniemiTweak NV_PRESERVES_UV*, vms/ left untou...
2000-05-30 Jarkko HietaniemiIntroduce HAS_GETESPWNAM, HAS_GETPRPWNAM, and I_PROT
2000-05-30 Jarkko Hietaniemidetypo
2000-05-29 Jarkko HietaniemiRegen Configure to jive with #6149.
2000-05-08 Jarkko HietaniemiIntroduce NV_PRESERVED_BITS. Not yet used anywhere but
2000-04-28 Gurusamy Sarathyreworked otherlibdirs.U (from Andy Dougherty)
2000-04-28 Gurusamy Sarathyallow Configure -S to run non-interactively (spotted...
2000-04-24 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd HAS_FREXPL, HAS_ISNAN, HAS_ISNANL, and HAS_MODFL.
2000-04-24 Jarkko HietaniemiRegen Configure to match #5937.
2000-04-24 Gurusamy SarathyConfigure might miss old directories when prefix must be
2000-03-22 Jarkko HietaniemiMetaconfigify #5881.
2000-03-21 Jarkko Hietaniemis/setgropus/setgroups/; # detypo in a comment
2000-03-21 Jarkko HietaniemiNit for #5802 from Robin Barker.
2000-03-19 Jarkko HietaniemiFix the socklen default type (from Laszlo Molnar;
2000-03-18 Jarkko Hietaniemi(Re-)introduce $uidsign and $gidsign.
2000-03-18 Jarkko HietaniemiConfigure nits: rewording from Sarathy (aka #5796),
2000-03-16 Jarkko HietaniemiFix pp_send() sizes (pass a Size_t, not an Off_t, and
2000-03-15 Jarkko HietaniemiConfigure nits: do not use /tmp to avoid potential...
2000-03-12 Jarkko Hietaniemimetaconfig-ify #5676.
2000-03-11 Jarkko Hietaniemimetaconfig-ify the test for broken fflush(NULL)
2000-03-10 Jarkko HietaniemiMore/modified unused floating point units.
2000-03-10 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd various yet-unused units.
2000-03-10 Jarkko HietaniemiFix goofups noticed by Mark Bixby and Jeff Okamoto.
2000-03-08 Jarkko Hietaniemis/lfs/largefiles/
2000-03-05 Michael G Schwernsitelib_stem and vendorlib_stem patches from Andy;
2000-03-05 Jarkko Hietaniemis/Perl/PeRl/; # yeah
2000-03-05 Jarkko HietaniemiImplement #5525 in metaconfig.
2000-03-05 Jarkko HietaniemiSanity check on the strtoll and strtoull.
2000-03-02 Jarkko Hietaniemiinstallation directory fix from Andy Dougherty
2000-03-02 Jarkko HietaniemiConfusion over uselargefiles.cbu and uselfs.cbu (the...
2000-02-29 Jarkko HietaniemiBe understanding.
2000-02-29 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd libsunmath (long double math library for Solaris,
2000-02-29 Jarkko HietaniemiHP-UX lddlflags were broken.