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2012-06-06 Andy DoughertyAvoid Cppsym warnings for extra tokens [perl #113024]
2012-06-06 Andy DoughertyReplace $compile_ok by $compile since it's ok for this...
2012-06-06 Andy DoughertyReplace $compile_ok by $compile since it's ok for this...
2012-04-01 H.Merijn BrandDetermine if ELF even if ld is not ''
2012-03-31 H.Merijn BrandAdd ld_can_script probe
2012-02-16 H.Merijn BrandAdd new probes for IPv6 (LeoNerd)
2012-02-13 H.Merijn BrandConfigure now aborts with a diagnostic if it detects...
2012-02-12 H.Merijn BrandAdd probe for strptime
2012-01-27 H.Merijn Brandmymalloc isn't threadsafe (rurban)
2012-01-09 H.Merijn BrandA is not blank
2012-01-09 H.Merijn BrandAdd probe for isblank() (requested by khw)
2011-12-09 Andy DoughertyFix spelling error in config_argN, RT [perl #82788].
2011-12-09 Andy DoughertyMerge branch 'master' of
2011-10-01 H.Merijn BrandImproved $^X absolute pathname conversion.
2011-09-22 Andy DoughertyUse a real compile to test for stdbool.h.
2011-09-21 Andy DoughertyUse a real compile to test for stdbool.h.
2011-09-16 H.Merijn Branddocument the steps for (and more)
2011-09-16 H.Merijn BrandAdd probe for stdbool.h
2011-09-01 H.Merijn BrandAdd 5th QUAD type for win32
2011-08-26 H.Merijn BrandMore mlint/mconfig updates
2011-08-26 H.Merijn BrandRevert "Fix Configure's csym test for gcc's link time...
2011-08-26 H.Merijn BrandDocument the mconfig and mlint scripts
2011-08-26 H.Merijn Brandfix from dist-svn
2011-08-26 H.Merijn BrandRemove unwanted whitespace in comments
2011-08-22 H.Merijn BrandFix Configure's csym test for gcc's link time optimisation
2011-07-31 H.Merijn BrandAdd st_ino size/sign probes
2011-04-29 H.Merijn Branddist-3.0 is dead and gone. Mention actual state of...
2011-02-16 H.Merijn BrandChainsaw out the possibility to disable useperlio
2011-02-14 H.Merijn BrandSubject: optimize matching -g still enables -DDEBUGING
2011-01-23 H.Merijn BrandFrom: Benny Siegert <>
2011-01-07 H.Merijn Brandexplicitely => explicitly
2011-01-07 H.Merijn Brand[perl #81910] [PATCH] Fix typos (spelling errors) in...
2011-01-07 H.Merijn Brand[perl #81774] [PATCH] Fix typos (spelling errors) in...
2010-12-21 H.Merijn BrandNo reference to $Id: in generated files
2010-12-20 H.Merijn BrandAdd sin6_scope_id probe (LeoNerd)
2010-12-10 H.Merijn BrandBackport 83f8bb564961ee8fba35156e720bef403d8fa9a7
2010-12-10 H.Merijn BrandBackport d9a4b459f94297889956ac3adc42707365f274c2
2010-12-10 H.Merijn BrandAdd probe for sa_len availability in sockaddr struct
2010-09-21 H.Merijn BrandBackport 1034e4c80e068f8cc1c701d7936bdb84c7d74735
2010-08-03 George GreerAccount for GNU "i" extension when checking 'nm' output.
2010-07-09 Andy DoughertyAdd probe for C99-style static inline.
2010-07-08 Andy DoughertyFirst pass at d_static_inline.U. Needs to be revised
2010-06-23 H.Merijn Brand[PATCH] Fix d_u32align probe on ARM
2010-05-21 H.Merijn BrandThe size of a character in C is per definition 1
2010-04-14 H.Merijn BrandBackport of bd2aeadfa5cb8ea8dbfc9c3060728594d8452bc6
2010-03-29 H.Merijn BrandAdd probes for prctl () and prctl (PR_SET_NAME, ...)
2010-02-13 H.Merijn Brand[PATCH] Support for SystemTap's dtrace compatibility...
2010-02-09 H.Merijn Brandbackport 2c0c170a5682dcc9df1a873339af96740b1b0e52
2010-02-01 H.Merijn Brand[PATCH] Add gcc predefined macros to $Config{cppsymbols...
2010-01-05 H.Merijn BrandBackport 88a6f4fc380d30c405f82eb0f2962237fd771fea
2010-01-05 H.Merijn BrandFD 4 is not (yet) open in Head
2009-12-08 Andy DoughertyDocument config_args limitations reported in [perl...
2009-11-06 H.Merijn Brandbackport 4471067f9aaa4b26f882988887ab76cb145e0a5f:
2009-11-05 H.Merijn BrandCheck for the size of characters in bits
2009-11-05 H.Merijn BrandBackport 88e1f1a2657a3a28cf3a7811
2009-11-05 H.Merijn BrandMention git repo in Configure's header
2009-11-03 H.Merijn BrandFrom 66387e83db8e74f73611c9a4b74872eb8fd77f97 Mon Sep...
2009-10-19 H.Merijn BrandConsistent use of HP-UX
2009-09-27 H.Merijn BrandBackport a193a2dbe32848820392de0a7fd340ca82c2efd9
2009-09-25 H.Merijn BrandBackport of a32b3e139d3c4089c63b2af5abf995d1c2dec954
2009-09-24 H.Merijn BrandBackport of dd6c21bebf897e04754ff0d50210c6e54cc753c7
2009-08-18 H.Merijn BrandCorrectly detect NDBM_File availability
2009-08-14 H.Merijn BrandInstall arch-dependent files into $archlib.
2009-08-12 H.Merijn BrandRemove duplicate entry (from
2009-08-12 H.Merijn Brandbackport a71f1801ba6371e2eebdcb98a2263de5d6b9a8fd
2009-07-02 H.Merijn Brandbackport of 9cf72a4efbbd7d24d3d9d7f5c9d5be6e4ef4297a
2009-06-29 H.Merijn BrandSubject: Re: dual-life: IO 1.25 and Scalar-List-Utils...
2009-06-18 H.Merijn BrandSilence metalint
2009-06-18 H.Merijn BrandSubject: [PATCH] Add gcc predefined macros to $Config...
2009-06-04 H.Merijn Brandremember if binaries are ELF format
2009-05-26 H.Merijn BrandUpdate README (perforce => git)
2009-05-06 H.Merijn Brand-Duserelocatableinc and -Duseshrplib don't work together
2009-03-25 H.Merijn BrandDetection of IPv6 clueful functions by Configure
2009-02-10 H.Merijn BrandComment breaks functionality
2009-02-10 H.Merijn BrandBackports and portability rollbacks
2009-01-19 H.Merijn Brandformatting nit
2009-01-19 H.Merijn BrandSetUID scripts are deprecated for 5.12
2008-12-25 H.Merijn BrandMake PERL_PATCHLEVEL a single value quoted string
2008-12-03 H.Merijn BrandSubject: [PATCH] Configure detection of __attribute__...
2008-12-03 H.Merijn BrandSubject: Re: [perl #60738] Something missing in Config...
2008-11-28 H.Merijn BrandSubject: could we add usedevel to config.h?
2008-11-12 H.Merijn BrandSubject: Avoid duplicate vendorlib [PATCH]
2008-11-06 H.Merijn BrandSubject: [PATCH: Configure/NDBM_File] Add prototype...
2008-10-29 H.Merijn BrandSubject: [PATCH] Haiku Port
2008-10-28 H.Merijn BrandSubject: fix for failed Gconvert detection under C++
2008-10-27 H.Merijn BrandSubject: [PATCH: Configure] Fix prototype detection...
2008-10-27 H.Merijn BrandSubject: [PATCH: Configure] Fix prototype detection...
2008-10-18 H.Merijn Brandindent fix
2008-10-18 H.Merijn BrandGuard against time and year overflows
2008-10-17 H.Merijn Branddist is a symlink to ../lib/dist
2008-10-03 H.Merijn BrandCheck for existence of 64bit time functions
2008-09-29 H.Merijn BrandA builtin hard upper bound for sLOCALTIME_max to preven...
2008-09-29 H.Merijn BrandAllow s{GM,LOCAL)TIME_{min,max} to be set from CLI...
2008-09-29 H.Merijn Brandmetaconfig is now a symlink on my development env
2008-09-18 H.Merijn BrandAnd all is clean!
2008-09-18 H.Merijn BrandProblably no need anymore to put metaunits on CPAN...
2008-09-18 H.Merijn Brandmksample adopted to my situation
2008-09-18 H.Merijn BrandA few missing files that never made it to perforce
2008-09-18 H.Merijn BrandLocal helper utilities
2008-09-18 H.Merijn BrandU.check was never added to perforce. I never used it