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Add probe for nl_langinfo_l (thread-safe)
[metaconfig.git] / U /
2017-10-19 Karl WilliamsonAdd probe for nl_langinfo_l (thread-safe)
2017-10-19 Karl WilliamsonAdd probe for localeconv_l() 33/head
2017-10-18 Karl WilliamsonAdd Configure probe for strtod_l() 32/head
2017-10-17 Karl WilliamsonAdd Configure probe for strtold_l
2017-10-15 Lukas Maiadd probe for __builtin_{add,sub,mul}_overflow 22/head
2017-10-15 Niko TyniRemove metaconfig units in sync with upstream
2017-10-15 Niko TyniFix a copy-paste error in d_double_has_nan description 20/head
2017-10-13 Lukas Maiparenthesize NV_OVERFLOWS_INTEGERS_AT value
2017-10-13 Dominic HargreavesFix typo in comment about Configure modification
2017-10-13 Dominic HargreavesClarify policy on updates to Configure
2017-10-13 Dominic HargreavesRemove U/mksample
2017-10-13 H.Merijn Brand ... Merge branch 'generalize_paths'
2017-10-13 H.Merijn Brand ... Fix upstream source comment
2017-10-13 H.Merijn Brand ... Update header info for Configure
2017-10-13 Lukas Maifix memrchr description
2017-10-13 Dominic HargreavesFix missing 'my' in previous change where use strict...
2017-10-12 Dominic HargreavesRemove hard-coded paths to /pro/3gl/CPAN
2017-10-12 Dominic HargreavesReplace /pro/bin/perl with /usr/bin/perl
2017-10-12 H.Merijn Brand ... Add probe for memrchr
2017-09-19 H.Merijn Brand ... add probes for openat, unlinkat, renameat, linkat and...
2017-09-19 H.Merijn Brand ... check for GCC 6 and 7 5.26.1 5.26.2 debian/perl-5.26.1
2017-05-17 H.Merijn Brand ... fixed couple of compilation failures with g++ (JHI)
2017-05-12 H.Merijn Brand ... (perl #130108) check if dtrace accepts -xnolibs and...
2017-05-12 H.Merijn Brand ... Turn on removal of dot in @INC by default
2016-11-23 H.Merijn Brand ... Zero out high bytes of 80-bit ldnan
2016-11-13 H.Merijn Brand ... Cleanups on files being worked on to be PR'd by dist-git
2016-11-13 H.Merijn Brand ... No changes left to keep
2016-11-11 H.Merijn Brand ... Missing from previous backport
2016-11-11 H.Merijn Brand ... Exclude DOT from @INC - as agreed on for now
2016-11-11 H.Merijn Brand ... Configure: add defs summarizing doublekind/longdblkind
2016-10-22 H.Merijn Brand ... Add option to exclude '.' from @INC
2016-10-22 H.Merijn Brand ... Add scan for IBM and Cray mainframe fp formats.
2016-10-22 H.Merijn Brand ... signbit scan assuming too much
2016-08-11 H.Merijn Brand ... Add probe for gai_strerror
2016-07-28 H.Merijn Brand ... Configure: clarify "version-specific"
2016-07-28 H.Merijn Brand ... VAX Float format H
2016-07-05 H.Merijn Brand ... VAX: Configure changes for VAX floats
2016-07-05 H.Merijn Brand ... [perl #128538] [PATCH] Fix copy/paste error in Configure
2016-05-31 Aaron CraneNew probe for strerror_l()
2016-05-31 Aaron CraneNew probe for querylocale()
2016-05-29 H.Merijn Brand ... dist/meta merge after acceptance upstream
2016-05-29 H.Merijn Brand ... Finish.U isn't modified anymore
2016-05-14 H.Merijn Brand ... Remove trailing whitespace on meta-lines in unit files
2016-05-14 H.Merijn Brand ... Merged changes to Finish.U
2016-05-14 Aaron CraneTweak Csym.U probe to handle GCC 6 -flto
2016-05-14 Aaron CraneDon't croak when usecrosscompile but no targethost
2016-04-22 H.Merijn Brand ... One down, too many to go
2016-04-22 H.Merijn Brand ... Remove a module that has no changes to the original...
2016-04-22 Aaron CraneProbe for and expose the 'fd' field for SA_SIGINFO
2016-04-22 Aaron Craneadd d_duplocale and i_locale Configure probes to d_newl...
2016-04-22 H.Merijn Brand ... cosmetic doc change
2016-04-21 Aaron CraneFix wording for glossary of lrint() and related functions
2016-04-21 Aaron CraneDelete Configure probe for d_modfl_pow32_bug in d_modfl.U
2016-04-21 Aaron CraneAdd missing ?H: lines for d_longdbl.U
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Fix 683e3b31e8b72cce
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Don't add -shared when the compiler is clang++
2016-04-21 Aaron CraneVarious updates to float-format probes
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... amigaos4: Configure: syslog extension not feasible
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... dead symlink
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Get rid of the hasfield_t global variable
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Try to avoid doubling the cppflags if rerun without...
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Another small cleanup
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Remove old cruft. It still is in git
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... compile error after re-running Configure since AmigaOS...
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Stuff missed in previous commits
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Make -O behavior the default
2016-04-21 Aaron Craneprobe in Configure whether dtrace builds an object
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... It does not work in SysV (solaris) or old BSD greps.
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... siginfo_si part
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... silence some try.c warnings
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Configure: gcc 5 exists.
2016-04-21 H.Merijn Brand ... Probe for and expose more fields for SA_SIGINFO
2016-04-21 Aaron CranePorting/Glossary: fix a set of typos
2016-04-21 Aaron Craneensure alignbytes is correct for -Dusequadmath
2016-04-20 H.Merijn Brand ... Remove nm from libswanted
2016-03-26 H.Merijn Brand ... Add probe for memmem
2016-03-19 H.Merijn Brand ... Add Configure probes for newlocale, freelocale, and...
2016-01-03 Andy DoughertyAdd unit to detect fdclose(), introduced in FreeBSD.
2015-10-10 H.Merijn Brand ... Backporting work on AmigaOS
2015-07-30 H.Merijn Brand ... Consistently use -o a.out (spotted by Ivan Pozdeev)
2015-07-30 H.Merijn Brand ... There is no default dflt for usedtrace (spotted by...
2015-07-06 H.Merijn Brand ... description swap
2015-07-06 H.Merijn Brand ... Two nits not show by mlint
2015-07-06 H.Merijn Brand ... infnan: move the mantbits definitions from perl.h to...
2015-07-06 H.Merijn Brand ... infnan: Configure scan for fp mantissa bytes
2015-07-06 H.Merijn Brand ... infnan: Configure scan for infnan bytes
2015-07-06 H.Merijn Brand ... Create try.c afresh for pointersize test
2015-04-19 H.Merijn Brand ... Inhibit the use of \ in -D arguments
2015-03-06 H.Merijn Brand ... Configure: add note about nvsize sometimes lying
2015-03-06 H.Merijn Brand ... Missing Configure messages.
2015-02-16 H.Merijn Brand ... uname -r works on MINIX as well
2015-02-16 H.Merijn Brand ... Add lrintl, llrintl, lroundl, and llroundl probes
2015-01-05 H.Merijn Brand ... Put pthread in front of libswanted and add cl
2014-12-31 H.Merijn Brand ... silence ASan warnings
2014-12-24 H.Merijn Brand ... Perl 5 on Haiku - not found installing out...
2014-12-11 H.Merijn Brand ... add pthread to libswanted
2014-12-03 H.Merijn Brand ... silence debug output (from v5.21.6-239-g31b42f2)
2014-11-23 H.Merijn Brand ... Glossary updates
2014-11-20 H.Merijn Brand ... Get in the last bunch of Configure changes
2014-11-18 H.Merijn Brand ... Backport all of Jarkko's new (math) function probes