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2014-09-06 H.Merijn Brand ... We do *not* want to use mconfig from mono-web :(
2014-09-06 H.Merijn Brand ... remove trailing whitespace
2014-09-06 H.Merijn Brand ... prctl needs unistd on Android
2014-09-06 H.Merijn Brand ... Backport all of Jarkko's hard work
2014-09-03 H.Merijn Brand ... If this format ever happens, it is probably left-aligned.
2014-09-03 H.Merijn Brand ... Darwin can have libfoo.0.dylib instead of libfoo.dylib.0
2014-08-17 H.Merijn Brand ... First stab at backporting Jarkko's longdoundle work
2014-07-26 H.Merijn Brand ... Handle hyphens when searching cpp symbols
2014-07-26 H.Merijn Brand ... Discard errors when testing for less -R
2014-07-17 H.Merijn Brand ... cut-n-paste error in comment for dladdr
2014-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... Missed comment removal from NeXT removal
2014-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... Last missed change from perl
2014-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... Some more cppsymbols to scan.
2014-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... ANSI prototypes for Berkeley DB API testing.
2014-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... In nonblock test do not ignore the syscall returns.
2014-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... Add -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 when applicable.
2014-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... sort and fold symbols to 65 chars wide
2014-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... Remove MAD.
2014-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... Protect against ptrdiff_t not being available.
2014-06-16 H.Merijn Brand ... Removed NeXT support
2014-06-11 H.Merijn Brand ... Fix USE_CBACKTRACE
2014-06-11 H.Merijn Brand ... [perl #121585] Configure shouldn't write source tree
2014-06-11 H.Merijn Brand ... Add C backtrace API.
2014-06-11 H.Merijn Brand ... Remove date from generated message
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand ... evat => eval as found by Tom Hukins
2014-06-02 H.Merijn Brand ... Probe for working wcscmp and wcsxfrm
2014-06-01 H.Merijn Brand ... Revert 3ffc8c70ad4af0e7b: remove BOOTSTRAP_CHARSET...
2014-05-29 H.Merijn Brand ... Get rid of "grep empty(sub)expression" noise.
2014-05-29 H.Merijn Brand ... SH_PATH should be $targetsh, not $sh
2014-04-09 H.Merijn Brand ... -fwrapv is broken prior to 4.3
2014-04-09 H.Merijn Brand ... gcc 4.9 by default does some optimizations that break...
2014-03-16 H.Merijn Brand ... Configure misdetects strlcpy et al. with gcc -flto...
2014-03-12 H.Merijn Brand ... Finish backporting hugmeir's work
2014-02-08 H.Merijn Brand ... ackport Cross changes from hugmeir and castaway
2014-01-23 H.Merijn Brand ... added missing semicolon
2014-01-22 H.Merijn Brand ... restore missed change
2014-01-22 H.Merijn Brandbackport incpth
2014-01-22 H.Merijn BrandDo not expose _sysroot
2014-01-20 H.Merijn BrandStep 2 in backporting crosscompile/sysroot changes
2014-01-19 H.Merijn BrandNo mode sfio - backport from Nicholas' work
2014-01-19 H.Merijn BrandBackport crosscompile changes (sysroot + target*)
2014-01-19 H.Merijn Brandno need to declare setting less twice
2014-01-19 H.Merijn Brandremove old warning. No need to declare what is in ?RCS
2014-01-16 H.Merijn Brandsome try cleanup
2013-12-02 H.Merijn Brand ... Backport 4ae6f81b38ab10f8a43c09b6efd34ae18e93ce42
2013-09-17 H.Merijn Brand ... Atari FreeMiNT: MiNT does not have .exe for _exe
2013-09-16 H.Merijn Brand ... More specific comment based on findings in RT#7586
2013-09-16 H.Merijn Brand ... Merge changes which eliminate VOIDFLAGS and VOIDUSED...
2013-09-16 H.Merijn Brand ... [perl #115928] Configure now selects our internal drand48()
2013-09-16 H.Merijn Brand ... Remove references to GNU DLD from Configure and config...
2013-08-29 H.Merijn Brand ... Add support for Bitrig BSD
2013-08-29 H.Merijn Brand ... Move the thrice-repeated "64bitint is buggy?" test...
2013-08-16 H.Merijn Brand ... [perl #119271] Faulty test for INT16 in Configure
2013-07-15 H.Merijn Brand ... Threading 5.005 style is no longer supported
2013-07-02 H.Merijn Brand ... Backport Nicholas' changes to Configure for xs_extensions
2013-05-27 H.Merijn Brand ... [perl #64126] ./Configure -de -Dusevendorprefix didn...
2013-05-10 H.Merijn Brand ... [perl #66604] 64bit compilation Problem on Solaris...
2013-05-08 H.Merijn Brand ... More spellcheck
2013-05-08 H.Merijn Brand ... Spelling - megapatch
2013-05-08 H.Merijn Brand ... Some Pod::Spell::CommonMistakes on .U
2013-05-07 H.Merijn Brand ... The URL for the dist source repo changed
2013-03-09 H.Merijn Brand ... Backport b95f969b03c79d
2013-03-09 H.Merijn Brand ... Add bootstrap_charset/BOOTSTRAP_CHARSET for non-ASCII...
2013-02-19 Nicholas ClarkGenerate a valid config.h even if stdarg.h and varargs...
2013-02-19 Andy DoughertyFix [perl #116523] Configure is confused by '=' in...
2013-02-15 H.Merijn Brand ... use_versioned_archname => versionedarchname
2013-01-23 H.Merijn Brand ... Backport 7eb35c035978bf0530591a57244b6922682a3344
2012-12-24 H.Merijn Brand ... Backport 232083c091a7dd8f390a1735f72256cf82491726
2012-12-24 H.Merijn Brand ... Remove register keywork from randfunc tests
2012-09-10 Andy DoughertyFix [perl #114812] Configure not finding isblank().
2012-09-10 Andy DoughertyFix alignment for darwin with -Dusemorebits.
2012-08-26 H.Merijn BrandAdd probes for ip_mreq_source and ipv6_mreq_source
2012-08-02 Andy DoughertyFix RT [perl #72156] Re: Perl 5.12.0 RC 0 - Pager detection
2012-07-11 H.Merijn BrandAdd IP probe for ip_mreq
2012-06-06 Andy DoughertyEnsure Cppsym.true list is sorted (for later input...
2012-06-06 Andy DoughertyAvoid Cppsym warnings for extra tokens [perl #113024]
2012-06-06 Andy DoughertyReplace $compile_ok by $compile since it's ok for this...
2012-06-06 Andy DoughertyReplace $compile_ok by $compile since it's ok for this...
2012-04-01 H.Merijn BrandDetermine if ELF even if ld is not ''
2012-03-31 H.Merijn BrandAdd ld_can_script probe
2012-02-16 H.Merijn BrandAdd new probes for IPv6 (LeoNerd)
2012-02-13 H.Merijn BrandConfigure now aborts with a diagnostic if it detects...
2012-02-12 H.Merijn BrandAdd probe for strptime
2012-01-27 H.Merijn Brandmymalloc isn't threadsafe (rurban)
2012-01-09 H.Merijn BrandA is not blank
2012-01-09 H.Merijn BrandAdd probe for isblank() (requested by khw)
2011-12-09 Andy DoughertyFix spelling error in config_argN, RT [perl #82788].
2011-10-01 H.Merijn BrandImproved $^X absolute pathname conversion.
2011-09-22 Andy DoughertyUse a real compile to test for stdbool.h.
2011-09-21 Andy DoughertyUse a real compile to test for stdbool.h.
2011-09-16 H.Merijn BrandAdd probe for stdbool.h
2011-09-01 H.Merijn BrandAdd 5th QUAD type for win32
2011-08-26 H.Merijn BrandMore mlint/mconfig updates
2011-08-26 H.Merijn BrandRevert "Fix Configure's csym test for gcc's link time...
2011-08-26 H.Merijn Brandfix from dist-svn
2011-08-26 H.Merijn BrandRemove unwanted whitespace in comments
2011-08-22 H.Merijn BrandFix Configure's csym test for gcc's link time optimisation
2011-07-31 H.Merijn BrandAdd st_ino size/sign probes
2011-02-16 H.Merijn BrandChainsaw out the possibility to disable useperlio
2011-02-14 H.Merijn BrandSubject: optimize matching -g still enables -DDEBUGING