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Metaconfig documentation update (part 1)
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1 Jarrko's How to build Configure tweaked by Nick.
3The Configure script and config_h.SH file in the Perl distribution are
4generated by a program called metaconfig. Metaconfig was originally
5written by Larry Wall, and was subsequently enhanced and maintained
6by Raphael Manfredi.
8You have presumably obtained the metaconfig from the repository e.g.
9 p4 sync //depot/metaconfig/...
10(those are three literal dots) or some other way to obtain this file,
11like a complete compressed archive from the previous pumpkin.
13Normally this directory and perl directory are next to each other
14so ../perl will get you to perl and ../perl/../metaconfig will get you
15back here.
17Contents of this directory:
19 README: This file.
20 U: Metaconfig units used for buliding Perl's Configure
21 U.check: Sample directory used for testing new metaconfig units.
22 see U.check/README for more information.
23 dist-3.0at70:
24 dist-3.0 at patchlevel 70. This is the final version released
25 by Raphael Manfredi. Don't use it. Instead, use ...
26 dist-3.0at70b:
27 dist-3.0 at patchlevel 70 with unofficial patches 'a' and 'b'
28 applied. This version was never officially released, but
29 the patches are essential, so this is the version we use for
30 perl. Actually, I've also applied U/dist_patches/dist-p70c
31 to this tree. If someone with perforce access wants to change
32 the name of the directory, that'd be fine. Otherwise, it really
33 doesn't matter.
35(a) You need to have dist installed so that you have metalint and metaconfig
36 in your $PATH.
37 The dist version used for perl is dist-3.0at70b in this directory.
38 Unsurprisingly 'dist' uses (its) Configure to generate itself:
40 cd dist-3.0at70b
41 chmod +w -R . # We have derived files in perforce :-(
42 ./Configure
43 make
44 make install
46 dist's 'Configure' is similar to perl's but perhaps not
47 quite as polished.
49 There are some perl specific "dist units" in the 'U' directory.
50 The U directory also contains some patches to 'dist' which
51 have already been applied to dist-3.0at70b directory.
52 We have not yet arranged for metaconfig to use perl's versions
53 of the 'units' by default so you need some housekeeping
54 in the perl directory...
56(b) You need to be in a/the Perl directory, i.e. either
57 something from //depot/perl/... or one of its branches
58 (e.g. Nick I-S is usually in //depot/perlio/...)
59 and you need:
60 1) have a symlink to ../metaconfig/U called U
61 2) have a symlink to ../metaconfig/.package called .package
62 3) have a symlink to MANIFEST called
63 4) chmod +w Configure config_h.SH Porting/Glossary Porting/config*
65(c) Write the new unit as U/foo/bar.U (usually 'foo' is just 'perl',
66 but sometimes there's some more appropriate subdir of U. See
67 U/README for a description of the various subdirectories.)
69(d) Run metalint to see nits: as opposed to lint, the gripings of
70 metalint are usually serious :-) and need fixing
72 Exceptions are lots of
73 Your private U/modified/voidflags.U overrides the public one.
74 due to the perl special units
76 and
78 "End.U": stale ?MAKE: dependency '$W'.
80 which is apparently normal ...
82(e) p4 edit Configure config_h.SH
84(f) metaconfig -m to regenerate Configure
86(g) The messy not-yet-automated part is that the knowledge of the new symbol
87 needs to be propagated to non-Configure lands like Win32, Netware,
88 VMS, VOS, ... see previous Configure changes to see which are these
89 heathen lands
91 For Win32 the process is semi-automated - if you have a Win32
92 machine to run dmake on ...
94(h) Edit U/mkglossary (right near the top) to point to where you keep
95 dist's standard metaconfig units as well as your perl-specific ones.
97(i) Run U/mksample to freshen the Porting/config* and Porting/Glossary.
98 Adjust the various compile-time options (e.g. 64bit, threads) as
99 you see fit.
100 You can skip this phase, it's not essential, just good housekeeping.
102(j) make veryclean;sh Configure -des -Dusedevel;make all test
104(k) p4 add ../metaconfig/foo/bar.U when you are ready ...
106(l) p4 submit
107 Be sure to have EDITOR set to something that does NOT start
108 in the background like 'elvis -fork' or 'gvim'