2008-12-14 Nicholas ClarkBreak a leg. perl-5.8.9
2008-12-14 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Changes.
2008-12-14 Nicholas ClarkBest estimiate patch number for 5.8.9 release.
2008-12-14 Nicholas ClarkHopefully today.
2008-12-14 Nicholas ClarkUpdate perltoc again.
2008-12-14 Nicholas ClarkUpdate sample in Porting.
2008-12-14 Nicholas Clark(Hopefully) the last tweaks to perldelta.
2008-12-13 Nicholas ClarkFix the build for 5005 threads for non -DDEBUGGING...
2008-12-13 Nicholas ClarkRun pod/buildtoc --build-all
2008-12-13 Nicholas ClarkMostly update Module::CoreList to 2.17, teaching it...
2008-12-13 Nicholas ClarkNote the improvements to the debugger. Note that Module...
2008-12-13 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-12-07 Jarkko Hietaniemisome 589 delta nits
2008-12-07 Nicholas ClarkDisarm the maint branch.
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkThis is RC2
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Changes.
2008-12-06 Rainer TammerIntegrate:
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Changes.
2008-12-06 Nicholas Clark*and* another one. This reminds me a lot of the 5.8...
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkHopefully today.
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkUpdate META.yml
2008-12-06 Nicholas Clark3 more module updates.
2008-12-06 Nicholas Clarkpod/buildtoc --build-all
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-12-06 Rainer TammerIntegrate:
2008-12-06 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-12-03 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-12-02 Jerry D. HeddenFix build warning from Change 34974
2008-12-01 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-26 Jerry D. HeddenIntegrate:
2008-11-25 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Changes.
2008-11-25 Andy DoughertyIntegrate:
2008-11-21 Tim BunceIntegrate:
2008-11-19 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Changes.
2008-11-19 Rainer TammerIntegrate:
2008-11-19 Andy DoughertyIntegrate:
2008-11-19 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-19 Rainer TammerIntegrate:
2008-11-18 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-17 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-17 Nicholas ClarkErrors in my integration descriptions detected and...
2008-11-17 Nicholas ClarkNote the change to XS(), and the addition of XSPROTO...
2008-11-17 Nicholas ClarkNote that undef @array now correctly calls CLEAR on...
2008-11-17 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-17 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-16 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-16 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-16 Nicholas ClarkAcknowledge Schwern's hard work on the updated modules...
2008-11-16 Nicholas ClarkIncorporate a large list of corrections and updates...
2008-11-16 Tom Wyant[perl #60504] Which perldelta in 5.8.9 RC1 README?
2008-11-16 Nicholas ClarkChange 34693 introduced a regression spotted by Devel...
2008-11-12 Nicholas ClarkPatch from bob (but reflowed)
2008-11-12 Piotr FusikIntegrate:
2008-11-11 Nicholas ClarkDisarm the maint branch.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkThis is RC1 perl-5.8.9-RC1
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Changes.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkHopefully today.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkThird pass. (On a printed copy.)
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkOne spelling error, and one syle change.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkRe-order platform specific bug fixes into alphabetical...
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkStyle check (second pass)
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkMop up refugees from 34803, spoted by Vincent.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkBig proof read and style sweep. (First iteration)
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkCargo-cult 5.8.9 upgrade.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkRun Porting/
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkPretty much any change perculates to the table of contents.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkNote that panic: sv_chop %s is new.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkRun pod/perltoc --build-all.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkAdd an acknowledgements section.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-10 Steffen MuellerIntegrate:
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkRun ispell over it.
2008-11-10 Nicholas ClarkProxy Constant Subroutines are in, so are an enhancemen...
2008-11-07 Nicholas ClarkNote the XS acelerated SWASHGET, and remove reference...
2008-11-06 Nicholas ClarkNo, I'm pretty sure that *that* was the last fixme.
2008-11-06 Nicholas ClarkNormalise the form of references to bug reports - RT...
2008-11-06 Nicholas ClarkRemove the last fixme.
2008-11-06 Nicholas ClarkI can't see where to put the comment about emacs perl...
2008-11-06 Nicholas ClarkMore cleanup, including remove perforce revision number...
2008-11-06 Jan DuboisIntegrate:
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkIf I call it fixme, grep will find it for me.
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkA note about future maintenance plans for 5.8.x.
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkFinish =head1 Selected Bug Fixes. Maybe I should name...
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkTry to order and group the "selected bug fixes"
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkBut I can always wordsmith it further.
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkI think that =head1 Installation and Configuration...
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkMore tidying. Move descriptions of bug fixes in module...
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkSome tidying, copy editing, tweaking.
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkCorrect the remaining version numbers, remove a duplica...
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkHand sort module entries into alphabetical order. ...
2008-11-05 Nicholas ClarkSome tidying, and verification of module version numbers.
2008-11-04 Nicholas ClarkBefore I forget, two important bug fixes that it seems...
2008-11-04 Nicholas ClarkThe perl589delta project's TODOs. Mostly resolved as...
2008-11-04 Nicholas ClarkLike 5.8.3, we get an obituary :-(
2008-11-04 Nicholas ClarkThe 2008-10 split, and the rest of Changes. I think...
2008-11-04 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2008-11-04 Jerry D. HeddenRe: threads Changes