10 days ago Karl WilliamsonXXX smoke-me/khw-regex
10 days ago Karl Williamsonl
10 days ago Karl Williamsonl
10 days ago Karl WilliamsonXXX commit msg Make qr/(?[ ])/ work in UTF-8 locales
10 days ago Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Add a parameter to static function
10 days ago Karl Williamson regcomp.h: Fold 2 ANYOF flags into a single one
12 days ago Karl WilliamsonAdd ANYOFD regex node
12 days ago Karl Williamsonperldebguts: Add clarification
12 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX: version bump for d7a0f0b
12 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX: mention the Inf, NaN constants; other small...
13 days ago Karl Williamsonmktables: Comment changes only
13 days ago Karl Williamsonmktables: Move file handling to non-exceptional order
13 days ago Karl Williamsonmktables: Revamp the compare versions functionality
13 days ago Karl Williamsonmktables: Fix so -annotate works on early Unicodes
13 days ago Karl Williamsonmktables: Move code to common functions
13 days ago Karl Williamsonmktables: Fix up property calc for early Unicodes
13 days ago Karl Williamsonmktables: Use mnemonic instead of hex constant
13 days ago Chris 'BinGOs... Module-CoreList-5.20150820 is now on CPAN
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallBump the perl version in various places for 5.23.3.
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallPorting/ regenerations
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallFix TBD so podcheck.t is happy
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallUpdate release schedule
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallAdd epigraph for v5.23.2.
13 days ago Matthew Horsfalladd new release to perlhist v5.23.2
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallFinalize perldelta
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallAdd .gitignore for ext/re/ generated header file
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.23.2
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallUpdate list of files to clean for ceab18aaa.
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallLet Porting/makerel know about overload.c's rename...
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallUpdate versions in INSTALL.
13 days ago Matthew Horsfallperldelta updates for 5.23.2.
13 days ago Jarkko Hietaniemib992490d copied wrong for ext re.
13 days ago Sisyphus[perl #125669] op/pack.t failures with PPC long double...
2015-08-20 Tony Cookperldelta for 668fcfea6, a1e27170f
2015-08-20 Tony Cook[perl 125760] fix new (and one old test) to pass with...
2015-08-19 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Term-Cap to CPAN version 1.17
2015-08-19 David Mitchellck_refassign: selectively copy OPpPAD_INTRO/STATE
2015-08-19 David Mitchellt/perf/benchmarks: 5.004 compat
2015-08-19 Tony Cook[perl #125467] mingw-w64 has moved
2015-08-19 Tony Cook[perl #125826] make the buffer large enough in TRIE_STO...
2015-08-18 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add code point ages to --annotate option
2015-08-18 Lukas Maidisallow nested declarations [perl #125587] [perl ...
2015-08-18 H.Merijn BrandAlso ignore for dual-life modules
2015-08-18 Tony Cook[perl #125781] handle range overflow when Size_t is...
2015-08-18 Ludovic E.... Clarify functioning of '||' operator.
2015-08-17 Matthew Horsfall[perl #120826] - Fix documentation nit (thanks Eric...
2015-08-17 David Mitchell[MERGE] re-implement OPpASSIGN_COMMON mechanism
2015-08-17 David Mitchellfix a SV_NOSTEAL issue in pp_aassign
2015-08-17 David Mitchellfix PAD_COMPNAME_GEN documentation
2015-08-17 David Mitchelldocument what PL_generation is for
2015-08-17 David MitchellEliminate GvASSIGN_GENERATION and _set macros
2015-08-17 David MitchellOptimise 1 arg in list assign
2015-08-17 David MitchellEliminate PL_sawalias, GPf_ALIASED_SV
2015-08-17 David Mitchellmake my (...) = @_ non-OPpASSIGN_COMMON_RC1
2015-08-17 David Mitchellre-implement OPpASSIGN_COMMON mechanism
2015-08-17 Tony Cookperldelta for fb10a8a78bba
2015-08-17 Tony Cook[perl #125760] deprecate sys(read|write)(), send()...
2015-08-14 Jarkko HietaniemiNo __attribute__((nonnull(...))) from NN.
2015-08-13 Chris 'BinGOs... Math-BigInt is now 1.9997 on CPAN
2015-08-13 Tony Cookavoid unnecessary noise from lib/h2xs.t
2015-08-12 Craig A. BerryRequire civility; aspire to kindness.
2015-08-12 Daniel Dragandont create *{"_<$filename"} globs for perl lang debugg...
2015-08-11 Ivan Pozdeevcygwin 2.1.0 can test -r just fine, incl. under admin
2015-08-10 James E KeenanIncrement $VERSION for POSIX to 1.56
2015-08-10 Karl WilliamsonPorting/ Generalize for EBCDIC
2015-08-10 Steve HayFix typo introduced in 0b81c0dda6
2015-08-10 Jarkko HietaniemiPod tweak for [ #125710].
2015-08-10 Jarkko HietaniemiComment tweak related to [ #125710].
2015-08-10 Jarkko Hietaniemi32-bit x86 ABI cannot do signaling nans [
2015-08-10 Jarkko HietaniemiFix test label.
2015-08-10 Jarkko HietaniemiComment tweaks.
2015-08-10 Jarkko HietaniemiSanity x86 long double check.
2015-08-10 Jarkko Hietaniemihints comments tweak.
2015-08-10 Jarkko HietaniemiGive a better error if malloc.c is used without MYMALLOC
2015-08-10 Tony Cookbump $ExtUtils::ParseXS::VERSION to 3.29
2015-08-10 Ed JFix INCLUDE_COMMAND $^X for Perl In Space
2015-08-07 Steve HayCPAN-Meta-YAML is now synced with 0.017-TRIAL
2015-08-07 Tony Cookremove the byte-order-mark introduced to sv.c by 5488d373
2015-08-07 James E Keenant/00-report-prereqs.dd no longer part of CPAN-Meta...
2015-08-07 Karen EtheridgeUpgrade CPAN-Meta-YAML from 0.016 to 0.017-TRIAL
2015-08-06 Sisyphusdouble-double long double %a fixes
2015-08-06 James E KeenanBring list of directories requiring custom TAP up-to...
2015-08-05 Tony Cook[perl #120826] correct documentation of sv parameter...
2015-08-05 Aaron PrivenAdded {unlock,lock}_hashref_recurse to @EXPORT_OK
2015-08-04 James E KeenanGuarantee that, after unlocking, the hash is actually...
2015-08-03 Ricardo Signesadd a small note that find2perl is not in core
2015-08-03 Daniel DraganSafefree(NULL) reduction
2015-08-03 Tony Cookuse a more sensible homepage value for XSLoader
2015-08-03 Reini Urbanxs_boot_epilog (Xp): change ax from U32 to I32
2015-08-02 Jarkko HietaniemiRemove uselongdoubles false claim.
2015-08-02 Jarkko HietaniemiCheck for POSIX locales once.
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Add dummy param for when macros placed in API
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsont/op/tr.t: Fix comment
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Fix typo in macro name definition
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonutf8.h, utfebcdic.h: Add comments; white-space only
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsont/opbasic/cmp.t: Add test for NUL
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonpp_pack.c: Add comment
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonpp.c: Fix typo in comment
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonregen/ Suppress extra null array...
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Add UTF8_SKIP as a synonym for UTF8SKIP