2015-06-01 Jarkko HietaniemiAfter Yosemite there's no /usr/include. maint-5.20
2015-06-01 Tony Cookperldelta for fddbd7860397
2015-06-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123652] eval {label:} crash
2015-02-14 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.20.3
2015-02-14 Steve HayFinalize perldelta for Perl 5.20.2 v5.20.2
2015-02-14 Steve HayUpdate Module-CoreList $VERSIONs
2015-02-14 Steve HayMore updates to Module-CoreList for Perl 5.20.2
2015-02-14 Steve HayUpdate perlhist: Perl 5.20.2 today
2015-02-14 Steve HayUpdate Module-CoreList: Perl 5.20.2 today
2015-02-01 Steve HayAdd epigraph for 5.20.2-RC1
2015-02-01 Steve HayPorting/makemeta
2015-02-01 Steve HayDisarm patchlevel.h
2015-02-01 Steve HayRC1! v5.20.2-RC1
2015-02-01 Steve HayRMG - Update local_patches[] code snippet with current...
2015-01-31 Steve HayPerl 5.20.2-RC1 today
2015-01-31 Steve Hayperldelta - Finalize with Acknowledgements section
2015-01-31 Steve HayRMG - Module::CoreList's CAVEATS is no longer updated...
2015-01-31 Steve Hayperldelta - Update with $VERSION bumps from earlier...
2015-01-31 Steve HayModule::CoreList - Remove 5.21.9 stubs
2015-01-31 Steve HayComplete Module::CoreList update for 5.20.2
2015-01-31 Steve HayUpdate Module-CoreList for 5.20.2
2015-01-31 Steve HayModule::CoreList - Remove 5.20.2 stubs
2015-01-31 Steve HayMake Porting/ --tag v5.18.4 happy
2015-01-31 Steve HayBump $VMS::DCLsym::VERSION for commit 555bd962bf
2015-01-31 Steve HayBump VMS::Stdio $VERSION
2015-01-31 Steve HayBump Pod::PlainText $VERSION
2015-01-31 Steve HayBump some CPAN $VERSIONs
2015-01-31 Steve HayPorting/ - Show $VERSION of failing modules
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallUpdate epigraph with mailing list link
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallAdd epigraph and update release schedule
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallAdd new release to perlhist
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallRMG: Show that version'd binaries might be used
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallRMG - Per review - only -Dusedevel for development...
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallRMG: Use -Dusedevel in ./Configure, like everywhere...
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallUpdate RMG to mention new policy of perlhist containing...
2015-01-31 Steve HayUpdate which stable release series are now "officially...
2015-01-31 Steve HayUpdate RMG to fix grammar
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallRMG - Add comment that git clean -xdf after distclean...
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallRMG - Per review - keep make distclean as a test, add...
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallRMG: Remove useless 'make distclean', save time
2015-01-31 Matthew HorsfallRMG - Clarify that updating %released/CAVEATS isn't...
2015-01-31 James E KeenanGrammatical correction.
2015-01-31 Steve HayRMG - Consistent four-space indent; wrap all lines...
2015-01-31 AbigailInstalling Inline no longer installs Inline::C.
2015-01-31 Steve HayRMG - Note that Porting/ should be used...
2015-01-31 Steve HayRMG - Put all version-bump related information about...
2015-01-31 Steve HayRMG - Module/CoreList.pod is no longer updated, since...
2015-01-31 Steve HayRMG - Show correct Porting/ comman...
2015-01-31 Steve HayINSTALL - Correct one more binary compatibility note
2015-01-31 Chris 'BinGOs... There's no need to rewrite the Module-CoreList pod now
2015-01-31 Steve HayTeach Porting/ about Scalar-List-Utils...
2015-01-30 Steve HayINSTALL - Correct notes about binary compatibility
2015-01-30 Steve HayFinalize perldelta except for Acknowledgements and...
2015-01-29 Steve Hayperldelta - Copy-editing
2015-01-29 Steve Hayperldelta - Two spelling corrections
2015-01-29 Steve Hayperldelta - Remove boilerplate sections except for...
2015-01-29 Steve Hayperldelta - Note the addition of perlunicook
2015-01-28 Steve HayUpdate copyright information
2015-01-28 Steve HayBump the Module-CoreList version for 5.20.2
2015-01-28 Matthew HorsfallFinal updates to M::CL for version bump
2015-01-28 Steve HayBump the Module-CoreList version for 5.21.9
2015-01-28 Matthew HorsfallSync Module::CoreList with CPAN and update for next...
2015-01-28 Matthew HorsfallUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.21.8
2015-01-28 Father ChrysostomosAdd Andreas Voegele to AUTHORS
2015-01-28 Andreas VoegeleAdd test for rt#123556
2015-01-28 Andreas VoegeleOnly compare defined values with "ge" in Module::CoreLi...
2015-01-28 Max MaischeinMissed the %deprecated entry in Module::CoreList
2015-01-28 Steve HayBump the Module-CoreList version for 5.21.8
2015-01-28 Max MaischeinUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.21.7
2015-01-28 Steve HayBump the Module-CoreList version for 5.21.7
2015-01-28 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Module::CoreList for v5.21.6
2015-01-28 Steve HayBump the Module-CoreList version for 5.21.6
2015-01-28 AbigailUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.21.5
2015-01-28 Chris 'BinGOs... Make the CAVEAT entry in Module-CoreList pod sane
2015-01-28 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Module-CoreList Changes file for 5.20141002...
2015-01-28 Ricardo Signescorelist: import v5.18.3 and v5.18.4 data
2015-01-28 Steve HayPrepare Module::CoreList for 5.21.5, expected on 2014...
2015-01-28 Steve HayUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.21.4
2015-01-28 Chris 'BinGOs... Changed Module-CoreList version to how it should be
2015-01-28 Chris 'BinGOs... Remove the corevers.t from Module-CoreList and amend...
2015-01-28 Chris 'BinGOs... Bump Module-CoreList versions again
2015-01-28 Chris 'BinGOs... Bump Module-CoreList versions to new date stamped version
2015-01-28 Peter MartiniModule::CoreList version number bump
2015-01-28 Steve HayAdd Module-CoreList check to t/porting/corelist.t
2015-01-28 Steve HayBump version to 5.20.2, just ahead of its impending...
2015-01-24 Steve HayAdd the new perlsub note into perldelta's Known Problems
2015-01-24 Steve HayConsistent use of 'Perl' for the language
2015-01-24 Ricardo Signesnote that sort can't use a lexsub as its SUBNAME
2015-01-21 Steve Hayperldelta for 56f81afc0f
2015-01-21 Abigailperldelta: Mention that IRIX and Tru64 are regained...
2015-01-21 Steve Hayperldelta - Add link for RT ticket
2015-01-21 Steve Hayperldelta for cherry-pick of e6d55c9947
2015-01-21 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Document ‘Bad symbol for scalar’
2015-01-21 Aristotle Pagaltzisperlfunc: document immediate stricture effect of "our"
2015-01-21 Hugo van der... intuit_more: no need to copy before keyword check
2015-01-21 Tony Cookperldelta for 62db6ea5fed1
2015-01-21 Tony Cook[perl #123538] always set chophere and itembytes at...
2015-01-17 Chris 'BinGOs... Upstream a patch from pkgsrc for NetBSD hints
2015-01-17 Father ChrysostomosFix long verbatim line in perlunicook
2015-01-17 Ricardo Signesperlunicook: add trusted-to-exist links for perlunicook