2009-02-27 Leon BrocardUpdate Changes, remove duplicate maint-5.005
2009-02-27 Leon BrocardUpdate for 5.005_05 RC2
2009-02-18 Paul FenwickRefer to 5.005 not 5.004 in README.cygwin32
2009-02-17 Leon BrocardUpdate changes
2009-02-17 Leon BrocardAdd a diag() method to t/lib/ipc_sysv.t (as we copied...
2009-02-17 Leon Brocardupdate changes
2009-02-17 Leon BrocardCopy over FreeBSD hints from blead to make dynamic...
2009-02-16 Leon BrocardRemove Perl6::Say (thanks rgs), perltidy
2009-02-16 Leon BrocardUpdate Changes
2009-02-16 Leon BrocardIgnore .git files
2009-02-16 Leon BrocardAdd Porting/genlog_git to the MANIFEST
2009-02-16 Leon BrocardUpdate for 5.005_05 RC1
2009-02-16 Leon BrocardUpdate the Changes
2009-02-16 Leon BrocardCopy over perlhist from blead
2009-02-16 Leon BrocardAdd information about the 5.005_05 release to perldelta
2009-02-16 Leon BrocardAdd a script to generate the Changes file from git
2009-01-11 Leon BrocardAdd and */Makefile.old files to .gitignore
2009-01-11 Leon BrocardFind signal names under recent sorts.
2008-12-24 Leon BrocardPatched IPC::SysV to compile under recent Linuxes.
2008-12-23 Leon BrocardAllow recent gccs (4.2.0 20060715 onwards) to build...
2008-12-23 Leon BrocardAdd files to .gitignore which are generated while build...
2008-12-19 Yves Ortoncopy over bleads .gitignore
2007-10-02 Leon BrocardUpdate time.t to blead's as it was occasionally failing GitLive-maint-5.005
2007-10-02 Leon BrocardFix IPC::SysV test under VC++ 6.0 (Thanks to Steve...
2007-10-01 Leon Brocard Log: For newer FreeBSDs the return type of...
2007-07-01 Leon Brocardremove TODO
2007-06-10 Leon BrocardFix line endings on Windows files
2007-06-10 Leon BrocardUpdate compare test from blead (hopefully is more portable)
2007-06-10 Leon BrocardUpdate IPC SysV test from blead (hopefully is more...
2007-06-10 Leon BrocardUpdate perlbug email address to
2007-06-10 Leon Brocard Log: Tests in t/lib/db-recno.t fail on both...
2007-06-09 Leon Brocardwhoops, fix the right files
2007-06-09 Leon BrocardSkip the test if DB_File is not being built
2007-06-04 Leon BrocardTODO
2007-06-02 Leon BrocardUpdate for new releases
2007-06-02 Leon Brocardfix for ubuntu feisty
2007-05-31 Leon Brocardimport perl5.005_04
2004-02-04 Leon BrocardImported from perl5.005_04.tar.gz
2004-02-23 Leon BrocardUpdate changes
2004-02-23 Leon BrocardUpdate for 5.005_04 release
2004-02-18 Leon BrocardUpdate changes
2004-02-18 Leon BrocardMention 5.005_04 RC2
2004-02-18 Leon BrocardWarn correctly about old DB under Mac OS X Jaguar
2004-02-18 Leon BrocardNote that I released a release candidate
2004-02-18 Leon BrocardApply Jarkko's suidperl security patch.
2004-02-06 Leon BrocardUpdate
2004-02-06 Leon BrocardAdd META.yml and NINJA support
2004-02-04 Leon BrocardUpdate changes
2004-02-04 Leon BrocardBump up patchlevel for release perl-5.005_04
2004-02-04 Leon BrocardDocumentation updates to prepare for release
2004-01-25 Leon BrocardUpdate Changes
2004-01-25 Leon BrocardApplied patch from Jarkko Hietaniemi to add support...
2004-01-25 Leon BrocardApplied patch by Andrew Dougherty to not install into...
2004-01-25 Leon BrocardCopy the Solaris 8 / Tru64 / IRIX 6 hints from blead,
2004-01-25 Leon BrocardApply a patch from Paul Green for VOS. He writes:
2004-01-20 Leon BrocardUpdate docs
2004-01-19 Leon BrocardIntegrated the FreeBSD hints file from 5.6.2,
2004-01-15 Leon BrocardKeep Changes up to date
2004-01-15 Leon BrocardIntegrate stat.t from blead (suggested by Abe Timmerman...
2004-01-15 Leon BrocardIntegrate the OpenBSD hints from blead
2004-01-13 Leon BrocardRemove etc/DB_File/Makefile.old as spotted by Abe Timmerman
2004-01-05 Leon Brocard22065
2004-01-05 Leon BrocardWork around bug where Linux libc's have Berekeley DB...
2004-01-05 Leon Brocard22062
2004-01-05 Marcus Holland... Fix locale-dependant test failures
2004-01-05 Leon Brocard22060
2004-01-05 Leon BrocardRemove test files from DB_File's MANIFEST as they are...
2003-11-28 Leon Brocard21792
2003-11-28 Leon BrocardMerge in DB_File-1.807 from CPAN
2003-11-28 Leon BrocardAdded 21790
2003-11-28 Leon Brocardlow hanging fruit. bring
2003-02-09 Chip SalzenbergRemove when h2ph.t is complete.
2003-02-09 Chip SalzenbergDoc change explaining usemymalloc='n'.
2002-07-19 Chip SalzenbergUpdate Changes. (Including incorrect change #.)
2002-07-19 Hugo van der... ensure that hashes never attempt to malloc with a negat...
2002-07-19 Chip SalzenbergUpdate Changes in preparation for 5.005_04.
2000-01-10 Chip SalzenbergIntegrate #4779 from mainline:
2000-01-10 Chip SalzenbergTweak change #4785.
2000-01-10 Chip SalzenbergMake automatically-generated files +w (type "text+w").
2000-01-10 Chip SalzenbergPatch from Sarathy to integrate changes from mainline...
2000-01-10 Chip Salzenbergvarious documentation tweaks suggested by M. J. T. Guy
2000-01-10 Chip SalzenbergRefresh Getopt::Long to v2.20.
1999-04-04 Gurusamy Sarathytweak previous change
1999-04-04 Gurusamy Sarathybe careful about extending the stack for the Win32...
1999-03-28 Graham BarrUpdate Changes and patchlevel.h
1999-03-28 Graham Barrredo #3193 which #3195 undid perl-5.005_03
1999-03-28 Graham BarrUpdated to 1.48
1999-03-28 Graham BarrAIX hints update from Jarkko
1999-03-28 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate perlhist on 5_03.
1999-03-28 Gurusamy Sarathy=end needs matching =begin (or installhtml will croak)
1999-03-28 Gurusamy Sarathyupdate pod/Makefile
1999-03-28 Gurusamy Sarathyintegrate change#3180 from mainline
1999-03-28 Gurusamy Sarathyintegrate change#3147 from mainline
1999-03-28 Gurusamy Sarathyvarious pod niggles
1999-03-28 Gurusamy Sarathyintegrate binary compatible variant of change#3098...
1999-03-28 Gurusamy Sarathyregularize CAPI declarations (CAPI extensions now build...
1999-03-28 Gurusamy Sarathyensure XS_LOCKS stuff happens *before* XSUB is entered...
1999-03-28 Valeriy E.... integrate change #2846 from mainline
1999-03-28 Graham Barrintegrate change # 3160 from mainline
1999-03-28 Graham BarrIntegrate changes #3067 and #3106 from mainline