9 days ago Karl Williamsont/re/pat_re_eval.t: Skip encoding tests on EBCDIC khw/ebcdic
9 days ago Karl WilliamsonXXX Debug meta_notation problem
9 days ago Karl WilliamsonChange name of mro.c
9 days ago Karl WilliamsonXXX Temp Configure to point to bash
9 days ago Karl Williamsont/op/pack.t: Generalize for EBCDIC
9 days ago Karl Williamsonlib/ Generalize for EBCDIC
9 days ago Karl WilliamsonCreate single fcn for dup'd /lib code
9 days ago Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: White-space only
9 days ago Karl WilliamsonFix qr'\N{U+41}' on EBCDIC platforms
9 days ago Hugo van der... doc typo
9 days ago Karl Williamsonperlrebackslash: Clarify that \b{} rules are volatile
9 days ago Karl Williamsondist/Data-Dumper/t/dumper.t: White space only
9 days ago Karl Williamsondist/Data-Dumper/t/dumper.t: Simplify EBCDIC
9 days ago Karl WilliamsonTerm::Complete: Generalize for EBCDIC
9 days ago Karl Williamsonlib/open.t: TODO an EBCDIC test until Encode fixed
9 days ago Karl WilliamsonDBM_Filter/t/encode.t: temporarily skip until Encode...
9 days ago Karl Williamsonporting/readme.t: TODO failing EBCDIC test
9 days ago Karl Williamsonext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dbu.c Generalize for EBCDIC platforms
9 days ago Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Fix improper warning.
9 days ago Karl Williamsonre/pat_advanced.t: Tighten test
9 days ago Karl Williamsonregcomp.sym: Update \b descriptions
9 days ago Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #124091] PP Data::Dumper fails on \n isolate
9 days ago David Mitchellt/op/dump.t: silence 'Aborted' messages on stderr
9 days ago David MitchellCwd.xs: silence recent compiler warning
10 days ago David MitchellS_grok_bslash_[ox]: assert char fits
10 days ago Father Chrysostomosloopctl.c: Correct bug num
10 days ago Father Chrysostomos[perl #124004] Fix stack bug with foreach(@empty)
10 days ago Karl WilliamsonRemove PL_ prefix for recently added non-globals
10 days ago Vincent PitPreserve OPTIMIZE in hints
10 days ago Steve Hayperldelta for previous commit
10 days ago Jerry D. HeddenUpgrade to threads 2.01
10 days ago Steve HayUpgrade CPAN::Meta from version 2.143240 to 2.150001
10 days ago Steve HayBlead is (almost!) using Carp-1.35
10 days ago Steve HayPorting/core-cpan-diff: Don't ignore EOLs or whitespace
10 days ago Ricardo SignesRevert discouragement of fatal warnings
10 days ago Nicholas ClarkPL_custom_op{s,_names,_descs} should be set to NULL...
10 days ago David Mitchellavoid infinite loop in re_intuit_start()
10 days ago David Mitchellre_intuit_start(): improve debugging output
10 days ago Karl Williamsondist/ExtUtils-CBuilder/t/04-base.t: os390 fix
10 days ago Steve HayUpgrade Text::ParseWords from version 3.29 to 3.30
10 days ago Karl WilliamsonExtend Cwd to work on z/OS sysplexed systems
10 days ago Karl Williamsondist/PathTools/Cwd.xs: rename variable
10 days ago Karl Williamsondist/PathTools/Cwd.xs: White-space/comment only
10 days ago Karl WilliamsonBump version of dist/PathTools to 3.55
11 days ago James E Keenanperldelta entry for ce3778a3796be3e4604ed9b3671ea624c5a...
11 days ago David GoldenDocument FATAL warnings as discouraged.
11 days ago Reini Urbanfix t/op/utf8cache.t with -DDEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS
11 days ago Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Nit, for EBCDIC
11 days ago Karl Williamsonperlpodspec: Generalize for EBCDIC
11 days ago Matthew Horsfall... [perl #124048] Sort and compare version numbers numeric...
13 days ago Steffen Muellerpp_helem: Remove branch seemingly untaken (v2)
13 days ago Karl WilliamsonCommits from no working 'encoding' in EBCDIC
13 days ago Karl Williamsonlib/open.t: Skip a test on EBCDIC because of encoding
13 days ago Karl Williamsonext/PerlIO-encoding/t/encoding.t: Skip on EBCDIC
13 days ago Karl Williamsont/uni/chomp.t: Better explain why skipped on EBCDIC
13 days ago Karl WilliamsonPerlIO-encoding/t/nolooping.t: Skip on EBCDIC platform
13 days ago Karl Williamsont/op/concat2.t: Skip 'use encoding' test in EBCDIC
13 days ago Karl Williamsonlib/DBM_Filter/t/encode.t: Generalize for non-ASCII...
13 days ago Karl WilliamsonSkip testing all of /cpan on EBCDIC platforms for 5.22
13 days ago Ricardo SignesCarp: skip some tests of "$qr" on older perls
13 days ago Ricardo SignesCarp: correct precedence of ord and == in tests
13 days ago Steve HayBegin updating perldelta for 5.21.10
2015-03-14 Steve HayUpgrade Encode from version 2.70 to 2.72
2015-03-13 Karl Williamsondist/Data-Dumper/t/quotekeys.t: Generalize for EBCDIC
2015-03-13 Karl WilliamsonData::Dumper/t/dumper.t: Add test
2015-03-13 Karl Williamsondist/Data-Dumper/t/dumper.t: Generalize for EBCDIC...
2015-03-13 Karl WilliamsonData::Dumper: Generalize for EBCDIC platforms
2015-03-13 Karl Williamsondist/Data-Dumper/t/dumper.t: Add test names
2015-03-13 Karl WilliamsonData::Dumper/t/dumper.t: only specify number of tests...
2015-03-13 Karl WilliamsonData::Dumper/t/dumper.t: Remove test numbers from comments
2015-03-13 Karl Williamsondist/Storable/t/utf8.t: Fix to work on early Perls
2015-03-13 Karl Williamsondist/Safe/t/safeutf8.t: Fix to work on early Perls
2015-03-13 Karl Williamsont/TEST: Avoid SIGPIPEs on os390
2015-03-13 Karl WilliamsonPOSIX/t/sigaction.t: Skip failing EBCDIC test
2015-03-13 Karl Williamsont/lib/open.t: Generalize for EBCDIC platforms
2015-03-13 Karl Williamsondist/IO/t/io_utf8argv.t: Generalize for non-ASCII platf...
2015-03-13 David Mitchellmake perl -Dt display padnames with sort blocks
2015-03-13 David MitchellPerl_multideref_stringify: don't SEGV on null cv
2015-03-13 Steve HayUpgrade CPAN from 2.09-TRIAL to 2.10.
2015-03-13 Karl WilliamsonOptimize out unicode_to_native(), native_to_unicode()
2015-03-13 Karl WilliamsonFix t/
2015-03-13 Karl Williamsonperl.h: Only #define item once
2015-03-12 Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX: emulation for logb()
2015-03-12 Jarkko Hietaniemiquadmath: llrintq and llroundq do exist
2015-03-12 Steve HayRemove another stray Test::Simple file that is listed...
2015-03-12 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123847] crash with *foo::=*bar::=*with_hash
2015-03-12 Steve Hayperldelta for afad11a2ce
2015-03-12 Steve HayStraighten Porting/ out following Test...
2015-03-11 David Mitchelladd "what it does" comment to utils/enc2xs.PL
2015-03-11 David MitchellImprove comments at head of pp_signature()
2015-03-11 David Mitchelldon't test non-null args
2015-03-11 Ricardo SignesMerge branch 'test-simple-old' into blead
2015-03-11 James E KeenanSpelling correction.
2015-03-11 James E KeenanRemove use of Test::Stream per ilmari's patch on p5p.
2015-03-11 Ricardo Signesmove back to a stable Test-Simple, v1.001014
2015-03-11 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123963] "@<fullwidth digit>"
2015-03-10 Hugo van der... mg.c:Perl_magic_set: don't use 0 as "failed" gid_t
2015-03-10 Karl Williamsonhints/ z/OS doesn't work with an fd in file...
2015-03-10 Karl Williamsonhints/ Update
2015-03-10 John Goodyearhints/ z/OS long long support