22 hours ago Ricardo Signesperldelta: update module versions blead v5.24.0-RC4
22 hours ago Ricardo Signescorelist: bump version past v5.22.2
24 hours ago Ricardo Signesprepare v5.24.0-RC4
24 hours ago bump versions for threads dists
2 days ago reneebperllol: remove docs about the removed autoderef feature
2 days ago Ricardo Signescorelist: updated for threads libraries
2 days ago Ricardo SignesThread-Queue: bump version (again) because content...
2 days ago Ricardo Signesthreads: bump version (again) because content changed
2 days ago jdheddenUpgrade to Thread::Queue 3.08
2 days ago jdheddenUpgrade to threads::shared 1.51
2 days ago jdheddenUpgrade to threads 2.06
2 days ago Ricardo Signescorelist: updated for File::Copy doc updates
2 days ago Dominic HargreavesAdd cross-reference to perldata in scalar's documentation dom/doc-fixes
2 days ago Dominic Hargreavesperlrun: note the existence of find's -delete switch
2 days ago Dominic HargreavesBump $File::Copy::VERSION
2 days ago Dominic HargreavesFile::Copy: add a warning about flushing writes
2 days ago Dominic Hargreavesperl.pod: @INC is being displayed as intended
3 days ago Steve HayTick off 5.22.2
3 days ago Steve Hay5.22.2 today
3 days ago Steve HayImport 5.22.2's perldelta
3 days ago Steve HayImport 5.22.2's Module::CoreList data
4 days ago Jim Cromietrivial s/or/of/ doc patch
4 days ago Ricardo Signesperlpolicy: add Sawyer X to list moderators
6 days ago Ricardo Signesbump version to v5.24.0-RC3 v5.24.0-RC3
6 days ago Niko Tynicorelist: silence deep recursion warning with %version
6 days ago Aristotle PagaltzisRemove some data detritus from CoreList
7 days ago Aristotle PagaltzisDocument exports policy within POSIX
7 days ago Aristotle PagaltzisCorrect lround situation comment in POSIX
9 days ago Ricardo Signesbump perl version to v5.24.0-RC2 v5.24.0-RC2
9 days ago Ricardo Signescorelist: update Time::HiRes for v5.24.0
9 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiSynchronize with CPAN Time-HiRes 1.9733
9 days ago Karl Williamsonlib/ Fix pod error.
9 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiApple Xcode / clang version updates and additions
9 days ago Jarkko Hietaniemidarwin (OS X) hints comments alignment
9 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiTime-HiRes version bump
9 days ago Reini Urban[PATCH] Time-Hires: Fix declaration-after-statement...
10 days ago Aaron CraneRegenerate Configure and related parts after backports
10 days ago H.Merijn BrandBring Configure back into sync again with meta
10 days ago Leon TimmermansAllow Encode to be built on static perls
10 days ago Ricardo SignesRevert "document that sigs in future may not populate @_"
10 days ago Karl WilliamsonFix some pod errors
13 days ago Tony Cook[perl #127936] fix typo
13 days ago Tony Cookperldelta for ab462c7d2d
13 days ago Dagfinn Ilmari... [perl #127894] ensure alignbytes is correct for -Dusequ...
13 days ago Matthew HorsfallCorrect typo in JJORE's name in todo.pod.
13 days ago Aaron CraneAvoid passing non-literal to format function
2016-04-19 David Mitchelldocument that sigs in future may not populate @_
2016-04-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Remove error/warning explanations
2016-04-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add some C<>
2016-04-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Clarifications, corrections, wordsmithing
2016-04-18 Leon TimmermansAdd perldelta for d9fc04ee
2016-04-18 Ricardo Signesperldelta: IO-Compress is a dist, no link possible
2016-04-18 Ricardo Signesperldelta: generate the module update section
2016-04-18 Matthew Horsfallperldelta: various fixes
2016-04-18 Matthew Horsfallperldelta: Fix typo
2016-04-18 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Revise wording
2016-04-14 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Remove typo extra '/'
2016-04-14 Ricardo Signesperldelta: minor tweak to fix awkward prose
2016-04-14 Ricardo Signespatchlevel: we are now RC1 v5.24.0-RC1
2016-04-14 Ricardo Signesremove the v5.23.x perldeltas
2016-04-14 Ricardo Signesperlpolicy: update the supported versions for v5.24 on
2016-04-14 Ricardo Signesperlhist: add v5.24.0 data
2016-04-14 Ricardo Signescorelist: set a (tentative) release date for 5.24.0
2016-04-12 Tony Cookfix IO::Handle documentation mangled by a manually...
2016-04-12 Karl Williamsonperllocale: Unicode has changed their data; fix references
2016-04-12 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Some minor fixes.
2016-04-12 Karl Williamsonpod/perldelta: Fixes to pedantic failures
2016-04-12 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add note about recent doc change
2016-04-11 Ricardo SignesMerge branch 'release-5.24' into blead
2016-04-10 Ricardo SignesCoreList: update for v5.24.0
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesfix versions of generated perldelta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesput perl5240delta into place
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesregen META.json for v5.24.0-RC
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesregen: B::Op_private and uconfig.h
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesversion bump: this is now v5.24.0-RC0!
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in perl5239delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove unneeded entries, do more merge and...
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5238delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5237delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5236delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5235delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5234delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5233delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5232delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5231delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: bootstrap perl5240delta with perl5230delta
2016-04-10 Steve HayAdd 5.22.2-RC1 epigraph
2016-04-10 Steve Hay5.22.2-RC1 today
2016-04-09 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #127708] segfault in "$!" in threads
2016-04-09 Karl WilliamsonAdd locale mutex
2016-04-09 David Mitchellmove perf test from re/pat.t to re/speed.t
2016-04-09 David Mitchellnew perf test in pat.t: avoid timing failure
2016-04-08 Karl WilliamsonStrengthen cautions about locale use with threads
2016-04-08 Yves OrtonMore generalized fix for #127855, overallocate in SvGRO...
2016-04-08 Yves Ortonfix #127855, in Perl_sv_setpvn() we have to overallocat...
2016-04-08 Yves Ortontest for #127855 - Slowdown in m//g on COW strings...
2016-04-08 Karl WilliamsonRevert "Make instr() a macro"
2016-04-08 David Mitchellupdate security contact information.
2016-04-07 Steve HayAdd another missing link to epigraphs.pod
2016-04-07 Tony Cook(perl #126162) improve stat @array handling